Quireboys – Corporation, Sheffield, Saturday 10th December, 2016

After seeing The Quireboys on many occasions, I gotta say this is my first live acoustic experience of them. Now this bunch do it a bit different too – instead of having a full band they have to go one different and leave out bass and drums try to have Keith Weir’s ibony and ivory tinkling fill out the lower end.

Nothing replaces the real rhythm section and does leave a sound hole to be honest with you.This moan aside, this ain’t just a cop out smattering of easy to pick greatest hits numbers that way like many may be guilty of doing but they interject other numbers in like ‘Mona Lisa Smiled’ or a song dedicated to the late Paul Harvey that Spike has us raise our glasses to.

What we all love about a Quireboys show is not just the songs that are performed for us but the banter inbetween from Spike who jokes about the new album coming out on 8-track for us to play in the car and out on cassette next year. Taking the piss out of Keith Weir’s keyboard also seemed a fave moment of his too, saying he got it from Depeche Mode – “You had to mention it didn’t you?”, says Keith much to everyone’s amusement.

Or what about the moment when Spike said the 2nd album only sold six million copies with Guy Griffin asking, “Then why are we still skint?”, “That’s what happens when Sharon Osbourne is your Manager!”, Spike answers quickly. “Do need to stoop so with that!”, Guy exclaims, while Spikes comes back with, “I don’t think there’s any fear of you going on The X-Factor anytime soon” Amid a venue full of laughter! He does have a valid point though – lol!

It was a joyous affair where we got to sing the chorus of ‘Whipping Boy’ for Spike who also joked about sitting down because it was an acoustic event. There were a mass of high points in there show – there always is haha – these included close to unplugged versions of ‘There She Goes Again’; ‘Roses And Rings’; ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’; ‘Misled’ and of course ‘7 O’ Clock’ – “No dear, it’s only a harmonica!”.

They are sounding so tight with all the members being complimented throughout with hardly any drinking happening on stage which is very rare for a Quireboys show. This may have not been the full band and full on electric affair we have become so acquainted too but it was definitely a party in here for a full 90 minutes, closing on their best loved climax – that’s right ‘Sex Party’ which was as much fun acoustic too!

They tore it up tonight as only these ‘Boys know how and return in their full line-up on April 29th next year to this very venue! Can’t wait! I’ve never seen them do a bad show yet!


By Glenn Milligan

Queensryche – Corporation, Sheffield, Saturday 27th August, 2016

Set List: Guardian/Operation: Mindcrime/Best I Can/Damage/The Killing Words/The Mission/Silent Lucitity/Empire/Eye9/Queen Of The Reich/Jet City Woman/Take Hold Of The Flame.

Encore: Screaming In Digital/Eyes Of A Stranger.

Queensryche's troubles are well documented but on tonight's evidence you wouldn’t think there had ever been any, the band looking lean and mean with singer Todd La Torre firmly entrenched as the singer now for the last 4 years. To a packed crowd they opened up with most recent song ‘Guardian’ a prog metal track from recent album, ‘Condition Human’ – a good choice of opener with a chanting style chorus and no nonsense riffs courtesy of Guitarists, Michael Wilton and Parker Lundgren.

With Todd looking like a true rock star in black leather and t-shirt, hair down to his waist, he carried the notes of his predecessor with no problems. The opening notes of ‘Queen of The Ryche’ demonstrated this with its opening scream. Todd is uncanny in the resemblance to Geoff Tate in vocal style which has called into question is Queensryche just a karaoke band now? But from fans reactions to new material such as ‘Guardian’ and ‘Eye 9’ which are as loud as for classic hits, I’d say no. Todd can carry the old stuff whilst delivering enough new songs to justify the band's continued success.

