An Interview with

The Sheffield Shock Rockers

that took place on 3rd March, 2013.

Interview by Glenn Milligan

Where did your interest in Rock & Metal come from and what led to you forming the band?
We were born with Metal running through our veins. If you cut us open it says rock n roll all the way through. One night the Gods of Metal came to us in a dream and told us to go out and spread the word of Heavy Metal to the world. They said that we were the chosen ones and we should convert the non believers to the world of Rock!

Where did your band name come from and what made you choose it?
When the Gods of Metal first spoke to us they told us that we would be known as KISStheSTEELE and who would argue with that. It spells out what people are going to get. Whatever it is is gonna get kissed will be hard and shiny!

Introduce the members of the band and what made them the ideal choice for the band?
Due to so many women trying to claim child support each member of the band are now know as The Starman, Thunder God, The Hamster, SpaceDude and The LoveLength to escape any more payments. These are the saviours of metal this is why they are ideal for this band.

Who are the wildest members in the band and why would you say that?
We are all wild. Those stories of Ozzy ripping the head of a dove…..Nothing! Nikki Sixx dying and then coming back from the dead…..childs play! Keith Moon driving a Rolls Royce into a swimming pool…….Poof!! KISStheSTEELE are the real party animals. Staying up until well after 11pm, eating food that’s past its sell buy date, we have even been known to not take our library books back…EVER!!

What songs are you most proud of writing so far and why?
We are far too busy drinking, sniffing Lemsip and looking at the underwear section in catalogues to actually write songs!

How would you describe the style of the band?
Full on rock n roll baby!! I don’t think there are any other bands in the world that have our style. If you have never seen the band just imagine it’s 1985 again and spandex is the weapon of choice for any band. Now just picture that with full on KISS make up! Your kind of close.

What revs you up before a show and how?
There’s nothing better than licking class a drugs off the thigh of a cheerleader! But round here both things are hard to come by so we settle for watching an episode or two of Knight Rider, they really get the heart racing!

What are your favourite parts of your show, with regard the show presentation itself and the songs featured in it too?
I don’t know if I can list everything that goes on at a KTS show. But lets put it this way if you are easily offended DON’T come. There is full frontal nudity, livestock worrying, filth, lots of beer drinking and very loud rock music! Just imagine the best rock jukebox playing just for you.

What's the most ott song you have ever covered in your set and how did it go over to the audience?
I don’t know about most ott song but there are plenty of ott things that happen. There is always a moment where the audience stand with their mouths wide open and gasps of shock of comments of “Oh my god!” Now that’s Rock n Roll.

What do you find your age range of fans to be and what's the percentage of male to female in the audience and for what reasons?
We don’t care about age as long as they are legal! We don’t really pay attention to how many men turn up as long as there are enough women to go round!

What are your best road stories so far?
Once we got the 73 bus to Sheffield and the LoveLength didn’t have the right change.Oh we had such a laugh about that later! And the time the Thunder God got arrested for wanking off a shetland pony, but he got let off later when he said he was a vet!

What concert and tours do you have coming up soon and what are you most looking forward to?
Because of how KISStheSTEELE work we don’t really plan anything but just wait until peoples faith in Metal needs to be restored. But we are going to have our very own “Summer Holiday” show. So look out for that.

Who would you like to tour with if you had the chance and for what reasons?
Vixen, Girlschool, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Doro, the Donnas. Basically any fit chicks that rock! We could all rock out together and then have a great big orgy after.

What could you see yourselves doing if you werent in this band?
We would be locked away for lewd conduct!! Right now we can get away with it because we are in a band!

If you could feature a guest member in your band, who would it be, what song (s) would you want them to perform on and why?
We would invite the playboy girls just so we could oil them down! It doesn’t matter which song. In fact we could do it all night!

In general, what will you be up to for the rest of the year and beyond?
Oh that’s simple…..ROCKING!

What would you like to say to any fans out there reading the Interview?
Keep the faith in Heavy Metal and KISStheSTEELE will return…SOON!

Thanks Guys!