January 2017

E.Z. Riders – Wishing Well
(S/R – 2016)

Rock & Southern Rock band from Italy that grabbed my attention on their previous album not too long ago and well worth cranking up.

Here’s another ten numbers to get your ears around that will grab your pretty good like the opening distorted voiced ‘Wishing Well’; ‘Heart On Fire’ with it’s gutsy guitar soloing; the very open and honest ‘Twisted Mind’ about a chick one of them knew and the cracking closer ‘Peace Of Mind’.



By Glenn Milligan

December 2016

ENDOMAIN - Step In The Machine
(Steel Gallery Records - 2016)

Seems that no matter how often bands still peddle eighties thrash riffing, gravelly power metal vocals and fast peppery lead solos, some of us - I for one included - will still refuse to get bored.

Greek metallers Endomain do all three as I may have just threatened and very well with theatrical feel. Loaded with a prog magazine, this piece of melodic metal artillery attacks in nine shiny warheads with no holes.

From the octane title track and the triple step of 'Into The Faint Sea' across to the 'PainKiller'-esque ferocity of 'Building The World' there are no contemporary departures whatsoever - only the purest old school metal noise will seemingly pass for this bands fans.  Don't say you haven't been warned when I tell you Greece have dropped another deadly musical payload.



By Dave Attrill

VERY RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Anthrax, Judas Priest, Annihilator, Dio, Megadeth & Exodus.
NET: facebook.com/endomain 

EVENTUAL FATE - Promised Land
(S/R - 2015) 

'Promised Land' is the debut full-lengthier from these young Brit metallers who mix everything together, with a crafty aplomb you can't see until its upon you.

The two women and two men that make up the Eventual Fate machine each turn their individual cogs with their signature might as well as they do together in a solid unit. Diverse, driving solos and rhythms from guitarist Steve Upperton, steal an obvious portion of space alongside on-band chanteuse Ria Naden who, despite sounding like she recorded her parts standing in the middle of a well-tiled traffic underpass at times, sets quite a bar with her ballooning octavials.

Proving the paving beneath are bass guitarist, Leisl Heath and drummer Paul Hadwin who add a hefty seventies crunch to clear the way for this vehicle to crash through. I find it hard to add more really, for with one single listen,  'Promised Land' is a sure-fire old-school metal classic for the decade to follow.  

Huge multi-directional melodic metal cuts such as 'Without Wings', 'King For A Day', 'Even When I Die', 'Resurrection', 'The Preacher' and 'Message To The World' plus a precarious likeness to Annihilator's 'Alison Hell' in opening instrumental 'Midnight Storm' make sure this album is equally easy to a treat as a fifty-five minute trad metal party.

Eventual Fate's styles and moves  surprisingly suck most influence from mighty names such as Iron Maiden, Metallica and The Who as opposed to all the big Euro Metal tribes taking the genre by storm these days, this looks like being the year for burgeoning Brit metal acts.

Suffice to say, Eventual Fate will be amongst the first to be booked. 


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Nightwish, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Annihilator & Kamelot. 

NET: www.eventualfate.com www.facebook.com/eventualfate & reverbnation.com/eventualfate 


(One Vision - 2015)

Formed in 2011, German six-piece Ebony Wall are the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Ronny Shuster.

Having befriended fellow musicians across the local scene, he also enlisted the duties of 17-year old Nina Irmscher...and wisely hasn't looked back since. Stunning vocal work, as often the centrepiece of symphonic metal albums as it is, sees a new level here with Nina's super-clean youthful throat running occasional duels with Ronny and rhythm guitarist Yves Merten.

Knock in some high notch keyboards from resident maestro Malle Meitsky and the magnificence of songs like  Strangers In Hell', Creatures Of The Night', 'Headless Horseman', 'Waiting For The Sun' and 'Like A Renegade' turns the skies to silver. Rich solos and swift, fast-fingered rhythms set this one up for the stunning layers of musicianship that slide onto the top.

Powerfully recommended for its performance alone, this is Germany at it yet again.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Epica, Rhapsody of Fire, Mostly Autumn, Stratavarious & Kamelot.

NET: www.ebonywall.de    www.myspace.com/ebonywall

EMBASSY OF SILENCE – Verisimilitude
(Inverse Records - 2015)

Probably the most term-contradicting name for a band to carry, noisy Fins Embassy of Silence are still nonetheless tuneful and somewhat infectious.

Slick, bouncy melodic metal with strong hooks and sized up choruses shoot in all directions, that end up in your ears and head. Dancy opener 'Shame, Spin and Click'drags you to a chair and makes you to sit, as difficult as that may sound. Following tracks serve up a contrastable feel such as 'Thimble' with a strange Siouxie-meets-Republica edge on it, aided best by singer Ines Lukkanens gravelly squeak, which gives this band's music its eighties edge. 

Jumpy metal-oriented cuts, such as the slightly Megadeth flavoured 'Absurdoscope' and the folk like keyboard of 'Flamer' run a gauntlet of grind and passion that handsomely combine. Nicely shaped, superbly played as is everything else we are treated to from the continent, Embassy's third album stands a generous chance of silencing its listeners.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Epica, Circle II Circle, Kamelot & Nightwish.

NET: www.inverse.fi

EMERALD SUN - Metal Dome
(Fastball Music - 2015)

Greek six-piece Emerald Sun are another band busy at work in authenticating their country's prowess for finely-cut power metal meat.

Twelve premium rashers of it spill as soon as you set 'Metal Dome' a-spinning on the ol' system. Mighty, high speed rhythms and sharp solos and keyboards keep up with one another in a chase from the start of each track to its climax. Seasoned by singer  Stelios's Jon Oliva-meets-Blaze Bayley range, the album is a direct mix of symphonic metal speedfests and also some surprisingly regular-paced bouncers amongst the bunch.

'Screamers In The Storm', 'Metal Dome', 'Freedom Call', 'Racing With Destiny', 'Mere Reflection' and 'Blood On Your Name' are big cuts that can be played apart and told apart right away and will blister you big, live. Vibrant performances from all of the half dozen talented Grecians involved, 'Metal Dome' makes for great candy, whether a fan of the genre or not minding the odd blast every now and then.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Dragonforce, Hellowern, Kamelot & Savatage.

NET: www.emeraldsun.gr

(S/R - 2015)

Having been kicking around the scene since at least 2008, the term ‘New' might begin to mislead where Norwegian AOR hotshot Equator are concerned.

Damage not done by the apparent six year gap since their last CD, these six lads serve up an absolutely smashing treat with this second mini-album. Massive hooks and melodies, made bigger by singer Odd Utgard's superbly shiny smooth vocals set the tunes up,for the slick accomplished twin guitar work to move in alongside, and with some juicy solos from lead guitarist Torkel Eikevik, this like most other albums of the ilk is no overnight job.

‘Back On The Streets', ‘Hold On To Your Heart', and ‘Without You' are wispy melodic rock numbers with all the wished-for elements, while‘Does It Feel Like Love' (another of their own - no disrespect, Marcie) a rerecording from their past offering is a chance to catch with what probably passed before you.If you enjoy the albums by current Scandinavian genre-giants Work of Art (by the way, opening track ‘Emelie' is not a cover) as well as legendary 80’s countrymen DaVinci, you definitely need to allow Equator a space in your collection - hopefully a Firefest slot soon beckons.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Europe, Journey, Unruly Child & Tyketto.

NET: www.facebook.com/equatorband

(S/R - 2015)

A sound all their own...check  Influenced by British pop, hip hop, hard rock, metal, classical...whoa there that's enough to stomach already, and it's all accurate.

These Oregon lads have something rather special to share with us, and only any one of these twelve tracks will warn you not to expect what you're in for from.the other eleven. Amidst ‘All About You',  ‘Forgive Me', ‘‘Sacred', ‘Trampoline', ‘Second To Bond's and ‘Can't Afford To Die', you can dance, slam, skate, swing or even strap on a guitar and sit on the doorstep - your choice for the Evening Shades certainly cater for all needs.

Swirly alternative rock sounds with slick contemporary metal and classy acoustic ambience send you through a tunnel which you almost want to turn round at the end of, only a sign seems to show up pointing at you to return to the end you came in at. Deep but dance-inciting, 'Alright' certainly the word to yell at these lads should they offer to carry on with the rest of the show. 


By Dave Attrill

NET:  theeveningshades.com


EN TSFAUNA - Play Your Game
(S/R - 2014)

Israeli trio En Tsfauna certainly play one with us...I think it's  called guess how many styles they try out in 42 minutes.

So far, there's prog, pop, punk, indie, soul, funk, grunge, ambience... and we're only just through opening tracks 'Schizophrenia' and 'Red Hat Story' and trying to make sense of it all. Looking on the positive side, they do try and succeed where substance is concerned. Driving grunge guitar adds to the gel and it sets in harder once you start to see they have their own mould.

There's a fair lot of trippy rhythms and spoken word samples to weave around so worth noting that this one is angled at prog fans more than others...(along with the fact it is a concept album) but the welcome arrival of blues soloing starts to bent the appeal round on its mountings slightly. Using their collective inspirations substantially well, En Tsfauna sound  a little tatty round the edges in parts but its done in pursuing a worthy venture.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Flower Kings, Porcupine Tree & The Police.

NET: www.entsfauna.com

EVEN TWICE - At Least Forever
(S/R - 2014)

New York twosome Even Twice are part of that elite rock n' roll minority who manage to pull it off all without guitars.

Bassist, Bob Hait and drummer Pat o'Shea actually go one further than Emerson, Lake and Palmer in not even having keyboards, although in listening to the many shapes pulled off on their respective implements, these boys seem not to see themselves up against any limit. Taking the basic seventies hard rock structure they size up the sound to match the six-string crunch of classic acts from the day and then doddle about, adding good old verse chorus verse vocal arrangements on top.

Punk rhythms are an engine to most of the uptempo cuts but a strong Thin Lizzy element fills the album's best and gives the album its bounce. Some of the distortion formats explored do begin to exceed their welcome, as if reminiscing your grandad's forty year old tv coughing its last in the Rumbelows backroom, but the overall experimentation is of an acceptable form.
Might likely be worth your time.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: King Crimson, Thin Lizzy & Pink Floyd.

NET:  www.facebook.com/eventwicerocks


Exdevils – Built For Sin
(S/R – 2013)

Humourous band from the USA who totally don’t take themselves serious at all especially with songs like ‘Prom Queen Death Machine’ and ‘D.M.F.D’ that stands for Die Motherf*ck*r Die actually.

It’s heartfelt – no not really, with throaty whisky soaked vocals that put me in mind of Rob Zombie on a collision course with American Dog, Motorhead and a little bit of early Alice Cooper. Exdevils are definitely a band that would be perfect for a beer-filled bikefest for sure. Nice bit of cowbell in the closer ‘Rocket’ that is not be confused with the song of the same name by that Sheffield band.

I can imagine them doing the soundtrack for a blood-soaked, gut-spilling Troma film too.


By Glenn Milligan


EDENIAL - Innerpretations
(S/R - 2014)

Chile's been a busy little place with the ol' metal of late. Edenial seem set to become more evidence of that, as well as South America's increasing predilection for female-led talent.

Totalling only 39-and-a-half minutes as it may, this third album by this fearsomely tough young fivesome mounts the elements on top of one another with suffocating pressure on anyone stupid enough to lie under. Raw and rough vocal work by frontwoman Fran Lastra rams the handle down on ten charges of twin-guitar driven dynamite, taking neither prisoners or liberties in its assault.

'Soul Echo', 'Wrath', 'Red Rum', 'Fragile Shell', 'Disease' and 'Secret Garden' sent up vibrations of Tura Satana that last long after and despite a slightly deeper blend of arrangements, the thrash-oriented substance should still easily please that such same audience.



By Dave Attrill

NET: www.edenial.cl


EARTH TO ASHES - Curse Invoked
(Iron Taco Music - 2014)

Not a piss-take of any particular Bowie title, Oregon four-piece Earth To Ashes set about a classic but still notably distinguished dice-up of old fashioned hard rock, prog and metal all the same.

Making their first footprints steadily in the seventies end of things, they stride across all other decades,sweeping up all means of inspiration en route. Tying together Megadeth, Threshold and Iron Maiden strings with a Rush shaped bow,their bag of surprises stays held together without any slight holes starting to show. Weighty guitar rhythms and grandly-piped prog vocals soar along the ten numbers without turning into any of the laybys marked tedium.

Massive stuff with a huge dose of modesty and natural musical integrity makes E.T.A.'s first full length disc a driving force they can finally ride on after the two eps that have passed by before. Earth to Ashes, funk to funky, we all know Major Tom's... got nothing on this lot.

Riveting material lads.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.earthtoashes.com

EDGE OF EVER - Global Ignition
(S/R - 2014)

Edge Of Ever are a Berlin based multi-national six-piece; in fact multi-musical might nearly be more precise.

Setting symphonic metal, industrial and thrash together can sometimes prove a risky business but should still be safe with gloves. E.O.E. appear to have tried them on. Not the easiest of tunes to get into, 'Calling The Stain', 'Coward', 'Cell Of Thoughts', 'Serpents Blood', 'Black Passin', 'Remember The Voice' and 'Traces To Nowhere' are a mixture of tunes you can get into after about five listens or halfway into the first.

Singer Minas Marston has the pipes that would also pay in either Nickelback, Linkin Park or Metallica with his angst caked green of a delivery and the keyboards you hear would also carry just as well over. Well tuited twin guitar behaviour and brutal driving lines see Edge Of Ever up the ante from an inauspicious slow start to an album that eventually draws its weapons.

Some more might be nice please boys - this has signs of going places.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.edgeofever.com

EMERALD - Metal Redemption

Nice to see a transatlantic contribution to the metal scene, once in a long while. It might have only happened due to Arizona duo Emerald taking on new Brit session drummer Will Jones for the task.

Guitarist/vocalist Jeff Melin and bassist Duane Hollis have a lot of expectation on their shoulders, as a single guitar metal act often do in their old-school line of trade but boy do they acknowledge the fact. Trad metal riffs soar high over the speaker, rippling solos swoop right across the sky in the way only Priest and Maiden would normally know how to today and still make it seen to be acceptable in this trend-obsessed industry.

Melin's throat is a meaty amalgam of Bruce Dickinson and Ozzy Osbourne in many parts, sizzling and spitting above the huge cooker-loaf of heavy metal classiness steaming away. With unashamedly archaic crunchers like 'Watcher At The Gates Of Mind', Edges Of Tomorrow', 'Lost In A Crowd', Fingerprint' and 'Over The Cliff' to choose from, 'Metal Redemption' is a mouth-wateringly filling dish, cooked at gas mark 7 and served with all the trimmings.



By Dave Attrill

NET: www.facebook.com/emeraldmetalusa

ENTROPIA UTOPIA - The Flourishing Of Thesis And Antithesis
(Tech Villa Records - 2014)

Greece have given us a few good ones in our day. Thessaloniki's Entropia Utopia appear to be another ready to add to the number when the play button is first applied but after two numbers this offering slows uncomfortably soon.

Nifty guitar and synth movements show themselves in spots but vocalist Stamatis's voice sounds too much like that of someone who walked into the studio still in his pyjamas, and the sad combination that results starts to wear me down very fast, even when on occasions they start to sound slightly more Fear Factory.

What could have been a really appealing CD, T.F.O.T.A.A. is a slow draggy workout that wavers slightly into the explorative but doesn't possess the radical pace to make it an essential prog purchase.


By Dave Attrill

ESSENZA - Blind Gods And Revolutions
(SG Records - 2014)

Italian metallers have been round the block, with a brace of albums to their laurels already.

The block here might also be the one that sports 'Iron Maiden' all over one facade and Black Sabbath on at least two, as their sound heavily borrows from both said legends, not least due to singer Carlo Rizello's snarly Dio range. Some such things are still scarcely any crime by my biases - songs like Plastic God, Bloody Spring, The Fury Of The Angel Witch, Lost And Blind and Seagulls In The Night are sweet ear candy for a trad metal connoisseur like me, any hour of the day.

Utilising galloping, old-fashioned rhythms and rough and ready chorus attacks, Essenza offer no essence of fashion into their fodder whatever, with only the crisp production to place them at all aside from the halcyon days.

Superb music.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.essenzamanagement.com

ESKIMADA - The Phoenix
(S/R - 2014)

Hard to accept that while Italy attacks us,with so many above-par metal albums, the occasional par/below par one finds a spare parachute lying in the hold.

Eskimada's album is blown up into something big by the promo but burst by its own needle on listening; the pin in question has the label 'poor man's Limp Bizkit' attached to the end. Try as I do to scratch anything of excitement from 'The Phoenix', there is little other than the brave combination of genres and samples as well as the very occasional above-decent melodic hookline to budge my half from the stop button.

Some phoenixes may actually be best left amongst the ashes.


By Dave Attrill

EVILENCE - Essence Of Time
(S/R - 2014)

Only 40 minutes, now that is somewhat short for a European release standards lately. Are we glad? Not really, in the end, as this progressive metal crossover catches on quite rapidly.

Although screamcore and my ears have scarcely been the best bedfellows, Evilences blend of them and angsty alternative-bred crooning couples together like sturdy carriages on their own rails. The rails being the ripe guitar noise of Pioti Lotocki and Damian Wolter, that is, who slice up the speakers with a sheer locomotive of aggression while a strong progressive drum line acts in lieu of the sleepers.

Frontman Filip Rumninski's voice at its subtle is a shrill whistle that you would not want to ignore if trespassing at the wrong end of the tunnel, and the keyboard fills on 'Lightspheres' are instant food for the listening soul. Large on substance, ultimately sympathetic on the ear, 'Essence Of Life' is essential more to those mad on the genre but my goodness it grows.


By Dave Attrill

January 2015

EXODIA - Hellbringer
(Gateways Productions - 2014)

Spanish thrashers Exodia could have been around for over 25 years and no one noticed.

Their tightly wrought thrash-by-numbers still steals my interest for the usual reason of the musical precision that involved in its creation. No matter how alike about ten thousand other releases it may be, 'Hellbringer' wasn't made in a day and the meaty dual guitar routings of Rapa and Pablo are to be insulted at your peril.

Lashes of sledgehammer like pounding in the Slayer-famed fashion of things sells this one as much as frontman Amando's Anselmo-meets Cavalera attack : any man who's voice resembles a Rottweiler on an assault course is surely not to be sniffed at dismissively.

Yes... I'd buy this one if I was you.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Testament, Evile & Machine Head.

NET: exodiaband.bandcamp.com


Martina Edoff – S/T
(MRM Production – 2014)

A ballsy full-on rocking Swedish lady with an exceptionally strong, powerful voice nit unlike the Wilson Sisters crossed with Alana Miles and more…

She toured with the big Swedish Star Dr. Alban (remember the hit ‘It’s My Life’ that appeared on a certain advertisement in the UK? that was him). Anyways, back to the point Martina’s album has been a long time coming after becoming a mother. She was offered a record contract on her own terms and jumped at the chance, so this is the result.

What you’ll be entertained here with is 10 rocking epic numbers that you can tell were influenced by Heart in both music and vocal style with amazing numbers in the hard rocking up there anthem ‘On The Top’ that is a sure hit for certain. Other amazing songs here include ‘Heartland’; an incredible cover of Mr. Big’s ‘Just Take My Heart’ that Eric Martin I am sure loves; the gutsy ‘Seduce Your Mind’ and the racing to the finish closer that is ‘Before I Die’.