It needed someone with the range of Geoff Tate in his prime to do the songs justice and the fans have taken to Todd all over the world, plus new material shows the band can still write good metal tunes. The set was heavily weighted towards classic era with tracks from all albums, with even ‘Promised Land’ the album that started the downfall it all for Geoff Tate I think, got a song played. The backbone musicians of Scott Rockenfield and Eddie Jackson kept the rhythm tight, although a bit more life in Mr Jackson wouldn’t have gone amiss, remaining fixed behind his mic. stand for the evening, whilst the guitarists prowled the stage duelling and acknowledging the front row.

Things were slowed down for the brooding Silent Lucidity with the crowd signing along the first lines in full voice, highlighting that Todd La Torre can do slow and mellow alongside screaming. He’s probably one of best new vocalists to be discovered this last 10 years. From then on it was full steam ahead rock, with ‘Empire’; ‘Jet City Woman’ and ‘Take Hold Of The Flame’ belted out, sounding as great as it did 30 years ago and not many bands can achieve that these days!

I would have liked to have heard more tracks from the ‘Rage For Order’ album, alongside ‘Screaming In Digital’ which got a rousing reception for the encore as did the gig closer the brilliant ‘Eyes Of A Stranger’.A relatively short gig at 1hr 15mins which I feel is way too minimal in duration for a rock gig from a classic band with such a large repertoire as Queensryche. So many good tracks were missed out, while they can’t play everything and indeed so many tracks from Todd era 'Ryche weren’t played. This was an opportunity missed.


By John Mather

Quiet Riot – Dixie Roadhouse, Cape Coral, Florida, USA, Saturday, October 10th, 2015

Dixie Roadhouse, located on SE 47th Terrace in downtown Cape Coral, FL and Fort Myers radio station, Arrow 94.5, kicked off the season of Cape Bike Night on Oct 10th with none other than musical powerhouse Quiet Riot!

Since their inception in 1973, Quiet Riot were one of the more successful hard rock acts in Los Angeles in the mid to late 1970s. Between 1982 and 1985 Quiet Riot's album Metal Health went multi-platinum, this was the first heavy metal debut to reach #1 on the Billboard charts. From the same-titled song ‘Metal Health’ to ‘Cum on Feel the Noize’, and everything in between, this band opened the minds of many to ‘Metal Music;. Sort of the ‘Pioneer's of Metal’...woo hoo...thank Goodness for Quiet Riot!!!

As it is with many bands, musicians change over the years, as some part ways to pursue other endeavors, or the good Lord above chooses to add to his own private music collection and calls them home. As close as the biker community is, the same goes for the rock community and Frankie Benali came out and spoke with the crowd about his amazing musical journey over the years and all of the great musicians who have made Quiet Riot who they are today.

He asked for a special moment of silence to give respect to the late Kevin DuBrow (Lead singer/from 1975 until 1987, and again from 1990 until his death in 2007) and also the infamous late Randy Rhodes (One of the original founders of Quiet Riot/Guitarist...any metal fan is already aware of who he is)... it was quite touching...bad ass rock n rollers showing their sensitive side. Definitely brought a tear to more than one attendee's eyes, I'm sure of it!

Frankie Banali himself is a phenominal drummer, and the oldest member of the band, don't take that the wrong way...ha ha ha...maybe I should say, the most long time serving member of the band. He has been the band's manager since 1994, and has kept Quiet Riot rockin' all these years! Chuck Wright plays bass, and sings backing vocals, keeping the pace with Frankie like a well oiled machine.

Alex Grossi makes the guitar scream, and sings backing vocals as well. The talents of these musicians mesh quite well with ​Jizzy Pearl, and his amazing stage presence, bringing the lead vocals to a whole new level for these hard rocking head bangers! Most definitely a ‘throwback’ to the '80's, when we were all rocked harder than ever before... I would say, that anyone who attended the show, enjoyed themselves to the fullest! Quiet Riot knows how to put on a great rock show. It was awesome to have the opportunity to bang my head again! My ‘Metal Health’ has improved since seeing them live, so thank you Dixie Roadhouse, The Arrow 94.5, and Quiet Riot for keeping it rocking in ‘The Cape’ and making the first ‘Bike Night’ of the season SUPER successful.

