Motorhead's Phil Campbell - Friday 8th March, 2002 (7 pm-7.40 pm)

I'm sat there chillin' out thinkin' - oh well - Phil hasn't been able to call me after all (I was expecting the call around 6.30 'ish, so maybe he'll ring me sometime next week. Then at 7.00, the phone rings - expecting it to be Tony (Watson), one of the writers saying what time we were going down the local.

I answer the phone with my usual, 'Hello, Glenn speaking etc', and I get a Welsh voice on the other end. Which goes:

Phil: Hi, this is Phil Campbell from Motorhead - fancy a chat.

(live pic from Santa Ana, California May 23rd, 2000 by Ace Trump)


And I answer with - 'Yeah sure - Give me a minute man - I'll just get my questions".

So I run round to the bedroom to get them and rush back to the phone.

Glenn: Hi - I'm back - sorry about that Phil- you completely caught me by surprise.

Phil: No problem. Firstly, I'd like to say that the album, 'Hammered' was
produced by Bob Kulick and Thom Panzer - not Bob Marlette. Tom's a New
Yorker from L.A. who worked with (John) Lennon (Bruce) Springsteen. It was engineered by Chuck Reed and Bob Kazella.

Glenn: What would you say is the key to stopping in the music biz?

Phil: I remember what it's like to do a proper job. This is a way of life.
If you are in a band, I urge you to stick at it. Don't change for anyone - despite what labels say. Stick to your guns with your band members like me, Lemmy and Mikky.

If you don't write for yourself it won't work. It's like when you play a guitar solo and you are pleasing someone else. You won't know if it's good or bad. You need to do it for yourself.

Glenn: What is your favourite 'Motorhead' album and why?

Phil: Definitely 'B*st*rds'. It's got the best songs, the best production and engineering.

Glenn: Better than 'Hammered'?

Phil: Yeah. 'Hammered' was a miserable album to make. It was named after 'Hammed Ali' - I was even sober for half of the album !!! This will be our last album. Mikky wants to race cars, Lemmy wants to chase women and I put my feet up.

Glenn: Honestly? The last one ?

Phil: Yeah..... No, I actually am joking.

Glenn: How do you keep up the pace of the playing - surely you must get tired?

Phil: I do. I remember one gig whilst on-stage and I was nearly falling asleep in the first song !!!

Glenn: What's your view of critisism, like bad reviews?

Phil: We disregard regard it and just please ourselves in what we do.

Glenn: How loud do you play in the studio - is it really loud or of a moderate volume?

Phil: Well actually, this time 'round it was a lot quieter. I used a 6 line combo - it wasn't as loud as it has been, but still loud in comparison to a lot of bands.

It was really loud when Lemmy insisted on playing his harmonica. For the first two months we recorded at his place and his dog was continually howling whenever he piped up the harmonica. It was f*ckin' mad - with the dog around. All that howlin' !!!

Glenn: How was the 'Hammered' album recorded - was it done using a computer
or do you still use analogue?

Phil: We used pro-tools.

Do you know it's only the second set of strings I've put on a guitar in 31 years. Usually I get guitar techs to do that - I get 'em to follow me around so I don't have to do it !!!

Glenn: Do you have any favourite tours?

Phil: Tours? - I can't remember any of them - it's all the same.

(photo by Ace Trump)

Glenn: Who would you say some of your favourite support acts have been?

Phil: Probably the recent one we did with Dio. Actually, I was out with Ronnie last night and didn't have much cash on me. I said to Ronnie,

'Can you lend me a few quid?'

and Ronnie answers, 'I can't Phil, I'm a bit short myself !! (Insert 'Ba Bum and cymbal crash' here)

We had the best of laughs with them - it was pretty mad.

Glenn: How did the last U.K. tour go? - I saw you guys at Nottingham Rock City, last April - the sound was excellent - not too loud - apart from when Lemmy left his bass on the stage at the end of the gig which fed back to hell.

