An Interview with

'Wednesday 13'

at Corporation, Sheffield on Sunday, 18th May 2008.

Interviewed by Glenn Milligan.

Glenn: What gave you the idea to become Wednesday 13 because obviously you weren't christened that name?

Wednesday 13: Right. I started using that in 1995 and I was playing in bands and my real name wasn't a very cool stage name. I always liked really cool stage names - like (David) Bowie had Ziggy Stardust and (there was) Nikki Sixx and names like that and I don't know, I was watching the Adam's Family and the little girl Wednesday on the show and I thought, I like the thing Wednesday and the 13 thing wad always considered an unlucky number so I kind of put it together and it sounded like this spacey weirdo kinda name. I used it it and it stuck and here I am.

Glenn: What's North Carolina, USA like to come from for a guy like yourself?

Wednesday 13: It's cool. I come from a real small town. I still live in the same place where I pretty much grew up, maybe 5 or 10 minutes I live further away but it's cool. It was really weird when I first started touring and travelling the world cos I was like 'wow' (laughs). I was literally under the impression that to go to Europe it would be totally different and there's so many similarities. I thought if we go to Spain it'd be like dirt roads. (We laugh). I didn't know - I thought it would be weird like that. But I think like where I grew up is in a lot in my personality and the way I deal with things so I like where I came from and I'm not the guy of guy that's like, (puts on a moaning voice), "I can't wait to move away from there".

Glenn: Where did the song 'Dead Carolina' come from? Did that influence the song or did it come from somewhere totally different?

Wednesday 13: Well I wrote that song about... look at the new record I think there's a couple of personal songs on the record from my own. I've always been the kind of guy that's always wrote about movies and tv and kinda fantasy stuff but on this record there is a couple of songs that definately that I get more of a personal thing on it and the 'Dead Carolina' song I just kinda wrote. I remember I was drinking like crazy last year and I felt like something was wrong with me and I knew something bad was gonna happen to me and that kinda is what that song's about. I felt like that that at any moment I was gonna die or something and I was just in a really weird, weird state for a while so that's what that song's about - 'Am I ever gonna make it outta here?', so it became 'Dead Carolina'.

Glenn: Got Ya. Makes Sense.

Wednesday 13: But I made it. I made it better, I made it out.

Glenn: Yeah. What about your vocal style? It's very full throatal style the way you sing, it must be really tiring on your vocal chords in that sort of style?

Wednesday 13: Yes and no. I mean, I've definately learned over the years how to control it a little it and people think I'm screaming when I not actually screaming and I don't actually sing very loud. When I'm onstage the monitor guys, they expect me to be loud but I'm not really that loud and I think over the years I've really tried to sing a little more whereas before I did used to scream a lot and I've learnt how to control it and I'm using more of a... I guess if you listen to any of my stuff and see how its devoloped over the years. But yeah, anybody that sings everynight and tours, no matter how you sing, you've gotta take care of your voice and you have to warm up and drink plenty of water. Sleep is really good for it as well. If you don't get any sleep you are gonna f*ck yourself bad so....

Glenn: ...After 3 or 4 nights of it you're done?

Wednesday 13: Yep.

Glenn: What would you say your main influences are as an artist?

Wednesday 13: Musically, the same things - the things I grew up on were Motley Crue and Alice Cooper and Kiss and Twisted Sister. A lot of the shock rock thing where alot of the imagering thing that I do comes from was from all those bands and musically as well and that really is what I started doing and I've been doing it since the early 90's, I've been writing that kind of music and that's where it always come from. I still listen to all those bands. I'm not really into anything new. If I do get into anything new it's because it reminds me of something old.

Glenn: It's retrospective?

Wednesday 13: Yeah.

Glenn: Yeah, I'm the same like that.

Wednesday 13: Yeah.

Glenn: It's what you grw up on innit?

Wednesday 13: Yep.

Glenn: What would you say are your favourite achievements so far that you'd got so far in your career?

Wednesday 13: There's been so many. The Murderdolls was a big achievement for me because that was like my first thing I got to do and get out of my little town and tour the world. We had a lot of success. We had a silver record in the UK and being able to put my own record out as 'Wednesday 13' is a big achievement and with this new record - actually getting this record out and with all the stuff I went through last year was a really big achievement. This record's been therapy for me in a sense because a lot of weird circumstances went along with this record and I'm really lucky I lived last year.