Martina is exceptional and deserves to be ‘On The Top’.


By Glenn Milligan

(S/R - 2014)

Father and son formations are scarcely a thing that shows up in the shaky industry of rock n roll.

What if two fellas from Portland decided to give it a go then? Guitarist/Vocalist, Tim 1 and his equally talented offspring Tim 2, handling the rhythm section, have been in the music biz for a good few years betwixt them and their experimental alternative rock take tells surprisingly good tales in most pages.

Slick blues lines, set to pumpy industrial beats and vocals that alter with every adjustment are the most straightforward aspects I find myself able to report on. Not the most hook- encrusted of offerings, some of this material should please fans of Devin Townsends outer-kilter works all the same.

Maybe I should switch off now and let this dad and his....erm, strapping young lad demonstrate how they do it - if dad finds you haven't checked it out, you might find yourself grounded.


By Dave Attrill

NET: theemotionfarmers.bandcamp.com

(S/R - 2014)

Christian rock's sadly something I've not come across enough of, or actually at all in the recent years as passed Metalliville by.

US fivesome, Everglow pump out a pleasantly eighties edge and also a garage rock feel to their godly output. An album that is actually a mix of originals and established Christian classics, their slick straight-made sound tiles all ten numbers, smoothing them with the same shining musical varnish with singer Colt Harrington's modern AOR like range being aptly suited to this array.

As a regular churchgoer myself it is rather enchanting to enjoy 'One Thing Remains', '10, 000 Reasons' and Mighty to Save' from the comfort of my own CD woofers at last as opposed to waiting for Sunday morning to arrive. Very uplifting material - Lord Jesus, along with Everglow - hopes some will convert on trying this one for starters.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.everglow.com

EX CURIA - Reasoned Insanity
(S/R - 2013)

Not sure whether their name denotes that they used to earn their bread by driving vans, Sydney's Ex Curia still have a lot in the back to deliver.

Their rickety prog rock sound ties up plenty of the classic genre elements with an alternative & extreme metal amalgam. Brave stuff since Aussies are reknowned for their reluctance to cross genres, sailing melodies like you find in 'Awake For A Moment Pts 1-3', 'Amnesia' and 'Warning', don't help convince you when you've had the same cd on this last hour. This is especially when their evil side erupts full weight with 'Unmask The Hypocrite' and 'Machinery of Armageddon' tandem.

Enchanting solos and a come-and -go chorus habit that houses the subtlety of most tunes move the album along quickly as you know the bit you respectively relish most is due to take its turn again soon. Nice, collectively composed stuff that lends its hands mostly to the more melodic touch, 'Reasoned Insanity' is a token of Australia's secret-sounded enthusiasm for experimental rock.

Come listen and....let's not have these lads end up on the vans, eh?


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.excuria.com


(S/R - 2014)

So Australia did doing the old folk rock than as well.

Enviktas, bless them might also dig the doom metal thing in synchrony, which is not an entirely unwise move. Very sadly it is still less than advisable to try doing it at 200mph for just about the entirety of six tracks. Strong guitar handling and style combination capabilities these New South Wales lads certainly possess and the ideas are there to see but they let the urge to heavy it up to the max get too far in the way.

Pity as some of this stuff is seriously decent but listening to almost the same track three or four times in the space of six starts to grate.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Skyclad & Bolt Thrower.

EPISTHEME - Descending Patterns
(S/R - 2014)

Extreme metal bands have an evil? habit of using posh sounds names or words to dusguise woefully mediocre racket they have on offer under.

Except ...that is of course, for that land of overt musical genius, otherwise known as Italy for short who deliver another growling grower in the shape of Epthemia's debut CD. On entry its almost sininsterly business by numbers but a little into the seven track DC and a collection of rhythms and speeds culled from most places on the spectrum comes to light.

Taking off from a ferocious metalcore launch pad, the fivesome fly into orbit round the stars marked speed metal, prog and death several times each and land back on earth before their musical fuel runs dry. Alternative flair adds to the aggressive variations amidst ‘Eyeland', ‘Erase That Frame', ‘Shades of May' and ‘Blind Side' turning it to more markets than meets the eye on first play.

I think I'll be Descending into my chair for another listen of this one - there was definitely a pattern detected first time around.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.soundcloud.com/epistheme

EQUALLY STUPID - Exploding Head
(Eclipse Music - 2014)

Someone who's seemingly watched ‘Scanners' more often than they ought to, part Icelandic/Finnish instrumentalists Equally Stupid are honest in name as in sound.

Destructively frank as I have to be it almost reads equally bad too. While they indeed apply a fine amalgam of instruments and ability to these eight tracks, they seem to forget to apply a tune, even being vocalless. Don't get me wrong as the world is awash with a wealth of wacky psychedelic and experimental engines though Equally stupid suffer evidently from an appallingly faulty gearbox.

Scraggly, directionless with over repeated progressions, few of which you can decipher ruin an attempt at something that would have been far better. A few select saxophone moments, notably on ‘Turkish Robbery' try to stick out but the whole thang overall lies Steen across too much space or in places squeezed into far little.



By Dave Attrill


8OZ SOUL – Pollination
(S/R - 2013)

Letting you know not to be deterred by the tag, Canadians 8oz are indeed soulful in their delivery but there is nothing done by saxophone in their department.

Try classy seventies sweetened alternative rock, complete with progressive zest and this three track taste should not disappoint. The deep sea acoustic line on second track ‘The Book' gives off a strong Nickelback like gas that attracts you into exploring these enthusiastic Toronto lads somewhat further for the future.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Nirvana, Porcupine Tree & Bush.

NET: bandcamp.com/8ozsoul

Electric River – The Faith & Patience
(S/R – 2014)

A new fresh-faced sounding band from Kent who have a sound that comes across like Runrig meet U2 and Kings Of Leon that have worked their way up the ladder from being buskers on the street.

They deliver an excellent bunch of modernistic songs from the opening ‘Callling Out’ right through to ‘Watersong’ with some great moments in between like ‘Keep The Engine Burning’; the acoustic starting ‘Leap Of Faith’ that is very Waterboys & Pogues-like. Then there’s ‘Queen Of Hearts’ that has a bit of a Tom Petty vibe to it as well and the moderate but powerful ‘Cold’.

Promising Stuff.


By Glenn Milligan

March/April 2014

RIK ECCENT - The Garden Of Delights
(S/R – 2013)

Frig me running! I thought this was an instrumental album right until the moment I set it rotating.

Finnish multi instrumentalist Rik Eccent has in fact just the right range for the erm...range of material and styles he shifts shape across eight wonderful slabs of. Funk, jazz and soul are never a deterring descriptive element in this form of progressive rock sound and do no short of justice to the jumpy approach of Eccent's playing.

Keeping it reasonably average in terms of length, only closer 'Nexus' overstays at eight and a half minutes but even then its just incidental nature with his such line in experimentation. Meaty though ambient solos and synth pieces switch around themselves as standard and gives the whole set a space rock feel lingering far behind.

Destined to take off in his scene, giving this one a listen will light up Rik's exit from the launchpad.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED. IF YOU LIKE: Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Flower Kings & Jethro Tull.

NET: www.runningmoose.fi

EL CAMINO - Gold Of the Great Deceiver
(Night Tripper Records - 2013)

This is one of those albums that throws you into throwing it across the room after one tune but then turns out to be...well rather damn good actually, for the rest of its run.

El Camino's second album - as it happens - sees me struggle with tackling the torturously unrythmic dirge of opening title number 'Gold of the Great Deciever' whilst the rest of the album goes on to see it live up to that name. From the mighty stoner crunch of 'This Land Of Mine', the nostalgic Sabbath-meets Pantera prowess of 'Blast Witch Love' through to the progressive prowess of 'The Wizard' and 'Ultmarsch', these Swedes serve up a roasting retro metal treat, spoilt only by its initial taste.

Tantalising solos held down strongly, last almost longer than your typical thrash outfits' best offerings and the screaming guts their singer spews out all over don't make nearly as much mess as you first expect.

Try if you dare....and try not to be decieved (doh!)


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Orange Goblin, Pantera, Iron Monkey, Metallica, Trouble & Cathedral.

NET: www.reverbnation.com/elcamino

Essie – Run Red
(S/R – 2013)

A prominent and strong female rock vocalist who is both alternate and rootsy at different points on this 6-track mini-album.

She is fron Australia and lives on the Gulf Coast of Queensland and these half dozen set of songs prove that she really has something good going for her from the opening almost poppy meets rock ‘These Thieves’ or ‘Run Red’. Then there’s the more serious sounding modern rock of ‘Wake Up’ or the bluesy ‘Love I Needed’ that is slick, hot and gutsy and very addictive.

Check her out and report back to me.


By Glenn Milligan


EYEVORY – Euphobia
(Artist Station Records - 2013)

Eyevory are a girl-fronted German rock band and frankly the description doesn't go beyond there.

They begin their opening track.as ambient, onto prog, goth, pop rock, metal and pure West Coast AOR at least twice apiece across these eleven numbers. What counts it that they're still all belters, swishly played and performed not only by frontwomen Jana Frank and Kaja Fisher but also the bouncily versatile work of their lead guitarist. David Merz seems to have a cd by every big name classic rock act in his library to let rip the multitude of styles and swings he sets their lush atmospheric vocals against and even the Clapton-schooled solo break he brings on at one occasion is made its own hugely welcome space.

Taken with a pinch of piano, flutes, sitars and even xylophones, 'Sacrifice', 'Monster', 'On My Way To Bliss', 'Black Bird', 'In My Dream', 'Torn', 'Good Times Are Now' and bonus cut 'Euphoria' would once seen them storm the charts like chimps in a banana store and its such a sorry state to find so-called artists such as Jedward and One Direction stealing the podium. Massive tunes - well one's over nine minutes - superb choruses and unforgettable, fetching harmonies show how diversity does not impoverish pure rock music, creating instead a hugely edible ear candy you need to bag and bring straight to the counter.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Heart, Mostly Autumn & The Corrs.


East Town Pirates – Seven Seas Of Sin
(Rumrunner Records – 2013)

Pirate Rock that is like the Pogues gone Metal and is a real joyous listen indeed my hearties – oo-arrr!

They hail from East Anglia and it’s fun, fun, fun all the way till you shiver your timbers and scream like Long John Silver’s Parrot with styled sail setting sounds such as ‘The Curse Of Captain Blood’ &‘Throw Your Arms Around Me Darlin’.

Then there’s the sad ‘Prisoners Lament’ and the New Model Army like ‘Avery (The Fall Of Henry)’ with the classic line ‘No cash for a coffee’ and the humourous title track ‘Seven Seas Of Sin’ that Jonnie takes a ride on and the crazy singalongachorus closer that is ‘Powderkeg’.

Oi Oi Oi and Ahoy there too - one band who certainly wont be walking the plank.


By Glenn Milligan

EMPIRE GALAXY - Spaghetti Rock Revolution
(Tunecore - 2013)

Making fun of ones own country is not often the norm in the noble industry of rock n'roll but Spaghetti Rock Revolution shows the sense of humour ,this Italian duo arrive equipped with.

The only English title on the sleeve- yes they sing in their own lingo - there is a severely thrust dose of European swagger to be taken with all ten of their ripply melodic hard rock tunes. Solo friendly arrangements and silky winding vocals from PJ D'atri are the expectedly eighties fare you find might have been coming but they don't disappoint the side, doing the arena stage justice with gusto and passion.

Adding ballads along with the rockers, swift changes of pace come between songs, showing you don't have to be from Sweden to know how its done. Neatly played performances from both D'atri and fellow half Tommy H. Lovecraft who share the instrumental parts equally between them, Empire Galaxy's helping of Spaghetti Rock comes best without additional bolognese.

Somehow recommended.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Winger, Dokken & Harem Scarem.

NET: www.spaghettirockrevolution.com

E.Z. Riders – Try Hard…Or Die Hard
(S/R – 2013)

Been looking forward to their latest album and here it is as the last one was a stormer – this one ain’t bad either.

The Italians are continuing with the cooking Americana and please yet again with some killer cuts in ‘Down In Mississippi’; ‘When It All Comes Down’ that has a blistering delta set of riffs to it; the cool rocker that is ‘I Won’t Back Down’ – and no it ain’t a cover of the Tom Petty classic either before you ask.

Lovin’ the cowbell to be found in ‘The Shape I’m In’ and dirty Allman Brothers Band slidin of the geetar as well which I am always a sucker for on every day that ends in a Y and then there’s the chilling ballad that closes the album entitled ‘A Moment In Time’.

Good stuff y’all.


By Glenn Milligan


Marc Eric - Reaching For Orion
(S/R - 2013)

Funk, Rock and psychedelic blues guitar dude who can sing a bit too on this album that has a dozen numbers on it.

It's quirky to say the least - imagine Jimi Hendrix meeting Carlos Santana , Joe Satriani and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers - then that's what you get with this guy as songs like 'Smack Down Groovy' & 'Momma Said' show. Great number in 'Gypsy Woman' that's some really zany space-age sounds on it where he vocally sounds like Lenny Wolf of 'Kingdom Come' and there's the Jimi like 'Angeldust'.

His version of U2's 'Where The Streets Have No Name' is outstanding as is the wailing 'Dirty Blue' that's pure filthy delta or the funky bluesiness of 'Wicked Lil' too. Marc deserves to be heard and do well.


By Glenn Milligan


Embersland - Sunrise
(S/R - 2013)

This is one of those bands comes across as symphonic metal with two serious sounding vocals - deep at the front and higher ended one at the back.

The music and lyrical topics from these Spaniards makes you wanna top yourself or make a desperate call to the Samaritans indeed since each song has a dark overtone of negativeness to it. Personally I don't wanna hear songs about people dying or how sh*t someones life is thank you very much despite the guitarwork or overall instrumentation being of a high standard.

Overly pretentious and one that fans of Epica will probably like.


By Glenn Milligan


ERYN NON DAE - Meliora
(M&O Music - 2012)

A French four piece come along sound interesting in description and also as hoped in sound too but two minutes in and I'm biting my teeth as blood curdling screamcore clutters the airwaves.

Spread across an almost progressive substructure doesn't quite cut it, turbo rhythm augmentations stagger and fall around clumsily beneath the usual gut-grindling gargles. Some promotional descriptions such as 'tonal texture' and 'greater emphasis on melody'.

I can only hope have been innocently misplaced though a swish acoustic interlude on sixth track 'Black Obsidian Pyre' seek them a small inch of redemption.'Meliora' is far from the extreme worst of the genre I've suffered, yet describing it lavishly to shift an extra few thousand round the globe doesn't take me for quite the ride it used to and I'm glad I've only seven tracks to sit through.

Only for the 'core crazy, I'm afraid.


By Dave Attrill

(S/R - 2012)

Canada often appears renowned for its old school metal and hard rock specialities, so as much as I respect such subgenres it's still nice to see something modern and innovative out of Maple Leaf territory, alongside Nickleback ...oh and that Devin chap.

Eternal Rising mislead you to expect the former with such a moniker but keep it all packed inside til you press play. Youthful, alternative metal sounds start in right away and stay until their space is pushed aside by angry thrash rhythms but Cecil Kidman's Kroeger-esque pipes pump their steam all over that aspect. Trading places, styles and sounds switch themselves round on the rota, pushed along by evidently more than the trio's own six hands.

Sharp, contemporary progressive guitar rhythms do lend themselves to old school ears as the album goes on and there is some fine old-school thrash to be enjoyed towards the back half of the album. Mightily deceptive, the market for Eternal Rising's stuff is pushed precariously wide and needs to be pinned in place by careful ways of plugging. Good either way, you sneaky Canadians get it in through the door as always.

Should begin to leave the lock off all the time in future, one reckons.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.eternalrising.ca


Egonaut - Mount Egonaut
(Transubstans - 2013)

Firing on all 4's from Sweden, this quartet go under the genre of B*st*rd Rock - yes you read that right - while to me they sound kinda like The Almighty, Volbeat, The Wildhearts and Therapy all mixed into one.

I just find their style so emotionless and tedious and those shouty high-ended vocals rather annoying at times. Very generic indeded to be honest with you. There's the odd highlight in 'Something/Nothing' and the Sabbathy styled 'The Fight' with some organ work.

Not the best thing from this country but I have heard worse.


By Glenn Milligan


EVE - Equations Vanquish Equality
(S/R - 2012)

EVE put a lot into their sleeve for only a four-track ep.

In the hope they put as much into the music I curiously hit play and as often, find disappointment isn't in hiding. Not the only Greek/US outfit to have fallen my side of the wall lately, ( having just come from reviewing power metal hotshots Mythodea) the appeal of this such hybrid is surely beginning to grow.

Wispy, ambient-cored tunes set round delicate electro-acoustic guitar and saxophone sections steal the fire from under frontwoman Vicky Parasakis's feet then fling on the gasoline in gasine in gallons. Surely up there with the best of female metal voices to have emerged lately, her comparitively pop-friendly pipes still make for a powerful taste of more melt-in-your mouth flavour.

Recommended slice of modern day prog, revitalised the European way.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Mostly Autumn, Evanescence & Flower Kings.

NET: www.eve0581.bandcamp.com

January 2013

Joe Ely - Lord Of The Highway/Dig All Night
(Retroworld/Floating World - 2012)

At 1st listen this guy sounds like a country version of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and T-Bone from Fort Myers Beach, Florida. This Texan sure has talent indeed as these 2 albums in one set clearly show.

The 1st CD as you can expect is the 'Lord Of The Highway' album that originally came out in 1987. Highlights include the title track itself 'Lord Of The Highway' that's a cool *ss twanging sensation; great long ballad in 'Letter To L.A'; the good ole 12-bar 'Everybody Got Hammered'; the haunting 'Row Of Dominoes' and closer 'Screaming Blue Jillions' that is very Bo Diddley.

Of course I guess you know what the 2nd cd will be - yes it's the 'Dig All Night' album from 1988 and like the previous album it's just as good with honky tonkin' excellence like 'For Your Love'; the bluesy 'Drivin' Man'; the Boss like title track 'Dig All Night' & 'Rich Man, Poor Boy'; the uptempo 'Grandfather Blues' and the quirky boy meets girl story of 'Behind The Bamboo Shade'.

Simply brilliant.


By Glenn Milligan

Epica – Requiem For The Indifferent
(Nuclear Blast - 2012)

The 6th album of Dutch symphonic goth-metal collective Epica, marks the departure of Bassist Yves Huts who has delivered the strong supporting rhythms of the band's sound since their humble beginnings as Sahara Dust. The album serves as a fitting memorial to his departure. Delirium and Anima, lyrical ballads, offer aural respite from an otherwise non-stop, power-metal influenced, theatrical album.

The beautiful classically trained voice of Simone Simon’s echoes throughout every track and the scorching sound of the orchestra and choir that supports the band adds a truly majestic and operatic quality to the lyrical Storm the Sorrow, Internal Warfare and Requiem for the Indifferent - definitely the three major highlights of the CD. The title track offers a mix of metallic grunting, industrial-metal riffs and folk backing accompanying the operatic vocals to illustrate the full extent of Epica's power-metal/ goth-metal crossover sound.

Every song is pumped with emotion and despite the number of performers (both in the band and backing) they are not afraid to experiment with ever-changing rhythms, challenging the listener at the same time- this is not music that drifts into the background, but music which creeps over the soul and possesses you. This is music that transports you to a fantastical, mystical landscape - it is the soundtrack to your dreams. But just as you begin to drift Mark Jansen's growling grunts and screams battle against the fairytale voice of Simone to expose the conflict at the core of so many of their lyrics.

