An Interview with Melodic Rocker

'Mitch Malloy'

that took place on 21st September 2001.

Interviewed by Dave Attrill.

Dave: When you first got into music, what songs did your school band perform?

Mitch: It was Heart and Cheap Trick, The Baby's, Kiss and Aerosmith.

Dave: What was it like striking the the first record deal - was it hard to get a deal first off?

Mitch: It seemed like it took forever to get it. It took years. I was offered smaller deals in Europe, one from Polydor Germany and a few others but I turned them down going for the big major and eventually I got it.

Dave: Which artists did you work with in Nashville and how did it go? How did you hook up with them and how did you go about doing it?

Mitch: I didn't really hook up with artists in Nashville. My publisher got a few of my songs to some of them and they considered cutting them but at the end of the day none of them did. YET.......:>)

Dave: As a recording artist, which artists do you consider you compete against for popularity and why?

Mitch: LOL.. I'm laughing cause I surely must have lost the competition? Honestly,,,, I'm not really sure as I never looked at it that way.

Dave: Who are your main influences? How have they influenced you?

Mitch: Musically my influences are (see question #1)

Dave: What are your favourite parts of the music biz and why?

Mitch: The music for obvious reasons.

Dave: Throughout your career which material are you most proud of?

Mitch: Well, I'm proud of all of it cause I work hard on all of it and I put everything I've got at that given moment into what I'm doing. I am proud of my writting and singing. I am proud of my guitar playing on Shine as I really had to do a LOT of it and I have never done that much guitar on my own records. I usually do all the acoustic but on this one I'm the primary electric player as well. So I guess I'm proud of breaking new ground for myself as an artist and musician.

Dave: Which artists have you most enjoyed working with and why?

Mitch: I haven't worked with that many but I would have to say Eddie Van Halen cause he's just Eddie Van halen. He is so talented.

Dave: What went through your head when you realised you would be doing a headlining U.K. Tour?

Mitch: COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope some people show up. :>)

Dave: What are you most looking forward to on the forthcoming UK tour?

Mitch: Just playing with a band again and sharing the music with the people that I did it for in the first place. The fans. :>)

Dave: What influenced some of your favourite songs on the 'Shine' album?

Mitch: Life and what I go through in it.

Dave: Do you have any interesting Tour stories to tell?

Mitch: LOL.. I split my pants in the crotch one night. I mean, in the front. I'm going about my business and suddenly I see peoples eyes bugging out of their heads and I feel a suddon draft where I'm not used to feeling a draft and I look down and I'm like. "YIKES"! That's not part of the show! So I grabbed a towel and hung it from my waist and finished the show. Now that was entertainment. ;>)

Dave: If you weren't a Rock Star or in the music biz at all - what could you see yourself doing?

Mitch: I think helping kids somehow. Maybe teaching?

Dave: What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Mitch: I just want to keep making records and keep paying the bills and it would be nice to make a difference in someones life.

Cheers Mitch for a brilliant interview!

Special Thanks to Mark Ashton @ Now and Then Records for setting it up and providing the nice photographs.