Interviews with every member of Society 1:

(Photo taken by OZZFestAmy)


Lord Zane (Frontman)

that took place early October, 2014.

Interviewed by Glenn Milligan.

Glenn: What is your musical background and through this why did you decide to become a frontman originally?

Lord Zane: I love all types of music from varying decades but if I had to pinpoint the band that has the most influence it would be The Doors. To this day they are still my favorite. I live in Los Angeles because it is the hometown of The Doors and that should show you the type of fascination and dedication I have to their music. Jim Morrison was a major figure in my decision to become a frontman as well as David Lee Roth believe it or not.

Glenn: For you personally, what would you say you need as qualities to be a good frontman and why?

Lord Zane: A frontman for me has to be ringleader of the show and direct the entire experience to a desirable reaction or outcome. You have to possess the ability whatever it may be to attain that.

Glenn: Some call you Lord Zane. How did you acquire this title? What does the Lord part of your moniker or nickname mean to you?

Lord Zane: Lord means master and in some aspects of life I am a master and in many others I am still a student but for me it's just a constant reminder to try and master all you do.

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Glenn: Tell us about the new album ‘A Collection Of Lies’- what are you most happy with about it and why with regard to songs and production?

Lord Zane: Really great production on most of the album. Some really good tunes came about from that material. I love ‘I Got You’, ‘She's Dead’ and ‘All My Pain’.

Glenn: Is it really just a collection of lies or are there some truths contained in the album and if so what are the biggest lies and even truths that have created these songs with regard to personal experiences?

Lord Zane: To me just about everything becomes a lie in time. You love someone one year but 5 years later you hated them or are indifferent. You thought it was the truth when you said you loved them but in time it became a lie.

Glenn: What songs mean the most to you that are featured on the album for them to make the final cut and why?

Lord Zane: The songs I mentioned earlier are just cool little trips into darker aspects of my fast. Mini roller coasters of the perverse.

Glenn: Why did you decide on calling the album 'A Collection Of Lies'?

Lord Zane: You ever hear a band talk about all the great sh*t their doing or are going to do? The majority of the time it's lies they just don't know. All the sh*t bands talk are just a collection of lies.

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Glenn: Why did you decide to get Sin in the band again and have you been meaning to do this for a while but the scheduling was not working for you both?

Lord Zane: Just worked out due to some cool circumstances. Scheduling is still an issue but it's great when it works out.

Glenn: How is it working out being back with Sin and is it like the last day you worked with him as in like it was just yesterday?

Lord Zane: Yeah just about. Like no time at all has passed. He still kills it in way even more now. Being on stage with and performing is great.

Glenn: How was the show for you at the Whisky on July 22nd, 2014 with Sin Quirin back on stage and what stood out from it and why?

Lord Zane: The fact that is had been 20 years since I first stood on that stage. It was a great night. I felt as if I was a part of the historical Los Angeles music scene.

Glenn: I understand there is talk about doing Download in 2015 as an anniversary of the show in 2005 - what are you looking forward to for that and what can we expect from it?

Lord Zane: We are in talks about it but nothing has been booked yet. Our fingers are crossed.

Glenn: What memorable moments can you remember from that show in 2005 and what made them so memorable?

Lord Zane: That was a piece of rock history. How many people can say they have piece of that? It was the greatest day of my life.

Glenn: When we spoke to Sin Quirin, he described a moment where his spirit felt like it had left his body during the Download 2005 performance. Have you ever felt the presence of something similar? Or had strange utopian states you would like to share?

Lord Zane: I agree with Sin on this and experienced the same thing at the Download performance.

Glenn: What gave you the idea to be suspended by meat hooks for the entire gig and would you ever consider doing that again for the 2015 show?

Lord Zane: That's the entire point of the 10 year anniversary show. To do it suspended.

Glenn: Originally, why did you want to become a suspension artist and what qualities do you required both physically and mentally to become oneand why?

Lord Zane: To me it was just something so new and challenging when I discovered it from Joey Strange 15 years ago. I feel it just takes courage and will.

Glenn: There is an underground scene or people involved in the art of suspension. Are you part of that underground society or the fetish society and if so, what would you describe as your fetishes and what is it about them that you like?

Lord Zane: I'm not really into suspension scene anymore.