Like fellow neo-classical rockers Leaves' Eyes and Lacuna Coil, Epica sport a front woman with an impressive set of pipes, and mezzo-soprano Simone Simons' operatic vocals ride front and centre on standout cuts like ‘Delirium’ and ‘Storm The Sorrow’, while lengthy narratives like the title cut and ‘Serenade Of Self-Destruction’ dutifully showcase the band's technical mastery of the genre.
This is a classic Epica offering, while Yves may be departing this is certainly not the end for this truly epic, Dutch group who continue to deliver powerful riffs and piercing vocals in harmonious, spectacular songs.

The standard edition of the CD contains 13 tracks meaning about 73 minutes of symphonic, death, gothic metal music, with enough to please most of the fans of the band and not only. Surely, ‘Requiem For The Indifferent’ will bring some new fans on the band’s camp but will not satisfy some of the older ones, those who do not like any kind of changes. Without being a huge symphonic metal fan, I think that this album is the best I’ve heard on this genre so far in 2012, leaving any other copycats or wannabes far behind.

Once again, Epica proved why they are considered to be one of the leading forces in the symphonic metal scene.


By Andy Turner

Net: www.epica.nl www.myspace.com/epica

(Inverse Records - 2010/2012)

Formed as far back as the mid nineties, it’s surprising that Finland’s Evemaster have only three albums to their belt as I write.

Though the over-hyped inventiveness shows itself with the first track, nice melodic metal guitar lines with progression save their style from sliding into the hole labelled take-or-leave. It would have been a treat to expect dark soulful crooning a la Anathema/My Dying Bride as opposed to trademark tortured gargles as set down by vocalist Jarno Taskula but the plentiful rhythmic segments compensate in many places.

Strengthened by the clarity of its instrumentation and a nice flowing keyboard layer, mainman/songwriter Tommi Mykkanen seems to know a trick or two with the mix, with some favourable names surfacing in the later cuts. Not a bad effort by much of extreme metal’s recent mediocre standards - some bits would have gone in better a different home nonetheless.

Should impress fans, all the same.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Empreror, Dimmu Borgir & Cradle of Filth.

NET: www.evemaster.net


ELISIUM - Becoming
(S/R - 2012)

Not to confuse with some impressive though short-lived metal outfit my sixth-form school mates once played in, Elisium are US brothers Nate and Kirk Compton’s nice and noisy new outfit.

Telling you a bit of a pork pie, as they’ve actually been a unit since 2003, this second CD follwing on from the 2008 debut is a great entry point to take into their Tool-inspired melodic industrial -moulded brand. Driving riffs, slow paced deep feeling tunes that drive on rails of reason and strife-powered emotions sounds trendy teen fodder to read such a description but if you’ve followed the wonderful world of metal since 1991 onwards, ‘Sleep Awhile’, ‘Bombshells’ and ‘Surface’ will seek a real spot in the echelons of your heart.

An ingeniously structured cover of Men without Hats’s ‘Safety Dance’ sits in with the tracks like another true Elisium title, large pounding guitar rhythms from Nate doing it justice, unexpectedly twofold. Dangerously powerful on the contrary, Elisium are a band dancing to requires high vis jacket and boots on top of the rest. Totally inventive and thoughtfully experimental heavy rock, crafted for the current millennium.

I’m Becoming a fan already.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: System Of a Down, Ocean Machine, Frontline Assembly, Perfect Circle & Killing Joke.

NET: www.ElisiumRocksHard.com


ELOAH - The Art of Loving
(House Of Audio - 2012)

Another of those acts branded a ‘big band’ due to the number of personnel within as opposed to their profile, Eloah nonetheless deserve some serious attention for their works.

Literally a big album too, sixteen fresh tracks in a single studio disc is often the indication of pretentious prog-moulded meanderings but in this case, you wonder if you have the same band playing throughout. The ten members making up this combo of classic rock, progressive, folk and alternative noises set little aside for their ‘may try later’ list, choosing always to go for the throat and get on with it. Taking five members only per time, the duty roster sees vocalist/acoustic guitarist Elmar C. Fuchs accompanied by an at least half different foursome from song to song.

Great inter-fusions of instruments, the obvious four added together with flutes, banjos and violins amidst the rest take you on an eighty minute trip through musical time and space without requiring you to lift one foot off the ground. Just imagine exiting the Tardis into 1969-75ish and ‘Awakening’, ‘Apostles’, ‘Human Kind Blues’, ‘The Last Day Of Earth’, ‘The Fly’, ‘Chocolate Covered Bear’, ‘A Holy Yes’, ‘Pray To Them’ and ‘Pacha Mama’ will prove quintessential jukebox hits. Sweet and swift guitaring gives ‘T.A.O.L’ a strong connecting trad rock lead to make listening to this album more fun than you are first led to believe.

Very good guys - kindly write more please.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Jethro Tull, Procul Harum, Led Zeppelin & The Flower Kings.

NET: eloah.at


EMINA - Take #1
(Sixty Six Records - 2012)

No relation hopefully to any irritating rap artist out there, this Austrian songstress could barely look any different, letting her long silky black hair hang over that amplifier on the sleeve pic.

Only a pure hard rock album of traditional late eighties portions stands to be expected and that is almost certainly what comes. ‘Speeding on a Highway’ sets that bar in place already- gritty trad metal that Saxon would have given their white grindy things to have written. A nice full-bodied chorus also has you in high anticipations of what follow-up track ‘Action Girl’ has on offer. A more Lita-like sound, the hookline hits in for as long and everything stays strong in the running with sharp solo widdling from guitarist Steve.

Ballad ‘Long Lost Trace’ breaks out into the ol’ heavy bit for the chorus but seems not to come to the end one expects even though showing off some of Emina’s finest singing performance. ‘I am The Future’ is fast and furious hard rock once again while acousticsville city is finally reached at fifth track ‘Don’t Need Words’ with its mouthwatering Motley Crue/Warrant melody. ‘Bitch’, unlikely for its title is a relatively laid back track by tempo, beginning with a blues strumming base, crashing into driving grungy chords with the chorus and a succulent serving of o-oh-oh-ohhh! On the end.

‘I’m Leaving’ is a pop-friendly power ballad with a magnificent chorus part lasting an infinity including after the tune is long over., with more of that ultra-smooth stringmeistery from Steve for backdrop. While ‘Carry Me’ continues as is but softer and more soul-infested, ‘True reason’ rocks and rocks hard with a high octave climb then descends without tarnishing the melody as it would often manage to this way. ‘That’s Why I’m Screaming’ is probably the most pogo-friendly track - another bold, trampolining rocker with a rippling chug line leading into Steve’s fantastic chorus slide, one of the album’s very best.

‘Go to hell’ ends on the same note she came in, no-messing-about heavy metal attitude with soaring vocals from start to ride-out..and she probably does the latter as a literal when done. Dizbusting hard rock, made female style, played with male angst and all round passion, ‘Take #1’ is the starting taste of another talented European musical wonder. Can’t vouch for the lights, nor camera but certainly its all go for the ‘Action!!!’.

A wrap indeed, at first take.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENED IF YOU LIKE: Doro, Lana Lane, Heart & Vixen.


Brent Enman - Wildman
(S/R - 2012)

A multi-instrumentalist from Boston, Mass who take care of everything on here - an album that's very classic rock and then some...

Quite a talent actually on this here sel-released CD with highlights including the opening 'All For The Show'; 'I Lost My American Dream', 'Hear What I'm Sayin' and the deep but truthful 'If I Die Tomorrow' and the clsoing 'Never too old to Rock 'N' Roll.

Good stuff.


By Glenn Milligan

ETERNAL - Chapter 1
(HGM - 2011)

Don’t panic we are not as yet in the habit of plugging irritating chart RNB outfits on Metalliville - Eternal adding the suffix ‘Of Sweden’ onto their sleeve to evade confusion in some departments.

Theses lads have been slow to get it off the ground with having originally grouped in the 90's, split then reformed in 2007. With their debut ep already done, dusted and having done the business, their first full-length work fires up the engines on another superb Scandinavian metal trip. Akin to fellow Swedes Million, they conglomerate power metal and melodic hard rock to crushing ferocity and over-screwing serenity and power that carries you soaring from one number to the next.

Powerhouse keyboards from Pontu Lekaregard support the music high on its struts, meaning no one other is left to do all the work, especially tactical shredder Brosse Gards and Dio-throated frontman Christer. Speed metal flavourings applied to fit in with the demands of ‘You Can’t Break Us’, ‘Virus’, ‘Start Of A New Era’, ‘Heroes’, ‘Dead Or Alive’, ‘Ray Of Light’ and ‘Cross The Line’ taste good whatever the tempo, and the whole album is accessible to either preference with their plentiful melodies and punishing rhythm lines, plus some pristine thrash-inpsired drumming from Pelle Hinden into the package.

Stick this belter on for a dose of the good old fashioned grit that is true heavy metal, the way it was once always played and always should be.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Stratovarious, Rainbow, Gamma Ray, Edguy, Kamelot & Queensryche.

NET: www.myspace.com/eternal/sweden/music


ECLIPSE - Triumph Of The Pain
(Metal Scrap Records - 2011)

A death metal act where the vocals come in instantly with the first chord is extremely rare so it’s hats off to the Russians for setting that one in running.

After that its business as unfortunately too usual, as the deep guttural bellow we hear on about 1,0,000 other death metal acts yearly just holds me back from skipping through an album thankfully only half an hour long already. Eclipse who share names with a Swedish AOR act could have at least tried to come up with a sound as fraction as tuneful.

Very few of the lush sweeping solo lines that we have been accustomed to within this typically angriest of musical styles even make the conglomeration this time, leaving nine tracks hopelessly dissolving into one 32-minute mess meaning to please only the most die-hard of death-ites. Why is it that while so many other promising acts behind the Iron Curtain are revitalising the extreme metal sound that one or two still have to step in and ruin it with predictably tuneless efforts like this.



By Dave Attrill

NET: www.metalscrap.org.ua

ELVENSTORM - Of Rage and War
(Inferno Records - 2011)

Those crafty Krauts just do it time after time don’t they.

Another solid steel wall of fine German metla marches in, stomping the ground til feeling a permanent shake echoing over the globe. Elvenstorm certainly don’t stop for nobody… speeding away into Winds Of war and every other bleeder behind like it’s the last tune they’ll tear off on this earth. Female leader Laura Ferreux snarls and soars at every switch from chorus to verse, leaving a hefty Doro/Lita afteretaste on each song.

The music is slightly less than mainstream, making for a trad/speed meral hybrid that would be well set to pacify everybody brought up in the old-school doctrine and Diamond Head inspired acts would love to check this out. ‘Rebirth’ ‘Witchammer’, ‘struggle Within’, ‘Kill the Deceivers’ and ‘Stand Thy Fall’ should not come too renowned for their innovation but for automatic vendings of sweet old-fashioned metal delight, the queue formed at the machine will be lengthy to say the least .



By Dave Attrill

Judas Priest, Manowar, Megadeth, Arch Enemy & Rhapsody.

NET: www.myspace.com/elvenstorm73


Europe - Live Look A Eden (CD/DVD/Book)
(Edel/Ear Music - 2011)

A compiled CD of songs from Warsaw, London Roundhouse and Sonisphere at Knebworth from their 2010/11 Tour 'Live Look At Eden' - hence the title. Highlights include the brilliant opener from Warsaw, Poland that is 'Last Look At Eden' and the epic 'Superstitious' coming complete with some Bob Marley classics thrown in there from the ITunes Festival at London Roundhouse and the gorgious ballad 'New Love In Ton' from the same venue. Not to mention na killer rendition of Seventh Sign from Grona Lund, Stockholm that opens with a screaming solo from John Norum not to mention that well worn closer from Knebworth 'The Final Countdown' that sees Joey thank the crowd there.

The DVD is a cool addition where you get to see selected footage of the lads in action at the ITunes Festival at The Roundhouse Theatre in London where Europe are on real fine form musically and vocally. Both band and fans are enjoying every single second of the concert with smiles coming from all parts of the venue. Ok there are only 5 songs used for the DVD but you can't argue with the standard of them with a major highlight in 'Rock The Night' that even includes a snippet of Black Sabbath's 'Heaven & Hell' coming complete with crowd singalong.

The book is packed with tons of pictures from tour by legendary Rock Photographer, Denis O'Regan- all shot in black and white on and off the stage, on the plane and all over the place that gives a photographic insight to the life of Euope giving you the impression that you know them as well as they know themselves. It's interspersed with comments from the band on what it's like to be them, thoughts about their fans, shows and the position that they hold in the band as well.


By Glenn Milligan

Europe - Live At Shepherd's Bush London (CD/DVD)
(Ear Music/Edel - 2011)

Swedish excellence captured live at this well known venue on 19th February, 2011 that has a mix of old and new material.

Joey Tempest's voice has change a bit though and doesn't sound high and interstellar like he used to back in the day and sounds more worn now which comes apparent in gems like 'Rock The Night' but does sound well on the heavier Europe songs from 'Last Look At Eden' such as the title track itself and what about slipper stompers like 'Seventh Sign'; 'Start From The Dark' and of course that obligatory closer 'The Final Countdown'.

The DVD is shot really well showing footage on and off stage and it's funny to see the view from a fans camera or phone for a change - the classic you tubers!! This is the full show which is always far more entertaining than a soundtrack alone especially when you get Ian Haughlands Drum solo - ain't that the one that Cozy Powell used to do as he used 'The Battle Of Waterloo' too!!

Then there's the new song from the forthcoming album - probably out this year - the track in question being 'Doghouse' or what about the second to none excellent tribute to Gary Moore which is the man's famous instrumental 'The Loner'. Then if that concert alone ain't enough there are others for you to check out in the extras section.

Hardcore Fans - You will get spoilt by this!!


By Glenn Milligan

January 2012

(S/R - 2011)

Engraved Disillusion hark not from Poland or some Nordic nation but in fact from Taunton here in merrie old England itself.

West country territory being even yet an unlikely den for death-ular noises, in contrast to western Europe, E.D. make up for it with ten splendidly crafted slabs of melodic extreme metal. Yes, the vocals are the inevitable exception, Chris Pugsley at the same time performing well in both high and lower guttural pitch and they sing about all things miserable. Shredders Marc and Toby’s guitar lines however are mesmerising in their commerciality without losing their captive prowess.

Take on board a precisely half- balanced mix of Maiden and Nuclear assault then put in some powder from the tube marked Testament and Candlemasss and you get a cunningly devised combustion of metal genius that British outfits rarely strive to grace the scene with. The tracks on 'Embers…' have their hooks set in the musicianship, reeling off about a dozen hummable lead harmonies per number.

Enticing material and extremely recommended - a wonderfully noisy national dish awaits you hungry metal fans at the table.


By Dave Atttrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Testament, Slayer, Emperor, Tad Morose & Usurper.

NET: www.facebook.com/engraveddisillusion


Electric Earth – Touching The Void
(S/R - 2011)

These boys sound similar to Sheffield’s Arctic Monkeys, but they are actually from Sweden.

Electric Earth get their inspiration from bands such as Kiss, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. These influences are shown in the music, because you get a feel of their older music in this more modern take of classic rock. A fantastic album throughout, you will not be disappointed.

Peter Gottlieb’s vocals fit in well with the rest of the music around him, and the music itself is intense in parts and mellower when it needs to be. Usually with albums that have many tracks, you get some tracks that are poor, but every track on this album are amazing. There is nothing on this album to let you down at all.

A great album.


By Sam Hutchinson


ETERNAL CHAOS - Dark God Of The Eternal
(S/R - 2011)

Veterans Eternal Chaos seem to appeal to me slightly more (at least) than so many more black metal outfits I meanwhile struggle to trawl through one full album from.

Maybe down to the rhythmical chant at which frontman Mayon spews forth his lines as well as the fact that on more than a quarter of occasions his words become decipherable, one actually takes fairly eagerly to these Armenian lads aural wares. In spite of mostly adhering to the minimum requirement of high-speed, the guitars and notably progressive with these guys and enjoy some quick-fire thrash rhythm switching as well as tasty lead work.

Indeed 'Lord of Chaos', 'Black Flame Spirit', 'Pentagram', 'Serpent’s Empire' and 'Dark God Of The Eternal' don’t exactly bide greatly for telling apart by more than title, but they remain distinguishable for consistency.

Not bad.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Emperor, Nile & Hatebreed.

EUFOBIA - Cup Of Mud
(Wizard - 2011)

What’s that then, a phobia of me? Charming and all I was doing was reviewing your CD.

Bulgarian foursome Eufobia are another of extreme metal’s distinct inventories of late. We’ve more or less bypassed the bog-standard-death-by-numbers stage, where this country’s output seems concerned, flying straight onto the good stuff. These four boys try everything and immediately make most of it work, adding shared parts of prog, metal, thrash, blues, alternative and some swanky Steve Harris bass lines to weight aloft the deep guttural gargles.

Dual vocalists, Nikki Bojakov (guitar) and Steffi Abajiev (bass) do a decent verse-chorus -verse swap along nonetheless brutal numbers like ‘Violin’, ‘Malignia’, ‘Believer’, ‘Cruel Child’, ‘Frog’ and ‘Silver Air’. One band who do not believe in peddling in bargain basement fare, Eufobia are an outfit pedantic deathsters may fear to approach at first to then discover they are even more fearsomely high within their standard.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Morbid Angel, Emperor & Grave.

NET: www.myspace.com/eufobiacarnage

ENSPIER - The Hall of Mirrors
(S/R - 2011)

Well, I’m sure there’s no crime in spelling the word in the conventional way but a lavish representation of the word is backed by some truly enspier-ed performances here, people.

Only a mere fingerful of bands can match the likes of these Aussies for their daintily crafted and very delicately performed progressive rock beauty. That products of genius such as named ‘Hall Of Mirrors’, ‘Deliverance’, ‘Mistreatment’, ‘Unknown Gravity’, ‘Little Piece’ and ‘Draxton’s Nightmare’ will be the target of unrepentant mockery by the trend-inclined of music’s many young believers is enough to nearly make me cry.

Strong and extremely well-schooled guitar and vocal procedure put to the test with a shiny and smooth line that hates to waver but takes in many of the genre’s great names. There are a couple of alternative turns and pure out-out pop rock offerings on show though much visited as a passing naturalism in influence and not done for the sake of it, blending in integrally amongst the electic enough fusions of funk, soul, blues, industrial, grunge, metal and lush AOR that give these thirteen musical coins their finely rimmed edge.

Be one on the hunt for music to drunkenly mosh the night away to in a murky university backroom, you are advised to take your hunt to elsewhere on our pages. On the listen for music crafted at the limits of creative musical depth, rushed not to please anyone but prepared for the matured ear drum yet delivered with the regular hook supply of instant verse-chorus accessibility.. all yours, peoples.

Incredible - please check it out.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Dream Theater, King’s X, Fates Warning, Threshold, Porcupine Tree, Marillion

NET: www.myspace.com/enspiermusic


81DB -Impressions
(Rising Records - 2011)

This curiously named foursome are a metal/alternative/prog crossover project from Italy and although the combo is often credited with colossally sound results, just sometimes they accidentally verge on catastrophic.