This event, Cape Bike Night, will take place the second Saturday of December, February, and April...hope to see you there one of those nights! So...you, my friends, until we meet again...keep your own heads banging and the Rock Horns UP!!!


By Juliana Kenyon-Anderson

Quireboys/The Burning Crows - Corporation, Sheffield, Saturday 15th December, 2012

Well it's come to that time again when it's the last gig I end up going to for the year, so what better way finalising 2012 than with a concert of this magnitude at the Corp.

The Burning Crows are a pleasure to see up here on the big stage and I bet they are pleased about the fact too, after playing in the small room a few months ago. They are real refined in this situation and the sound seems mellower on the larger stage but I guess that's because it's always way more raw and less spacious in the room down yonder, so the grittiness comes across less so in here and gets lost in the big surrounding. That said though, they really adapt well to the big room and it's cool to see so many Quireboys fans taking note of these new boys. I would have liked to have seen a lot more older folk checking them out though because those still stuck in some pub up the road missed out on some killer rock 'n' roll with the lads really pounding it out, promising a full length album for us to grasp and turn up to 11 in April.

That voice of Whippz really penetrates the people with the musicianship making a marking impact too on the mere mortals. Every member of the band is introduced to the newly found fans and songs like 'All The Way' & 'So Wrong' and many others that are featured on their debut E.P.

Now you just can't go wrong with a Quireboys concert as they are always quaranteed to have a feelgood factor from beginning to end and this ain't no exception here baby! Spike is on fine form that I tell ya - maybe he ain't had too much to drink as he seems relatively sober for a Saturday night.

I was really impressed with the cameraderie and wise crack lines that were coming out of this humourous Geordie Gem such as the fact the he was only 14 when the debut album came out and mainstay original guitarist, Guy Griffin had just been on Jim'll Fix It and saying that he supported a sh*t football team after saying Sheffield was a similar place that was miserable and grey but we like to rock 'n' roll. It was funny when Piano/organ player, Keith Weir missed his cue in an ending of one of the numbers with Spike showing him up and getting him to do it twice for us not to mention telling us not to drink so much that you end up with a beautiful woman who in the morning turns out to be a man. Now is he talking from personal experience here? - the truth is out there I guess. Big Kudos to Matt Goom on that kit - 1st time I seen him there in the band as well as he sure can play those skins real well and appears to avoid the michael being ripped out of him

Now on a serious note, Spike asks us if we heard the song before the band came on stage, telling us that it's a brand new song with all proceeds of it going to the 'Bobby Robson Charity'. Talking of new stuff, Mr. Grey delights us by telling us they got a new album out next year too which he laughed about because he said that last year as well but makes headway as they perform the brand spanking 'Too Much Of A Good Thing' that is just as good as anythingfrom their old catalogue of rockfestive ditties and then there's the knock-out riffs of Paul Guerin too on his Les Paul Gibson who forever compliments those wekl known numbers as dowes Bassist, Dave Boyce.

The 90 minute musical marathon - due to so many songs being packed in the set has a healthy selection from that glorious debut 'A Bit Of What You Fancy' - though it always does and what a fine album it is too, so no-one complains and sing along with second to none renditions of faves like 'I Don't Love You Anymore'; 'Hey You'; 'Whipping Boy'; a long version of '7 O'Clock' and 'Sex Party' that actually finished off the night very finely - like a well fermented wine.

Good to hear the Smokie like 'Mona Lisa Says'; the gorgious 'Roses & Rings' and 'Sweet Mary Anne' that sees Whippz from The Burning Crows join them on stage for some serenading vocals that really are something special - especially when he and Spike get together on the one mike. Talking of mikes, Spike threw it up while on stage and it whacked the ceiling - a proper rock 'n' roll moment like in the good old days when Rod Stewart was still a warts 'n' all rebel rouser - a bit like Mr. Grey still is today who gets all over that stage like it's his own living room.

An outstanding show and can't wait 'til next time!