Glenn: You have toured extensively as a band but which tours have meant the most to you and why and what have you learnt most from them?

Lord Zane: I loved the tour we did for ‘Exit Through Fear’ in Europe back in 2004. Just great times and the band was really on fire in those days.

Glenn: Which countries have had the biggest effect on you that you have toured in and for what reasons?

Lord Zane: England for sure. Just great people that really understood what we were about.

Glenn: Care to tell us some cool tour stories that are memorable to you?

Lord Zane: There are so many. I think the best story is one I don't remember. I once took so many sleeping pills on the way to Europe that I didn't fully wake up until after the second show. I forgot all about the first one as if it never happened.

Glenn: How would you say you have changed as a person over the years and why?

Lord Zane: I've mellowed out and become more understanding but I think that's bound to happen. I am 40 now.

Glenn: How would describe the vocal style of Matt Zane and what is the key to keeping it in good order for you personally?

Lord Zane: My vocal style has changed over the years. I just try to keep singing and stay healthy. Seems to work for me.

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Glenn: What is your preference and why with regard to self-release or being signed to a label because you have taken both routes over the years?

Lord Zane: I think a label is still better. It's a larger machine. Even NIN went back to a major after self releasing for a while.

Glenn: What are your own personal thoughts to the music scene in the Los Angeles and how would you say it has changed over the years since you have been part of it?

Lord Zane: It seems dead. How many bands have been signed in the last 12 years out of Hollywood? 2? Back in the 80's and 90's people were getting signed every week and people were out every night checking music out.

Glenn: What are the odds of you ever reforming the Lotus Rising Project with Tina Guo and what would it take to make it happen again?

Lord Zane: No never unless someone gave me a million dollars.

Glenn: How did you get involved in the art of video production and what turned you on to it from a creative point of view?

Lord Zane: I've always been interested in video production. Always had a hand in it. It's just become a little more prominent in recent years.

Glenn: Are there any particular video productions you have been involved in so far that you were proud to have worked on and can you elaborate about these to us?

Lord Zane: The DMC / Wayne Static video was really cool.

Glenn: What else would you like to achieve in your action packed colourful career and why?

Lord Zane: At this point I want to stay healthy, create more music and perform.

Glenn: What else would you like to talk about that I have not touched upon during the interview?

Lord Zane: I am also a published author. Check out some of my books.

Glenn: What are you most proud of as a performer and all-round human being so far and why?

Lord Zane: All of it has been a wild ride. Wouldn't change a thing.

Thanks Matt!


Dirt Van Karloff


that took place on September 9th, 2013.

Interviewed by Glenn Milligan.

Glenn: What is it about the bass guitar that got you hooked to the sound from those 4 strings?

Dirt: I started out playing guitar, but switched to bass about a year later in order to get into a band. I fell in love with it.

Glenn: What was your first bass? – tell us all about where you bought it, how much, where from, how long you wanted one for etc etc

Dirt: It was a really crappy Rickenbacker copy. I traded my guitar in for it at this little mom n' pop music store called Lyon's Music in my hometown. I used to hang out there all the time when I was a kid. While all my childhood buddies were spending their allowance on baseball cards or comic books or whatever, I was hanging at the music store buying strings and sh*t. Haha.

Glenn: What were the first songs you learned to play on Bass and what was it about those songs that attracted you to them?

Dirt: It started with KISS for me. Once I mastered that, I moved on to Iron Maiden and Metallica tunes.

Glenn: Who would you say are your main bass guitar influences and why?

Dirt: At first, it was Gene Simmons and Nikki Sixx that made me want to start playing in the first place. Later on, I got into guys like Geezer Butler, Steve Harris, Cliff Burton and Pete Steele. Those guys had a definite signature to their sound and playing. Can you imagine Maiden without Harris? Or Type O without Pete?? They'd be completely different bands without them.

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Glenn: In what way did some of your influences set you in good stead in order to play the material well in bands like Society 1?

Dirt: They all just inspired me to always be striving to become better at my instrument. I still try to learn new things all the time. Keeps it fresh and interesting for me.

Glenn: Tell us about some of the bands you have been a part of over the years outside Society 1 and what was memorable about them and why?