As rightly unique sound is, too many of these thirteen tunes start me basking fairly high in anticipation only to transform into a mixed direction mess mid way at latest. Get me wrong, ye not, good riffs and choruses sometimes do come along although a lot sound like these guys sound trying just too hard to be modern, while a vocalist that doesn’t seem to know whether he is either Pepper Keenan or Clawfinger’s Zakk Tell isn’t that bad he is wasted with quite a lot of these numbers.

So sadly it seems that my first Impressions of these chaps had to be a nearly poor one.


By Dave Attrill

ENDLESS DARK - Cold Hard December (Single)

(Volcanic Media - 2011)

Though starkly titled as the margarine brand itself, Endless quite sums up the vocal sound that initially comes from this young Icelandic outfit.

Listening on, behind the torturous black metal screams there’s a good melodic female range to switch gears back and forth with, along the top of a biting grunge- driven motor. Solos do come but in smaller leaps bounds and bursts, allowing the other instruments to make presence felt. Diversity doing them credit, this may be one of few such acts of this sort I actually recommend.

Ergo, more than just two tracks would be appreciated next time guys.


By Dave Attrill


Electric Woodland - S/T (E.P.)
(S/R - 2011)

Pure retro bluesy rock from Norway. Think Status Quo, ZZ Top and bits of Black Sabbath on the excellent 4-tracker.

A perfect musical meal to me with highlights including the opening 'Midnight Treaure' & the country come progness of 'Another Brick In The Puzzle' with rootsy bango-pickin. Then theirs the quirky come Doorsiness of the closing 'Manimal' (not to be confused with the W.A.S.P of a similar name - lol.)

Looking forward to hearing a full lengther from these guys.


By Glenn Milligan

Keith Emerson Band featuring Marc Bonilla - Moscow
(Edel/earMusic - 2011)

A 2 CD set that captures Mr. Emerson and his guys live at The Moscow Theatre, Russia, August 2008 who as the sticker implies play the best of The Keith Emerson & EMerson, Lake & Palmer.

There's a mass of plinky-plonk prog madness and time-changing material on here as you can imagine that the Russians are obviouly loving. Highlights on here include the famous 'Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression Part 2)' - the Welcome Back My Friends ditty that Alan Freeman used to use as part of the Saturday Rock Show Theme; the majestic excellentiness of 'Touch & Go' that reminds me of Pink Floyd when the vocals kick in or late 70's Genesis with all the keyboard and organ sounds as well; the epic ballad 'Lucky Man' with some wacky space-age radio sounds thrown in the mix too or the exceptional 'Finale' complete with drum solo - love the short cowbell bit!

The 2nd CD features on 3 songs - but 'Tarkus' does last for over 5 million years!! Sorry, I mean 37 minutes - hahaha. It even comes complete with a drum solo - whoopee!! But to round it off and chill you and rock you out get the 'Nutcracker Suite' by Tchaikovsky that features the vintage 'Nutrocker' by B Bumble and The Stickers to mix it up for good musical measures so the band can have fun and jam for a bit.

Good CD Set but if you hate prog then it definately aint for you.


By Glenn Milligan


8-IS - Frame Of Us
(Hetaproduction - 2010)

8-is are a talented melodic rock outfit from Italy and also pretty darn clever on a couple of notes. Firstly their name (say it out loud and you‘ll understand - yes it‘s deliberate) : secondly that they sure know how to make their music sound almost exactly like Survivor, especially on five of these ten numbers - plus their singer’s practically identical in voice to Jimi Jamison - but what the f*** when they’ve taken their cues from the top of ‘em.

Getting a bit of everything to begin with, full ahead hard rocker ‘Everlasting Love’ leads off coupled behind by ‘I’ll Be There’ a moving ballad that sounds every bit American, zero percent European but is an absolute favourite, either of the two. Creamy mid-tempo rocker 'Lady' has a swish Van Halen air blown into it by lively keyboard elements, though the lead solo is way too short to capture, especially from a string wizard like Mr Lorenzo Milone here. An eerie Dream Theater moment resounds into the start of haunting slow-beat rocker 'the Final Curtain' and seventies crafted rocker 'Fallin’ In Your Eyes' is another strong tune giving a nod towards their versatility quota.

'On and On', 'If You Turn Around' and 'In My Life' are a trio of tangy summer rock numbers, one a piano-laced ballad the other two electric/acoustic based workouts, all three made with choruses strictly for enjoyment - sadly I’m without an open-topped Chevy to leap into the back of with my guitar here. The album is closed by a pair of ballads , ‘Back to You’ lush evening -time driving cut topped over by its peppery 70’s keyboard sound, followed rather anti climatically by so-so piano-vocal outing ’Tomorrow Comes Tonight’.

A strangely flat finish to a strongly polished chunk of melodic rock that you’d never guess a European outfit would be capable of, although Italy have tried more than adequately many times previously. Powerful and gutsy delivery from Malcoun Catalano with incredible playing from the other four gentlemen behind him, particularly Milone and key-ster Emanuele Casali, it defies logic that he has a totally different line up for his live shows.

Lovely stuff, all the same, ’Frame of Us is an album I’d recommend to anyone who even casually follows the AOR scene.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Survivor, Pride Of Lions, Richard Marx, Mitch Malloy , Newman, Magnum& Harem Scarem

NET: www.myspace.com/8-is

February 2010

Electric Shepherd - S/T
(S/R - 2010)

Psychedelic material that ranges from the classic styles of late Peter Green Fleetwood Mac to more abstract depressingness. They are very authentic both in sound and style but you really gotta be in the mood for this kinda material. 7 full songs and an introduction from these guys who hail from San Francisco, CA. USA.

It goes from kinda weird to full on weirdo music and all points in-between and leaves you asking why at times? Oh yeah, cause it's kinda druggified and that''s the idea I guess - but are they totally stoned or tripped while writing and performing this stuff - the truth is out there in space I guess - hahaha.

If you wanna be part of this colourful journey then be sure to check out numbers like 'Down The River'; 'Mildred Harris'; 'Mapping Your Innermost Trails' - awake o' traveller.... Have the substances wore off yet? - I guess not. Now stay away from the brown acid or you'll end up coming up with f*ck*d up drawn out instrumentals like 'The Misled Herd'.

Playing this stuff loud at a party is gonna guarantee a chance-raid from the local narcotics-busting squad!!!


By Glenn Milligan

ELOAH - Ode to Brother Horn
(House Of Audio - 2010)

New age progressive alternative, the promo note calls this album that has taken a record two-and-a-half years from release to reaching the Metalliville letterbox.

Probably because they needed the time to decide what they were going to single this Austrian outfit’s style down to. Deciding not to bother in the end, it is a fusion of prog, psychedelic, metal, folk, indie, acoustic rock and occasionally eastern and medieval influences. Though fourteen tracks seems quite an uphill struggle for me as an explorer of this type of musical route I get to the top of it even if taking my time.

Many of these tunes are slow beat with countless experimentations on strings and keys alike spreading the verses and occasionally slowing my patience. Frontman/Innovator Elmar C. Fuchs clears the way with a classic old school range as if 1970 had never disappeared and plenty with love of the love for the generation of flower power will take to this one. Interesting, eventually, captivating, instantly, either way this is found good for a retro trip.

Apparently a tribute to some close friend by the name of Jorg Horner, the guy must have had a busy life to merit such elaborate musical depiction.


By Dave Attrill


NET: www.myspace.com/eloahmusic

Encore - Out The Window
(Thundercage - 2010)

3 young guys from USA who play and sing like they totally mean it throughout it, because quite simply they do! They got that pounding, grinding, distortive real sound going on as though it's coming straight from the amps and cut straight to the album - maybe it is, I dunno as this is simply breathtakingly awesome.

Highlights include the opening 'Simon Says'; 'Born To Rock'; Time Wounds' that's pure Sabbath & Girlschool combined and even features the death march at the beginning and end of the song or the slower and atmospheric 'Round We Go' that has loud and quiet moments.

Then there's 'Going Blind' that reminds me of a famous Metallica number and the closer 'Heavy Load' is a good one too with a nice wailing solo section in it with the chorus. You have to take it in account that they are only 11 or 15 years of age, so some the lyrics are a bit cheesey at times - incredible players though - who knows what they'll be like in their mid 20's and beyond.

Hearing is believing.


By Glenn Milligan


EARL GREY AND CROQUET - From The 21st Century
(S/R - 2010)

It’s time to take a trip to another of rock’s unlikeliest of countries. South Africa being even rarer than that in delivering outfits of profile, have nonetheless chucked a gem our way with alternative rockers Earl Grey and Crouquet here.

A sound matching Killers and Kings Of Leon would often be enough to get them booed out of most metal zines but I don’t actually mind either of the aforementioned two bands beginning with ‘’K’ and it is actually but two of a surprisingly wide blend of inspirations these four young men have behind them. Add a Beatles meets Floyd feel to most of the seven numbers of their debut mini lP and some lusciously groovy guitar work with funky picking in choice places and you know they’ve had little trouble discovering their formula. The 21st century may be already over a decade young but ’Pappa Was a Schoolboy’, ’Lady Luck’, ’Is This Love’, ’Hard Pill’ and ’Learning Line’ are songs never too late to listen to and love.

Grab yourself a cup of earl grey.. - or any other tea if you prefer - and enjoy.


By Dave Attrill

Nirvana, Pink Floyd & Alice in Chains

NET: myspace.com/earlgreyandcroquet

Electric Sermon - Live At Coda Studios
(S/R - 2010)

Cracking young gang of heavy assed blues rockers who are like a cross between The Doors (especially in the vocal dept) and Black Sabbath who are based in West Monroe, Louisiana, USA.

This is as you can imagine from the title was recorded totally live burning on all cylinders with 6 kickin' at ya tracks such as the opener 'Burnt Chapel Love' which sounds like a long lost number by The Doors; a cover of Black Sabbath's 'Fairies Wear Boots' where their vocalist Craig Just asks if we are high - and by the way, their bassist is from Liverpool but I don't think its that one where The Beatles come from! Track 4 'Hell's Coming With Me' goes on forever with its Stoner rock grooves where he bawls on about cocaine - that organ rotting white powder. It ends with the epic bluesy 'Baby Be Gone' that has reminiscent echoes of classic songs like 'Catfish'.

Decent stuff.


By Glenn Milligan

Equal Loudness Curve - 440
(Hard Knox Music - 2010)

Kickin' Rockers from Winnipeg, MB Canada who are back with their 2nd album that I was pleased to see myself in on the thankyou list for my review of the debut.

This baby is just as cooking as that with 2 dozen rollin' epics that get up from the get go with the excellent 'So Glad To See Her' right throught to the closing slow-riffed 'Wasted'. Highlights included the stonery sabbathy 70's psyched 'Wicked Woman'; 'Summer's Moon' that sounds like Molly Hatchet's 'The Fall Of The Peacemaker'; the well riffed boogie number with killer basslines and piano shrills of 'Try To Forget You' that's rather Rolling Stones & the Quo-like 'I Know What I Said'.

Get it bought and get it on.


By Glenn Milligan

The Erotics - Today The Devil, Tommorow The World
(Trashpit Records/Big Zee Music - 2010)

Raw, crushing sleaze that reminds me of Wednesday 13 and Acey Slade's Trashlight Vision both vocally and musically. In fact, lead vocalist sounds like a cross between Wednesday & The Dog's D'Amours 'Tyla' after munching down some dust and razorblades.

Every single song is completely fucking solid as a rock with hard bollocks of dirty punk and snazz throughout the album with stupendous ditties including the opener 'Blast Off' - aptly called I must say; the title track 'Today The Devil, Tommorow The World'; 'Anything' that's all about the desperation to get a certain girl; the sexually powerful 'Baby Goes Bang' - well I presume it's about a bit of wham-bam when these guys are called The Erotics. Love the bluesy 12-barred 'Hogtied & Waiting' and who'd guess that they'd close the album with a killer ballad in the form of 'I Feel Nothing' that'd set set ciggy lights on for sure.

I'll definately be checking these guys if they hit the local live venue.


By Glenn Milligan

EYES OF ISIS - Hot as Hell
(S/R - 2010)

One of a fair few bands globally to sport the moniker, this outfit are a young Canadian four-piece dealing in a sometime above decent sometime so-so pop rock/indie fare that in five tracks manages to sustain interest.

Most of the tracks hold a sweet angle on guitar grooves and pretty infectious harmonies but is still quite stuttery and lacks enough swing to gel as essential repeat button material.

Not bad but more tunes like ‘Hot As Hell’ and ‘Tonight’ with its surprisingly ballsy hard rock solo are necessary for me to call it compulsory.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.theeyesofisis.com

E.Z. Riders - Long Way From Home
(Mousemen/TSM - 2010)

Blues Rock trio with intrepid twists and turns along the way.

There's definatley some interesting stuff on here - that for certain. Ya can't beat that harp solo in 'What It's Worth' that well and truly does it for me along with that dirty blues riff or the reggae riffery of 'To Save Myself; The Sawdoctors like 'Let Me Be Your Man' that's packed with 12 bar jazz-me-up and finished off with great harp & the harmonised vocalled and sothern rock riffed 'Tryin' Not To Fall'.

Nice and chilled.


By Glenn Milligan


AARON ENGLISH - American Fever Dream
(Eronisongs - 2010)

The above named is a young gent from Seattle with a sound almost removed from rock far enough to deny him a right of Metalliville coverage, yet for his musical integrity and overall passion fro what he likes playing Aaron is one man worth lending a listen.

This chap’s conglomeration of folk, pop and modern gospel approaches isn’t literally guitar less with some pleasantly rolled acoustic lines although AE’s most focal talents lie with his piano and voice. A seemingly classically trained singer, his tone sounds reminiscent of someone who forgot to leave his school choir when he became too old… and boy has it paid or what?

A fantastic capability for melodies guides you through the numbers on what happens actually to be his third album , an d if you ignore the fact that there is totally zero percent of metal orientation within these confines, Mr English is well deserving of your time , and you of his as well.


By Dave Attrill

NET: Myspace.com/the aaronenglishband

John Enghauser – Lost In The Pages
(S/R – 2009)

A real awe inspiring contempary rock sounding artist who reminds me of Ty Tybor (Kings X), Jean Bouvoir, Lenny Kravitz and Dan Reed all mixed into 1 vocally with some jazz elements from time to time.

There’s 14 numbers in all on this excellent album from a man who is now based in California. It’s one of those albums that’s stocked with well crafted songs with hooks and great chorus’s. I could name most of the numbers as highlights but that’d make me look like a damn lazy reviewer. There’s plenty of tracks worth pondering over that include the title track ‘Lost In The Pages’; ‘Distant World’; ‘Let It Flow’; ‘Breath Again’ and ‘I Vow’.

It does seem criminal to leave a few out – but that’s why you need to get your hands on the album. I can’t recommend this guy enough.


By Glenn Milligan


ELIMINATION - Destroyed By Creation
(Rising Records - 2010)

Wondered what having Slayer, Exodus, Machine head, Sepultura and Evile all dropping on your head from straight above would sound… or feel like? The answer is ‘Destroyed by Creation’ , the debut album by Brit metal newies Elimination.

This Ipswich quintet are frightening, fast and fearsome from the very off. I do get a bit teased by the scream on entry to ’Straight To Hell’ but there is no monotonous metal core lying in wait behind it, instead a brilliant bay-area-schooled sound with a fantastic chorus hook to boot ( those were the days, some 25 years back, when thrash vocals were usually decipherable). Scoring an easy two- in-a-row with ‘The Rage Within’ a chuggy thrasher that houses a great bouncy chorus line and lyrical rhythm, proves the fluke factor is possibly absent tonight. Fast and furious as always, ‘Slave To A Tyrant’s Reign’ goes into Maiden mode for the middle eight, especially the solo parts while ’Wargames’ is pure speed throughout, with an again chanty vocal along an impressively staccato-ed guitar support.

One of those unmistakably multi-faceted intro sections only Testament could have schooled the in writing launches ‘Nightmare Asylum’, though it is still one of the more commercial cuts, with also a near-progressive direction just trying to edge itself in. ‘Nostromo’ is a gallopy groover of a track, even though deceiving everyone with a heavy-as-f**kmachine Head-like kick -off, and the rhythm guitars enjoy a nice little bit to themselves before the solo begins. To those searching for simply brutal metal end-t-end and then some, ’The End Of Days’ will be the biggest pit-pleaser, live, easily one of the stand-outs with skulls spared and a great little lead outtro on its tail.

’The Eliminator’, ’Rising From The Gave’ and ’Release The Anger’ solidly maintain the grind with more unashamedly eighties vibes including a strong Anthrax -bred moment but its all part of what makes this beast of a metal album what it is. ‘Hells Battlefield’ is everything you’ve just heard on the preceding ten tunes with good rarely- used sustained chords warming up to the solo but there’s still a song left to folllow. It has to end as it began, with good old fashioned metal, and ’Destroyed By Creation’ does just as ordered, slamming everything flat underneath and then signing out via a majestic twin lead closer.

One of those rare extreme metal albums I hear with totally 0% to fault, let alone a British one the familiarity of some elements does not even qualify as a dent on this vehicle’s bonnet. Elimination have got it firing first time out and with an extra cylinder stuck in for measure. ‘DBC’ is a sledgehammer-sized skullwrecker of a disc and if they seek my worthy advice, they’d vest be getting plenty of live dates organised over hew next couple of years to allow room for the carnage.



By Dave Attrill


Slayer, Vio-lence, Exodus, Forbidden, Scared Reich, Evile, Meta….you-know-who…. , oh yes and that other lot….Anth….oh, god, what are they called, again?

NET: www.myspace.com/eliminationband

EMBERS FLAME - She Said (Single)
(Ember Records - 2010)

Not to be confused with a Paradise Lost classic of similar name, Finnish outfit Embers Flame are a classic rock outfit, and literally that to listen to.

The title track of this single is brought to the fore primarily by frontman Sami Toivonen’s awesome, gravely voice that takes the sound straight back to the scared ear itself. It’s just great to sit listening to the type of vocal and guitar melodies that are designed to remind one of dad’s radio on Sunday lunchtime and yearn for the full return of a golden era as sizeable amounts of new bands starting to peddle this style again. Punkier B-side ’Rock n’ Roll Conspiracy’ is competitive ear candy in its right, catchy and in just hearing two songs , showcases their flair for versatility.

Excellent, boys, lets hear an album soon, please.


By Dave Attrill

Free, The Stooges & Deep Purple.

Net: www.myspace.com/embersflameband


EchoVirus - Invictus
(Casket Records – 2009)

Probably one of the most violent bands from the UK for a long time. EchoVirus class themselves as melodic death metal but personally I would label place them in the thrash genre. EchoVirus have a fast a furious style very similar to that of Children of Bodom, which isn’t too bad I suppose.

Invictus consists of 8 tracks, all capable of causing GBH of the ears with the hard pounding drums, deep bass and evil voice. ‘Fragments’ enters the head harder than a Jack hammer, to be followed by the thunderbolts of ‘Our Dying Hours’, ‘Prelude to Dystopia’ and ‘New Gods’, which give you no rest as they assault the taste buds with ‘Collateral’, ‘Peache Within Power’ and ‘Beneath the Bleeding Skies’ to finish with a grinding stop ‘Once the Hero’.

As a dedicated follower of thrash, I felt it difficult to distinguish each track of the CD, which is a shame as this clearly indicates no writing development throughout. And because of that I found the CD to be boring after around 10 listens.