Review by Glenn Milligan

Pictures By Nigel James

Quireboys/Dan Reed - O2 Academy 2, Sheffield, Monday, 13th December, 2010

Set-List: Long Way To Go/Coming Up For Air/Salt of Joy/She's Not You/Ritual/Brave New World/Cruise Together/Closer/Holy Diver/Rainbow Child/Get To You.

Well because this gig had to be rescheduled due to bad weather somer of Dan's band members couldn't make it, so he started up on his own in acoustic solo fashion. He proved though to be one hell of a great performer in this guise with his songs and powerfully, bright voice selling every note and word to us very easily. Many of the numbers come from his 'Song Of Joy' album that included 'Coming up for Air' and the excellent title track itself.

The bassist and guitarist came on stage for 'She's Not You' and remained there for the rest of the set. It was brillaint to hear 'Ritual' again in it's more balladeering slowed down fashion, like I saw him perform in April at Corporation. 'Brave New World' saw Mat from the Quireboys take to the drumkit that whereby the rest of the songs take on another dimension and comes to life even more so.

'Brave New World' is an excellent number as is 'Closer' (not a cover by that famous goth metal outfit before you ask). Dan's tribute to the late great Ronnie James Dio 'Holy Diver' is still well and truly fixed in the set and sounds as gorgious as ever. The outstanding set finished with the funky number 'Gonna Get To You'.

This man really is a pleasure to see and full of humble, happy, honest charisma both on and off stage. May he reach the heights of his previous band once again as he deserves it.

Main Set: Hoochie CoochieMan/Mayfair/C'mon /Man on the Loose/Misled/There She Goes Again/Tramps And Thieves/Mona Lisa Smiled/Roses And Rings/I Love This Dirty Town/Ode to You (Baby Just Walk)/Lorraine Lorraine/Searching/The Finer Stuff/This Is Rock 'N' Roll/Hey You/Whippin' Boy/Sweet Mary Ann/7 O'Clock.

Encore: Honky Tonk Woman (with Joe Elliott)/I Don't Love You Anymore (feat. Fool To Cry)/Sex Party.

The Quireboys came on stage and eased into the intro song 'Hoochie Coochie Man, taking over from the pre-recorded original recording of it. "Hello Sheffield", Spike shouts to us before they go into the excellent song that's an porn mag and the name of part of London, yes I do mean 'Mayfair'. It's good times a plenty all the way through with newer material like 'C'Mon and classics like 'Man On The Loose' and 'Misled' in that good old Stonesy/Faces groove - the style that's made them so cool since day 1.

Spike is as ever full of humour and makes fun of Guy Griffin, joking about the fact that he thinks he looks like a Chimney Sweep and should be in 'Oliver'. Guy takes it in good stride and let's be honest, he is setting himself to have the p*ss taken out of him by Spike with an image like that. Oh yeah, back to the songs, 'There she goes again' is up and next getting everyone wow a wowing in the chorus section of the song' and all and sundry swaying to the ditty as well. "It's only diet coke", Spike tells us - as if we believe that hahahaha before they go into the excellent 'Tramps And Thieves' from the 2nd album.

Hey if you bought the 69th copy of the new album (theres only 1000 in existence) then you get a date with guy befiore Spike changes his mind on that and says that you get your chimney swept and tells us that The Quireboys are big in Norway (well makes a difference to Japan don't it - lol). 'Mona Lisa Smiled' comes from that new album which I recommend you getting a copy of before they are all out of print.

Back to the heyday for 'Roses and Rings' that flies us into 1988 again - boy, I wish it was sometimes - then again, i was still at school, so give that a miss. "We have songs about drinking, drinking....", Spike jokes before changing direction 'Ode To You (Baby Just Walk)' that goes down great lad.