Dirt: I've played in a bunch of bands in the years before I joined S1, but none of them ever got very far, which is fine. It's more about making music with my friends. That's all it has ever been about for me. There are some insanely talented musicians where I grew up, and I tried to play with as many of them as I could.

Glenn: You are also a tattooist as well as being a bassist. How did you become interested in having tattoos and later tattooing?

Dirt: Well, it's better than having a real job! Haha. The two always seemed to go hand in hand.

Glenn: Tell us about some of your favourite tattoo designs and where the ideas came from.

Dirt: A couple years ago, my family flew in to LA to surprise me on my birthday, I had my little brother and my niece tattoo their signatures on my leg. Those are my favorite tattoos.

Glenn: What is the most interesting thing you have tattooed on someone and also the most ott part of someone you’ve tattooed as well?

Dirt: Have you seen the flying dick with red, white and blue wings that Steve-O (Jackass) has tattooed on his arm?? I did that one. Haha.

Glenn: What led you to being a member of Society 1 and what is it about the band that made you want to be part of it?

Dirt: I was a fan of what they were doing before I joined the band. I was suggested to Matt by Preston Nash (DOPE/Primer 55). I was asked to learn 2 or 3 songs, but I learned the whole album. I think that went a long way. Always be prepared, kids! haha.

Glenn: What songs mean the most to you that you’ve been a major creative part in and why?

Dirt: That's like asking me to pick my favorite finger. I'd have to say the middle one probably. haha

Glenn: What are the most demanding songs to play in Society 1 and what makes them so demanding?

Dirt: There are weird time changes and sh*t all over the place in our songs. A bar of five here and there, lots of triplets... Keeps it fun and interesting.

Glenn: What have been the most interesting shows for you so far and why?

Dirt: The Download Festival in the UK back in 2005 was a big one for us. Awesome show!! We toured through Europe with Paradise Lost a while back. PL is one of my favourite bands of all time, but their crowd did not get us at all, I think we frightened alot of them. Sometimes, when I'd run to the front of the stage, the crowd would actually back away! Haha! But, beyond that, we've had riots at shows, been chased out of town by biker gangs, all sorts of interesting sh*t! haha The cops used to show up at the venues before we even got there. Good times!

Glenn: For you, what have been the best songs you like to play at a show and why?

Dirt: As far as the new stuff goes, I really like "You Say It's Heaven" it's got a fun, sleazy, butt-rock kinda feel to it, but I really do love all the songs.

Glenn: What would you say are your hopes and aspirations as a member of Society 1 and why?

Dirt: I just want to play music ‘til I die. It's all about the love of music for me. All the rest is just gravy.

Glenn: Do you have a particular favourite bass that means the most to you?

Dirt: I love my Schecters!

(Both Pictures By OZZFestAmy)

Glenn: If you could have a bass duel with any other bassist, who would it be and why and what exactly would you like to play when it came to songs with them and for what reasons?

Dirt: I would love to play Orion with Cliff Burton, alas, I'm not worthy!!

Glenn: Overall, What are your views of living in and around Hollywood for good and for bad and for what reasons?

Dirt: I have a love/hate relationship with Hollywood. Sometimes I think it's the greatest place on Earth, other times I'd rather just watch it burn.

Glenn: What are your personal thoughts to the music scene there in Hollywood and how would you say it has changed over the years?

Dirt: It's dying, sadly. All the cool rock clubs are turning into dance clubs. People would rather go see a guy hit the play button on his laptop than watch a band pour their heart and soul into a performance these days. It really sucks.

Glenn: What are your preferred venues you like to play in the Hollywood area and why?

Dirt: The Viper Room is always fun. The Whisky used to be cool. There's a newer spot called LOADED that I really like. Skinny's in NOHO is awesome.

Glenn: What would you like to say to the fans around the World and the Metalliville Readership overall?

Dirt: I would like to thank all of you for taking an interest in what we do. Keep supporting real music!

Glenn: What is next for you and Society 1 and what are you most looking forward to?

Dirt: We have a new album out "A Collection Of Lies" and a new single "It's Your's Now" both on iTunes. We are currently working on a comic book about the band, which also includes zombies and hallucinogens! I'm very excited about that! We're working on a west coast tour right now, lots of things going on at the moment.

Thanks Glenn!!


