An Interview with Ryche,

Drummer of BulletBoys & Sierra's Faith via e-mail between 4th & 11th February, 2008

by Glenn Milligan

What originally got you into the idea of playing drums?
I actually got started at a very early age, 6 years old or so I guess!... My brother was a singer/guitar player at the time and had band practice at our place so I use to play the drums that was left there all the time! So here I am!

Who were your fave drummers at the time when you got turned onto drums and why?
Early on it's hard to say really I was so young, having older brothers and sisters that were all into different styles I bounced all over the place really!... later on as maybe like a teen I would say Tommy Lee was a big influence. Troy Lucketta (Tesla) and Scott Rockenfield (Queensryche) comes to mind

Is anyone else in your family musically talented - if so who and did they influence you?
Yeah, My brother, I would say he was a huge factor in many ways, My Mother also, great singer she could play just about any stringed instrument, My Uncles etc.. Music was always a big part of my family!

How would you describe your drum style and what makes it standout from other drummers around?
Hard – Very, very, very Hard, A lot of intensity!.. I’m not so sure I really stand out!?

What was your area of the USA like for venues and bands in general?
I grew up in Ohio so I would say it was really good while I was growing up and developing, A lot of really great musicians came out of Ohio at that time, I started playing out at around the age of 14 or so!. But the USA as a whole I would say is KInd! But the scene isn't like it is say in your area etc... Geez dude it's like its 1988 there all over again! LOL...

Tell us about your first bands that you played in and gigs that you performed - any particular highlights and lowlights worth shedding light on?
There are so many, I better keep those to my self, I’m sure someone has some VHS floating around somewhere, YIKES!

When did you realise you had made it in the pro-status of the music biz?
While in my bedroom Right after I learned the whole Cinderella Night Songs album!.... LOL

How did you come to meet up with and play alongside Ron Keel and Marq Torein?
Here we go lol!... My band at the time was ask to open for Marq and his new band at the time Transistor! Pretty much after that run, we exchanged numbers. He called me a few weeks later, we planned on putting a cover band together, Which we did, so eventually we took that to the road and got a lot of positive reactions, So then came The Bulletboys, We actually played a lot of gigs on our own, Next came a short tour with The Naked Beggars, That led to Poison/Cinderella, Then Finally our own Tour with Tracii and L.A Guns!... Ron Keel came about kinda the same way! Ron was on a bill with Bulletboys, Jackyl, Quiet Riot and many others...He caught The BB set and we all hung after the show, and he basically ask if we would join him on some shows! We accepted of course, 9 months later We were doing it!

Do you have any preferences on who you play alongside or is it simply down to availability at that particular time?
I have had the opportunity to play with many great musicians/bands over the past few years, so I would say band wise it would be Bulletboys and Cockfight with Michael Thomas (Faster Pussycat/Adler's Appetite) and Joe Leste (Beautiful Creatures/Bang Tango). I also have gotten the chance to join forces with my Long time pal Bill Thompson, and Nelson Braswell (Wicked Stick) in my most recent Original Project Sierra's Faith.

What have been some of your best road stories - care to spill the beans as we say over in ole blighty?

I understand you have your own band(s) - care to tell us about these and what the future possibly holds for them?
Sure! Man where do I start! lol!...Cockfight which Myself Dave Weeks, Michael Thomas and Joe Leste', It's basically a whole lot of fun, We do covers by our favorite bands etc...
Then I would say Shineviolet (when we have time) with Dave Weeks and Scott Mckinley formerly of the Bulletboys!.. But Sierra's Faith has really became my main thing outside of Bulletboys! The guys, the tunes everything is great, It's great fun! I love doing the original thing for a change! We already have some label interest so a lot of good things are coming our way 4 sure

What have been some of the main highlights in your career so far and why?
I would say everything lol!... I have been able to play with some Awesome musicians and Just hang with cool people in general from the Fans to opening bands to Co Headliners etc... I landed all my endorsements due to the business and did i mention chicks dig my job!

What are you most looking forward to on the forthcoming Ron Keel Tour and why?
As far as I know their really isn't anything planned for the near future. Not with me at least. lol! Although the last run was great fun.
WOW!..We do Have a Bulletboys run coming up So I’m excited about that!

Who have you had the most fun hanging out with when it comes to aftershow parties etc?
Michael Thomas, Joe Leste' Tommy Paris, Tracii Guns, The Fans, Its all a great time!!

Who else would you like to work with in the future and why?
You know im not really sure! I’ve been so busy, Its not really crossed my mind!.. I know Sierra's Faith is becoming a Huge priority for me at the moment!

What places around the USA or outside of the USA have been the most fun to play or check out as a tourist?
Man I have been to so many places, I guess I can find good and bad in all!

What do you enjoy doing outside of music in general?
I didn’t know their was anything outside of music!

What other bands do you like to check out when you aren't playing yourself and why?
I really dig just going to see local bands, Whether it be Covers or Original, Sometimes those are the bands with the most drive and determination, I really get to see some great players as well!

What would you say is your ultimate goal as a pro-drummer?
Sierra's Faith Worldwide Baby!