By Tony Watson

EYE FOR AN EYE – Downfall
(Rising Records - 2010)

It’s Britain’s turn to do what the Americans normally do best - Angry, couldn’t give a s**t hard rock n’ rolling noise with no respect for life law or property - well we’re sure these four Swindon chaps are jolly nice young men under there.

EFAE’s bruising line in dirt metal fails to take the slightest of prisoners as opening pairing ’Never Be Free’ and ‘Ask no Questions’ will warn you very quickly before jumping clear. Twin vocals are shared between guitarists Tom Norris and Tom Bull, though both aren’t the easier to tell apart with their guttural Hatfield -like roar and their driving rhythm guitar assault turn the vices round many a head. Turning poppier for ’Until I’m Done’, the acoustic driven verse line almost counts for nothing once the guitars meet head on and subsequently groove their way onto ’Getting Old’.

Described as southern rock on some of the promotional material, the wavy mammoth central riff here is the only proof but it accounts for making this one of the album’s standouts. Advised to expect a notable grunge side to their material along the way, the title tune is the first real example, coming over as a kind of Soundgarden-meets-Pearl Jam -but-heavy-as-hell combo. ’Seven Gods Of Chaos’ is the bet tune of the ten, no questions, even with a drum intro that echoes ZZ Top’s ’Gimme All Your Lovin’. A glorious rocker that explores all the best parts of Black album/‘Load’ era ’Tallica’, it took me about five days to get round to spinning the rest of the disc.

’Final Sunrise’ creeps towards you along a marching beas and drum line before grunging and growling at you painfully but with a hummable chorus melody. The one struggler of the show, ’It’s Been A Long Time’ is the sound of a chap not very happy himself, and it costs the tune its own ability to strike a chord with the listener. Disco number of the record’ ’Another Life’ is that such thing , probably the one called the seventies, and a 24 carat cornerstone alongside ’Seven Gods’- beware, air, you are going to get seriously punched when this one come on.

’Brother’ is another less than instant number and an unusually uninspiring finale which would have been better used about halfway down the listing, frankly my least favourite number today. No serious harm done to proceedings, ’Downfall’ is an overall monster of a debut album that makes everyone sit up and crank up , it possibly takes that too literally itself by flying by in only 41 minutes.

A frighteningly addictive record, ’EFAE’ will inevitably swamped by their live performance, and then played to death even more after.


BY Dave Attrill

Monster Magnet, Metallica, Trouble, Soundgarden.

(S/R – 2010)

If you are vaguely familiar with this name that’s cropped up of late, it happens to be the new machine of Jesse Leach, the one-time front man for metalcore faves Killswitch Engage.

Ergo that dreaded question from people is inevitable as to whether its going to be a totally different departure from KE or a not-quite as-good near-identical version of his more significant act. The answer is parts of the two but strictly excluding the inferiority element - this brute is essential for all Switchies out there. ‘Awake’ kicks in on a more melodic note with progressive feel and is about as far removed from extreme metal as could be got while still staying just that.

‘Lords Of War’ is a great multi-structural machine, consisting of classic Engage, along with a pleasant Maiden-schooled solo and finishing with a mischievous old school metal outburst. Onto ‘Voices Forming Weapons’ and that old chestnut we love, the screaming verse- singing chorus routine done to aplomb with a catchy refrain that I instantly began to hum.

‘Choir Of Angels’ is a magnificent six-minute treat that brings you everything in one tune from brutal speed metal along through typical grinding brutality and an angry political rant by Jesse to a totally unexpected soft acoustic close that, effectively like a separate track, leaves the rest of the tune behind and haunts you with its sweetness.

It’s time to stumble on the disc’s resident so-so moment with ‘We The People’ being a draggy grinder sounding overstretched to fill its length , not poor song but one that narrowly avoids grating. ‘These Colours Bleed’ is disturbed only by a strange second-long silence break halfway through which makes the tune more interesting than it needs to be, a big pounding chorus line rendering it another overall gem.

Picking the best of the final pair is a tough trick. ‘Our Own’’ is probably the most melodic entry of the album and nearly sounds like Spock’s Beard at some stages where as ‘The Kingdom’ is many a Machine-Head- meets- Metallica -in-a-drunken -jam fan’s wet dream. A fearsome fight back by one of Extreme metal’s most revered throats, Jesse delivers the goods in a deadly bundle right on your head with this album.

With another new project in the works, apparently involving old KE mucker Adam Dutkiewicz, its’ not the last we’ll be hearing from him throughout 2010. The Empire may have fallen but Luke Skywalker appears to inadvertently used the force to resurrect them …their new leader is called Darth Leach.



By Dave Attrill

K********h E****e, Fear Factory, Drowning Pool, Strapping Young Lad.

(Rising Records - 2009)

Everything Burns are a five-piece metal act from …. and makes a sound that comes across as familiar as unfamiliar for its combination of directions. Vocally, they consist of a strongly emo-like machine with occasional scream-core moments but musically, a totally different device, really.

A progressive-edged twin guitar metal sound introduces us into opener ‘Scars’ and it takes us something like 2 minutes before the singing arrives. A selection of tasty rhythm alterations continues on though subsequent bruisers like ‘I’d Die For You’, ‘Me Vs You’, ‘Beautiful Disaster’ and ‘Left For Dead’ and a graul incline towards more poppier waters in the back half of the disc sees them end with a friendly piano line at the close of ‘This Is War’.

An unexpectedly fine first impression of EB, the appeal this cd will also hold to fans of Metallica and Faith no More’s classic material clearly sits straight in its perch. Potential by the gallon, this good effort will see them burning their way up to the top throughout 2010.


By Dave Attrill

January 2010
ECHOGRAM - Conspiracy (4-track EP)
(S/R - 2009)

Hearing bands music for the first time is always something I’d call exciting though is not helped by having to settle for remixed versions as opposed to the normal product first time round.

Gripe to one side, Irish 4 piece Echogram have a palatable combination of styles within their range and display them generously enough to satisfy. Not unlike a far few bands I’ve encountered in my time, they tend to delve into alt rock predictability on a few more occasions than is forgivable but their attack of electro-lined indie rock is nothing bad at all as a whole and the hooks sink in quick on three of the numbers.

Having broken the US market throughout 2009, their growing popularity I’d say is justified.


By Dave Attrill


Empires Of Eden - Songs Of War And Vengeance
(Activists Music – 2009)

Empires of Eden, relish in the power metal scene alongside Helloween, Gamma Ray, Ayreon and Iron Maiden as they supply our airwaves with pure speed/power metal at its best.

Songs of War and Vengeance is full of hooks, pounding drums, chugging guitars and a mixture of power cord vocals from three vocalist, which have all been created by Stu Marshall of Paindivision. An 11 track masterpiece for those power metal fans, especially those in Europe, who will lap up the speed, power and melodic undertones that hang around Germany and Scandinavia.

Throughout the CD their seems to be no change of tone, speed or aggression except the last track Scars of Innocence (orchestral Version) which has 30 piece orchestra attached to it that brings the best out of this CD with its breath taking ballad.


By Tony Watson

Edgehill Avenue - Rambler
(S/R – 2009)

Have a think what Edgehill Avenue would sound like and you would probably be right. Edgehill Avenue are a bluesy, country, redneck style rock band with a taste of early ZZ Top mixed with Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits and Eagles with a hint of The Black Crowes.

For a relaxing background sort of CD, this is right up there with the rest of them, this is the type of music that you have playing when you are having a soak in the bath with the candles lit and your eyes closed.

This soft, subtle and relaxing style gives you the ability to really appreciate this band for what they are. Rambler is an 11 track CD with 51 minutes of pure living room pleasure. ‘Rambler’ is the first track of the CD that sets the scene for the rest of the CD as the track melodically mellow into each other as it whispers through ‘Just Another Day’, ‘I’ll Be Leaving Now’ and ‘Justified’ to name a few.

Edgehill Avenue have set a style of rock that can be appreciated around the world and be fully enjoyed by those who love music.


By Tony Watson

(Valery Records - 2009)

Did I meet these guys before once? Er…nope that wont be likely as their last release was in 199.…bl**din ‘4 some few years before the creation of Metalliville. Saying sorry for their lengthy absence, they send us a generous fourteen brand new toons that are thankfully of the quality to justify this totally.

A kinda pop meets prog propelled sound that throws everything in from the thinking man’s end of the rock spectrum, these lads certainly know their way round instruments and song writing alike. Steering away from the complex arrangements of Dream Theater et al in favour of the verse-chorus format, their in, do the song and out again approach is still no crime for the connisseurs as their diversity in rhythms and harmonies flows like a newly unblocked river across the entire hour plus span of the disc.

Lusciously classy solos from out of both the string and ivory departments add to the smoothness of numbers like ‘Evil Empire’, ‘What We Still Don’t Know’, ‘Living 4’, ‘Get Power From The Sun’, ‘Pain‘, ‘Dirty War Of Bloody Angels‘, ‘You Are Always On My Mind‘, ‘In A Superficial Way’, and ‘Fake News’, and the soulful creening vocals add to the sometimes almost Simple Minds that feel the whole album unintentionally boasts. A pleasant album from a band who I originally mistook to be a newly incarnated unit but at least they give me strong inclination to track down their past three long players as something tells me they are rather likely to be on something of a par with this beauty.



By Dave Attrill

Fates Warning, D.T., Threshold, Enchant

Emergency Gate - Rewake
(SPV – 2009)

Rewake is the second studio album from this German thrash/speed metal band. Emergency Gate are musically talented with their riffs, guitar licks and intricate key boards and synthesiser.

But unlike most bands that come out of Germany the vocals for this band don’t seem to be right, I don’t know if it’s the key or the scream core attitude but it doesn’t sound right. Apart from that, this CD has a good firm ground in the thrash scene with its speed, and music content ranging from the thrash of ‘Double Suicide’ and ‘Slave’ to the ballad of ‘Remains’, which was nearly a tearjerker.

Overall this 12 track CD isn’t too bad and will gain a good following but I feel it’s a CD that will be put on the shelf after a month.


By Tony Watson

Emil Bulls - Phoenix
(Drakkar Records – 2009)

Emil Bulls are a good solid metal band that, have release a superb 5th CD.

Phoenix is not a rising from the ashes but a refreshing energy to metal music, with their Silverchair, Alterbridge and Breaking Point mixed with Breed 77 style of metal. Phoenix is a very clean and energetic CD full of licks, grinding, and hard metal with an extremely clear vocal content that brings the whole CD alive.

This 13 track compilation of metal produces a thoroughly entertaining 52 minutes. From ‘Here Comes the Fire’ to ‘The Architects of my Apocalypse’, through ‘The Storm Comes In’ to ‘Son of the Morning’ Emil Bulls encapsulate their style and wrap it up into a neat ball to release it through a cannon into the walls of Jericho at a tremendous pace even that won’t stop the impact this CD will cause. ‘I Don’t Belong Here’ finishes this remarkable CD with a ballad that just brings you down to earth with a soft landing.

If you are unsure of this band, go out and buy it, you won’t be disappointed.


By Tony Watson

EMPYRIA - The Long Road Home
(Nightmare Records - 2009)

Close I certainly came to making that mistake here again in mistaking Empyria to be a newly plucked fruit from metal’s bush - it turns out that this outfit’s activity span bridges about 1991 with the present.

This latest offering from the Canuck prog act follows a sort of odd n’ odds format itself in being a mix of re-recorded demos alongside newer pennings and though hard to tell by listening which are which, there’s a brilliant mix most of the way along. ‘Endless Circle’ and ‘False Witness’ are two of the less exciting tunes on the disc, growers both but ‘No Other Way’ gets things off to a proper start with a classy sound that comes right out of the scene’s 70s-80s heyday.

‘Lonely People’ sustains the momentum on a more upbeat note with continued use of well placed guitar harmonies that seldom try to be pretentious and just ride with the rest of the movements. ‘Last Rites’ is probably the best tune o the album with a very catch high-pitched chorus pushing the sound in a more AOR direction. ‘Can’t Wait For Ever’ is a sturdy hybrid of all modes covered, with the addition of something rarely risked in prog metal - the repeated-lyric chorus.

‘Of All The Dreams’ is a commendable impression of Dokken going prog and a potential joint fave with ‘…..Rites’ , with front man Phil Leite putting on a convincing Don-eqsue tone. ‘Without Within’ chases up with a solid mid-tempo prog metal onslaught, again in possession of a sizeable hookline but over way too soon- (unusually for this genre, everything on this album lasts between just 3 and 4 minutes).

Foot finally coming off the pedal again a bit, ‘Walk Away’ seems not too an exciting number but still acceptable, just frankly building up to little at the end. ‘Returning Home’ comes across initially as a drab sounding metal ballad but a good swinging chorus structure supplies a reasonable high to end on and the listener is kept happy.

My actual first taste of these lads, second helpings would be appreciated as they have hidden a lot that they’ve had to offer in the 17 years they been about. Impressive sounding tunes and a largely consistent edge maintained through this assortment, I hope they’ve not just had this pressed as a swansong release.



By Dave Attrill

Enochian Theory - Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio
(Anomalousz Music Records – 2009)

Enochian Theory are deep in the realms of good solid rock, who have pushed the boundaries of sound to a next level. Like Rush and Tool these guys provide a professional layout with a goal to produce entertaining and vibrant rock music.

All though I mention bands such as Tool and Rush we also get a hint of Marrilion and Pink Floyd throughout the 48 minute production. Their style will encapsulate a broad audience due to the deep drums and accompanying bass, intricate guitar work, orchestral melodies and a vocal range from growling to a soft seductive mode. All though there are no overextended tracks, I would be close in saying Enochian Theory are close to progressive rock with a grunge/metal feel that releases a different excitement to the whole production.

A very interesting compilation of metal genres that take the next step to good solid music


By Tony Watson

ESSENZA - Devil’s Breath
(BigMud Records - 2009)

New wave of Italian Heavy Metal is an expression im going to have to get used to soon - there’s plenty of it creeping up at the moment.

With a sound not dissimilar to its UK counterpart, Essenza are a pretty instant hitter for anyone who likes it done the old fashioned way and for 36 minutes theres little room for disappointment from these guys. Pushing the classy basic styles of Tygers of Pan Tang, Jag Panzer, and Onslaught into the same tube as the commercial thrash elements of Anthrax and Overkill, the trio do everything to please an ever-yearning 45 year old metal head.. and maybe one particular 32 year young one as well along the way.

‘Devil’s Breath’ is a bluesy stoner metal groover and sets the tone high and ‘Universe In A Box’ cranks things up with an aggressive triplet-oriented speed metal guitar rhythm from frontman Carlo G Rizello and a good break of bends follows later on in the tune. The Maiden influences are meanwhile given away single-handedly by ‘Dance of Liars’ - that epic solo is drenched in the essence - and for that reason itself is one of the most essential of their live set entries today.

All the pieces in the right place for the right amount of time, those seeking experimentalism may be an unlikely audience to this with only the grungy feel of ‘Deep Into Your Eyes’ and ’Fighting The Wind’ deviating from the otherwise pure approach to traditional metal but if you’re prepared to put your elitist attitudes aside for a moment, you’ll be enjoying a tasty slither of metal nostalgia here. The vocals seem a bit strained on occasions but out of all the bands who passed through the NWOBHM fraternity, naming one whose didn’t takes some time, so it is not something I’d class as an overall dent in this outfits proverbial metal plate-age either.

Enjoyable stuff.


By Dave Attrill


Europe – Last Look At Eden (Album)
(Ear Music/Edel – 2009)

Gotta say I much prefer Europe now than in their 80’s big hair days – they are miles more down to earth but still with plenty of flambouyance to keep you entertained all the same.

They appear to have more of a bluesier majestic element to them these days and touch of Led Zeppelin riffery comes in now and again plus plenty of good old rock too. So much in the way of highlights on here. Every number is an epic by itself – no filler to be found on here and I like the way that it’s made out to be sides 1 and 2 of an LP as you get the crackling play-out groove after track 6 with the stylus lift up sound.

Stand-out numbers include the title track, ‘Last Look At Eden’; the ballad ‘New Love In Town’; ‘The Beast’ that’s energy filled and rocks to the max; ‘Gonna Get Ready’; the slow rockin come power ballad ‘Run With The Angels’ and quiet starting, bluesy lovely closer, ‘In My Time’.


By Glenn Milligan

Europe – Last Look At Eden (EP)
(Ear Music/Edel – 2009)

A teaser EP to the forthcoming Europe studio album that’s proggy almost with strings & a really strong meleody – especially on the chorus – solo. Kinda reminds me of Led Zeppelin a la Kashmir.

Also featured is new moderately paced song ‘U Devil U’ (again from the new album) that like ‘Last Look At Eden’ has a strong choral arrangement. Nice to hear live versions of the older classic ‘Superstitious’; the newer reformed Europe number ‘Start from the Dark’ and even a cover of Zep’s ‘Since I’ve been loving you’.

Fine stuff.


By Glenn Milligan

EVITA - Minutes and Miles
(Basick Records - 2009)

Don’t expect anyone to be crooning out ‘Don’t Cry for me Argenti-I-I-INAAAAAA! during the course of this disc - these guys play music totally down the opposite side of the meter.

Bristol metal core newcomers Evita, unusually named as they may be, deliver up a handsome example of the scene’s better efforts and are not afraid to insert occasional proggy moments for measure.

Quite capable of being as much melodic as angry, there’s the usual dual-forrmat vocals atop rich twin guitars that swing between way more than just a couple of different notes per bar line ‘Thrown To the Wolves’ ‘Willing To Wake’’ Vona’, ‘Elusive Victories, Passive Trickeries’ and ‘Beneath my Feet’ are particular tunes that will advertise what these guys appear good at, both live and on the player.

Likely to be planning some sizable amounts of touring for 2010 on the back of this release, Evita may be too brutal for enjoying that cider along to.

Great stuff lads.


By Dave Attrill

Electric Six – Flashy
(Metropolis Records - 2009)

It's safe to say that Electric Six are more than the novelty band some fools wrote them off as in the wake of early hits like 'Danger! High Voltage' and 'Gay Bar'. While the clever and highly amusing lyrics have been a constant, with their musical style being all over the place.

"Flashy", their fifth album has 13 tracks crammed into 45 minutes - which should tip you off that these are likely to be 13 quick fire little bizarre and quirky ditto’s with no ballads.

To be honest, I wasn't very impressed with my first listen. Unlike the previous albums, it didn't seem to have any leap-out tracks, "Gay Bar Part 2" is, far from being a reprise of their early hit, "Witchy White Women" concerns teenage girls who want to be lesbian witches, "Flashy Man" grooves hard and needs to be a single. "Transatlantic Flight" contains the touching chorus line "In the event of a water landing you can use my body as a flotation device" and any album with lyrics like that cannot possibly be too bad.

Electric Six fans should obviously snap this up but be prepared to break it in a little anyone else looking to try something clever and different should take the plunge.

This product may not be the best of their work but it does have some great songs. Every time they make an album their style seems to change, which I like as it keeps them fresh, you initially may not like the album but you get use to it.


By Tony Watson

Equal Loudness Curve – Let It Roll
(TK Millar/Knox Management – 2006)

A Canadian band who have a quirky Rock style at times and reminding me of a great group called Funkbone from Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

Highlights on here include the AC/DC like opener, ‘You & The Devil’; ‘Too Damn Lazy’; ‘Not By Much’; the cool piano included ‘California’; the Oasis ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ like ‘True Knowledge’ the deep-fuzzed bluesy ‘Out On The Highway’ and the closin’ rockin’ ‘Ease My Soul’.

