Artist: Stefan Elmgren

Interviewer: Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

E-mail Interview

Date Received: 23rd July, 2002

Stefan Elmgren, the lead guitarist of Hammerfall has also got a side project called 'Full Strike' - find out whar the Heavy Metal Virtuoso has to say about it.

1. What originally got you into Rock Music?

I'm not sure but Iron Maiden was one of my first albums that I got.

2. How come the project hadn't happened sooner - since you all met years ago?

Well it wasn't to long after I went home that I got the job in (Hammerfall) and in the first years I also had to work so I didn't really have so much time then.

3. Why did you decide to play Power Metal - what is it about the style you like?

I don't know, I have tried to play other things too but I have always ended up playing hard rock or heavy metal again.
What I like about it is probably that is has a lot of positive power and the feel of the music is for me is a "we will win" kind of feeling.
I guess thats why I listen to music, to make me feel better.

4. Do you consider the term 'Power Metal' to be a good term - or would you choose something different?

I would say Hard Rock/heavy metal

5. What has the reception to 'Full Strike' been like so far?

It's been very good.

6. Are there plans to perform any gigs?

We are planning to get some kind of tour soon, we have done a couple of gigs in Sweden and this band really kicks ass live so it would be great to do a tour so we can meet our fans and give them a great show.

7. What influenced the beautiful ballad 'Silent Screams'?

The song is influenced and about how life sometimes in all it's surroundings makes it difficult to focus in a relationship and in the genuine deep love. Sometime because of that the relationship fails.

8. Were there any other ballads that could also have been used?

At that time no.

9. Did any classical composers influence your styles of playing, if so, who and how?

I am some times listening to classical music but I wouldn't say that it have made me play the way that I do, that is probably guitarists like Gary Moore's fault:)

10. Are there plans to a follow up to the 'We will rise' album?

Yes we are already working on the next one.

11. Where did the album cover idea come from?

It was my idea.

12. How come you are the only member featured on the cover?

This album is a mix of a solo project and a band but it has happened because of me so that's why, but it will probably not happened on the next album.

13. How do you put the songs together music or lyrics first - or at a similar time?

I start with making the music then me and Niclas works on the melodies together and then he write's the lyrics.

14. How long did it take to put the album together from it's original conceptional idea to releasing it?

I guess about two years.


15. Did the 'Full Strike' members see each other a lot on a social basis - what did you get up to when not working on the album?

Me and Niclas are the one's who meet's must often but sometimes we all get together in party's and stuff.

16. How relevant would you consider Power Metal to be now - since some people are saying it's stuck in the 80's?

Yes I know what people mean but music for me is not about an expiring date". Yes it was very popular in the 80's but it's the kind of music that I like.
I'm not going to listen to some sh*t band that plays some sh*t music just because they play some "new music from 2000". Music for me is only about "do I like it or not". Which years that style comes from has no meaning for me.

17. What have been some of the main highlights during your time with 'Hammerfall'?

The first world tour was really great, to see all these countries and meet all the people.

18. How is the new Hammerfall album coming on - writing/recording etc?

It is recorded now and it will be released in October 28th.


19. Do you have any title ideas yet? Cover ideas etc?

The title is not decided yet and the cover is about the warrior, thats all I can say for now.

21. Will there be a full UK Tour?

It would be great but also very hard, most media in UK has really flushed heavy metal down the toilet which has made it very difficult to get our music across there, but hopefully!

Thanks for your help.

Thank you!