An Interview with Pleasure Addiction’s Bassist, Stuffy & Drummer Pamy - a Great French Rock band that took place at The Rainbow, Sunset Strip, Hollywood, LA on 8th November, 2009

Glenn: How did the band come to be?

Stuffy: It started about 6 years ago. It’s like a mix of people from different bands and we started to put together a band like a superband. It’s certain parts Glam and other styles.

Pamy: We came in with different styles.One guy in the band is more into Gun N Roses, one guy likes punk rock and another guy is more like metal. Everybody is bringing their own sides to the table.

Glenn: What led you to have Terry Ilous on lead vocals here in LA and how come your own vocalist is not here?

Stuffy: Just because of the schedule that wasn’t working for the singer and he couldn’t make it. We came over and found Terry who could make it and it came together.

Pamy: Everything went through myspace – we contacted him and he liked what he heard and said, “Yes I’ll do it”, and we got together.

Glenn: How’s the scene in France right now compared to what you guys do?

Stuffy: It’s not that great. We are pretty much the only band that do that kind of thing - like glam rock and the metal thing. Compared to everything else which is like Black Metal & Death Metal and everything else which is soley a Euro type thing.

Glenn: How did you go over in France and what was the response from fans who came to see you?

Stuffy: In France, the audience appreciates us because there is a lot of energy there we give it everything we have got

Pamy: We are in touch with the public and our fans.

Glenn: What have been your favourite concerts you have done so far and why?

Stuffy: When we opened for Europe at a festival. We love that band since a kid and 10 years later we get to open for them. So that was one of my favourites. Opening for White Lion was the best.

Glenn: What would you say your favourite parts of your show are?

Stuffy: When we play our last song as we want it to have it that it makes a good impression and gets stuck in their head.

Glenn: What road stories stand out so far since you guys have been together?

Stuffy: When we are drunk – that is the best part of the road story.

Glenn: So what happens when you are drunk ? – oh you can’t say because they are not dead yet – yep okay. I’ve been there that many times – hahaha. What does it mean to you guys to be here right now in Los Angeles?

Stuffy: It’s like an old dream come true – especially when you come from France and you get to play a set – that’s the best. You play in Hollywood and it doesn’t matter where.

Glenn: What did you like most about playing ‘The Viper Room’ tonight – did anything stand out?

Stuffy: The fact that you come, you play and then you leave.

Pamy: You come- you set up your sh*t, you play and then you get the hell outta there.

Stuffy: Yeah everybody came together for the same reason and it was a great crowd in tonight for the show.

Glenn: Yeah – it’s weird isn’t it – I’ve never seen that before.

Pamy: We haven’t processed it yet bacause of the excitement and everything – we will enjoy it later and remember it. We just went out there and we were so excited.

Glenn: Yeah – you can look back and think, “We remember when we played ‘The Viper’!

Pamy: Yeah – it’ll make all the other French bands jealous.

Glenn: What songs are you most happy with?

Pamy: Shot of Poison, Melody and Superstar.

Stuffy: It doesn’t matter what music you like – pop, metal, rock or anything – you’ll like it anyway – there’s something there (in our music) for everyone to like.

Glenn: ‘Pleasure Addiction’ - what made you decide to choose it as a band name?

Pamy: We chose it because it’s about life in general, it’s about good times have fun and enjoy life. We like the way it sounds too.

Glenn: What would you say is the 24/7 day in the life of a band like ‘Pleasure Addiction’?

Stuffy: We like to make each day count and make every day worthwhile.

Pamy: We want to keep the band together so we can travel more, see different people and have fun.

Glenn: Are your other bands still going such as ‘Voodoo Smile’ & ‘High School Motherf*ck*rs’?

Pamy: More than ever - they are going great

Stuffy: High School Motherf*ck*rs are recording their 2nd album but I guess Voodoo Smile is more or less over. We also started as a tribute band to The Ramones.

Glenn: How did it come about working with Beau Hill?

Pamy: We actually sent him our 1st demo and he liked it. We sent him a couple of songs that sounded pretty good and...

Glenn ....he ended up doing the whole album

Pamy: So he liked it and with him recording it’s like a dream come true. When we were kids we were a fan of Beau Hill with Ratt and Warrant etc. We were raised on that so right now we are in the same musical place.

Glenn: How about you guys doing a UK Tour?

Stuffy: We have no plans for it at the moment but we are gonna work on this.

Glenn: What are your aspirations for the future?

Pamy: To do the 1st album pretty good and play as much as we can.

Glenn: What would you like to say to all the fans and all the future fans who find out about you?

Stuffy: You should take a listen to it and hopefully you will like it anyway. From the fans we have had a good response from everywhere in Europe, Italy and Romania – just take a listen to it yourself.

Glenn: That’s cool. Cheers.