Cool Sh*t dudes.


By Glenn Milligan

Evil:scarecrow - Sixty-Six Minutes Past Six
(Rusty Monkey Ltd – 2009)

An unsigned band from Nottingham who have the entire gun shooting and drug crime wrapped up in ten tracks and 50 minute.

Evil:scarecrow look the part, sing the part and play their music as if they were in the depths of hell. This collection of solid metal with the evil influence of Mudvain, Voivod, Iron Maiden and then wrapped up in a stained cloth of Marilyn Manson to produce an unforgettable sound of evil, death and corruption.

These guys know what’s hitting Nottingham and what Nottingham love in their music. Sixty-Six Minutes Past Six is a wonderful debut CD that will quickly gain a reputation of evil metal at its best.

Someone needs to get these signed as they are fucking brilliant.


By Tony Watson

E.Z. Riders – Experienced Zydeco Riders
(S/R – 2009)

A quirky zydeco, country styled bluesy band from Macerata, Italy. Good musicians who no doubt do well in their parts in the local bars.

Check out ‘Real Good Love’; ‘The Dreamer’; ‘I Should Have Quit You’ and ‘Mean Mistreater’ as good examples of their sound and style. Best number by far is ‘Still Blows the Wind’ with its country meets folk appeal – killer guitar solo too.


By Glenn Milligan

February 2009
Eyelash - Recession
(Eversholt Music – 2009)

A very appropriate name to a band who have two females. This four piece band are from London who produce a sleazy rock sort of feel to them.

Recession is an ideal title to the world we are living in at the moment and the collection of 14 tracks brings a slight sparkle to the miserable world we are living in.

This 55 minutes of punk rock pop is full of enthusiasm and attitude could be close to Girl School or Wendy ‘O’ Williams.

As they stand at this moment of time they may get good feedback from school kids who want to listen to something a little different.


By Tony Watson

Evergrey - Torn
(SPV - 2008)

Evergrey are a Swedish dark Melodic Metal Band, with a very atmospheric sound.

Torn is the seventh release with all of them hitting the top 20 in Sweden with the last two reaching number 6 and 3.

The CD is very guitar orientated with a true metal sound with speed and thrash mixed in for good measure. Due to the vocal content of this band I find it difficult to relate to it as I am trying to put this band into a category with the likes of Iced Earth but I don’t think they belong there.

Overall Torn is an eleven track 53minutes of Swedish metal, this CD will go down really well in Europe but I do think it may suffer in the UK. The UK tends to struggle with this style of power metal but I do know we don’t struggle with Swedish meatballs.


By Tony Watson

Early Grave - Tomorrow I am you
(Rising Records - 2008)

With an average age of 17, these four young lads from Peterborough have taken on board the complexity of thrash/death metal and turned into an enjoyable hobby.

Early Grave seem to be heavily influenced by Kreator, Death, Napalm Death, Cradle Of Filth, with a hint of Lost Prophets, through the aggressive pounding of the base drum and the choking vocal content.

From the intro of ‘Yesterday’, they explode into a total nuclear assault on earth as we know it with ‘As thick as thieves’, ‘Golden Hearts’, ‘To the Grave’ and to finish off the 11 track CD with ‘Live a widow at the wake’.

This 46 minute battering is a must for you hard b*st*rds out there. They are young kids with a lot of energy and a long way to go.

Very entertaining, well done.


By Tony Watson

Edenbridge - My Earth Dream

(Napalm Records - 2008)

Symphonic metal has become very popular, the introduction of orchestral arrangements and operatic vocals is hardly new.

Far from joining a trend this is in fact the sixth studio album from Edenbridge after their formation in Austria 1998 by frontman Lanvall and female vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher. Combining Lanvall's guitar and keyboard skills with a quality singer must be paradise (apologies) itself but they've enlisted the backing of the Czech Film Orchestra for this release. Just one more raise of the bar for the band that were first to bring this music style to China and Taiwan on tour.

As hoped, the content on offer is of high quality, the orchestra isn't simply tagged on as punctuation for the songs and is well integrated and utilized. 'Remember Me' and 'Place Of Higher Power' are consistent highlights because the score moves and changes avoiding over repetition without going off on a tangent.

Too many times I felt myself enjoying a riff or melody in the other tracks only to find it submerged and swept away never or rarely to resurface. 'Adamantine' is a lifting number and shows a bit of 'Petrucci-style guitar work' in the middle and a good chorus. 'Paramount', 'Undying Devotion' and 'Shadowplay' have notable haunting elements and in the case of the latter some serious guitar input that reaffirmed a certain hint of Symphony X during this album.

The title track, combining six chapters (don't worry, it's not an epic marathon at a relatively modest 12:37 in total) is indicative of the album proving to be a great musical arrangement but lacking in some good old fashioned hooks and memorable melody.

Edenbridge further explore their spiritual outlet with this album and it's sung and performed with flair and vigour, fans of Nightwish and Within Temptation should definitely investigate further and also try out the live CD/DVDs on offer by this band.


By Al Hoath

Steve Ellis - Best Of Days
(Demon Music Ground - 2008)

The frontman of the fame 60's outfit 'Love Affair' is here to pleasure us with his latest album that is well and truly splendid.

Each song is well-crafted, warm and highly spirited with 2 versions of the classic hit 'Everlasting Love' - we get a studio and a live in concert version. Elsewhere other highlights include the excellent 'Brand New Start'; the contemporary poppiness of 'As The Crow Flies' and the outstanding bluesy to haunting ballad 'Requiem For A Tyrant'.

Then there's exceptional 'Nu Clear Blues' with Roger Daltrey on harmonica where his also found on the jokey short 'Yellow Rose of Texas'; the killer bluesin' 'Heaven's Word' and the amazing title track, 'Best Of Days'. The album features 2 other well known guests too who are Paul Weller (Guitar/Keyboards) on 'Step Inside' and Nigel Glockler (Drummer of Saxon) on 5 of the numbers - brilliant.

I can't recommend this album highly enough.


By Glenn Milligan

Extreme - Saudades De Rock
(Frontiers - 2008)

Not heard an album from these guys in yonks. They carry on from where they left off so yeah, there's party filled rock and some serious sounding stuff too.

Best songs on here are most definately the fun-time rockers like the opener 'Star' with the bands trademark harmonies back in full force; the band Queen meets the Blues of 'Comfortably Dumb'; the hottied-up 'King Of The Ladies' the funky Zeppy 'Learn To Live' and the closer 'Americocaine' that's actually a demo from 1985.

'Ghost' is a really nice ballad that could have come out from a band like ****play (but it's got great vocals and a strong bright arrangement - unlike those UK slash your wrist dirges that said band always seem to bring out). Then there's the stand on your head sidewaysness vibe of 'Slide' with its weird key and funky groove.

Personally I'd have stuck to the real rockin' stuff and left off the serious material. At least you get a good half plus of what the rock fans really wanted.


By Glenn Milligan

Extreme - Star (CD Single)
(Frontiers - 2008)

F*ck Yeah - Gary, Nuno, Pat & Kevin are back - it ain't been the same without 'em - I remember seeing them at the City Hall, Sheffield in 1991 - what a gig that was !

'Star' rocks like they've never been away with those tademark vocal harmonies and Guitar guru solos from Mr. Bettencourt. It comes alongside the quieter ballad that is 'Ghost' presented as both a radio edit and in full album version.

Looking forward to getting the album now after this teaser.


By Glenn Milligan


EDENSANDS - Living Kills


Another one in from the continent, I’m wondering if they British and American scenes we have enjoyed for the last 30-40 years is on its way to being put out of business, as we wonder if this latest outfit display the same upper hand.

Spain’s Edensands do not disappoint for a second with their cheery melodic metal offerings that couple modern day AOR smoothness with the old-school metal approach of Helloween and also Swedish faves Million.

How its all packed into just 38 minutes is unanswered but there’s time plenty to appreciate ‘Golden Fangs hungry Dogs’, ‘You’ll Sink’, ‘Run’, ‘Mother’, ‘Last Will’ and ‘Taste Of Hope’ on the first lap of the lens with Stefan Tudela’s cream-sweet range making it harder to turn off.

In spite of a lack of distinctiveness in style there is however no absence of talent or hooks with all five putting in an solidly able performance, and a deal with one of the scene’s top labels is important to get these guys the profile they are deserving of with this debut attack.

Great stuff all the way, boys.


By Dave Attrill

Echobeat – Cobra Kai
(S/R - 2008)

Buzzin’ Rockin Southern UK Outfit that sees fit to do well – even over here I hasten to add – but time will tell I guess.

Catchy stuff indeed and kinda fits both the pop, rock and metal genres – one question though – what is a ‘Cobra Kai’ when it’s at home?


By Glenn Milligan

Emergency Gate – Nightly Ray
(Silverwolf Productions – 2008)

Metal that looks into both the past and the future – it has industrial-gothic synth elements, a nu-metal sound at times but is also true to the groundings of the heaviness sound too. Make any sense? – thought not – oh well – you’ll have to buy it and check ‘em out for yourself – lol.

They have their own vibe going on and come all the way from Germany. Highlights include ‘Kill The Dying’; the ballad ‘In My Dreams’ where there’s real singing as opposed to the gravelly voice that fills the rest of the album – believe me, this is the best number as well – nice female section!.

Quality bit of timpani sounds on the quiet ‘n’ louder, fast ‘n’ slowie ‘Breed Evil’ and their outstanding killer cover of Falco’s ‘Rock Me Amadeus’ – not heard that one in years – good one lads!

Could be big!


By Glenn Milligan

Eyelash – Bow To The People
(Eversholt Music Ltd – 2008)

3 women, one bloke and female fronted too – they licked up the crowd at Download last year and there’s little wonder either. Great Riffage guaranteed on hear and this will definitely get wedged in your memory for certain.

They rock big style with electronica in there too. Formed in 2005 and got an album in the can ready to go – imagine an up-to-date Girlschool with as much freshness and spirit.

You have been warned.


By Glenn Milligan

January 2008
Emigrate – S/T
(S/R – 2007)

You may not be familiar with the name, but you will have definitely heard of the mainman’s day job as Emigrate as the brainchild of Richard Z. Kruspe of Rammstein.

At times it’s similar to Rammstein, well it’s gonna be innit but in other ways, it’s more normal like and sometimes get dark ‘n’ sinister like Nine Inch Nails without all the effects but keeps the hard-hitting crunchyness.

Highlights here include the title track, ‘Emigrate’; the gothic meets Culty AC/DC’ness of ‘New York City’; ‘My World’; the in-ya-face Industrial Metallings of ‘This Is What’ & the bonus track ‘Help Me’.

Wonder if there will be a follow-up to this as I wanna get me hand on that.


By Glenn Milligan


ENTHRONED -Tetra-Karcist
(Napalm Records - 2007)

The name rings a bell from before, either them or the other lot with the ‘Hecate...’ on the front end. Either way, we get the usual business with these Belgian veterans, missing out on not one single element integral to the conventional black metal sound.

One factory that is optional to the genre is their favourable variety of tempos, with some large pieces of rhythm line producing a strong bounce-up-and-down-on-top-of-bed sensation to them - that’s assuming you’ve probably trashed the rest of your sleeping quarters along to the first couple of numbers.

Overall, ‘T.K.’ fails to bore drastically even if they are pretty samey in every other area outside that mentioned hereinto, but a respectable job done overall with this one.
Moshers round the world will approve of course.


By Dave Attrill

EPICA - The Divine Conspiracy
(Nuclear Blast - 2007)

Female fronted symphonic metal acts always send me swinging for that play button as soon as the disc is loaded and ready to spin, and on noting that Epica are such a thing themselves, I sat down, ready to savour.

Only this time, I frankly found it a little hard going. Credit IS due to this European fivesome in most places as they route themselves towards more of a goth sound from the start, Epica’s frontwoman being equipped with a flawless range, with her attempts at the higher octaves especially gelling.

Throwing her hard work down the proverbial porcelain implement however are the offensively over-worked vocals of her male band-mates who while quite clearly stellar on their respective instruments as is clearly established, succeed in preventing the listener from appreciating her own for a lot of the eighty minute duration.

Ergo a potentially great sounding epic metal album turns into something frightfully akin to a girl fronted version of eighties Russian act Gorky Park . Not overall categorisable as a poor record, Epica have let too many cooks round the stove here and the resulting spoilt broth sometimes struggles to stay listenable, especially for an album this long.



By Dave Attrill

Emigrate – New York City (CD Single)
(Pilgrim/Motor Music)

You may recognise the guy behind this unit when you mention his day job as he is the guitarist of Rammstein, Richard Z. Kruspe.

This is an uptempo number that is rather different to that of the German Industrial Metallers and has more in common with New Order crossed with elements of bands like AC/DC when it comes to the guitar riffing.

This song has milage and comes out in the wake of 9/11 as well – can’t decide if that’s a good thing or bad thing though. I will you decide on that. Musically and vocally this is spot on though. Comes in a dodgy remixed version as well by Alec Empire.


By Glenn Milligan


Eskimo Brit – Paradise (CD Single)
(SJ Records – 2006)

A trio based in Sheffield, UK who have a female vocalist who addresses the audience from behind the drumkit. They are kinda pop rock and have a mainstream thang goin’ down – so good they are that they won ‘Battle Of The Bands’ in 2006.

This main song is very Alanis Morrisette (or however you spell it) – a happy, laid back acoustic affair that grabs your attention with those high yet velveted silky vocals. The other 2 numbers are great too - ‘Don’t wake the neighbours’’ which is more on the Funky Rock-Blues side of things whereas ‘I Don’t Wanna’ is racin’ rock to get you frothing over.

Look out for them. http://www.eskimobrit.com


By Glenn Milligan

EVIDENCE ONE - The Sky Is The Limit
(AFM - 2007)

Rewind four years back to the second day of that year’s Gods festival at Bradford and the second band on the Penningtons stage that afternoon.

Five young Germans who delivered a truly fresh and original melodic hard rock sound that made them almost more talk of the day than Talisman and Royal Hunt that same weekend. Their name was Evidence One and though impressed as we were with our first taste, subsequent perusals through the pages of Fireworks and Powerplay magazines since let to no further info on them, save for the review of that show.

Thanks to that (not), I catch up with them three albums into their career, this the newest of them evidence itself that I have been robbed of something. A little heavier than I first expected, they do seem to be doing the metal thing if those twin guitar lines are anything to go on, and you could find similarity with top Z/MTM-signed Swedish act Seven Wishes.

The hooks and solos stay with you right from start to end with only the occasional gap of mediocrity waiting to catch you, but anthemic belters like ‘The Sky is’......’, ‘Luxury Of Losing Hope’, ‘Can’t Fight The Past’, ‘Gallery Of Broken Glass’ and stunning closer ‘Raging Winds’ help to carry us straight along over any such holes.

Original guitarist Robby Boebel, a former member of fellow Teutonic scenesters Frontline is sadly no longer in the band but has stayed on as a producer but frontman Carsten Schulz has had the decency to stay in the ranks, he has a unique range that puts its own distinctive layer on this cake and I doubt this cd would be the same in the absence of.

A truly appetising first taste on record at last of this highly promising European act.


By Dave Attrill

Dokken, Helloween, Seven Wishes, Damned Nation.

(Z Records - 2001)

Six years on, the second album by the Swedes is still as great as was back then. One of the first CDs I reviewed for the site, (10/10 by the way) it is worth chasing up, if not only for the cover of Dokken’s ‘Unchain The Night’.

Check out www.zrecords.net for possible info.

Electric Earth – Vol II – Words Unspoken
(Mausoleum Records – 2007)

Not played a Stoner Rock for a while – the last one that kinda fell into that category a bit was Sheffield’s ‘Shrine of the Monkey’. This is pacey fast ‘n’ hard rifferey where everything is at the front of the mix – like in the days of the 60’s and 70’s (man there should be more albums sounding like this). I never heard Vol. 1 but if this is an indication to go by I bet it’s damn good.

Healthy helpings of loud distortive deep riffin chuggery guitar work, strong vocals, deep bass and stick-snappin drum smashin’ thoughout that come via Sweden and highlights include ‘Concubine’; ‘Drowning’; ‘Magnetic Soul’; ‘Little Song’ & ‘Leaving the Darklands’.

File next to ‘Monster Magnet’ & funnily enough ‘Velvet Revolver’ – or somewhere like that.


By Glenn Milligan

March 2007

"Blast from the Past"

Entombed - Left Hand Path
(Earache Records - 1990)

This release is truly a classic Swedish Death Metal album! Lower tuned guitars (I think B or C-tuning) make this sound much heavier. The production was not bad everything seems to mix in properly so no complaints there. It is too bad that they don't play this kind of music any longer. I'd say pick up this release and "Clandestine" their follow-up album.

Vocals are low not much variety (i.e. not many screams) but still it fits the music well. I think that the best part of this release is the guitar riffs. They are heavy and unrelenting plus the solos were quality too by both Uffe and Alex. I remember when this came out I definitely played it out! To me, all the songs are unique.

Even though this not my favorite style of this genre (Death Metal) overall I really enjoyed the vocals, guitars, and drums. There were not that many Swedish Death Metal acts that I particularly enjoy but this is definitely a classic release.

I really like the tone to the guitars. . But overall this band plays some awesome Swedish Death Metal. As I said before everything meshes in perfectly thanks to Tomas Skogsberg.

Track listing:

1. Left Hand Path
2. Drowned
3. Revel In Flesh
4.When Life Has Ceased
5. Supposed To Rot
6. But Life Goes On
7. Bitter Loss
8. Morbid Devourment
9. Abnormally Deceased
10. The Truth Beyond
11. Carnal Leftovers
12. Premature Autopsy


Lars-Göran Petrov - Vocals
Uffe Cederlund - Guitars/Bass
Alex Hellid - Guitars
Nicke Andersson - Drums/Bass


By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

June 2006

"Blast from the Past"

Edwin Dare – Can’t Break Me
(Marmaduke Records – 1994)

One of the finest singers around, I kid you not – Bryce Barnes (now of Tribal Tongue) has a real powerful yet beautiful high-ended voice which is put to its full potential with superior musicianship backing it up. Known well in the Metal surroundings the Guitar God, Jeff Kollman who was also a member of the band plus drummer brother Tom and the well respected, renowned bass-player Kevin Chown – let’s hear it for Edwin Dare.

Syphonic, Orchestral Melodic Metal where every song is completely mesmerizing. Plenty of choral harmonies and well thought out musical arrangements to every song on the album – finding standouts from this album is damn f*ck*n’ hard but if I set my mind to it, I guess I can just about do it – ok, here goes – the opener ‘Feel The Power’ – how Bryce gets that high scream is anyone’s guess – love the solo of Jeff Kollman’s as well and Chown’s funky bass-work. Then there’s the following number ‘Don’t listen to your head’ with the radio voice fx and another fave of mine ‘This Warrior’ with it’s class lyric on the chorus,

‘All of your chains can’t hold down this warrior’

and the bluesin’ funk of ‘End of the Story’ about a guys final days with the spacey guitar sounds. This band is well missed by many people – I must get hold of their other 2 albums.


By Glenn Milligan

Eidolon – The Parallel Otherworld
(Escapi Music – 2006)

American Progressive Metal band – kinda Queenrychey with twists and turns if that makes any sense with 2 of the mainstays being Shawn and Glen Drover who are also guilty of joining Megadeth hence the wait for this album.