Glenn: The album comes across as having this dark side....

Wednesday 13: Right.

Glenn: But you've also stabbed humour into it as well.

Wednesday 13: Yeah, there's always a sense of humour in what I do and I think that's really important. I think that is what separates what I do to everyone else. I get the goth tag with everything I do just because of the imagery. They see black hair and make out I'm goth but the music to me is just hard rock. It's like what we just talked about, like the bands I just grew up on - that's just the way it is and above all I've always tried to put that sense of humour thing in that isn't normally welcome in the goth music - you can't have a good time. You gotta be serious and miserable and that sense of humour thing comes from (the fact that) I'm a big fan of comedy movies so that's why I've always compared what I do to like The Munsters or The Adams Family - those like macabre but weird family - but yet it was funny and I think that's musically equivalent to what I'm doing. You know?

Glenn: Yeah that makes sense because on the album you've got like 'From Here To The Hearse.

Wednesday 13: Mmm Hmmm.

Glenn: It's like what a title. It's like an Alice Cooper title - like what he'd come up with.

Wednesday 13: Yeah. Yeah that song turned out really good and actually one of the 1st songs I wrote for this record. I just sat down with the guitar and wrote it one day. It wasn't thought out - it just came out that way and yeah, that's one of my favourite songs on the record. We play that in the live set as well and that's one of my favourite songs to play live too.

Glenn: How do you usually write? Do you sit down with acoustic guitar on the porch and see what comes out?

Wednesday 13: Yeah Right. Yeah, I usually write everything on acoustic guitar first. That's where I write most of the music from and I'll get an idea because I've always thought this as well but it kinda got reassured because one of my old band members from my 1st record - He'd worked with this producer who'd produced all these old 80's hair metal bands like Ratt and other stuff and that guy told him, "Alright, you've wrote this song, so play it for me acoustic because if it's a good song it's gonna sound good acoustic and if it doesn't sound good acoustic then it's not gonna sound good when you're electric the whole thing" so that's why I try and write songs acoustic first.

Glenn: It makes sense.

Wednesday 13: Yeah. There's certain songs that I have that I recorded that I actually like better acoustic.

Glenn: Which ones would they be?

Wednesday 13: Well like when I wrote 'Skeletons' - the title track acoustic first - that's why I did 2 versions of it. It's not on this record but there's a version on this record but there's an E.P. that's coming out in a couple of months and there's an acoustic version on that because I didn't know which one I liked better and for 'My Demise' I like it better completely acoustic.

Glenn: 'Skeletons' sorta reminds me of like a 'Sisters of Mercy' sort of thing.

Wednesday 13: You know, I've heard people mention that. I know 'Sisters of Mercy' but I've never heard them - I maybe know their one hit song but I've never listened to them before.

Glenn: It's coincidence isn't it.

Wednesday 13: Yeah and I really had no idea.

Glenn: So much has been done over the years and you can end up sounding like someone and not even realise it.

Wednesday 13: Yeah and I never listened to those bands. If it sounds like it then that's cool as I've never listened to them.

Glenn: Got ya. What would you say your favourite songs are on the album and why?

Wednesday 13: Well I like every song on the record because I don't like to fill a record up with filler tracks. I went through, I mean I had a ton of songs that I just started cutting out, like 'I don't wanna record that, I don't wanna do that but I really like the title track 'Skeletons'; the opener song 'Scream Baby Scream' is really cool and 'From Here To The Hearse'. I don't know. There's certain songs that I'll listen to and once we play 'em live I'll like 'em even better but we're only playing like 4 songs off the new record now so I don't know. I don;t know what my favourite is, it can change, it can change in a week.

Glenn: Have you noticed any certain new songs that you are airing are coming off better than others?

Wednesday 13: Right, right. It's like my old songs 'I Love To Say F*ck' and 'Bad Things' - those songs are so much better live than they are recorded because they are audience songs.

Glenn: Because they are gonna react to it?

Wednesday 13: Right.

Glenn: What is the influence behind the song 'Skeletons' - was it your past?