Beau Ashley (Guitarist)

that took place in September, 2014.

Interviewed by OZZFestAmy.

OZZFestAmy: What is your typical night like in Los Angeles?

Beau Ashley: I pretty much lay low and play guitar and do business with other musicians and keep up with everything current as far as radio, new music videos and search for new bands and artists. I like to stay updated on all that is going on out there.

OZZFestAmy: What do you do for fun?

Beau Ashley: I head to the beach or I am with my close friends.

OZZFestAmy: What is your favorite comfort food?

Beau Ashley: I love cheddar cheese.

OZZFestAmy: Can you cook?

Beau Ashley: I do cook and I enjoy it to. I love gourmet cooking 90% of the time and everyone that has eaten my meals absolutely love them.

OZZFestAmy: Do you eat a lot of take out?

Beau Ashley: I do not eat any take out foods. If I ever do it’s rare and I've most likely been out drinking.

OZZFestAmy: If I was a tourist here in Los Angeles; what would you say to me about Society 1, if you knew I had never heard of them before? How would you intrigue me if you had to explain your bands style to a potential fan?

Beau Ashley: I often convey that it's a dark obscure hard rock band that has an interesting history and they are very intense live and it's a must see even if it's once. And I share the social media sites, website and YouTube info.

OZZFestAmy: You have really worked on your stage presence. Your band is very animated. What is your workout program that keeps you so physically fit? How do you keep up with Matt Zane, since he can contort his body in a number of directions?

Beau Ashley: Honestly, I've always been an all over the place player; it has a lot to do with the intensity level and so on. He and I are on the same page live is all!

OZZFestAmy: What are all the companies that currently sponsor or endorse you through product support? Do you have any clothing sponsors? You have a certain style that you make your own. Everything you wear, you do so with a smile. Your smile is the best part of your attire. It is contagious.

Beau Ashley: I am endorsed with Schecter Guitar Research and Ernie Ball. I have spoken with two clothing companies but haven't finalized anything at his time. I got the smile from watching Eddie Van Halen to much I guess. Hahaha.

OZZFestAmy: How do you get away from daily life?

Beau Ashley: Headphones! Always with headphones!

OZZFestAmy: Hollywood is a small town. Do you actually reside in Hollywood?

Beau Ashley: Yes I now reside in Hollywood; I was Venice, Marina del Rey based.

OZZFestAmy: Do you go for walks, draw or create anything?

Beau Ashley: I write my own music when I can and do go for walks or just skateboard, surfing is the greatest.

OZZFestAmy: Do you play any other instruments that you want to talk about?

Beau Ashley: I sing, I scream, growl and program electronic music and played bass in a touring band. I haven't done any of that in awhile now.

OZZFestAmy: Do you actually contribute to Society 1 lyrically?

Beau Ashley:: I do not.

OZZFestAmy: How would you describe the writing process lyrically?

Beau Ashley: Matt Zane does it all.

OZZFestAmy: What is your music background? Education and Past Bands?

Beau Ashley: My background is rather interesting and all too much to add here at this time. I was actually a part of a very dynamic extremely intense complex band once and prefer not to speak of its name at this time. From there on, I found myself in an artist development program, personal investor, manager and thrown in a pre production recording studio for five years. I would fire mostly everyone because they couldn't keep up with the material that I would write and difficult for most to follow. Drummers like Danny Carry and Steven Perkins are key in what I personally write.

OZZFestAmy: What were their styles or what styles of music do you play?

Beau Ashley: I have created my own unique styles many times over to present. I like all music.

OZZFestAmy: What are your favorite songs to listen to? If I was to go on an IPod if you have one; what songs would I find on there that you are currently listening to? Is there any particular song that has deep meaning for you?

Beau Ashley: I love Celldweller that's it. Oh, and Lady GaGa.

OZZFestAmy: What is your current occupation outside of music? In other words; what is your day job? I definitely do not see you being a musician that quits working all together to pursue your band as all you do.

Beau Ashley: I dabble in the tee shirt business.

OZZFestAmy: Did you always know you wanted to be a musician?

Beau Ashley: Yes, from the day I acted guitar player on a broom.

OZZFestAmy: What is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream if you consume the stuff? I never assume. You may be a vegetarian or intolerable of dairy products.

