An Interview with

Steel Panther's 'Lexxxi' & 'Stix Zadinia'

that took place in a dressing room that

belonged to the female strippers 'Siren'

@ O2 Academy, Sheffield on March 20th, 2010.

Interviewed By Glenn Milligan.

Glenn: What do you miss about the Key Club?

Lexxxi: They are both spelt different. I definately miss the sign – although the House Of Blues on the strip has a good sign.

Stix: Yeah and that’s the best sign we’ve had.

Lexxxi: Oh no I don’t miss that sign at all. I love the new sign – thank you.

Glenn: How have the ‘House Of Blues’ shows been so far and what’s stood out?

Lexxxi & Stix: The sign.

Stix: There’s a big, big picture of all of us. I’d call that a small billboard.

Lexxxi: I’d call that a big sign.

Stix: But also the p*ssy at the ‘House Of Blues’ is f*ck*ng great.

Lexxxi: I saw the boobs at the ‘House Of Blues’ – those are attached to the p*ssy. There’s these girls – I think it should be called ‘The House Of Boobs’. It should be called ‘The House Of P*ssy & Boobs’ because they...

Stix: I don’t know if it’ll fit. Like they would try that that Sunday brunch thing they have there.

Lexxxi: Yeah it’s the Gospel Brunch.

Stix: Yeah, the Gospel Brunch.

Lexxxi: Yeah, I don’t think they’ll go, “Thank you jesus for the v*g*n*s and the boobies that are in front of us now”. They may say, ‘Thanks Jesus for all the c*cks that are in the room – you may say that anyway (to Stix).

Stix: I’ll put this right in your f*ck*n’ mouth (he says to Stix with his fist).

Glenn: What’s the highlight of being in the UK again?

Stix: Brixton. Yeah Brixton – that was harder.

Lexxxi: I thought you was gonna say the blow? I was kiddin’. There were 3 things that were b*tch*n’ – b*tch*n’ blow, bl*wj*bs – does it have to be three things beginning with B?

Glenn: No.

Stix: I’m gonna come up with a new rule.

Lexxxi: I got one – Brixton. Actually Newcastle was f*ck*n’ awesome. And Sheffield I know tonight is gonna be f*cki*n’ awesome but Brixton was 5000 screaming m*th*rf*ck*rs – we shot a live 20 camera shoot DVD.

For all you Readers & Web Watchers – we need a title for the DVD so if you have suggestions send them – twitter ‘em or send ‘em to our f*ck*n’ e-mail twitter@Steel_Panther.

Glenn: Well I was gonna ask you about a DVD as well.

Lexxxi: Well last night we shot it and it was f*ck*n’ retarded.

Stix: Lexxi – you’re retarded.

Lexxxi: No.

Stix: It was retarded. It was awesome. Let me tell you a little bit about it. It was a 20 camera crew and it was awesome.

Lexxxi: Some people say I’m retarded but I’m not retarded. I just don’t like to read.

Glenn: But you can read a set list?

Lexxxi: Yeah I can read a set list because they are the words I memorise. I don’t have a problem memorising things I just don’t know certain things. My mom said I was special.

Stix: Special Education – yeah!

Glenn: I’ve read on the Internet that you’re gonna play Donington again?

Stix: You read right!

Glenn: Yeah.

Stix: Yep.

Lexxxi: Where’s Donington?

Stix: At Download.

Lexxxi: Sweet. Why didn’t you just say Download then?

Stix: We are actually playing at Download in Donington.

Lexxxi: Awesome. I wanna go.

Stix: You’re gonna go.

Lexxxi: Sweet.

Glenn: What are you looking forward to about playing it again?

Stix: I knew that we were gonna be playing Download at Donington but what rules is that we’re gonna be playing the 2nd stage. We had an opportunity to do the 1st stage but we think it’ll be smarter because we are a very smart band – very smart and what we will do is we thought we’d play a little bit later when it starts to get dark and play later on the 2nd stage....

The 2 of them then start smelling the black panties that have been left in the dressing room.