Wednesday 13: Yeah, you know I've done a lot of things in my life and really a lot of things like when first started going out and touring. I started doing that as my way of making a living and there's a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that, I guess any kinds of entertainers like movie stars where you bury a lot of things and not talk about the things and that song kinda like all those things that you try and like cover up, you shove in a closet and they are kinda like coming back and poking at you and poking at you snd going, 'Hey, remember me?' - You had me bury them - so that's what that song's about. All those bad things - things I'd done kinda coming back and poking at me a little bit and that's what the 'Skeletons' is about.

Glenn: Like pulling wings of flies (a line from 'My Demise').

Wednesday 13: Yeah. (Laughs)

Glenn: I'm kiddin' dude. What about 'My Demise', what influenced that?

Wednesday 13: Yeah that was a song, I wrote that in... I started writing the music, I had the music for a couple of months because I brought my acoustic and I started writing it in Germany on a tour. I don't know, it was in the middle of this really long tour and I went on some website or something - like some old friends of mine from like high school and stuff started this bunch of sh*t online about me and that really kind of bummed me out. I don't usually let that kinda stuff get to me and I guess I kinda wrote that song from their point of view. It's like a celebration of me just failing and that's what that song's about.

Glenn: It's like a jealousy thing ain't it?

Wednesday 13: Yeah I guess.

Glenn: You know, on there part.

Wednesday 13: I guess preying for the most part but that was just kind of a song of like, alright they win, and they try to have this big parade and have this greatest time because I'm dead. That's why I said, 'The crowd goes wild at my demise' and that was kinda like, 'I give up' I think.

Glenn: You can take that both ways because you died and they didn't want you to die and wanted you to get up and play again.

Wednesday 13: Right, right.

Glenn: Or that they are pleased that you are dead. You can take it either way can't you.

Wednesday 13: (Laughs) Right.

Glenn: You had a seance last night didn't you, How did all that go?

Wednesday 13: It was lame (laughs). I've been a sceptic on all of it on all that kind of stuff and I went with an open mind and went, 'Alright, let's try this out' and it was just cheesey and it reminded me of like some thing you do for vacation or something. Like 'oooh, this is a spirit house, let's go in here and let's turn the lights out and make it spooky. It's like our tour bus is scarier with the lights out. There's definately some creepy sh*t goin' on.

Glenn: Yeah. I got the impression it's the sort of thing you did all the time or somthing.

Wednesday 13: No. Hell no. It was something that was offered by the label who thought it would be a cool idea to do something like that. It was lame.

Glenn: What hobbies and interests do you like to do when you are not onstage or playing music in general?

Wednesday 13: I don't really have any time to do anything else. I mean for the past couple of years I've been touring so much I mean. With that, our schedule, (i was looking at) the other day and we go home for like 3 weeks and we gotta rehearse again and we are touring July and August and another tour in September and October and November. I mean there really isn't a time. If anything, I just like to go home and do nothing and that never happens. I am always doing something. I go home, I got 3 weeks, all I gotta do is, I got 3 weeks to get prepared for the next tour so I don't know. It sucks - I wish there was something I did that entertained me enough. I just watch TV. I think I'm gonna start collecting guns - start shooting stuff.

Glenn: Like friends who influenced 'My Demise'.

Wednesday 13: I'll go hunting - deer hunting. It's a good idea. (laughs)

Glenn: Yeah. If you had a chance to work with anyone at all, who would you wanna work with?

Wednesday 13: There's several people I'd like to work with, I mean there's artists I'd like to work with, there's producers that I would like to see what I could mix together. Of course there's a lot of my favourite bands. I would love to work with Alice Cooper and do something with him or write a song for him. There's all kinds of people and there's producers, a guy in that band Marvellous 3 and his name is Butch Walker - he does a lot of really cool stuff and he's one of those guys - he makes great records and makes great records for other people and stuff and he's one of the only producers that I have seen and I am like 'Wow!'. I'd love to see what I can come up with, with a guy like that. I'm not really hip on producers anyway but definately a guy I would like to work with at some point.

Glenn: How did it come about getting to do 4 dates with Type O Negative? Did you know the guys from previous or was it a Business/Management sort of a deal?

Wednesday: Erm Yeah. I met Type O' through Murderdolls and we were on Roadrunner Records together and I met them several years ago, became really good friends with their drummer and I see him at least once or twice a year when I am in New York or he's coming through and we've just kept in touch. This wasn't anything set up through the band, it was just something we got offered to do. I guess they were doing a few shows and their agent contacted our agent and wanted to do it which was really cool as I have always wanted to play with them. I know it's just a handful of dates but I've been to their concerts and hung out with them a million times this being actually cool to actually go and play a show with them because they have a different audience as well.