I never did know the story of how the song 'Lorraine' came to be but Spike says it was about girl that Guy pulled who turned out to be a bloke at The Vox Theartre. Well they were hanging out with Lily Savage at the time - remember her, I mean him - oh you know what I mean - lol. It was nice to hear Spike tell us that the next number is one for his dad and has us all doing a toast to him - a lovely song called, 'Searching (For A Reason)', so I guess he must have lost him in a sad, tragic way before rocking us all back up again with partyvillian greatness like 'This Is Rock 'N' roll' and killer tracks from 'A Bit Of What You Fancy' in the form of 'Hey You'; 'Whippin' Boy'; 'Sweet Mary Anne' that we all got singing along to since they've been part of our lives for so long.

"What time is it?" Spike repeatedly asks us and although it's gone 10 all of us are obviously visibly challenged or just plain stupid as we all shout "7 O'Clock" - since we are in Quireboys time remember and whatever other zone the rest of the world are in don't matter a sh*t when you've got these Boys entertaining you and we all go wild to that said number - it's always time for a party whwn these guys come to town.

Now how can you top an encore with Joe Elliott who came to check out the band tonight. Spike humourously tells us to make him feel welcome on stage as he he trying to make it in the music industry and that he one of the most famous people in Sheffield from a band called Def Leppard - as you can imagine the applause is loud and the place goes metal when Joe hits the stage for a rendition of The Rolling Stones 'Honky Tonk Woman' with The Quireboys - it sounded excellent with Spike and Joe trading lines with so much excitement exploding in the room all over.

The Quireboys chilled us all out and cooled us down with their sad ballad 'I Don't Love You Anymore' before leaving us on a high with that excellent aftershow celebration that goes by the name of 'Sex Party'.Looking forward to doing it all again with the boys next year - hopefully without the weather messing things up.


Review By Glenn Milligan

Pictures by Bernard Froggatt

Quireboys/Wolfsbane – O2 Academy 2, Sheffield, Saturday 19th December, 2009

Well it wasn’t 2 minutes since I was here reviewing a certain German guitarist in this here room but tonight it’s 2 UK based bands– one of which have reformed especially for this tour, since they supported the headliners back in the day.

Wolfsbane Set List : Steel/Load Me Down/Loco/Totally Nude/Money To Burn/Ezy/Kathy Wilson/I Like It Hot/Temple Of Rock/Paint The Town Red/Manhunt/Shakin’/Wild Thing.

It’s been a good few years since Wolfsbane have hit Sheffield and they no doubt have some great memories of it 1st time around – Blaze Bayley and the boys are absolutely bang on form and it’s like they’ve never been away to be honest with ya. The big voiced frontman is all over the crowd from the get-go, leaning right into them and nearly crowd surfing the front few rows and they f*ck*n’ loved it – walking back and forth and singing his nuts off to everyone.

The ‘bane packed some excellent songs in the set and they were lapped up by plenty of the fans old and new opening with the heavy and in yor face ‘Steel’ – well this is Steel City – so it’s the most fitting way to pleasure up the Sheffielders here tonight. Blaze said that Wolfsbane invented climate change back in the day which is what they are campaigning about at the mo and went into the classic ‘I like it Hot’ not to mention having us singing along to ‘Temple Of Rock’ & ‘Paint The Town Red’.

Loved the song ‘Manhunt’ that Blaze told us was about when they used to get women after them ona regualr basis – what an awesome simplistic chorus in that one – excellente. He felt like some filthy sex with us all that night – well the ladies anyway- hahaha. And if you say that the guys aren’t the sexiest men alive then you need to go to Specsavers as Mr. Bayley truthfully informed us.

Brilliant to find out that they had a new Cd out of re-recordings that was put together recently while their drummer had a hot curry and on sale tonight as well – no doubt plenty were bought after such an impressive set. Showing the guys have a sense of humour they close with an encore of The Troog’s ‘Wild Thing’ that saw Blaze bounding about and dancing on the stage – not to mention us singing along with him.

After the show Wolfsbane came out to sign Cd’s and have photos with the fans – a great set of guys – wish every band did this when they have the chance. Hope to see them back to rock us up in 2010 sometime.