Stix: I like that smell.

Glenn: Bought from ‘Marks & Spencers’ today.

Stix: It smells like a lady’s v*g*n*.

Lexxxi: It smells like a small lady’s v*g*n*.

Stix: We’re excited. You know why we’re excited about Download? Because it’ll mark the 1 year anniversary of f*ck*n’ Steel Panther...

Lexxxi: Yeah after a year.

Stix: ... entering the UK shores and raping your ears.

Glenn: Yeah.

Lexxxi: Dude that’s totally true. I can’t wait to see what the next year is gonna be like.

Stix: I know if this year is like this the next year is gonna be something different.

Lexxxi: How do you know – I didn’t think you could tell the future.

Stix: Yep – I’m a clairvoyant.

Lexxxi: No I said, ‘Do you tell the future?’

Stix: And that means ‘clairevoyant’.

Lexxxi: I know. What’s another question?

Glenn: So that means that you know what chicks you are gonna get after the gig beforehand then?

Stix: Oh yeah. F*ck Yeah Dude.

Lexxxi: You know what songs we are gonna do tonight?

Stix: I already know, I know how many chicks I’m f*ck*n’ in the next 3 days. My clairvoyancy goes out about 72 hours. It’s weird – after 72 it shuts off.

Lexxxi: I don;t have that because I don't know how many chicks I am gonna f*ck becuase I can’t count that high.

Stix: No you can’t – woooo!

Glenn: What can you tell us about the next album that’s gonna be coming out?

Stix: It’s gonna awesome. It won’t be called ‘Feel The Steel’ but it’ll be by us. There’s a couple of songs that we’re working on right now – one is called ‘Critter’ and it goes, ‘Put the critter in the shi...’ I don’t know.

Lexxxi: Put the critter in the sh*tt*r, treat her like a critter, f*ck that lady right’.

Stix: So you can tell we’re gonna start and try and to get songs on the radio.

Glenn: Yeah. It’ll definately go on.

Stix: The sh*tt*r part may be a tough sell but we can say critter. Definately. Treat her like a critter.

Lexxxi: You know – f*ck it – we’re speaking the truth.

Glenn: Yeah. How was Tokyo for you guys? – I read you were there recently.

Stix: It was awesome. I just can’t read Japanese. That was the hard part and we got ourselves another asian hooker.

Glenn: Yep.

Stix: In to gettin’ Tokyo.

Lexxxi: We always do.

Stix: And we went out to eat where they shot ‘Kill Bill’ – I like that place. They didn’t really shoot Bill. There was a movie called ‘Kill Bill’.

Lexxxi: But we didn’t eat when they killed Bill. That’s where we ate.

Glenn: Who is Jenny Cregg’s with regard to the song ‘Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)?

Lexxxi: You’ve never heard of Jenny Cregg?

Stix: That’s right – you won’t know who Jenny Cregg is – OK, well in the US – you know what ‘Weightwatchers’ is?

Glenn: Yeah.

Stix: Well Jenny Cregg is a system for moving weight. If she’s friend of Jenny Cregg’s – then she is a friend of the f*ck*ng fat people system to lose weight.

Glenn: Yeah.

Stix: That’s Jenny Cregg – the fat people system.

Glenn: Yeah.

Stix: You know what I mean, it’s a fat people system out there.

Glenn: What would you say the system is saying then?

Stix: Oh not to be fat.

Lexxxi: It’s a fat people dissing system.

Glenn: What have you seen of Sheffield so far then?

Lexxxi: The bus that we pulled in on – that’s it.

Stix: I’ve been from the bus to this f*ck*n’ room 3 times. I have to say this – I had to let one of those critters out of the bus this morning. So I let her out and as I was walking out, I was like, ‘Wow, I’m going to.. I’m gonna try and take advant.. I’m just trying to knowledge myself and walk around this place and...

Lexxxi: Get some prostitutes?

