An Interview with

Lorraine Lewis

Lead Vocalist of ' Snowball' & 'Femme Fatale'

that took place in January 2002.

Interviewed by Glenn Milligan.

Glenn: What styles of music do you enjoy playing mostly and why?

Lorraine: I enjoy all types of music from heavy and rockin' to soul filled...and I usually like things loud!

Glenn: Will you be touring the Snowball album? Would such a tour include the U.K.?

Lorraine: No immediate plans for touring with SNOWBALL, but I have thought about coming to the UK to do some acoustic shows.... hope so!!

Glenn: How has it sold (i.e. units)?

Lorraine: I just know it continues to move and if it keeps doing well there would be a great reason to tour with it

Glenn: What has the reaction been like to the album - due it being so different to Femme Fatale with regard to fans/media etc?

Lorraine: I think most people get the new SNOWBALL sound...I mean I mainly released it with the Femme fan in mind since it had been so long since I had music rocks but is also a mix of angst and melody.

Glenn: Does it bother you when the CD gets bad reviews in rock Fanzines - or do you write them off as being narrow-minded?

Lorraine: As long as people are checking it out and realizing I didn't want to stay in a box labelled 1988...I mean come on now things change. Some will love it.... especially if you give it a chance...most people really dig it after the initial shock that it is not Femme Fatale 2.

Glenn: Do you often get fans asking about a Femme Fatale reunion and how do you address them such questions of this nature?

Lorraine: Lots of people bring up the reunion thing but I still don't know about that...I am happy with what I did before but more excited about the future.... of course you never know

Glenn: What is involved with the new material - 'American Girl' i.e. music, members etc?

Lorraine: My American Girl material is all about the working girl's rock star.... I perform this music here in LA, and have a great band backing me up complete with back up singers.... it is a blast as well. More Rolling Stones than metal.... much fun to perform...

Glenn: Are their still plans of re-releasing/re-packaging Femme Fatale material? Is the unreleased material coming out? On what label and when?

Lorraine: have been approached about re-releasing but have been more focused on SNOWBALL and getting the word out!!.... Yes I'm back!

Glenn: Do you feel that the Internet has been a great help in getting artists like yourself re-established?

Lorraine: The Internet is a great thing for artists and just everyone in general.... You would be amazed at how many emails I get from fans that just happened onto the site...or people I have lost contact with from the good ole days....

Glenn: If you had the chance - Whom would you most like to perform a duet with?

Lorraine: I would still love to sing with David Lee Roth or Steven Tyler!

Glenn: Who would you most like to tour with if you had the opportunity?

Lorraine: Throw me to the world!, I would pretty much tour with anyone (except maybe NSyn)

Glenn: Which artists have been major influences on your career?

Lorraine: David Lee Roth of course.... Rolling Stones, AC/DC......

Glenn: What are your top ten favourite albums and why?

Lorraine: Top ten fav albums?.... AC/DC-Back in Black, no explanation needed! Aeorsmith-Rocks, Van Halen-Diver Down, G&R-Appetite,Poison-Look What The Cat Dragged In (it was a time you know what I mean), Anything by U2, Anything by Rolling Stones, Motley Crue-Girls, Girls, Girls/Dr. Feelgood, Kid Rock-Bawataba, Bruce Springsteen-Born in the USA (please I am all American), Seal Mullins-Soul's Core(great songs, good vibe), Hole-All of theirs (Courtney is terrific!) I am really all over the place when it comes to music.... I guess I like most of what's out there except I probably wouldn't buy a boy band cd, but then again you never know.

Glenn: What are your long-term career plans?

Lorraine: Long term career plans? Gosh that's a big question, right now I am focused on writing some more great songs...and becoming a better guitar player.

Glenn: Do you plan to have the same backing band - or will it be different depending on what you release (and who is available at the time)?

Lorraine: I use a lot of different musicians...with SNOWBALL, I collaborated with Dave Hillis from Sybil Vane (also engineered Pearl Jam, Alice etc)...I have some other people here in LA for my Americana stuff...Taras from Dwight Yokum's band, and Phil Parlapiano, who has played with everyone from Melissa Ethridge to Sean Mullins....

Glenn: Which artists would you match yourself with?

Lorraine: Match myself? you mean compete with?...hmmmmm I wouldn't want to compete with anyone but I would love to perform with Sheryl Crow or Melissa Ethridge....or Tina Turner!! now that would be a blast!!

Glenn: What venue would you most like to play?

Lorraine: Madison Square Garden!

Glenn: What initially made your mind up that you wanted a career in the music biz?

Lorraine: David Lee Roth.... yes seeing David Lee with Van Halen made up my mind...back then I wanted to be a female version of Diamond Dave.

Glenn: If you could bring back a dead performer, who would you choose to bring back and why?

Lorraine: Elvis....I just saw a show about his comeback that aired on TV...he was amazing, and I never realized that before, great songs, great look, cute lip thing going on and those outfits!! wow!!

Glenn: What humorous stories can you recollect from your career (road/studio or both)?

Lorraine: Loved touring with Cheap Trick, they were alot of fun....especially in New Orleans

Glenn: Who have been most impressed with who you have met? Seen Live in Concert?

Lorraine: I was most impressed to meet Suzanne Somers...she was elegant beautiful and her hair was so shiney! In the music biz it would probably be Steven Tyler, he performed terrific and was so fun to hang out with after his show...funny and "on" constantly...

Glenn: If you weren't in the music biz, what could you see yourself doing?

Lorraine: A politician , I love politics....

Glenn: If you were featured in Celebrity Death Match, who would like your opposition to be?

Lorraine:Pamela Anderson, just cause it would be a lot of fun

Glenn: Who do you prefer and why - Britny Fox or Britney Spears?

Lorraine: Britney Spears....she's adorable I love her! girl meets stripper....I dig that in a girl!......

Well there you go Glenn. Thanks so much. Cheers for now.... Lorraine