An Interview with the Bluesy 'n' Rockin' Uptempo Californian Band,


that took place in mid May. Q's by Glenn Milligan

Where did the name come from?
Vincent: The name is simple in life you never look back you always look forward.... Don't worry about the past, see what you can do for the future.... NEVERWONDER about the past always look to the future
Andres: Neverwonder about the past just move forward
Scott: Vincent?!!?

Why did you choose that name?
Vincent: felt good at the time and I agree still does ...
Andres: Hard to Choose a name now a days but this one just fit at the time and still does
Scott: Vincent !?!?!

How did the band come to be and what are your major influences and for what reasons?
Vincent: All the local mags, and online sites is how we got together and a lot of calls.... How the music happens?, this is the way I think it works best to get great players together, who like each other... Have good chemistry and talk about it a bit then start to write stuff and that will tell the tale of the music direction.... Do what you love!
Andres: Music connection Mag and Craig's List Led Zep Audio Slave, Public Enemy, Alicia Keys too many bands to Name
Scott: Dre and Vincent?!!?!!?

What are your favourite parts of California to play and why?
Vincent: Show me a stage and I'll play it... as long as people like we are doing, I want to play it...
Andres: So many clubs I just like to play anywhere people appreciate music
Scott: LA and San Diego

What other parts of USA would you like to play and for what reasons?
Vincent: Vegas, Texas, Mid west, NY and where ever the CD is hitting big time that the stage/city I want to play
Andres: New York, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Seattle
seems like fun!
Scott: Anywhere that fans want us!!

What’s the odds on Europe and UK dates - even as special guests, festival slots or support slots?
Vincent: That's what we are going after to be able to play all over world, so as long as the UK and Europe will have us we are there... We would see what fans there would be like...... Send us some gig or numbers maybe you can book us to play your B-day party?
Andres: We would love to please hook us Up
Scott: Would love any help from you guys on that one. Being from Scotland, would love to come home!!

Who would you like to support and why?
Vincent: Great question.... They guys have some good bands... How about Lenny Kravitz... hell Prince and maybe even Kelly Clarkson
Andres: Alicia Keys She is bad ass
Scott: Joss Stone, Maroon 5, Daughtry

What bands are you proud to have shared a stage with and what was their opinion of the band Neverwonder?
Vincent: Well we have done a lot of gigs all over the west part of the USA... The word has been people really like the band.... Great live show great energy... Great sound and big vocals....
Andres: very positive
Scott: Good stuff

Where was the photo for cover of the album shot and what made you choose it as the cover?

Vincent: Well we where working on the CD cover and our guy was shooting over images and all kind of crazy ideas... and when we saw this one we where all like YES! I think it is in NY....
Andres: Our guy who help with the CD...
Scott: Dre??!?!?

What are your favourite songs on the album and what influenced them?
Vincent: I like them All! all for different reasons.... They mean a lot....
Andres:Don’t Want Nothin’, It All Good , Spinning
Scott:Spinning and The Edge

How does the Neverwonder audience range with regard to age and sex and what aspects of audience ratio (if anything surprised you?
Vincent: I would say young to old.... Love that 18-35 market.... I would say 50/50 men and women...
Andres: Pretty wide range I think we get a great response
Scott: Wide range of age

Any cool gig and road stories you can tell so far?
Vincent: Theirs been some fun stuff nothing to crazy.... The shows are the best part...
Andres: NA
Scott: NA

What other songs do you all like performing outside of your Neverwonder material and why?
Vincent: I like covers it shows a different side to the band and I think the fans also like it...
Andres: We do some covers its always fun to do some covers
Scott: NA

What do you like to do outside of Neverwonder and do you have jobs outside of the band too to keep life going in general (pay the rent all the hell that goes with the rest of lifes hassles)?
Vincent: Oh yes got to have a day job.... One day I'll tell you, no really I have a crew that control emission for the Oil company.... but for having fun... Playing music, playing sports.... going to see other good bands/artist.... Deep thinking.....
Andres: Job yes I do Supervisor for Industrial Crew, chase Skirts LOL
Scott: Play in other groups and teach Spec. Ed.

Who's idea was it to have a Greetings Message at the end of the album as it works so well - what have fans said about the inclusion?
Vincent: Everybody has liked it very much... and people say it is different... and that they never heard that before... Well I always wanted to do something like that.... When you buy a CD, you get great music but for me I always like to hear a little interaction between the band members it is a moment in time, locked in.... Also we get to say some of our thank you's to the people who help us right from the band members saying it and I think the fans like to hear the band members talking a little bit.....
Andres:Vincent and we are getting a great response
Scott: Vince???

What made you decide to put alternate versions of the songs 'Help Me' 'Wild Out' and 'Spinning'?
Vincent: Heck we like the other version so we were like yes lets do it.... get it all in.... No stop signs just do it....
Andres:Some Are Different mixes played with them in the studio
Scott: NA

What is next for 'Neverwonder'?

Vincent: We hope to keep selling CD, playing everywhere, keep getting great press and radio play.... Then go to Asia, Europe and maybe even South America.... and blow this stuff up big time...
Andres: Play, play and look for big gig to play.... and write new songs... and play
Scott: NA

From NEVERWONDER... We thank you for all your support... This was a fun interview....

A big Thank You to Doug Deutsch PR for setting up the Interview with the band