Glenn: Yeah, I wish they'd play Sheffield as they've never played here before.

Wednesday 13: Wow.

Glenn: Are there any other gigs on this tour that you are really looking forward to playing - especially places you've never played before?

Wednesday 13: Yeah. I mean, we've played everywhere in America now but I'm really looking forward to going back to Australia and Japan this year hopefully because I haven't been there since 2005 so I'm hopefully gonna be able to make that work out this year for me. So that's my other goal for this year, to go back to those places.

Glenn: Do you find that sometimes it's hard when you have to start getting work visas and all that sorta sh*t in order to play in other countries?

Wednesday 13: That's easy. I don't have to do that. I just let my agent do that. They get all that set up for us. It can kinda be a pain in the a*s* though a little bit.

Glenn: Yeah. What are your favourite parts of America that you've toured in?

Wednesday 13: Texas is great. California - most of California is really good. The Mid-West like Detroit, Chicago and Cleveland. It's been really good for us. I've seen it grow in the past 2 years. There's places 2 years ago we could bring out 5 people and now we're filling up places. That's just from us touring so much. But yeah, there's certain places I like better than others. There's some places we get to and I'm like, "Why are we playing here?".

Glenn: How's Florida?

Wednesday 13: Florida's alright. We really haven't toured as much there. We did a handful of shows, so hopefully... It's like different parts of Florida - some parts are horrible, some parts are really good.

Glenn: I often go to Fort Myers and are they still into that grungey stuff.

Wednesday 13: Yeah they are still at it and there's a big goth thing there because it's where (Marilyn) Manson came from - Florida and a lot of bands are still trying to do that whole thing.

Glenn: Have you played 'The Backroom' before in Orlando, FL or is that a new one for you?

Wednesday 13: I don't know. I think we only played 'House of Blues' there.

Glenn: That's a good venue. I saw Iced Earth there 4 years ago. What made you guys decide to sign to Demolition/DR2 Records?

Wednesday 13: Well it's a different thing. I didn't actually sign. I'm not signed to them like I was with Roadrunner. I licensed 'Skeletons' to them. So I'm not exactly signed to them - this record is. I self-released 'Skeletons' in America and I needed a label over here that could get it out because there's no way I could self-release it over here with all the other countries I am trying to hit. To get it out I needed somebody with great distribution and Demolition was definately interested. So far they've been doing a really good job.

Glenn: Yeah they are spot on at getting the promo copies out and sorting out guest lists and interview etc. You made a really good choice there.

Wednesday 13: Right.

Glenn: Why did you decide to cover the old Tom Petty song, 'Running Down A Dream'?

Wednesday 13: I think it's....

Glenn: Is it a favourite song of yours?

Wednesday 13: Yeah. I've always liked that song and 1st off I always wanted to cover that song. A long time agao I remember talking about it in '98. This was way before Murderdolls in my 'Frankinstein Drag Queens' band and we weren't good enough to do it at the time. I sung and played guitar so there's no way we could have done it right and everytime I do a cover I like to do something different.

I think it would be typical or expected if I do an Alice Cooper or a Kiss song. It'd be like, 'Oh, ok, well he did that', but that's why I chose to do different cover songs like on my last record I did a Ramones cover, I did a song by Rocky Erikson that some of you won't even know who that guy is.

I always like to do obscure stuff and I think doing a Tom Petty song is really kinda left field but it's a really cool song and I also like the fact that if you listen to the original version of that song that when I learned how to play it, it's a really heavy guitar riff but the way they play it they don't have a lot of distortion on it so it just comes out the way it does. But yeah, that's a really, really fun song amd I really like the lyrics to it as well because for me its kinda,you know.

Glenn: Has he (Tom Petty) personally heard it - your version?

Wednesday 13: No clue. We had to pay money to record it, you know you have to pay like a certain amount to release them things like that but ...

Glenn: Yeah, it's the business side of it.

Wednesday 13: Yeah.

Glenn: Any other songs you'd like to record in the future as covers or do you like wake up one day and decide 'I'd like to do that one'?