Stix: Yes and get some history in me for once because usually I’m sleeping all day but today, I was like f*ck it. We gotta find her a cab or whatever they are called out here so anyway, I actually walked around and was gonna go up in that... what is that? What do you call that? Is it a Ferris Wheel?

Glenn: Yeah.

Stix: I was gonna go up in that Ferris Wheel. Did you see the Ferris Wheel? (to Lexxxi)

Lexxxi: If it was not on the way to the bus I didn’t – I didn’t see sh*t. I haven’t seen anything in Sheffield apart from the f*ck*n’ rain. I saw rain come down when I was on the bus.

Stix: Your rain looks exactly like our rain. It’s just has a different motion when it hits the ground. Plop plop plop.

Lexxxi: It goes plop, plop, plop – English rain dude – Love it.

Stix: Yep.

Glenn: Is it colder than LA rain or Las Vegas rain?

Lexxxi: Yeah – your rain has a bite to it.

Glenn: Yeah.

Lexxxi: Yes it does.

Glenn: It’s warm here right now though. It’s started to warm up again – we’ve had a 5 or 6 month winter.

Stix: How warm will it get to get here? Will it get to be 70 degrees here?

Glenn: Err, what do you reckon Al?

Al: Yeah.

Glenn: It could do. Donington is usually nice. It’s usually alright for Donington.

Stix: It never gets to 80 or 90 though?

Glenn: Not usally – I have to go to Florida for that. I plan to go to LA in June.

Stix: LA !

Glenn: LA is just a blast ain't it?

Stix: Oh yeah – it’s so nice.

Lexxxi: And the b*tch*s don’t have to wear many clothes.

Glenn: What’s your favourite parts of LA?

Lexxxi: The B*tch*s, the b*tch*s.

Stix: You mean like the locations?

Glenn: Yeah. I like the Rainbow.

Lexxxi: I like the Key Club because we get free food.

Glenn: I thought you don’t play there anymore?

Lexxxi: I mean the ‘House Of Blues’. It’s the jet lag!

Glenn: I know how you feel It’s hard when you go to Florida from here – that kills you but you’ve got like a 3 hours extra difference haven’t you.

Lexxxi: Yeah it’s f*ck*n’ heavy dude.

Glenn: The 1st song on the 1st album is called ‘Death To All Metal’ – who do you reckon outside of music need to die and for what reasons?

Lexxxi: It would have to be....

Stix: Lexxxi, it has to be someone who isn’t already dead – you can’t kill somebody twice.

Lexxxi: So listen – even I knew that dummy.

Stix: So you gotta pick one that you don’t want to be in the music business anymore.

Lexxxi: Oh I got one – Elton John.

Stix: Why?

Lexxxi: Because I’m sick of him.

Stix: He don’t like his fake hair.

Lexxxi: No – don’t say it –no!

Stix: You hate the hair.

Lexxxi: There’s other things.

Stix: What is this?

Lexxxi: He has to go poking around at every Awards (Ceremony) – I don’t like him. I don't have to tell you why.

Stix: You’re not the interviewer.

Lexxxi: That’s true. Why are you asking these harder questions? I don’t want to be anywhere around Liza Minelli.

Stix: What’s she done for you?

Lexxxi: She’s too loud.

Stix: Well turn the radio down!

Lexxxi: Oh. I don’t know who should be dead. Jeffrey Donver.

Stix: He’s dead. Charles Manson.

Lexxxi: He rocks.

Stix: Yeah.

Glenn: Yeah he had that great song, ‘Look at your game, girl’.

Stix: I don’t think anybody should die. No.

Lexxxi: I know.

Stix: Who?

Lexxxi: Whoever writes totally f*ck*ng gay songs that suck balls should die.

Stix: Ok. Let’s just leave it at that. You guys rule.

Glenn: Thanks.

Another Great Interview from the Steel Panther Guys - Big Thanks to Glen Parrish (Band Manager), Anna @ AM Publicity, Steve Sunderland of Audiolease Ltd (Tour Manager), The O2 Academy Staff @ Sheffield and Alan Shooter for doing the cool bit of driving and getting me a beer or 2 in!!