Beau Ashley: Coconut Ice Cream.

OZZFestAmy: What is your favorite genre of movie?

Beau Ashley: Sci-Fi.

OZZFestAmy: Do you read books?

Beau Ashley: Yes, ancient history.

OZZFestAmy: Are you fascinated by history? Who are your favorite historical figures? Or inventors in society?

Beau Ashley: The Ancients.

OZZFestAmy: You are an easy guy to take photos of. I truly enjoy doing photos of every member of Society 1. I spend most the time cussing because Matt Zane rarely holds still but I love the fact of a challenge too. He is too silly in his flexibility. I watch him bend backwards insanely. I could almost imagine him sleeping on a bed of nails and all the rest of you in a coffin.

Beau Ashley: Interesting thoughts.

OZZFestAmy: I could see you being an actor of some sort or a model for some clothing line. I think you definitely have the looks for that. Have you ever considered being the guy that models a clothing line?

BEAU ASHLEY: I get that constantly, and I'm too humble in my being to have pursued it. However, if offered I wouldn't turn it down.

OZZFestAmy: You are so nice when spoken to, that I think it would be great if you get back out of this life what you have put into it.

Beau Ashley: Well thank you, and such a nice thing to say. Very thoughtful! And, I wish to all the same.

OZZFestAmy: I have listened to the new material and the beginning of the first song it starts off heavy like a Slayer style riff, but then at the end it gets softer. What was the approach to the track list? I know you have got to figure out the order as a band. I can see you guys coming up with decisions together as a unit. What song touched you personally during the writing process and when recording them? Do you usually write the melody and then add lyrics later. How does that come about? Explain to the fans the typical day in the writing of a Society 1 collaboration. As we grow spiritually and emotionally with age things change that we aspire to. What lessons have you learned about the business that you would like to share with the guy sitting at home playing for the joy of it? I think fame is a hard thing to handle in this day and age. How do you cope with the ups and the downs? What are your highs or your lows?

Beau Ashley: Matt and Sin wrote most of the songs on the album, and Dirt and Matt are the writers for Society 1. I played on the new single "It's yours now". I just play and perform the songs. As far as fame it’s hard when you are not making a living doing music and see others around you and close friends that are.

OZZFestAmy: How do you cope with criticism and how do you feel that artists should cope with being criticized by their fans?

Beau Ashley: Criticism is fine as long as it's constructive. If it's not I just ignore it.

OZZFestAmy: Do you always feel like you are in under a microscope being dissected and pulled apart?

Beau Ashley: Only in interviews, but it comes with the trade and I don't mind it at certain times.

OZZFestAmy: What is fame like for you? Or has it not really hit you yet that this thing is really taking off?

Beau Ashley: Fame is like a myth to me in the music industry these days, I don't think I will ever know what it's truly like.

OZZFestAmy: I know that the fans are happy to see you guys are back but it will be exciting for them when you break out of Los Angeles and you truly get to captivate the rest of the world. They have been waiting for a long time.

Beau Ashley: Yes touring all the time would be great and thank you to the fans and everyone who has helped me. I stand on the same ground as they do. Being able to meet and greet them is a blessing. I would be happy to see each and every one of them as well, and go grab a beer with them all.

OZZFestAmy: How is it playing alongside of Sin Quirin? Are you a fan of the side projects that he has been a part of?

Beau Ashley: Sin is fun to perform with; I have to say that I've enjoyed it. I have always been a fan of Ministry.

OZZFestAmy: Everyone seems to have a side project in this band, even the drummer. Do you have aspirations outside of Society 1, or side projects that you are also in? Can you talk about those? (If not I understand) You can simply say yes or no and make us wonder or share those. If they are a big part of your style and all I would love to hear about anything like that, and I am sure that the fans would as well.

Beau Ashley: I am working on a couple of projects actually and can't speak of them in depth at this time. I will still be a member in Society 1 as long as it wants me. I really enjoy performing with Matt Zane we tap into the same energy.

Thank you for your time Beau Ashley and thank you for being here!

(All Beau Ashley Pictures By OZZFestAmy)


Iorden Mitev (Drummer)

that took place in October 2014.

Interviewed by Glenn Milligan

Glenn: What was the music scene like for you personally while you grew up in Los Angeles and what stood out most of all and why?