Overall this is serious full-on with pretty long songs – the first ‘The Parallel Otherworld’ is well over ten mins with standouts including ‘Ghost World’; ‘Astral Flight’ and the OTT squealings found on ‘The Oath’ with its Iron Maiden/Helloween like guitar sound.


By Glenn Milligan

Curtis Eller’s American Circus – Taking Up Serpents Again
(S/R – 2004)

The full length album from the banjo playing New Yorker genius that features a full band on some of the songs that incorporates many of the songs that you’ll hear in his stage set – it’s pleasurable listening even at times rather macabre such as ‘Stephen Foster’ (about where he died – nice !!) or the fact that Curtis wants some ‘Sugar in my Coffin’ when he dies.

It ain’t all dark stuff though as elsewhere he performs a delectable version of ‘Red Red Robin’ – yes, you read that correct and the joyous ‘Hide that scar’ that is pure Ronnie Lane to a ‘T’ or should be an ‘R’ and an ‘L’.

This is quirk with a capital ‘Q’ but essential with a capital ‘E’. Yep Curtis Eller will form an essential part of you musical listening if you’ve got anything about you.

Log onto www.curtiseller.com to finds out more about this vaudeville extraordinaire.


By Glenn Milligan

Curtis Eller’s American Circus – Banjo Music For Funerals (E.P.)
(S/R – 2002)

A real interesting artist to find on Metalliville, since it ain’t rock but more quirky, folky bluesy stuff performed by a mind-blowing eccentric lookin’ dude on banjo (ok so you guess he played one from the title of the e.p.

‘Last Flight of the Pigeon Club’ concerns a pigeon club that hardly gets any attention from its members – yep – you read that right, ‘Dry Lighting’ is about a horse that’s been bit by a rattlesnake and will be dead by morning – oh yeah – watch out for that yodelling from ole Curtis ! ‘Alaska’ is like almost Southern blues on banjo – it’s vibe and atmosphere is mesmerizing.

If you adore artists like John D. Loudermilk or Ronnie Lane then you will love Curtis Eller too.


By Glenn Milligan

Emergency Gate – Nightly Ray
(The Electric Co./Universal Music - 2006)

A German metal band who are heavy, fresh, up to date and gutsy but who still have elements of old school arrangements on many an occasion but will keep younger fans interested with their bite and hard-edged throaty vocals. They sorta remind me of a less industrial Rammstein in the realms of the dark side of Korn with a gothic symphonic resonance running through them.

It’s an album you get really into and there’s a ton of great tunes on here such as the opening ‘Mighty Ray’; the female harmonied and duetted ‘In My Dreams’; the full-on ‘Soulstreamer’ and a crackin’ cover of ‘Rock Me Amadeus’ originally by Falco. The rest of it is exceptional and they've not lost the accent either which many seem to do.

I reckon these guys will be big very shortly.


By Glenn Milligan

Existend – Consider Retribution
(S/R – 2005)

Sheffield’s answer to the two M’s – Metallica and Megadeth all rolled into one with a bit more which you’re bound to agree with on when you hear ‘Flickering Flame’ which has a few Zakk urrps too.

This ain’t the most uplifting stuff on here – they like being sad and miserable, take ‘Screaming’ for instance or ‘Man or Fire’ as perfect examples.

Be interesting to see what they come up with next – a few love ballads lads – perhaps not in this case.


By Glenn Milligan

Pre-July 2006
Enuff Z’Nuff - ? (Question)
(Perris Records – 2005)

Laid back nice rock from Donnie, Chip, Ricky and Johnny’s current studio album with ‘Gorgious’ and ‘No place like home’ being perfect examples. Doh, I spoke too soon as ‘Hang on for life’ is a beltin’ rocker that wakes me up when I nearly doze of into Z land.

Love their cover of Queen’s ‘Stone Cold Crazy’ and the humour of ‘Joni Woni (likes to ride the pony)’. Overall this is a cookin’ tasty pice of digital plastic from the ‘Beatrick Boys’.

Get well soon ‘Ricky’.


By Glenn Milligan

EYEFEAR - 9 Elecments Of Inner Vision
(Intromental - 2005)

Why the f*** do critics and like-minded cynics seemingly eternally moan about melodic power metal bands sounding like mere Iron Maiden copycats, practically on the account of their vocal styles? Helloween as a chief example get it all the time but in my opinion it is a single-minded way of rubber-tamping every act emerging with the genre today, more than ever.

Eyefear frontman, Danny Cecati may very likely be the closest thing you’ll hear to Bruce Dickinson ever - the resemblance is quite honestly uncanny – but there is a lot more than the mouth to this fiery fivesome. One can easily circle traces of thrash and eighties NWOBHM influence in every one of these nine tunes alongside some very fine Dream Theater tutored tailoring that sells the album, almost alone.

So as not to cause purists any panic, the standard Stratovarious, Ring Of Fire etc similarities do not miss out but this guy’s throat blows ol’ Boalsy boy out of the blue stuff with little force. More of the stuff we love, a few top Euro festival slots will yearn for Eyefear when this disc hits the air.

Very nice boys,very nice.


By Dave Attrill

Helloween, Balance Of Power, Queensryche, Dream Theater, Last Tribe, Stratovarious… oh yeah, and that other lot I mentioned - er…..Iron ….somebody.

EMINENCE - Humanology
(Timeless Productions)

Brazil prided themselves on having produced some damn decent metal acts in the past, most notably S*******a, but like anywhere, that doesn't mean that every outfit out of said land is that good.

This rather formulaic hrdcore thrash outfit seem content with riding on what's passed 20, 000 times before but they keep their heads reasonably above water and some of these tunes can be told apart after you've studied the disc throughout about seven times.

Seventeen tracks might often be testing with this material but catchy thrash riffage at less than infrequent intervals guarantees headbangers in attendance some quality air time. In the end, a worthwhile effort.


By Dave Attrill

Excalion – Promo 2004
(S/R – 2004)

Melodic Power Metal from Finland. Well played material for the genre. It don’t break any boundaries but what the hell. There are 3 tracks on offer here with on eof the best being ‘Reality bends’.

It’s a demo with not the best sound quality in the world but the performances make up for it.


By Glenn Milligan

EARTH - Star Condemn'd

(Iron Fist Productions - 2004)

Not a lost demo from metal legends Black Sabbath recorded under their maiden moniker, Australian six-piece Earth still like to keep things dark 'n' deathly, though to further extent. You guessed it, it's black metal time again!!!

Going in the commercial direction a little bit once more, the riffs and audible guitar harmonies at not infrequent slots with another useful contribution from the keyboards are trying to tell us once more that this type of metal doesn't have to be 100% racket and % tune.

Nigh on rarely do we hear from the metal scene down under, these days, but when we do, it seems not to disappoint. Time to come down to earth, everyone. (Even the joke I got in my Christmas cracker was funnier than that, Dave)


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE; Most of the top British/European scene acts, with keyboards.

8 FOOT SATIVA - Season For Assault
(Black Mark - 2004)

Aussualt on the ears, I take it that means. 8 Foot Sativa's noisy material is not exactly of the sweet, gentle endearing kind or the particularly interesting at that. Treading practically identical lines to those of Slow Roosevelt, this Kiwi quartet come out with produce of practically identical style AND quality.

Bland, predictable, hookless, irritating scream-core, that being of course. Still guaranteed much action in the moshpit, this stuff however continues to lack direction or creativity. Once again preferring to play at being a fourth rate Rage Against The Machine, 8FS are just another fresh-faced offender.


By Dave Attrill

ELVISS - Not Enough
(Karma Lion - 2004)

"One For The money and Two For The Sh….' oh, it's not him. Should have known when I noticed that extra 's' on the end. This hitherto hardly-hear-of foursome's sound is about as far removed from the King, as Rebecca Loos should be from Rooney's missus but all the same a lot more appealing.

Motorhead style riff-lines support 80's/modern day new wave croonings with pleasing effects and hooks abound in most of the three cuts we've been allocated. Give 'em a spin if you can.


By Dave Attrill

ENCHANT - Live At Last
(SPV/Inside-Out - 2004)

'Live at last', you say? Now, before we get started, didn't Black Sab. oh forget it. In truth, the last two words of such title are quite operative in my case as it's the first time have managed to come by any material by San Francisco prog titans Enchant. As a bonus fro my troubles, I find myself treated to a two-and-a-half-hour live set comprising of a third of each of their albums, according to frontman Ted Leonard.

If this incredible double pack is anything to go by then these albums must be worth pinching as this five-piece offer something serious to the uneducated, especially in Leonards' own roof-lifting output. Keeping epic keyboard histrionics to a minimum, their more straight-ahead arrangements have all the same successfully merited them their sturdy following across the scene, testified by the volume of applause by the occupants of the relatively small venue.

Typically titanium performances from all musicians as is standard in this scene, on songs averaging seven-eight minutes, Enchant would do well to chalk in a few UK dates on their schedules - prog rock may of course be limited in its following over here but those who do still care - it's impossible to stop 'em.

A stunning introduction to a stunning band.


By Dave Attrill

Europe - Start from the Dark
(T and T/Sanctuary - 2004)

This is the same band but you wouldn't realise it as the music has gone from the flowery keyboard pop (a la 'The Final Countdown') and gone for a more modern vibed stoner like approach with good examples of this new direction being 'Got to have faith'; 'Start from the dark' and 'Hero Song'.

Joey's voice is there but he's not going to top the top notes like he used to and sounds more like Robbie Williams at times - especially in 'Reason' that's comes across like a Stiltskin number. There's some great songs on the album like 'Sucker' about a girl who's obsessed with guitarists in bands. 'Settle for Love' is a real nice ballad that harks back to the band of old - fans of 'Carrie' will like this one.

Fans who want a load of songs that rehash their old sounds will be disappointed but if you've moved on from all that then you'll like it a lot. It's a pleasure to welcome back this renown Swedish outfit.


By Glenn Milligan

EDGEWATER - Inhale (1-track promo single)
(Wind Up - 2004)

Being off the same label as Drowning pool does have its degree of recommendation - that's recommendation to take the bl**der out of the case and play it in most translations. This offering from fellow Americans Edgewater avoids the anti-climax tag but not by the widest of margins. Stinker it certainly ain't before you panic but I found this number a lot less immediate and less unpredictable than other material from the Wind-Up production line of late in spite of its quite meaningful, gliding guitar/vocal arrangement.

The hooks here didn't exactly show themselves to begin with and lacking anything that drilled in until the third listen, it definitely took its time to catch on but it's still a big one for the main fans.


By Dave Attrill

(Demolition Records - 2004)

Coming from a non English -speaking country has often spelt little deterrent for bands round the world preferring to sing in the world's most universal language rather than their native tongue but as we know, not all bands find it that easy. Japanese rockers Electric Eel Shock are still amidst the doldrums where that is concerned, otherwise their mish mash of messily arranged lyrics in English and their own lingo through these fourteen tunes -some are a mixture of both - would have been less excusable by this review.

That dealt with, some pleasant pop n' roll in the vein of Hellacopters and Blink 182 amongst others is served up by this quite talked-about band and even if you can't translate, there are a few hooks audible, believe it or not. A bit of a bugger to get used to, at first, but worth it.


By Dave Attrill

Steve Ellis - A Sort of Innocence
(Purple Haze Records - 2004)

The Love Affair frontman's latest that features artists like Roger Daltrey playing harmonica on 'Yellow Rose of Texas' and 'Nu Clear Blues' (a number that pays tribute to many old well-loved standards); ex-Saxon Drummer, 'Nigel Glockler' and even Paul Weller.

Steve gives you many delights herewith such as two versions of the classic 'Everlasting Love' (studio and live). Overall it's a mighty good contemporary adult orientated album with many songs looking back on when we were younger, now we've grown up a wee bit - 'Turn to Stone'; 'Little One' and 'Best of Days' being perfect examples.

This album is a celebration of memories of a lifetime and how times change. A well recommended fresh, light and loving release.


By Glenn Milligan

ENSOPH- Opus Dementae
(Cruz Del Sur - 2004)

I think I've seldom encountered such a bunch of weirdos as the four gentlem... er, excuse me, one woman and three gentlemen who appear on the back of this sleeve. If sight makes you wonder what can be said for their sound- this lot are something else in quite the literal meaning of the expression.

An amalgam of dark metal noises and sometime quite progressive explorations capped by aggressive and at a fair fraction of times, duel-way male/female vocal functionings, Ensoph's offerings are very hard to match as much as twenty percent with any one or number of particular other groups, even within their own corner of the rock n'roll room. Hence to sum this latest promising European lot up, I can only say that they sound as mad as they look - and that's mad enough for me. Er yes, by thew way it is recommended.


By Dave Attrill

ECLIPSE - Second To None
(Frontiers - 2004)

This label, along with MTM, seems to have become a refuge for ex-Z Records signees of late. Sweden's Eclipse's second album sees them switch contracts but keep standards the same. I couldn't help but have noticed their somewhat alternative leanings on their previous album which are even easier to notice on a lot of these tunes here - some of these numbers may be of appeal to a good few Blink 182 or Offspring fans. However, casting that rather cynical view aside, there's still a lot of meat on the melodic rock bone to be chewed at here.

This is a diverse and entertaining hard rock album from the Stockholm foursome and songs like 'Always Standing', 'All I Do', 'Streets Of Gold', 'Nothing Between Us', 'Road To Forever' - a Poley-era Danger Danger fan's wet dream if ever there was one - and 'Light Of Day' beckon for many listens. On the quality of most of this material, I'm wondering if Mark Alger may have let them go too soon, but hey, at least they're now eligible to play the Gods festival - and we very much hope they do.



By Dave Attrill

ED GUY - Hellfire Club
(Nuclear Blast - 2004)

This is seriously one of the best power metal acts I have ever heard (this promotional copy having narrative describing each song). There's a dozen numbers in all that range from explosive majestic metal (like 'Mysteria') to orchestral ballads (such as 'Forever').

It's highlights galore on this German bands latest release. Take the Dio-esque 'The Piper Never Dies'; the humourous 'Lavatory Love Machine' about having sex with beatiful air stewardess on a crashing plane; the beautiful 'The Spirit will remain' that's an epic with lone vocals that's very celtic styled with just an orchestra that's full of supremely sung high notes that are real hard to do.

Need I say anymore - just buy it and you'll regret nothing - this is the ultimate.


By Glenn Milligan

Enuff Znuff - Welcome to Blue Island
(Perris Records - 2004)

Ok, so Donnie never seems to materialise in the UK but he's the lead vocalist when it comes to the studio anyway.

Having been disappointed with them live, the 'blue island album easily matches the epic 'Animals with Human Intelligence'. The melodies are Beatley at times but not too OTT with stand-outs being the sentimentally 'n' romantic 'Sanibel Island' with its girls and alcohol visions imprinted in your head; 'Roll Me' which is rather like The Beatles 'The Word'; 'Man without a heart' plus even bonus tracks like The Beatle's 'Hide your love away' and Donnie performing an acoustic version of Nirvana's 'No Apologies'.

EZN's 12th album is one of those that'll have you saying 'Play it again, Sam'


By Glenn Milligan

Dec. 2003
EIDOLUM - Sacred Shine
(Perris Records - 2003)

The material's here is initially similar to the band 'Wyzard' but a wider amalgam of the 80's British Metal scene, taking in the early days of the extreme end of it, before our American friends made their moves. That touched on as it may be, it's still at the best of times with the same melody as Wyzard and quality guitar work straight from the good ol' days when you could see stuff like this at your city hall, every other week, and although I'm a generation younger, I'd still recommend it if you find it on release, anywhere.

Just be warned though lads, keep it away from Kerrang,.. they have been known to give the occasional No-K review.


By Dave Attrill

November 2003
El Caco - Solid Rest
(Black Balloon records - 2003)

Their debut 'Viva' was promising but their second release 'Solid rest' simply comes across like a handful of other albums in the stoner world. All in all, the truth is, is that it is rather depressing and miserable and won't really be appreciated unless you are new to the scene.

It's just chuggy guitars and has no originality to it whatsoever. This band can do better. The only song that really stands out is 'Mrs. Coma' - a quieter number that's like a different band altogether.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

ENCHANT - Tug Of War
(Inside Out/SPV - 2003)

The first impression I get from hearing Enchant's latest release is that it sounds more earthy than their previous releases. Clearly through and time have been spent on the general rhythm of the album which is diverse, strong and solid with the bass and percussion to move and come through in the songs.

The overall hard-edged sound of 'Tug…' is complemented by the contrast in slow flowing harmonies that add great feel. Ted Allen's clear vocals and thoughtful lyrics keep the album tight and on course with the definite direction that Enchant are going with it. A change in sound direction is a good thing when it doesn't spoil the formula. And 'Tug Of War' undergoes it competently.


By Steve Windle

EVERGREY - Recreation Day
(Inside-Out/SPV - 2003)

Reviewing this album by these guys is the first time I've heard of the band or their stuff, and I'm well impressed. It comes across as power metal sound with death/goth influences mixed in. Big chunky guitars, thousand-mile-an-hour solos, strong raw vocals and prominent and effective keyboard work all wrapped in plenty of reverb to give that nice big sound with enough depth and feel to keep you hooked.

Though fast, the song-writing and structure are not sacrificed for the sake of speed. There's an interesting mix further into the album as it goes heavy from the start through to the middle and then mellows out with the bonus track at the end.



By Steve Windle

Bob Ernst - Hands On
(Big Duck Records - 2002)

Young New Jersey boy, Bob Ernst (who's gonna be well sought after soon) has recorded a 4 track e.p. that's bluesy, wailing and technically essential. The guitar sound reminds me of ZZ Top on the title track itself 'Hands On'.

'Beggars Delight' is chilled stuff and 'Desert Flower' is real mellow vibed that's like a relaxing Carlos Santana in an Eric Clapton kinda way.

'Tex Mess' is a funky blues delight and appears to salute the talents of the late great Texan, Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Quality Music.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Ellis - III
(Foolish Art Music - 2002)

Now signed to Favored Nations, front-woman Stacey Ellis is a good old funky young Miss who means good music business alongside her guitarist Husband, Brett Ellis and drummer/percussionist Mike McFarland.

Glenn Hughes loves 'em and no wonder - he even duets with Stacey on the track 'Growing Wise'. Ellis highlight without a problem and I gotta recommend the funky 'Have you seen her', a cover of Stevie Wonder's Superstition' as well as the Zep it acoustically format which works a treat on 'Empty Pockets'.

Ellis are eloquently eclectic and unafraid to break into various contemporary styles that aren't around on the forefront of the marketplace in this day and age.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Evanescence - Going Under (Single)
(Wind-Up Entertainment - 2003)

This like it's predecessor 'Bring me to life' has that chuggin' guitar rhythm, Amy Lee's amazing soprano vocals and haunting atmosphere that has now become the bands trademarks. A short guitar solo can be heard as well which makes a pleasant change to much of today's output.

The song 'Going Under' although hardish also has a mellow side to it and lyrically concerns giving all of yourself to somebody and receiving nothing in return and then getting over the fact.

It's likely to be a hit but can't see reaching No. 1 but I could be wrong - time will tell.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Pre-July 2003
Evanescence - Fallen
(Wind-Up Records - 2003)

Kinda Gothic but at the same time in-your-face Nu-metal (but not to the point of brutal noise or anything like that) as well as having the beautifully voiced soprano, Amy Lee in the vocal seat. Evanescence are probably the best act that Wind-Up have signed - they even played at the Download Festival at Donnington Park on May 31st, 2003.

