An Interview with Tommy Paris

of 'Britny Fox'

Interviewed by Glenn Milligan in 2002

Glenn: What happens in the average working day as a member of Britny Fox?

Tommy: Dissension, drugs, alcohol, girls, boredom, debauchery, filibusters, anger, whining and alot of fun!

Glenn: How did you manage to get together with Doro?

Tommy: Johnny plays drums for her and I am her house-boy when she's home in Germany.

Glenn:What has it been like touring recently?

Tommy: Alot of fun! It feels great to be back out!

Glenn: Do you have any interesting tour stories to tell?

Tommy: I party too much. This causes problems and in turn creates weird stories that are amusing but will remain clandestine for the time being.

Glenn: Are gigs far and wide?

Tommy: Yes, our shows are scattered all over the place this summer.

Glenn: Where would you most like to tour and why?

Tommy: Everywhere!

Glenn: Which artists would you most like to share a stage with?

Tommy: Anyone who will have us!

Glenn:Will you be touching the U.K. and Europe as a whole with regard to touring?

Tommy: There has been talk of some European dates but right now we are in the States joining Vince Neil's "Voices Of Metal" tour for part of the summer.

Glenn: How is the live album selling in the states?

Tommy: So far so good. I believe we are up to 175 million.

CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TP