Iorden: Thank you first off for this opportunity to just talk and also thank you for being so patient with me sorry but I've just been very busy. So here we go! The music scene was cool. I love going out, checking out live bands and taking notes of what's going on. I moved to L.A. in 1999 so my first experience was very shocking. I wanted to be part of this for a long time. The Whisky was the first place I saw a live show - I was like 16 - hahaha! Everything stood out because I was just in disbelief to see so many musicians. It was all a shock because back then I never thought I would be whare I am now. Haha.

Glenn: Do you come from a musical family - if so who are the musical members and in what way?

Iorden: My mom is the musician in the family. She’s a trained classical musician and she graduated with the highest degree in cello. She also used to play piano and sing soprano in the Philharmonic in Bulgaria and Israel. She has been on world tours and all kinds of amazing things when she was younger. My first introductions to music are all thanks to her.

Glenn: Why did decide on the drums as opposed to any other instrument?

Iorden: Drums - well funny story. I always wanted to be a bass player. It just seemed like so much fun. I was really into the sound of it but anyway long story short, my brother started listening to Metal and he introduced me to Metallica, Slayer, Pantera and most importantly Sepultura. The reason that was the most important is because when I first heard Sepultura, that's when I first was like, ‘Wait - all this tribal staff and all this craziness? It's only one person doing it?’ So I basically said, “I want to do that” and here we are now. Hahah.

Glenn: What was your first drum kit, where did you get it and when?

Iorden: First drum kit was a Mapex. My Brother bought it for himself from somebody back in Israel but I didn't get to play it much. Quite honestly, I still didn't know how to. Hahahahah. That was like in 1994.

Glenn: What were the first songs you learnt to play along to on the drums and what drew you to them?

Iorden: Ha - first songs ever were Nirvana’s album, ‘Nevermind’, Guns ‘n’ Roses and the easy Pantera songs that were mostly one bass oriented because I didn't have a double bass drum pedal - hahaha - and anything else I could figure out at the time.

Glenn: Who are your favourite drummers and how did they influence you in your professional career?

Iorden: My influences change all the time to be honest. Every time I hear a new band or anything that amazes me I try and research it and find out as much as I can about it. My main influences that are stuck in me are Mike Portnoy. He's a huge influence in why I play the way I play. Also Igor Cavalera obviously – hahaha - and Dirk Varburean from Soilwork. There is soooooooooooooo many more new influences for me right now. The drummer of Septicflesh, Photis Bernado - he's absolutely amazing. But to be a drummer in a way you have to be a sponge so I do listen to different music also other then metal and stuff. Another drummer that influenced me is Benny Greb - he's a powerhouse of amazing.

Glenn: Tell us about the early bands that you were a part of and memorable moments as a member.

Iorden: Prior bands I've been in, well the memorable ones hahahahahah were ‘Faith In The System’ - my first band ever and it was memorable because I seriously had a great time while I was in it and it was the first time I performed in the Whisky A Go Go with that band like 12 or 14 years ago – haha. The next one was ‘Darklin Hollow’ which was a huge part of my life. Not in a meaning that we did a lot but in the meaning of how it impacted my life. That band is a huge part of my life in meaning the people that I met through it and how much it pushed me musically but it's a long story - haha. Then it was ‘Fight The War’ which was an all out metal band just like a swift kick to the jaw. It was pure metal with that band. We played a lot live and opened up for some big acts - good times – hahahah. There were plenty more but these are the main ones. They all impacted me in a great way musically and just in a way of growing up as a person.

Glenn: What led you to become a member of Society 1?

Iorden: Well me and Dirt used to work together in a tattoo shop and we always used to talk about music and bands and stuff. He told me a lot about the band. Back then they had a drummer but we just basically became friends. Jumping a few years forward, we also at one point played in a band together. Now jumping again a few years forward, he rejoined Society 1 and I was in like three bands at the time. He called me and said that he might need me to fill in for a show or maybe even become a permanent member. I was in North California at the time working and playing in a band. So then I came back on September 21st, 2013 to L.A. and basically here we are now a year and some change later - hahaha - playing out and doing our thing.

Glenn: Why Society 1 as opposed to any other bands around i.e. - what makes them stand out to you as opposed to any others and why?

