Y&T + Glyder -

Sheffield Corporation, Saturday 20th September, 2008

Reaching even greater degrees of magnitude the eighties hard rock outfit reunion wave may very well be but LA’s Y&T were never really gone, just swallowed into obscurity like the rest of the tribe.

However, Dave Meniketti and the boys held on to the hope that their time would come once again and their patience along with that of the fans appears to have truly reaped its rewards.

Irish hotties Glyder get most of the people already on the right side of the door in the mood. Like as we may to see a show longer than 35 minutes from these lads one day, their variety of alt-edged retro rock offers a twinge of Metallica with one or two of their tunes. With their third album apparently out soon, these young men deserve a big enough support status for headlining shows in sizeable rooms themselves.

Half eight and the headliners arrive already to a duly loud reception from the well-packed out room. Not the first visit from Meniketti and the boys to these shores this Millenium, there are plenty in attendance tonight who remember their brief but excellent slot at the 2003 Monsters of Rock, with Whitesnake and Gary Moore. From the kick-off they make full use of the pitch, spreading themselves apart across the width of the boards its bad new for those who are standing at the side of the stalls.

Talk of a new disc by these legends has come into circulation but plays little relevance for its hits all the way tonight. ‘Dirty Girl’, ‘Black Tiger’ and Hang ‘em High’ are but a mere three but seem to swallow up the entire evening for some, but little as tonights airing of ‘Mean Streak’ is to.

Who should walk onto the stage but Mr Jeff Scott Soto himself , a man who has already made two appearances at the Corp over the preceeding ten months. Taking the mike to tear through an astronomical rendition of the aforementioned belter and my personal fave of theirs too, the former Talisman/Malmsteen/Journey vocal goliath should be given a permanent job with the boys, not that DM’s voice is beyond its best yet.

Still a killer shredder of the highest order, Dave likes to step a few yards back from the stage come the middle eight and then back again for the closing chorus, as if he’s got this programmed into him, and yep he still sports the same unmistakable curly blond barnet seen on the video of ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ .

The type for stage banter, introducing the one other surviving mainstay of the band ends up having to be worded something like...” On the bass, if he was standing here right now, he would have been Mr Phil f***in’ Kennemore, ladies and Gentelmen!” as aforementioned bandmate, of all the past 30 years elapsed, appears to have momentarily vanished stage left.

Another live cornerstone ‘Open Fire’ cues a giant air guitar contest amongst the many hundreds - this intense rocker’s similar style to ‘...Streak’ has made it a popular tune with metal fans and I can see some moshing looking on the verse of taking place down the front of the barriers.

The night has to close but there’s still one number left that has to be closed with now, isn’t there kids....All together .

“I WANT YOU..... I WA-A-A-NT YOU!...... TO RESC.......” come on, join in!

Two hours and twenty five minutes plus in length, the longest set I have ever seen in a stand-up venue failed to tire physically or otherwise for a second, down purely to its consistency and the majesty with which Mr Meniketti delivers it.

That’s its in only a 700 capacity club room rather than the Arena or City Hall, which it would have inevitably fallen some two decades back, still gives older fans of this scene that feel of alienation, most other outfits of their time would call themselves lucky to be landed with the ‘little room’ at this venue.

The band that started life as Yesterday and Today do exactly what their full moniker describes in terms of importance to the rock genre, but perhaps an additional ‘T’ - for tomorrow ought to be added by now too. Dave, I’m not worthy, mate.


By Dave Attrill

Y&T/Tigertailz -
The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 1st November, 2007

First of all I would like to say Nottingham Rock City have sh*t all over another band again, It was a massive disappointment to find that Y&T and Tigertailz had been moved round the corner to a poxy little sh*t hole called the Rhythm Room which only holds a hand full of people. Before the bands had even started there were cues to get in of people who had no tickets and were not able to pay on the door. Then when you managed to get in the door, your arse was being felt by some p*ss*d up filthy b*st*rd who is so smashed out of his skull that even if had an offer of a good night he wouldn’t be able to find his dick, never mind use it, but now I have had my little rant, what I am trying to say is why do the management for the Rock City move bands around in the last minute, the bands don’t like it and neither do the fans.

Tigertailz were the first on, very disappointed and rather p*ss*d off. Apart from that they acted like professionals and gave the crowd a very enjoyable 45 minutes. This tour for the Tigerz was in memory of Pepsi Tate who passed away earlier the month before so this meant so much to the band as well as the crowd and Nottingham Rock City kind of killed that off. The Tigerz played a good mixture of old stuff as well as new stuff off the Thrill Pistol CD, which if you were lucky to purchase came with an additional CD of Wazbonez (which has now been dropped by the record company).

Overall Tigertailz were on top of their game and I would advise anyone who likes watching live bands to see the Tigerz the next time they come around.

For the venue I will give a big fat 0 but for the Tigerz a full 10 points is going to be awarded for their professionalism and making the most of shit situation.

Y&T were the head liners and with looking at the crowd, I would say a good 80% of the people there were there just to see Y&T. Y&T was a band I missed in the 80’s as thrash metal was a big part of my life. Not knowing a great deal of their stuff, I found very difficult to engage myself with their American style rock, but what I will say is that I would definitely like to see them again but in a bigger venue, with a better sound to the place. Y&T have a good solid fan base behind them, which proved that Y&T were there for the fans and could do a solid 2-hour show no matter where they are placed. I will congratulate Y&T for a performance that was remarkable and very memorable.

Well Done.


By Tony Watson

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