Phil: What - the sound was excellent - I couldn't hear anything - I thought it was muffled and crap from where I was standing. No, actually it was rather good and the tour went really well.

(Photo by Duncan Mcallum)

Glenn: What's Lemmy's view of computers? - Alan Davey from Hawkwind hates them - the thought of two machines talking to each other !!!

Phil: Lemmy doesn't actually own one - not that he doesn't like them - it's just that if he did have one, he'd never be able to drag himself away from it.

Glenn: How did you get in touch with WWF star 'Triple H' and work alongside him for his theme and for 'Serial Killer' on the 'Hammered' album?

Phil: My three kids are really into Wresting, 'The Hardy Boys' etc. We got in touch with his Manager. I met his girlfriend, 'Stephanie McMann' - that was the ultimate. I've got video footage of me and her together - I've got my arm around her - explain that one to the wife !!!

Glenn: What did you think to the remixed version of 'Ace of Spades' and
whose idea was it?

Phil: Well it wasn't ours - they (the Record Company) had us on 'Top of the
Pops' and all the rest. If you think that's bad - you wanna hear the
yodelling version of 'Overkill' we have out !!!

Glenn: Talking of 'Ace of Spades', we went to see Alan Davey (of Hawkwind) in his other band 'Bedouin' when they go out as a tribute to you guys and call themselves 'Ace Of Spades'.

Phil: Yeah - some of those tribute bands play better than us. I haven't seen 'Ace of Spades' though.

Hey, we've got a cover of the Dad's Army theme coming out where we all play different characters. You wanna see Lemmy as 'Fraser'
(starts doing 'Fraser' impressions).

Glenn: Would you ever sing lead vocals on any Motorhead songs?

Phil: Yeah - I'm up for anything - as long as it's not lead vocals for 'Born to Raise Hell''

Glenn: What are the best parties you've been to?

Phil: There's been so many really mad ones - Lesbian Parties, Homo Parties. Parties in San Francisco where we played 'Postman's Knock'.

We've been to swapping parties where we swap Motorhead albums.

Mikkey Dee - All Partied Out (Photo by Ace Trump)

Glenn: What did you get for your Motorhead album?

Phil: A record by 'Persian Risk' - my first band. In fact, one just turned
up - autographed by me. It went for 241 bucks - it's crap as well !!!

I remember meeting Sam Fox at a 'Frankie goes to Hollywood' Gig at the
Hammersmith Odeon - I'm strutting down Hammersmith and the press see us. I could see it in the papers the next mornin'. We ended up at one of these Swiss Holiday Cottages - try explaining that one to the wife !!!

I tell people I can't swim and there we were at this party. I got thrown in this pool and there I am drownin' - the guys from 'Frankie...' are there laughing. I was dragged out by the drummer's girlfriend.

Hey, I'm a bit deaf you know. I remember one time in Europe when I got
invited to this party. I thought he said it was a lap dancing party.
Anyway, we get there - go in this building and there's all these blokes
dancing on the stage - turned out it was a tap-dancing party.

Glenn: I bet that was a bit of a come down?

Phil: What c*m?

Glenn: Yeah - good point.

Phil: You know what - I've recently celebrated my 40th Birthday. I thought I'd get something really good from the wife. And do you know what she got me - A pair of slippers and a Chinese takeaway. Anyway, back to the questions.

Glenn: Do you have plans to release a solo album like Wurzel?

Phil: Actually I do - it's gonna be some time this year. People like Dweezil Zappa and Brian May wanna play on it.

Glenn: Any idea for a title yet?

Phil: Yeah, I'm gonna call it 'Fluffy Hands'

Glenn: Why 'Fluffy Hands'?

Phil: Cause I think it's a cool title - what do you think?

Glenn: Yeah - like it - 'Fluffy hands' sounds pretty cool and wacky.

Phil: I wanted to call the Motorhead album 'Fluffy Hands' instead of
'Hammered' but they wouldn't go with me on it !!

Glenn: Oh well, back to 'Hammered' - what would you say is your favourite
song on the album?

