IRON GUTS KELLY - Bloody Kansas
(Violent Pacification Records - 2016)

I never really thought Kansas was big enough for bands....let alone hardcore. Lawrence quartet, Iron Guts Kelly, named after a character from 'M*A*S*H', have their roots set in hardcore since school age.

You'd never have thought that their founder members spent several intermittent years in a pop punk act once you play this album if it's your first taste of their fearsome old school prowess, however. Herding angry, Agnostic Front and GBH flavoured elements into the pen and letting them fight is how the sound of of 'Operations Overlord', 'The Pig The Lawyer The Lie', 'Trioxin Rain', 'Death's Road' and 'Ho Chi Mihn Hell' has come to being.

Caked in a mix of metal, sludge and stoner groove guitar, 'Bloody Kansas' the bands sixth album introduces a lot more influence to you than you expect as it travels along with the massively melodic 'Sunless Saturday' and an unexpectedly generous synth involvement. They then  add to  the crop bigger still by digging a little Megadeth soil in, with 'Battle Hymn of The Lycan', probably the best track of the ten.

Nasty but not without substance, plus a vocalist who you can still decipher every word within his growling delivery, Iron Guts Kelly are a band with an engine on their back. Catchy old fashioned HC with hard rock aftertaste that you can't spit out and expect to lose straightaway.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.irongutskelly.com




Imperial Jade – Please Welcome
(Lengua Armada – 2015)


A killer rock band who acome from Calella, Barcelona and no doubt making quite an impact in the area if this debut is anything to go by.

Highlights are the Wolfmother like ‘Satyr’; ‘High On You’ with its harmonica playing; the cool titled ‘Double Tongue Woman and the album finisher ‘Fire Burning Sound’ that has a real Deep Purple organ style running through it.

Keep it coming…


By Glenn Milligan

Iron Bastards – Boogie Woogie Violence
(Black N’ Purple Records – 2015)

Basically a French equivalent of Motorhead – nothing more, nothing less and there’s nothing up with that!

Right from ‘Jungle Speed’ through to the 18th track ‘Pancho Villo (Live)’ it doesn’t let up for a second with every possible trademark thrown in from style to sound of the instruments to the vocals. Highlights include ‘Fast & On Time’; the blues ballad ‘Burning On The Giant Chair’; ‘Rock This Place’; ‘Live With The Change’ & ‘Animals’ among much more on offer here!



By Glenn Milligan

January/February 2016

ISURUS – Logocharya
(S/R - 2015)

It seems that these days any decent progressive metal - apparently - has to have come from the US, Germany or Scandinavia to make any guaranteed impact.

Well Isurus are from here in jolly old Blighty and bursting to make that same impact. Trying it out without keyboards or the soaring operatic pipes that pepper many a symphonic metal release, shifts most acts towards a more extreme metal market but Isurus vocalist Braun Amore's scoury contempory voice sews both sides of the fabric together with an alternative outer sheet. Tight, thrash-flavoured guitars commandeer most of the sixty two minute duration but with a rising rhythmical drive that you don't feel beneath you at the off.

Fearsome, old fashioned chugging is just one of the bullets in guitarist David Bonney's talented belt, tucked in amongst a few that have might have belonged to Dream Theater's arsenal. Lumpy but loud progressions make the longer tracks much more easier to run through than walk, and there soon develops a facility for telling each apart. Close to bring an acquired taste on entry, the second album by these ambitious Londoners slams down in front of you and seems like not bring wanted to lift away.... until you play (it). Best get on - those table legs might be about to go...


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: King Crimson, Coheed and Cambria, Metallica & Nirvana.

NET:  www.isurusband.com


(S/R - 2015)

Inner Odyssey are a French-Canadian prog/alternative outfit formed back in 2007 and who have endured a seemingly bumpy ride over most of the intervening eight years.

Struggling to get things off the ground the line up, led by lead guitarist Vincent LG had eventually released a debut album by 2011 to critical acclaim on the native soil. This second full-length effort was buckled for some time by a split with original vocalist Pier-Luc Garand Dion before drummer Etienne Doyon took over, (whilst still remaining behind the kit.) Doubtlessly worth the wait, this hour-plus platter is a finely performed slab of avant garde rock that rekindled all the greatest, if not so latest, the scene has to its laurels.

Set against a shimmering indie/grunge lenses, subtle ambience spews forth all over, from the direction of ‘Why Am I Here', 'Something More', ‘My Purpose', ‘Losing Your Mind', ‘Crawl', the exquisite piano-driven ‘Introspection' and ‘You Are Not Alone'. Delicate solos,from founding maestro Vincent and a well used selection of keyboard shape-throwings by Mathieu Chamberland drive and push each song along, grating sacrely even once.

Strong chord walls and swooping vocals slide the top layer across with absolute aplomb. Bringing on the acoustic guitar, the awe-inspiring ‘Lifelong Misery' then attacks mid course with a massive Nirvana-Meets-Korn chorus chord assault you just would not see coming until even the split last second. The lyrics as penned by ex-frontman Grand Dion grace this CD with their guiding depth and a mild darkness that matches up more with outfits off the Seattle production line.