Iorden: Why Society 1? It's a easy answer - Why not? It's a badass band with great music, lots of history, lots of diversity and amazing people in it. That so far has been a blessing. I can seriously say it's a pleasure and an extreme honor to be part of this band. I f*ck*ng love it.

Glenn: How would you describe the drumming style of Iorden Mitev and why?

Iorden: I don't really know how to describe my playing other than you have to see it live. I am very passionate about what I do but the closest I could come to describe it is that it's loud - hahahahahahaha.

Glenn: What would you say are your preferred beats and styles of drumming as the music of Society 1 is so varied?

Iorden: You see that's the thing that's why I love being in Society1 because it's so different. We have rock songs, we have industrial songs, we have slow songs, we have fast songs and that's why I love it. I get to do a little of everything. But of course being a metal head I love the fast and demanding songs - hahah.

Glenn: In all honesty, what would you say are the most complex songs to keep a beat and in time with that you perform as a member of Society 1 and why?

Iorden: Well in all honesty, Society 1 has soooooooooooooo many songs that we haven't brought out live yet that are demanding so I haven't gotten to that point quite yet but playing live is very fast paced so I would say all of them - hahahaha.

Glenn: What shows have stood out to you during your time with Society 1 and why?

Iorden: Ohh well, of course the first time we played live was huge for me because of the, you know, pressure to not f*ck up – hahahaha. There were people that came from Germany to see us and you know the first drummer of Society 1 was there. Just, you know, I was a new member with my first show with this band so let's just say the stakes ware very high.

The first acoustic show we did was also a big one because it was the first ever for Society 1. So again, a pressure situation and it went f*ck*ng awesome because also Sin Quirin joined us on stage. It was just an awesome night. Our acoustic shows don't happen often and in all honesty they are amazing because it's very personal and Matt is such an amazing singer and you really get to hear him sing.

Okay, the next one is when we did a show in Pomona with Wayne Static, Dope, Smile Empty Soul and Third. That one was big for me because we were part of a touring package so everything was timed. Again the stakes were high to play awesome and be timely and professional so it was very important for me and of course the 20th Year Anniversary Show at the Whisky when I did double duty and Matt’s Birthday Show too was great. Hahahahaha - Sorry in all honesty, all of them are important because again to me all of them are meaningful because I never thought that I could be a part of even one show .

Glenn: What gets you revved up for a show and how do you like to wind down after?

Iorden: I usually just listen to music. Whatever I feel like at the time. Then I stretch out hands and legs and maybe hit the drum pad a few times and try to relax as much as possible before I hit the stage. After I just talk to the fans and friends and thank ‘em for coming and maybe a few beers - hahahaha.

Glenn: What’s your coolest road stories so far with Society 1?

Iorden: Well so far we haven't really travelled far so there isn't much to say about that.

Glenn: Are you endorsed by any drum, drumstick and/or cymbal companies/manufacturers and if so who? How did this come to be? What are you liking about them and why did you decide to work alongside each other?

Iorden: So far I have a cymbal endorsement with Amedia Cymbals - that's all. That happened at a Namm Show - I think in 2012. They took a chance on me and here we are. What I love about them is everything. They are amazing cymbals, very musical and very durable. They treat me as family even though they are in New Jersey – haha. I use Vic Firth sticks and Evans heads.

Glenn: I saw you live at the Whisky A Go-Go on July 22nd – what are your thoughts of this show and what stood out to you about it overall and why?

Iorden: The Whisky show was awesome. It was great. I got to play with both my bands. It was Matt’s 20 year anniversary and I was a part of that. So of course, it meant a lot to me because I was a part in making that happen.

Glenn: Society 1 have the new album out entitled ‘Collection Of Lies’ – what songs would you say mean the most to you personally and what have been the best times during the writing, recording and also promotion of it so far and why?

Iorden: That album and the songs on it were recorded before I was in the band. So regarding that I don't have much to say other then I love it and the songs on it because it's so different and awesome that you out there should buy it too - hahahaha.

Glenn: You are also the drummer for the band Fracture. Tell us a bit about the band and what being a member means to you from both from a musical and social point of view.

