An Interview with

Kim, Pepsi and Jay from Tigertailz

via e-mail by Glenn Milligan, recieved 10th January, 2005

Where did you originally get the name 'Tigertailz' from?

In the early days we were called Stagefright, Straw Dogz but we felt we needed a more unique name. I don't know how I (Pepsi) came up with it but Tigertailz just seemed right... I don't know why. It's all my fault sorry kidz...

What are your memories of working with Steevi Jaimz with regard to:

a. Prior to first album

Great nightz out in Cardiff (Bogiez) and great fun touring in Europe.

b. During the recording

Can't really remember - to long ago but being in the studio can sometimes be stressful for everyone.

c. Touring

Mostly great fun - forgot all the bad stuff..

How did you get on in the early line-up?

Generally ok, but things got a bit silly when we were off our heads which was quite often in those days.

How did Kim become a member of the band, wasn't he a friend of Steevi's?

I (Kim) was friendly with Pepsi & Jay from early Rankelson days and we'd known each other for quite a few years before I ever joined the Tailz. I got to know Steevi from the Bogiez days and we always got on well and had a laugh.

Why did you use all the Z's in the song titles - was it simply a Glam gimmick?

This was really a 'trend' that was happening at the time. From memory, we think Kerrang started it but it could have been us, who knows... Bottom line though, everyone started to do it..

What would you say are and were the main differences in working with Kim and Steevi with regard to writing, studio, touring, on-stage and from a social point of view?

Steevi (by his own admission) always lived the Rock n Roll lifestyle to the limit (even more than the rest of us). Steevi was fine in the studio, great on stage but often went crazy when he'd had a drink and got into fights. Kim is more reserved socially, great in the studio and also fantastic on stage.

Who were your main musical influences in the early days and have your musical tastes changed much since?

We're all a bit varied on this one but there's a few we agree on, these are Van Halen, Kiss, Judas Priest, Ozzy, Sabbath. Others include, AC/DC, The Tubes, Angel etc..

What would you say are the main differences and similarities of the 'Young and Crazy'and the 'Bezerk' albums?

'Young & Crazy' was us just as we were at the time...., young, crazy, raw and fairly novice in the song writing department. That's not to say the songs on Y&C aren't any good because there are some great moments on that album (Living Without You, Fall In Love Again etc.) . Also, Y&C was just Jay & Steevi writing the songs and we only had about 10 days to do the whole thing.

With Bezerk we 'all' really tried to write the best songs we could and that definitely shows. Pepsi started to write loads and also the playing, budget and production all made a difference but ultimately we'd improved as song-writers.

What's your opinion as often being called 'one hit wonders' since your main hit was 'Love Bomb Baby'?

Very glad to have had one hit than none at all...

What were your favourite moments recording, promoting and touring the 'Bezerk' album?

To many to mention, probably the pinnacle was selling out St David's Hall in Cardiff, Wales. That was huge at the time..

Who and what influenced many of the songs on the 'Bezerk' album like 'Love Bomb Baby'; 'SickSex!' and 'Heaven' etc?

It really was a collective effort. With Love Bomb Baby, Pepsi has been in the studio for days Demoing the song and when we heard it we really new it had something but the chorus was all over the place. Together we cut down the number of hooks and 'bang' a hit record.. Heaven started out by being called 'Shoot The Night Away' and this was a song Kim sung when he auditioned - we eventually ended up changing the title..

What were your favourite songs on the alum and why?

Sick Sex (coz it's metal), Love Bomb Baby (coz it's great), Love Overload (coz it rockz), all of em....

Was it really full-on 'Life in the fast lane' all the time with tons of sex or was some of it rather fabricated to keep up the bands image etc?

We did have some great mental times but all bands ham it up. On the other hand when we stared telling people of our experiences they often say " God, I haven't lived"..

Will the 'Banzia' and 'Wazbones' album ever get a commercial release in the UK because it all went so quiet over here after 'Bezerk'?

Guess what...? We've just signed a deal (in the last week) with Sanctuary Records to reissue both of these albums!!!! Pepsi is working on new artwork and we will also be including a new Bonus track on each album. All being well they should be released in May / June 05.