Not the only drummer-fronted Canadian act of profile (Exciter,Triumph and Von Groove are already long established in that elite squad) Inner Odyssey are an exceptionally talented, diverse and professional bunch of young men set on eventually making their mark on the genre,preferably in unwashsable black ink.

Get this one bought!


By Dave Attrill

VERY RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Dream Theater, Threshold & Asia.

NET: innerodyssey.bandcamp.com/album/ascension

Ironaut – S/T (E.P.)
(S/R – 2015)

Deep ‘n’ down-tuned brutal ‘n’ throaty Metal sounds throughout from Los Angeles, California that features Erik Kluiber (formerly of White Wizzard & Gypsyhawk) on Bass/Vocals alongside Guitarist, Pat McHugh & Drummer, Ivan Najor.

Not the kind of thing to play to Granny at all since this will give her a fatal heart attack or shock back to life and then kill her off again. There’s some amazing riffery on here guitar-wise especially on ‘Acid Wash’; some pulverising machine gun drums to be found on ‘Atomic Voyage’ not to mention some bowel wrenching bass playing on there too.

A very likeable point about the CD is that the words are fully audible in each song which is truly a rarity in this style of music, not to mention that the material is very melodic and well structured too.

Solid as hell and no doubt incredible live!


By Glenn Milligan

INVENTOR - The Anagram Principle
(EarthCat Records - 2015)

US prog outfit Inventor arrive with their second album, an ambient display of progressive rock and pulsating soundscapes.

An electic, and also electric interspersion of Pink Floyd,Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Marillion, the work here is all done by two chaps, namely Tedd Arnold (Vocals, guitars, keys) and Bob Neft (harmony vox,keyboards, bass, guitars, programming). Getting to grips with such types of albums always takes time but this one doesn't linger enough to let me turn on my castors. Synth more than guitars gives it the shaky moat for prog leathers to stop on their side of so there is inevitably a lot of arty craft to be heard.

Tedd's raspy Fish for a throat adds a roughshod eighties tarpaulin across the truckload of tightly performed experimental sound and despite the drums being the programmed variety, there have been no buttons left unpressed. If you are picky, or maybe not too about preferred song lengths, you also have everything from 1:43 (‘The Light Consumed') to 12:23 (‘Master of Distance') to move your stick at. Decent work from these lads with dynamics and depth filling every little corner and few over cooked moments.

Hope that this not all they go on to invent.


By Dave Attrill

NET: TheAnagramPrinciple.com


In Volt – Big Fire
(Big Beat Records/Naive – 2013)

Classic Rock that has elements of Led Zeppelin, The Answer and all good stuff down that line who actually come from Paris, France.

Some stomping cooking stuff on here like the opening ‘So Confused’; ‘Never Satisfied’; ‘Feast Of Friends’; Hell Machine’ that will delight any room up I reckon for a wee while. I am surprised they haven’t doing any shows in the UK to be honest.

Decent enough.


By Glenn Milligan


ICOSA - The Skies Are Ours
(S/R - 2014)

Setting a 4-track ep round a sci-fi story concept can be a shaky idea, as regarding how much you can squeeze into that much space...still it seems not to scare Londoners Icosa off trying.

Gearing up for a promising prog metal listen, the description isn't altogether lying but listening, or trying to affords something aimed at those favouring a frenetic racket for several minutes on end. Opener 'Ermangulatr' eventually pacifies with a sudden break away into ambient soloing giving hints of getting off the ground at last.

Dashing it subsequently out of my hand, the twin title tracks sound at best like Lemmy on a drunken jam with Dream Theater in a dingy saloon and when it again leers away into a landscape of lush acoustic softness, it’s sometimes too late to regain all of the momentum.

May not be the worst attempt on the genre but The Skies are better off Theirs, in bigger doses.


By Dave Attrill

April 2014

(S/R - 2013)

Of the unorthodox sounding metal acts I've had sent to my door lately, little - save me - prepared me for Infulator were about to do.

Few outfits ever successfully serve on the effect of hearing several totally different style metal bands playing together in the same one track yet can make it work without sounding stitched as these Israeli lads have managed. Take '7 Billion' and 'Execute' where they'll sound like Pantera's seriously peed-off pen-pals one second then on stepping into the chorus side, switch to Flower Kings-meets Stone Temple Pilots mode in a melodic prog rock swirl and a sweet but brief bass solo outtro.

Meanwhile, manic numbers such as 'Black on White' and 'House Arrest' show singer Ori Levine's Faith no More finesse off in a very fitting space, swinging from serene and soulful to spitting his vengeance across the floor. Rough as nails speed metal guitar and gathered industrial flavours work together to give you nine tracks of strictly never-dreamt-before metal that ties the unlikely together in an impenetrable knot. Take our (and Infulator's) word for it and find this one.