Iorden: Well Fracture is a Metal band. We’re a four piece. The guitar players are Brothers, John and Waylon from South Carolina. They have been out for a while now. I'm their second drummer. The bass player is Brendon. We're, I guess you can say Melodic Metal band. For me, it's awesome to be a part of Fracture. It’s the love of the music we make and it's also love the people that I get to make it with. I get to do a lot of double bass drumming so I love that a lot – hahahah. From a social point, I get to meet a lot of people, so that's always good.

Glenn: What things needed to be taken into account due to being a drummer for two different bands at the same time and how do you overcome these obstacles?

Iorden: Well you’ve just gotta have an open mind and a strong work ethic and be able to schedule things accordingly. You’ve gotta do a lot of homework and for me personally I love playing drums. I wish I could play more if anything and be in more bands honestly. I keep myself up to it by listening to a lot of music and just constantly have an open mind and look up to my idols so my fire to get better is always burning.

Glenn: What would you say are the main differences and similarities between being a member of Fracture and Society one and why?

Iorden: The differences are the music styles and the people the similarity is that both bands are just as hungry to get to the next level and do what we do on a bigger scale. Other then that we’re all great people doing what we love to do.

Glenn: Outside of Society 1 and Fracture, what else are you creatively involved in musically or otherwise and what got you into it?

Iorden: Outside of Society 1 and Fracture I basically like I said I try to involve myself in as much music as I can. I have a project with a dear friend / brother of mine and we do music together. Just me and him. I play the drums and he does everything else. And mostly I work and try to study and learn more new music.

Glenn: How long would you say you practise to keep yourself in good form and what else works for you to keep you in tip-top form for such a physically demanding role?

Iorden: I just try and listen to as much music as possible and constantly try to improve on my weaknesses as a player with every opportunity I can. A lot of my practice involves listening to music and try and be better as a drummer be it speed techniques or just being more open to different styles and try to use it all in my advantage. I don't have my own practice space so a lot of my practice is me driving in my car and air drumming – hahaha. Whatever it takes! A lot of it is mental. If you memorize it, it will come out as long as you have a solid foundation. That's my opinion.

Glenn: Many have said that the music scene has died in Hollywood that I have spoken to but what are your own personal thoughts to this issue?

Iorden: My thoughts on the scene is that, yeah it has died a bit and a lot of it is jaded - meaning you have to look the part or know the right people or hang out with people you don't have a lot in common with or whatever. There is no like brotherly vibe kind of thing but it, in my opinion, still alive but not as much. There is a lot of egos and that is what in my opinion kills the scene. Like there isn't a lot of like, “Wow, you're band is awesome, let's do some shows together”. It's mostly the opposite, meaning people are like, “We'll I don't want to play with them because they might steal our fans” or whatever. That's why I think it's bullsh*t but Ehhh, you gotta love what you do and do it really well then the scene will come back - that's my opinion.

Glenn: What are your favourite places around the Los Angeles and Hollywood area and why?

Iorden: Favorite places are The Viper Room, Loaded Bar and Skinny’s Lounge to perform at right now and also Molly Malones.

(2nd Picture By OZZFestAmy)

Glenn: What other countries have had the biggest impact on you that you have played in and for what reasons?

Iorden: So far I haven't played in other countries yet but obviously I would love to go everywhere - hahaha.

Glenn: What else would you like to discuss that I haven’t covered so far in the interview?

Iorden: Well I would like to thank you for the interview and being so patient because this truly took a long time to get all the answers and the time to answer them to my best ability – hahaha, so thank you.

Glenn: What would you like to say to the fans out there and the Metalliville Readership overall?

Iorden: To the fans, thank you for everything. I hope you enjoy this interview and I hope to see and meet you all someday and again thank you.

Glenn: What are you most looking forward to in the future as both a drummer and overall and why?

Iorden: What I look for in the future is hopefully a tour or two or ten or twenty and a lot more music and shows, to meet as many people as possible and to hopefully leave a stamp of what I've done musically. But most importantly as a person and have a good life to spend with good people. That's all, so again thank you very much for everything and for doing this interview. I hope the readers will enjoy it and thank you for you're patience cheers and beers guys and gals.

A big thankyou to Iorden for the in-depth insight into his drumming career so far!

All images unless stated have been used with permission and supplied by the members of Society 1