Phil: At the moment, I'd have to say 'No Remorse' because I like the riff.

Glenn: Is the song 'Shut Your Mouth' about anyone in particular?

Phil: I don't know - it's probably about me.

Glenn: Who is 'Dr. Love'

Phil: That'll be Lemmy - he's always chasin' the women.

Glenn: What's Lemmy like to work with and get along with in general?

Phil: Lemmy is great. I wouldn't have stuck with him for 18 years if he was an a**h*le - there's only one a**h*le in this band and that's me !!!

By the way, have you heard about the 'Motorhead Dyson' that's coming out?

Glenn: No.

Phil: You don't believe me do you? It's true - I'll bet you £100 on it -
it'll be the biggest, quickest snorter around !!!

Glenn (in fits of laughter): Excellent - I'll look forward to that - out of
interest - What questions do you get sick of answering?

Phil: All of 'em. No - the one that I really hate is 'Why did 'Fast Eddie
Clarke' leave the band?' - when I get that one the phone gets slammed down!!

Glenn: What's the reason why you always use the same design on your album

Phil: It's just something we've always done - like a trademark of some sort. It's even on our new live DVD.

Glenn: Have you been asked to play the Queen's 'Jubilee Concert' ? - I heard 'The Sex Pistols' are playing it.

Phil: No - we haven't been asked - anyway I've got something on that day.

Glenn: What's that?

Phil: I have a dentist appointment - well it's important ain't it - a dentist appointment - I got to look after my teeth.

Glenn (laughing): Yeah, I guess you do yeah - it's important. Hey Phil, would ever consider doing anything with 'Girlschool' again?

Phil: No, not really - but they are friends of ours.

Glenn: Will you be playing 'Nottingham Rock City' again like last year
(2001) ?

Phil: Not sure - I know we are playing 'Wembley Arena' around Sept/Oct - so I can't see us doing it this year.

(Lemmy pictured at Waldrock Festival, Holland by Hendrik Atterna)

Glenn: Cause the fans will travel down to see you.

Phil: Exactly.

Glenn: What songs do you like playing most in concert?

Phil: To be honest, I like 'em all.

Glenn: What's your opinion to Lemmy's solo album?

Phil: It's OK - but it's a bit too toe tappin' for me. It was something he wanted to do.

Glenn: Yeah - I just can't see Motorhead playing 'Buddy Holly's 'Peggy Sue'

Phil: No, neither can I. Hey man I gotta get off - there's a load of people who wanna meet me - I'm going to this party. I thought I was gonna meet this Porn actress called 'Penelope' - and I later found out it was Penelope Keith.

Glenn: Oh that's mad that is - the thought of it - Penelope Keith from 'The Good Life'.

Phil: Yeah - 'The Good Life' - that's it. (laughing). Penelope Keith !!!

Glenn: Yeah, I know - bet you wish 'Felicity Kendall' was going as well.

Phil: Oh man, Felicity Kendall, I remember her !! - Yeah, I do wish she was going actually !!

Glenn: Right, I'll let you get off to that party - I'm off to the pub myself very shortly.

Phil: I thought you'd already been - slurring all your words an' that.

Glenn: That's you man - you keep makin' me laugh with that great sense of humour of yours.

Phil: What you think I'm funny - your one of the first people who's said that - I'm real glad you like my sense of humour !!

Glenn: Yeah - it's the best - so incredibly f*ckin' dry - you've literally had me in stitches.

Phil: I'm glad you enjoyed it man.

Glenn: Thanks so much for this interview Phil- it's been a f*ckin' blast man. Take care and enjoy the party.

Phil: Thanks Glenn. Enjoy the rest of your day. Take Care Man.

Glenn: You take care as well Phil.

(A rather scary photo of Phil by Duncan McCallum)

Glorious thanks to Phil Campbell and extra special thanks to Nik Moore who set this whole thing up. It was a rush job - but it sure was as hell worth it.

Rock 'n' Roll.