By Nicky Baldrian

Nicky : - Can you tell our readers what you have been up to since leaving Megadeth?
Marty : - I have a new band called,"Red Dye #2". I've also been working on various scores for TV Sports and other programmes like "Explorers club 2", "Mr. Orange (guestguitar in Japan) etc,etc

Nicky : - Why did you decided to leave Megadeth?
Marty : - The Music was not challenging or interesting enough for me. It was not moving into the future. It was just relying on tired heavy metal cliche's.

Nicky : - Tell me about the highs and lows of your career?
Marty : - It's been all highs.

Nicky : - What was it like being in Megadeth?
Marty : - A lot of fun, a lot of work. Good friends in the band.

Nicky : - How do you think the guitar genre has progressed during the last ten
years? Are there any new players out that inspire you?

Marty : - I've never been a much of a guitar fan, believe it or not. I'm a pop music fan.
I love cool, fun music. Of course there are many great guitarists out there, but
I get inspired by unique melodies in general.

Nicky :-. What's the craziest thing that's happened to you since you launched your
musical career all those years ago?

Marty : - Touring the world so many times and meeting people from completely different
worlds. I learned so much about humans.

Nicky: - You have been in the buisness now for nearly two decades, what do you put
your lonevity down to?

Marty:- Not stopping. Actually, I just love playing music, so I keep playing.

Nicky : - What are your current goals in life, both personal and musical?
Marty:- Play music that makes people happy and go to the beach a lot.

Nicky : -. There are thousands of new players trying to make it out there - what
advise can you give to the new players?
Marty:- Play what you truly love and don't be afraid to play a little differently from
the next guy.

Nicky : - Who or what are your inspirations musically and spiritually?
Marty : - I'm not terribly religious, but sometimes music is so beautiful that it confirms
the existence of a God. I get inspired by that. "I can hear music" by the Beach
Boys fits in there.

Nicky : - "Scenes" and "Introduction" are both very inspiring albums, can you tell
me about these albums and what sort of style your next solo album will take?

Marty : - Introduction was done with all of the things I learned during the making of
Scenes. Scenes was more of an experiment, to see if I could make an album with
those calm but dramatic emotions. Ironically people seem to like Scenes more. My
next solo album is in the works now but it's too early to really comment on it.

Nicky : -What made you choose to become a guitar player and how old were you when
you started out?

Marty : - I saw Kiss at 14 and that decided it for me. Plus I was too skinny to play

Nicky : - What are thoughts regarding Jason Becker?
Marty : - Jason is a friend, musical partner, genius and an inspiration to me. I pray for
a cure to ALS so we can jam again soon. I want to hear his 21st century playing,
as I know his mind has advanced into the future.

Nicky : - Whats in store for the future?
Martry : - I just follow where music leads me. Could be anywhere. My 'red dye #2' band has
a lot of potential, and I love the music. I'm also writing and recording music
for ABC sports. I've been recording with some Japanese artists in Tokyo. I also
may do a special record with a well known European guitarist.

Nicky : - Is there anything you would like to say to say to your European fans out

Marty : - Thanks for being there and I can't wait to play for you all soon.