Why did the band split - was it due to a change in the music scene at the particular time or were there other reasons? If so what?

We never really split up at all, we kinda just fizzled out.. But we're back now and that's all that matters.

What have the band members all been up to since the initial break-up?

Lots, too much and too boring to mention...

What made you decide to get 3/4 of the 'Bezerk' band line up back together - is it due to the fact that so many others have come back or are there many other reasons?

The 3 of us have always worked well together and have always been the creative nucleous of the band. We all live near each other and it just works..

Why did you decline the offer of doing the whole Tigertailz band with Steevi Jaimz, since only Ace, joined up with him?

We all felt that our best music came about from Bezerk onwards so it made sense to stick with what we already knew worked..

Since there are 2 versions of Tigertailz around now, who actually owns the name and rights to logos etc?

This is well documented as the band was around for years before either Steevi or Kim joined. All the Logo's, branding etc. is designed and owned by Pepsi.

Will the bands end up in a legal wrangle like the two versions of Saxon or the feud with Nik Turner (ex-Hawkwind) and Dave Brock (Hawkwind) or have both bands agreed to keep as two different oufits without any ill-feelings?

This is being looked into at the moment but we have no real gripe with anyone. Ultimately, the fans decide as they buy the records..

Will there be a tour in the near future - like the 'TT2 Tour' - (you read that here first - lol)that features both line-ups of the band - say Steevi's and Ace's version taking the stage first and then the Kim Hooker version up second with an 'everybody on stage' at the end - like a big celebration of all the members who have part of the band?

We're not sure, if there's enough interest and people want it, we'll play Live but it really depends how the reissue and new albums do. Let's wait and see.

Failing that or prior to that taking place, when do you intend to tour and who with? Will you be soing a headline tour? Will it be a large UK tour and where do you intend playing?

As above, although we won't be doing any large tours. If we do anything It will be 'exclusive' shows that make it worthwhile people coming to see us. Or, we'll tour with someone.

If you had the chance, who would you like to tour with and why?

Crue, Kiss, Priest, Van Halen, Ozzy - coz we're from the same school or rock... We've never really been a typical 'Glam' band because we don't really do the 12 bar kinda Rock n Roll riff thing. We've always been more in line with Ozzy & Van Halen etc..

What are your tour requirements? What would feature on a Tigertailz Tour Rider?

In years gone by = Booze, drugz, ladiez
Now = good pot of Tea, TV for watching a quiet film, pipe / slippers...
(yeah right)

Which label are you intending to sign with or are you going to fund it all yourselves?

Sanctuary Records for reissue albums Bezerk & Banzai - we hope to sign the new album (Bezerk 2.0) with Sanctuary as well but haven't made any commitment yet.

What will the new material be like and do you have any titles in mind yet?

Classic Follow up record to Bezerk - called Bezerk 2.0!!

The songs are similar, heavy, catchy, massive choruses, screaming guitarz..
It's all there...

Titles are as follows:

Bezerk, Get Real, Falling Down, Dirty Needlez, Make Me Bleed, One Beat of Your Heart, Sugar Fever, I Believe, For Hatez Sake, Annie's Gone, Do It Up.

When will the new album be released?

Hopefully Autumn this year (2005)..

What are your thoughts to newer Glam bands such as Robin Back and the Intergalactic Rock Stars, Hardcore Superstar?

They sound really good and write some good tunes....

Which bands would you consider you have influenced and how does it make you feel, being an influential band?

Have we influenced anyone..? Very proud if we have...

If anything, what would you say the kids who like Rock and Metal are missing out on these days, compared with what it was like when you were a big name at the time?

Mostly good songs, there's just not enough metal bands who write great tunes. However, the Darkness have hopefully broke the chains...They've got some great stuff..

What are you most looking forward to about being back on the scene?

Just being back in the studio and recording again with everyone is great fun. There's no pressure, we're all really enjoying it. Let's hope it'll be this much fun if we play Live..

Thankz and hope to see you all soon........ The Tailz