Well it’s been 20 years since it’s release and it just don’t seem as long at all – man it makes me feel old as I remember it coming out back in 1989. This is the celebratory tour of this album ‘A Bit Of What You Fancy’. Opening up with a 2 or 3 numbers from other releases of the last few years they greet the crowd before going into that famous album from beginning to end which is what we wholeheartedly wanted and expected.

The room is pretty much rammed with everyone and Spike is real happy to be on that stage indeed. What is funny about the Newcastle legend is that he treats himself as the punter and the rest of the venue as the lardlord and bar, asking for drinks such as jaegermeister, beer and god knows what else – he always seems to get them bought for him too – with tonight being no exception.

How he does it is anyones guess but I guess he is used to it after all the rock ‘n’ roll excess. In the last 20 years he just hasn’t aged a bit or put any weight on – must be the alcohol that preserves him – who the hell can tell! He roams around the stage like a cross between a young Rod Stewart and Steven Tyler, posing, taunting the crowd and using the microphone and stand like it’s a toy to throw around it. There was a slight line-up change to last time as I am sure Nigel Mogg was in the band last time, but now it’s a new bassist in the form of Dave Williams from Wales – but don’t that against him Spike jokes to us – hahaha.

We find out that Keyboard player, Keith Weir is the proud dad of a baby daughter which he cheer him on and make him feel at home as we are all from his hometown – well Spike said to say we were anyway – lol – well they actually played Belfast the previous night. Highlights when it comes to the night – well o be honest – all the lot and that’s not me being lazy as the whole of the set is outstanding and of course includes the well known live staples such as ‘I don’t love you anymore’; the party anthem ‘7 O Clock’ and runners up ‘Mislead’ and ‘There She Goes Again’ as well as album classics like ‘Roses & Rings’; ‘Whipping Boy’ & ‘Sweet Mary Ann’ that Spike got us to Yeehaa for him, declaring it was a country song.

The encore – which I didn’t actually expect since they had gone over the curfew time turned out to be 2 cool songs. Guy Griffin firstly decided he wanted the band to do ‘Dirty Old Town’ because he liked it from the last album- 2008's 'Homewreckers & Heartbreakers' – a real rocker of a number and followed up by ‘Sex Party’ that Spike said they had forgot to do in the set – whether it was planned or not we don’t know – but it was a fitting end to one hell of great night.

What made the number even better was the fact that he invited Blaze Bayley onto the stage to sing the song with him which was brilliant – now that’s a cool coupling of voices right there – just a pity this wasn’t filmed as the two of them really got into it and nailed it with high wails and immense coolness.

What a perfect christmas tour package this was – no doubt we’ll see more of the Quireboys in 2010 – now get to the big room downstairs (because this was a bit small for them as many fans could not see very well – spilling to both sides of the room with the speakers either side blocking their view! Or what about returning to old habitat up the road – a great rock club that starts with a ‘C’ !!


By Glenn Milligan

QUIREBOYS + Tokyo Dragons + SilverJet -

Sheffield Corporation, Sat 12/2/05

The Quireboys had the honour of being the first to play in the Corp’s then new 700-capacity room the ngiht it opened. Almost a year and a half later and the Geordie favourites are back the visit the scene.

Something more special about this show however is for Silverjet as the Boys are frontman Dave’s heroes and tonight’s slot is a milestone in the so far brief but busy career for the hyperactive new retro hard rock quartet. One or two new numbers appear on their list tonight alongside established crowd pleasers, making the most of their paltry 25-minute shift and the crowd certainly are pleased OK, this being probably the loudest reaction the group’s material has received since first hitting the road last October.

Londoners Tokyo Dragons have been much in discussion of late, including in Kerrang - believe it or not – and you see what the fuss is about, from the moment they start. Boasting an old-school denim, leather and trainers approach their material is sleazy hard rock with a riff-propelled edge allowing their guitars to be more than just a wall of noise and their overall sound comes out great. Interestingly, their singer also strangely seems to prefer standing right over to one side of the stage, with foot against amp, a la Steve Harris, but whatever, they make a great first impression on the by-now almost packed out room.