Wednesday 13: Yeah I've always wanted to cover The Damned, their song, 'Love Song' and I always wanted to cover The Dead Boys 'All This And More' as two of my favourite songs that I've always wanted to do - I'd probably f*ck 'em up though. I don't know, covers kinda come out of nowhere for us.

Glenn: Talking of covers, where did that idea come from as in having yourself on the front of the 'Skeletons' album like that?

Wednesday 13: It was a complete accident.

Glenn: Yeah?

Wednesday 13: Yeah. I didn't know what I wanted the album cover to be at all for this. I had no idea and I did a couple of photos. That picture came out exactly like that and it just to me, it kind of... when I look at that and I thought about what went into that record and what was going on around it and everything it just really kind of... to me that paints a perfect picture of how I felt (laughs).

Glenn: Yeah it kinda looks insane.

Wednesday 13: Yeah - like I just got washed up out of a river or something.

Glenn: Like your hair had not been washed for about 3 or 4 days or something?

Wednesday 13: Yeah.

Glenn: Could you ever imagine yourself doing a prject album with guys like Marliyn Manson, Alice Cooper 'n' Rob Zombie?

Wednesday 13: I mean that sounds like fun but I don't know if any of those guys would wanna work with me. (Laughs). You know, that definately sounds like a fun thing. I'm always up for trying things. I always try to keep myself busy and do different things. I put out an Outlaw Country record about a year and a half ago and I'm always doing different things so I think anything like that's healthy and fun and cool.

Glenn: So you're a country fan as well?

Wednesday 13: Yeah, well certain kinds of country. A lot of this newer stuff is so horrible it's laughable but I like a lot of the older stuff and I like a lot of the early 80's stuff. That's what I grew up hearing around my house when I was a kid and I'm definately a fan of that.

Glenn: Do you like the older sorta stuff like Frankie Lane and Johnny Cash and all that sorta stuff?

Wednesday 13: Yeah, yeah.

Glenn: The real deal.

Wednesday 13: Yeah, we just played Wolverhampton - the very first show this week and Willie Nelson was playing in the same place as us. It sucked because we had to play and we missed him (laughs).

Glenn: Doh! Apart from Acey Slade (who is in Wednesday's band), do you see any other members of the Murderdolls these days?

Wednesday: Nope, I mean we all lived in different places so we were never around each other in the 1st place. That band was kind of thrown together. We didn't know each other at all. It was kinda like, 'Alright, this guys in the band, this guys in the band, you are gonna rehearse and you are gonna get on the bus and tour and learn to like each other. That's how that band was.

Glenn: Wow. It was like a boy band thing?

Wednesday 13: In a sense yeah. It was like Joey (Jordison) didn't know me - he just knew what I had done and liked my voice and the music I'd done and then we just started piecing the band together. Found our guitarist through a friend of a friend, found our drummer and I knew Acey (Slade) at the time and I recommended that we get him and it was just kinda picking and choosing and we'd call this guy and go, " We wanna guy like this for this and we want a drummer like that" and it really was - it was pieced together like that and it worked.

Glenn: I supposed there's no reunion, you've moved on from that and you are bigger than that now through your own thing?

Wednesday 13: You know, I mean yeah as far as Murderdolls goes. People always ask us if it's gonna happen again. I would like to think we'd do something again at one point. I think before we sit down and say "We're doing a new record", it could be like a one off show to see if it was still fun for everyone and try it again and then we'd talk about it after that but as far as any plans or anything I have not even the slightest hint of it right now. You never know.

Glenn: Yeah. You got any thoughts for your next album yet?

Wednesday 13: Not yet. (laughs)

Glenn: Just see what happens on the road?

Wednesday 13: Yeah. I don't really like to write stuff 'til it's time to start writing for the next record. I don't find myself writing any new stuff any time especially since this record has only just come out. So it'll be a while, maybe end of the year I will start writing new stuff and we'll see. I have no idea what direction it's gonna go. I didn't know this recods was gonna be like this. I didn't plan for it - I just wrote it that way and it came out.

Glenn: Have you got any good road stories that are worth talking about that you can actually mention or not?

Wednesday 13: I got a ton of great stories - can't talk about any of 'em.

(We Laugh)

Glenn: It's always the safe answer aint't it.

Wednesday 13: Yes.

Glenn: Until they go and die.

(Wednesday 13 laughs)

Glenn: So what would you say is a typical day for you?

Wednesday 13: On tour or at home?

Glenn: Both.