What makes them different are the exceptionally well thought out melodies that are haunting, electrifying and downright outstanding.

'Bring me to life' should be the single of the year (as featured in the film, 'Daredevil') but that's just a glimpse of this amazing album. The Orchestral 'My Immortal' is irresistible; 'Imaginary' is melodramatic decadence' and then there's the weird electronica metal of 'My Last Breath'.

'Evanescence' arethe band that could bridge the gap between Gothic Metal and Nu-Metal.

Completely breathtaking in every way.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Every Mother's Nightmare - Smokin' Delta Voodoo
(Perris Records - 2001)

Laying down the tracks solid with their hard edged southern hard rock, EMN released this in 2001 (their 3rd album but 1st for Perris). My God, what a ballsy outing it is too. Twelve tracks greet ya and highlights include the aggressively touched burners like the beefy 'Pray'; the brilliantly melodic 'E34 (Unwritten Law)' with its makin' love love led rhythm section that's blues-up with a pumping pre-chorus and the gutsy 'Wire' with its addictive bass-line and lead guitar riff or the haunting title track itself.

Rick Ruhl and the rest of the 'mare returned to the scene and they've been there ever since.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

EVENT - Scratching At The Surface

(Inside Out - 2003)

There have been some wild, wacky, unusual, interesting and bloody impressive cross-styled rock/metal acts on the production belt of late.. Oh, here's another one coming along now. What have we got here then? F***ing hell, what in the name of Gomorrah's goolies is this?! Event sound either like the Police actually bothering to write a full album's worth of above-decent songs or Nickelback, themselves, U2 and umpteen Kerrang-friendly contemporary acts have met each other in a crowd and shared a few ideas.

You can also decipher a smattering of Harem Scarem styling audible in the large half of the album's running time and one or two tracks that have that ever-so-slight Sick Of It All likeness - with that risky album title, you'd think they've be in enough trouble with Koller and Co as it is.

Let's be fair, I've heard faintly similar ideas used on other recent releases such as the barnstorming Yakuza album but they're good ideas, that's what counts. And you should all know the equation by now - good ideas = good music = good album = good mark.


By Dave Attrill

Dave Evans - One Hell Of A Night (A Tribute to Bon Scott)

(Perris Records - 2002)

The original vocalist of AC/DC performs down under in Melbourne, Australia with a fitting band, 'Thunderstruck' - I you can't guess who they are a tribute to can you This gig took place 20 years after the death of Bon Scott and released for your great devour. He's not the greatest of singers and ropes in a few bum notes - but give the guy credit - not many can say they fronted a band with Angus and Malcolm Young.

What really makes it worth having is a live version of the very hard to find number 'Rockin' in the Parlour' - the b-side of 'Can I sit next to you girl' as well as jewels that you never hear AC' perform like 'It's a long way to the top' - complete with bagpipe sounds and the f*ck you attitude of 'Rock 'n' Roll Singer', one of the band only ballads 'Ride On' and one their only covers, 'Baby, please don't go'.

The sound quality is outstanding but at times Dave is a little bit low in the mix and is over-shadowed by the guitars.

The gig is finished with Bon's fitting epiphany 'Highway to Hell' - well what else!


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Evanescence - Bring me to life (Advance 1 track)
(Wind-up Records - 2002)

You're gonna hear this a lot at the cinema over the next few months. The female fronted Gothic, Modern Nu-metal outfit features Paul Mccoy (from 12 Stones) on this number. It's haunting material and catchy as well and coming from the recently released film 'Daredevil'.

This is the sounds of dark, velvet coated gothic dreams. It's gonna stick into your memory, like it or not.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Every Mother's Nightmare - Live Songs From Somewhere
(Perris Records - 2002)

Recorded around the various venues in the United States. It's Southern, it's dirty and it's Every Mother's Nightmare banging out kickin' numbers like the bar boogie of 'Long Hair Country boy' (that I remember local Yorkshire/Derbyshire, UK cover band 'Cold Gin' bash out on many occasions - so that is who did the original).

To give the guys a break from their own stuff other artists classics are played such as Alice Cooper's 'Eighteen' and Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Saturday Night Special' but needless to say you get a fine helping of material from the 'Deeper Shade of Grey' and 'Smokin' Delta Voodoo' albums as well.

These boys are still provin' that they are as relevant as they were back in the late 80's/early 90's, when the nightmare began.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

(Century Media Records - 2002)

Evenfall from Italy, hit our shores with what can only be described as original melodic death/doom metal and a mixture of gothic influences, combined with an angelic vocal delivery of a highly talented female vocalist Roberta Staccuneddu that takes out the tortured vocals of Ansgar Zoschg

'Cumbersome' is a new style for Evenfall and comes across through a variety of emotions as it's atmospheric dark influences erupt into the air we breath, this new style of metal is an eye opener for the sort of people who listen to death, doom and black metal with it's gothic and electronic innuendos.

Evenfall have released and interesting and exciting 10 track CD, which has a mixture of bands like 'Sister of Mercy', 'Theatre of Tragedy', 'Bal-Sagoth' and 'Kovenant' to add but a few names. With it's seven member line up, Evenfall have got a stable relationship among themselves that can be heard throughout the 50 minutes of whirlwind feelings and extreme energy.


By Tony Watson

Stefan Elmgren's Full Strike - We will Rise
(Spitfire Records - 2002)

No prizes for guessing right that you're gonna get a Power Metal album from this outfit, especially since it's founder and lead guitarist is also the same mad axeman from Hammerfall. 1st time around it's a bit like wallpaper music but after several listens it grows on you a lot - the blazen shining ballad, 'Silent Screams' especially - a song that is at the same standard as 'Wind of Change' By The Scorpions. Another stand-out is the spectacular instrumental going by the name of 'First Strike'.

Most of the songs have that fast chugga-dugga style that at times does get rather tedious but the vocal harmonies do wonders especially when they are wonderfully arranged to melt in and become another instrument around the melody with exploive examples being 'We will Rise' and 'Mandrake's Dream' and the closer, 'Force of the World'.

An exasperating album from 4 guys who all met at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood a few full moons ago- these being Stefan Elmgren (Guitar); Niclas Johnson (Vocalist), Chris Johnson (Bass) and Bjorn Frickland (Drums) - it just had to be done after the success that Stefan had with the first 3 Hammerfall albums.

Next up - the new release from Hammerfall.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Eternal Elysium - Share
(I Used To F*ck People Like You In Prison Records - 2002)

Fancy a bit of bluesy grooving, crunching, Sabbath orientated Stoner, then if so, this'll sooth your soul. The Double E is what you need after a round with the Double O (that's Ozzy Osbourne to any of you laymen out there) especially if you want to top it off with a big bag of drink 'n' drugs. This album is the modern soundtrack - this you can be sure.

If the drugs don't get ya, then this band certainly will - and before you ask, no they aren't American, but surpisingly enough come from Japan and here to kick your ass with heavy guts of phased guitar, pendular stregth drumming and wailing harsh vocals. It really is a treat from the stoner rock of 'Shizy' to the poppyness of 'Movements and Vibe' or the Geezer Butler styles blues of 'No Answer'.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS


To put cut a long story short, we have three extremely talented musicians, two school pals by the names of Dylan Donkin singer/guitars and Brian Sagrafena funk/jazz drums, with also a world famous bass guitarist Metallica's Jason Newstead. It all started off as a bit of a laugh, the jam sessions were loose and strictly for fun. For five years Dylan, Brian and Jason have been playing what they call 'Wonderful soup music' in the Chophouse (Jason's home studio).

This ten track CD is a loose, pop-tangled rock record with a vocal content full of emotion between the likes of Jeff Buckley and Chris Cornell, an irregular funk drummer who has the rhythm that flows like a river, and of course Jason, with his introspective softer vibe, which mixes well with acoustic guitars and the odd noir string work from the San Francisco and National Symphonies.

This is a moody CD that leans towards the likes of Radiohead with the melodic edgy rock beats of Soundgarden and Alice in Chains but also the elements of psychedelia. The CD is a swirling mess with incredible melodic hooks, from the start of 'Colder World' through 'Spoonfed' to 'We are Ghosts' to finish off with 'Crying Shame' it will either hypnotise you or it will end up in the bin.

Don't think that Jason is the main man in this three-piece band, he isn't. Dylan and Brian develop most of the compilations and their own sound, Jason has just pushed it forward. If you are expecting a full on thrash assault because of Jason then be prepared to be disappointed, it won't happen.

There are also guest appearances by Kirk Hammett who plays guitar on 'SuckerPunch' and Jim Martin who plays guitar on 'Spoonfed' and banjo on 'The Crazy Song' a hidden track after track ten.

If you have that open mind to music, be prepared to be blown away with this exciting development that sounds like one massive jam session. Expect to hear more from Echobrain in the future, as this CD will sweep around the world harder and faster than a tornado.


By Tony Watson

Empire - Hypnotica
(Lion Music 2001)


An all-star Melodic Rock Super-Group of the highest order featuring two former members of Rainbow - Neil Murray (Bass) and Don Airey (Keyboards). The Drummer, Gerald Kloose is a fine player who has a unique snare rolling style - it's almost jazz. Balance of Power's Lance King takes on the lead vocal role and Rolf Munkes is the shredding guitar extraordinaire.

It's very, very musical and so impressive that it comes across as too much at times - but with a line-up like this - who's complaining. Opener, 'Hypnotic' fades up like your witnessing a space-age computer centre which travels into a pounding melodic rocker called 'Fool in Love' about love being longer lasting than you previously thought it would be - Nice solo Rolf !!

'Spread My Wings' - "till the walls come tumblin' down", I hear you say, is a stormer of a song - a ballad at that - then later there's the classy and cheesy'ish 'Bad Bad Boy' that's almost pop-rock (musically, it's sort of Danny Danzi meets Mr. Big, Johnny Lima and Bon Jovi) or 'Here I am' with it's deep voice over section. 'Another time, another place' is pure cock rock - cool - I dig this loads !!

In fact any track on the entire album is well worth checkin' out - quite sincerely the material here is a melodic, musical dream to the ears - perfection and straight to the point professionalism is waiting to greet you.



By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Every Mother's Nightmare - Back Traxx
(Perris Records - 2001)

Deep South Delta Blues meet C Rock at it's most classiest. Imagine Skid Row meets Cinderella and Jackyl with the occasional burst of violins, like the opener, 'Southern Way' with its heavy ball bustin' blues riff or its dirty hard chuggerishy/stoner styled successor 'Muddy Water' - Originality that's what you get here without selling out of the presumed rock genres.

This album sees Every Mother's Nightmare touch on Redneck Country Blues with
the bango pickin' 'Ride the train' - I'm speechless - it's just soooo good!!! 'Dawg' has G'NR's 'Rocket Queen' riff creepin' in and out - you can imagine Axl Rose screamin' his rocks off at any second - but Rick Ruhl has no competition on this number.

Elsewhere the good old sleazy vocal slingin' is there - complete with to blue-rock perfection on selections such as 'River' that reminds me of the Beatles 'Let it Be' album classic 'I've got a feeling' but bluesier or the arousive hard rocking 'Too far gone' with more of that knock-out banjo pickin' but with an added bonus - some exceptional violin playin', needless to say the awesome short but sweet guitar solo.

Track number 13 - probably called 'Life's been good' (but I may be wrong as it ain't listed on the promo sheet) is a real mother of country rocker that sees the band come across with the British brilliance of The Rolling Stones and The Faces (thanks to the Woody sounding, (perhaps inspired) slide guitar riff), there's even a hint of Steve Harley in there too because the end of the chorus reminds me of 'Come up and see me (make me smile)'.

It's an album that has elements of Drivin' n' Cryin' and Dogs D'Amour in there too - and when you have a band as delectable as EMN then you get the best Sleazy Blues-Rock album that money can buy !!!!



By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Every Mother's Nightmare - Deeper Shade of Grey
(Perris Records 2001)

Another new studio album out already - and it doesn't seem five minutes since 'Smokin' Delta Voodoo' was released. It comes across as sophisticated Indie rock as opposed to the old Cock-Rock style that a lot of people know them for. It's far more sophisticated and hardly anything like I expected it to be.

'Hello Darkness' and 'Fly Away' are outstanding melodious numbers especially the latter which is one of those cock-rocking stunner epics with a brilliant wailing guitar solo. The bulk of it just doesn't stand out at all. It's more like the musical equivalent of plain bland old wallpaper which is a shame because their other release 'Back Traxx' is a F*cking awesome blues rock treat that I gave 10/10.

I get the impression that Every Mother's Nightmare are trying to change their direction - but is it the right one - time will tell. Call me stuck in the party, partyness of the 80's - this album did little for me.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Pre - 2002

David Glen Eisley - The Lost Tapes
(Frontiers/Now and Then - 2001)

This album is especially for those of you who wish that the hard-edged cock-rockers 'Dirty White Boy' had released a follow up to their one and only release 'Bad Reputation' - not to mention a 3rd album from 'Giuffra'.

Over 13 years on, 13 unreleased tracks land on my lap and I'm pleased to say I wasn't in any way disappointed - in fact I was overjoyed when I gave this a spin. O.K. - the material was recorded around 13 years ago in the period spanning '87' and '88' - but it stands up against any melodic rock or cock rock for that matter that's released these days - in fact it's probably better!!! Hats off to Frontiers for signing David Glen Eisley he's worth his weight in gold!!! and issuing these great numbers as 'The Lost Tapes' - that includes songs which are simply far too good to gather dust like the ballsy rocker 'Slip of the Tongue' (not to be confused with the Whitesnake ditty) or the rootsy live rawness of 'Boothill Blues'.

Check out the swirling zoom guitar effects on the intro of the bangin' 'Golden Town' - which is very reminiscent of the melodic power that's associated with Magnum (when they reach their absolute peak). There's the unmistakable style of Dirty White Boy in 'Are You Ready' - which'll receive a joyous reaction everywhere or 'Lay Down your Love' that's a towering musical inferno of brilliance.

'The Lost Tapes' is an album that many artists will find very hard to match.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

El Caco - Viva

(Music for Nations/Black Balloon Records - 2001)

A new signing and heralding from Norway - El Caco are a trio which comprises of Oyvind Osa (Vocals/Bass), Thomas Frederiksen (Drums) and Anders Gjesti (Guitar) who incorporate glorious amounts of different vibes in just one album. It's like moulding in the supercharged state of Monster Magnet with the unpredictable direction of Faith No More with the meatiness of Alice in Chains and Soundgarden.

They've been together since 1998 and when translated their name means 'The Thief' - but don't accuse them of stealing styles (because let's face it, who isn't guilty of this). 'Oh Yeah', to me, is a decent mirror-image of Soundgardens 'Rusty Cage' for the new millennium. 'Cosmic' could have been penned by The Cult - due to its spine-chilling dark rocking mood and tasty bass-line. The real stand-out has got to be the sharp acoustic guitar ruled number going by the name of 'Mescaline' which is a short instrumental stint at Country and Folk Blues. If you like old-school grunge mixed in with in with the current breed of stoner rock bands - then here's another band that'll do it for you.


by Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Emerald Rain - Perplexed to the Extreme

(2001 Frontiers/Now and Then Records)

Emerald Rain are a magnificent melodic hard rock band that hail from Toronto, Canada. They were originally called 'Pain' who formed in '1995, recorded two albums for the Japanese label Alfa/Brunette, but later changed their name to Emerald Rain, after drummer Jevon Rudder left the band. They also changed style to what they are now.

'Perplexed to the Extreme' is the bands 3rd studio album and with new drummer 'Randy Cooke' (who's done sessions for artists like Lee Aaron and Sass Jordan, to name but a few). They have unleashed some brand new Power-Rocking slick ballads and some glorious highs all round.

Their line-up comprises of:

Murray Dingle - Lead/Backing Vocals/Acoustic Guitars/Keyboards/Finger Cymbals
Mike Dmitrovic - Lead and Rhythm Guitars/Backing Vocals/Keyboards
Sean Gregory - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Randy Cooke - Drums

They really do ooze pizzazz and energy. Simply light up your nights and basically, your entire lives with this grandiose release of melodic rock supremacy. You'll be graced with ballads like 'Just like Anyone' about trying to tell someone how you really feel about them or mammoth rockers like the in-your-face 'You' (which must be where the 'Pain' influence comes in). 'You' is a very Iron Maiden meets Helloween sort of ditty - that suddenly goes down a gear in a sing-along sort of style. It has a bumblebee guitar riff, which is a full-on salute to guitarists like Malmsteen and Vai. Top Stuff!!!

Similar in style to 'You' is the track entitled 'Numb' which has a twin vocal style to it and lyrically about losing faith in various situations and basically, life in general.

If you're a lover of phasing guitar effects, big vocals with strong statements and syncopated drum techniques then 'Until your blind' will more than satisfy your ears. The instrumental/guitar solo section is fantastic as well.
The closer, 'Live it all Again', is a fabulous up-tempo rocker about being used.

To put it plainly, 'Perplexed to the Extreme' is just over 40 minutes of Melodic Rock Glory.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Entombed - Morning Star
(Music For Nations - 2001)

A single thud every 3 seconds then single notes. A quick tinkle of the ivories which creates an early ambient feel then after a minute it rips into a pounding of drums and power chords - but what surprised me most was an understandable vocal content of 'Chief Rebel Angel' - Is this really Entombed?

I expected Entombed being like Napalm Death, Paradise Lost and Kreator - not taking on the forms of Slayer, Sepultura, Soulfly and a bit of No Means No thrown in for good measure.

What can I say, from an excellent start to an even bigger finish with drum riffs that you would expect from Dave Lombardo, the vocal quality of Tom Araya with hard hitting power riffs of Sepultura and No Means No. I have not heard a CD for a long time where there are no bad tracks. Starting off with 'Chief Rebel Angel'; an acoustic middle in 'Bringer of Light' and tracks like 'I for and Eye'; 'Ensemble of the restless'; 'Out of heaven'; 'Fractures' and 'About to Die' which hit you like a nuclear blast then finishing off with the slow, hard-hitting, thumping track 'Mental Twin'.

We have 12 tracks of pure brilliance and I cannot see any other CD being as fulfilling as 'Morning Star' this year. This CD goes alongside my top ten thrash CD' list of all time alongside the likes of Metallica's 'Master of Puppets'; Slayer's 'Reign in Blood'; SOD's 'Speak English or Die' and Kreator's 'Pleasure to Kill'

37.02 minutes of love making of the ear drums.


By Tony Watson


Similar in style to Coronach (who appear in the C section of CD Reviews) but taking things further up the ladder, fellow Statesmen Epoch Of Unlight clutch you by the throat and slit it harder and quicker. The vocals commence sooner into the opening track this time round the ride - practically identical that the two bands' vocalists (and zillions like 'em) may sound. Interestingly, this album is a lot faster with no epic length tracks and the whole damn thing spins through shreds its way through in 35 minutes, barely longer than the Coronach disc did. What they lose in length however, they make up for in melody. You could compose your own little songs to sing along with some of the licks licking away at you here, perhaps barring the 200mph moments.

The album is composed almost in its entirety by drummer Tino LoSicco which probably accounts for the complex percussion histrionics which you thought only Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy had a licence for doing. Vocalist/guitarist Jason Smith only appears once in the songwriting credits that is a pity as with this bloke's talent in evidence, he deserves more say in the compositions department. This is purely heavy metal for those who enjoy headbanging for hours on end with hand extended in devil sign throughout - which I can still get away with every now and then.


By Dave Attrill

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