The headlining act appear after a lengthy 35 minutes wait and tear up the room from the beginning, Spike’s voice coming across as raw as it did 17 years back. As always, a large portion –yes- of ‘Bit Of What You Fancy’ appears in the set, 9 songs out of the classic debut’s 12-strong content are heard tonight and though newer tunes including one or two from latest release ‘Well Oiled’ are taken in graciously by the throngs, the old uns still come out tops. ‘Hey You’, ‘Misled’, ‘Sweet Mary Ann’ ‘There She Goes Again’, and regular Corp floor-filler ‘7 o’clock’ see all feet movin’ as always and ‘Sex Party’is very well chosen as a second encore to send ‘em mental for a final three minutes before bowing out for the night.

A truly great British triple bill of classic rock n’ roll by bands old, new and totally true. With another appearance by Spike at the Boardwalk planned for April, 2005 hasn’t got off to a bad start for hard rock, has it?


By Dave Attrill

QUIREBOYS + Crash Kelly + X-Idols -

New Room Launch, Sheffield Corporation, Saturday 13th September 2003

I never imagined I'd have the honour of attending such a prestigious event as this on my own birthday, so it could be little more appropriate than Britain's no1 party rock experts themselves to ice the cake.

Preceding the Geordie rockers comes firstly X-Idols who sound and look every bit then part, coming across like a hybrid of the headliners and classic acts like Hanoi Rocks. Canadian triple guitar act Crash Kelly take their cues more from countrymen Robin Black & The Intergalactic Rockstars but go down well with the rapidly increasing gathering.

And so with the crowd adequately warmed up, the Boys themselves take to the stage and send 'em hopping. Opener 'Don't Bite The Hand', a few recent numbers and of course first album material which accounts for more than fifty percent of tonight's set all come welcomed with complaint but the heyday platters are obviously what most are in this room to hear and 'Hey You', 'Seven O'clock' 'There She Goes Again' and 'Sex Party' .. well need we say more.

Spike remains every bit the energy bomb as before, his precise delivery as sharp as a Victorian schoolteacher, and thankfully one of three original members still on board. With a new releaser in the works at the time of playing, the Quireboys are another act armed and standing by for the already surfacing revival of one of rock's best loved scenes, from the wilderness. Are you as well?


By Dave Attrill

THE QUIREBOYS - Nottingham Rock City November, 2001

Helllll yeahh!!!!! This is pure f*ckin' rock 'n' roll baby!!!!! How these guys have been missed over the years and tonights almost sold out crowd all know this - as does the band!

The Quireboys exploded onto the scene in the early nineties, marrying the bluesy rock 'n' roll swagger of The Rolling Stones and the party rock of Aerosmith, which resulted in several hit albums and singles - the most famous being the ultimate party rock 'n' roll boogie of "7 O' Clock". The aformentioned song is played early on the set much to everyone's delight, I guess its the Quireboys way of saying 'Hi! We're back! And kicking ass!'.

It was a sad state of affairs in the mid 90's when grunge kicked in and starved bands like these the chance to get anywhere, and its even more sad that they, alongside the now defunct Thunder and the sorely missed Skin, were the torch bearers of British bluesy rock n roll handed down to them from the Stones, Beatles and Deep Purple. To suddenly have that flame snuffed out by Eddie Vedder and his miserable hordes is a musical tragedy, music that was fun and about having a good time suddenly vanished and died. However, things are a changing as they do - everything comes full circle eventually, and The Quireboys are heralding the return! Ok they're never gonna get to the dizzy heights they once reached at their peak, but they're paving the way for new rock 'n' roll bands such as Pure Rubbish, Beautiful Creatures, Buckcherry, etc to take hold of the torch and keep the flame of rock 'n' roll burning brightly. Awesome.


By Al White

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