Wednesday: I am always on tour. I wake up and realise really how bad I stink. I try track down some food. Soundcheck and wait all day and play a show and then wait. (Laughs). Then go to sleep and then repeat and it's like that every day. So that's why people in bands go crazy and become drug addicts and alcoholics and drive cars into swimming pools.

Glenn: Yeah, like when you are on stage you are like... well I've seen you a couple of times altogether and it's like a different guy altogether.

Wednesday 13: Yeah.

Glenn: I mean you're not this guy that's like, 'Yeah, man', and talk about whatever...

Wednesday 13: Right. Well you know, when you go on stage you've got your adrenaline going and everything. You kind of get into the act and you kind of become a character but I still don't think I could go up there and completely I guess become a different person. I don't think I'm doing anything up there that I wouldn't normally do off-stage.

Glenn: Plus you are reacting with the audience as well and that boosts you.

Wednesday 13: Yeah.

Glenn: So do you actually need to work yourself up before you go up on stage to get to a certain level or do you simply go "Yayhey" when you are getting up there?

Wednesday 13: Yeah, it kinda hits me, I used to think I needed a drink and all that before I played before I could do a good show or listen to a bunch of music and hop around. I mean now I usually take a nap before we play and wake up, we put put our make-up on and I just kinda... like last night was a different show altogether. The crowd was so energetic last night. They lit me up right away and there's been some shows where it's kinda gradual and it builds on momentum as it goes on. But yeah - it's fun. Basically you wait around all day to play for that hour and 15 minutes.

Glenn: And do certain shows come to mind that have been some of your favourites?

Wednesday 13: Well last night was my favourite show of this UK Tour so far. This was because the audience was in a packed small place - it was loud and kids were falling all over each other - it was the best audience reaction. But all the shows have been good. But I think last night and Leeds was my favourite of this tour so far.

Glenn: Do you ever find it strange the age of the audience you seem to draw, like the younger kids through to my sort of age (mid 30's)?

Wednesday 13: Yeah it's changed. It used to be all young, younger fans and now I'm starting to see an older audience come in. I think at first the older audience didn't wanna give it a chance - 'Oh this is stupid little kiddie music or whatever' but I think once I put out so much stuff people are starting to hear it and go, 'This is reminisent of that' or 'Reminds me of that era' or 'that', things like that. So I've seen that all over the place in America - it's definately a weird audience now. Then I put out that country record and I got people who come there and they're just there and became fans because they liked the country thing and it's bizarre.

Glenn: So you are pulling in another audince of genre just like that?

Wednesday 13: Yeah. It's just a mix. A variety pack.

Glenn: How do you get hold of the country album, is it directly from yourself?

Wednesday 13: Yeah, I believe it's on 'I-Tunes' and yeah it was just something I released like in America and I sell it at my gigs in America. I've never brought any over here to sell but I should and it's totally different - no-one would ever know it was me. Well originally I wasn't gonna tell anyone it was me. You know, I was gonna do it as a secret at first.

Glenn: Did you record under a different name?

Wednesday 13: Well the country thing is called 'Bourbon Crow' and it's me and my old bassist from my first album and we just switch our vocals, you knowm and every single song's about drinking (laughs), every song.

Glenn: Did you do any covers on there or is it all original?

Wednesday 13: All songs. All the songs are about drinking so that was a complete reflection on what we were doing. After the shows we used to just get off stage and listen to some old country music and we just started writing our songs and it's like, "We gotta record this" - we did.

Glenn: Yeah. I bet you never get time to have vacations do you? You are constantly touring all the time because it's not really a vacation when you tour is it at all?

Wednesday 13: No but at least you get a day off but there's really no vacation anymore.

Glenn: What gave you the idea to stick blues stuff in 'All American Massacre'?

Wednesday 13: The slide guitar?

Glenn: Yeah.

Wednesday 13: I'd never done that on a record before and I though it sounded cool and that song was about, you know, we got a southern kinda vibe to it so what better way to bring that out than do a slide bit of guitar stuff. It sounded really cool. So yeah.

Glenn: Thanks. We covered some good stuff.

Wednesday 13: Cool. Awesome.

Big Thankyou's go to Polly & Jen @ Demoltion Records; Roger Smith (Tour Manager ); Acey Slade, Mutley & all the Corporation Staff and of course the man himself, Wednesday 13