Nothing short of amazing...apart from absurd...describes 'God Machine' in a word.


By Dave Attrill


NET: www. Facebook.com/infulatorOfficial

The Dr. Izzy Band – Blind And Blues Bound
(Black Chow Records – 2013)

Yep this is a female blues artist and her band in case you were wondering f the title didn’t give it away who has one hell of a sweet, warm voice on her right out of the Colarado Rockies.

Some real ornate material that grab your attention on here as well such as the opening ‘Matches Don’t Burn Memories’ with it’s to-die-for harmonica playing; the strong ‘Soul Dance’ with effective violins & the very authentic ‘Old Black Crow’ with some tasty banjo playing.

Then there’s the quiet ballad ‘Mama Said’ with deep backing vocals and plenty of violin work; the gutsy ballad and almost folky at times ‘Dirt Bed’; the funky ‘Hang Tough’ and the southern rock acoustica of the closing duet ‘You Redeemer’.

She sure is a Doctor of all things blues!


By Glenn Milligan


I AM DUCKEYE – Husband
(S/R - 2013)

This Aussie four-piece present an album cover of impressively Salvador Dali value...and if you think his style was somewhat off the beaten track, catch an earful.of this careful lot's sound.

Tying shock rock and alternative - that's at least what my ears tell me they're attempting - they leave an entertaining knot to strengthen their sound. Aggressive pop punk chords speed their way along a fast fifteen numbers of smut and debauchery and the lyrical content is immensely funny though numbers like 'S'Whale', 'Tea Baggin', 'Whateva (Dude), 'Corking', 'Brown Eyed Guy', 'Slag Bank' and 'Prolapse' certainly don't come with a 'show this to your parents' sticker on the front.

It doesn't come much depraved than hearing some bloke loudly instructing his listeners to '...take a p*nis....any p*nis'll do...' or repeatedly announcing 'I f**ked your dad...' only I Am Duckeye have much worse (or better) in store. Unlikely to win any prizes for musical proficiency, this cd is still a dubiously entertaining piece after a night on the razz...sobriety also suitable to enjoy.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.iamduckeye.com


INSTORM - Madness Inside
(Total Metal Records - 2013)

There probably is, but musical speaking its the predictable sort. Speaking seriously pissed off, screaming black metal racket, just to clear the air, Instorm add a bit of instrumental zest with the inclusion of audible keyboards and some well coordinated leads behind the shrieks.

Being unafraid to turn it proggy a slight tad does lean towards their credit and the crunching pace of 'Invisible' leaves a cooler pill to swallow at night, but frankly there is little else to keep it distinct from the rest. Don't mistake me til I inform you that cuts like 'Written In Blood', 'Silent Hate', 'The Rage In Your Blood' and 'Phobia' are fearsome live fodder.

In recorded form Madness Inside will however only apply to the madder of followers.


By Dave Attrill


IMPERIAL AGE - Turn the Sun Off
(Imperial Music - 2013)

Russia - the wonderful inventors of a handful of decent metal machines up to present, do as the like here once again.

Just a tip to Imperial Age though, on the alphabet topic that it does not help to have the band credits solely in Cyrillic characters when a copy comes over towards Uk shores. Still not to speak badly of this young outfit who come across bolshy and energetic, Kudos aims in particular at the vocalist whose pirate-like throat is a healthy break from the higher octave outpourings of Stratavarious, Kamelot and the like.

Cutting guitars and swish synths still don't take any back seat whatsoever even though they serve best here without the complexities - even the ten minute longitude of the opening title cut fails to wreck it. Tantalisingly European to the hilt, taking only modest chances does Imperial Age their own justice and swift it comes.

Superb melodic metal with a difference...seek and try out.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Sonata Artica, Kamelot & Gamma Ray.

NET: www.imperial-music.ru

Indicco - Karmalion
(New Venture Music - 2013)

A nice melodic rock outfit from Spain that began as a duo in 2008 and it went from there.

Great songs in the medium tempo bouncy opener 'Crying'; the ballad 'Wrong' (featuring Mark Spiro of Bad English, 91 Suite, Cheap Trick & John Waite); 'Feels So Good' & 'One More Time' that feature Jimi Jamison of Survivor & the acoustic instrumental that is 'Greatful'. I can see this band being on one of those all-dayers that caters for this kinda stuff over here in the UK.

Decent enough album for lovers of AOR and MOR.


By Glenn Milligan


(Unicorn Records - 2012)

French-Canadian quintet Inner Odyssey are an oddly addictive sounding prog rock outfit.

These songs are musical mechanisms that set in as a load but end as a light fantastic escape. Precise guitars and space-infested synth lines steal the picture as ever with with Pier Luc Garand Dion's straight-fired vocals appling a weighty accessibility across both ends. Speed metal wizardry does not often go amiss, shredder Vincent LeBoeuf Gadreau getting the grit in both the electric and also the acoustic department of things.

Swish, versatile song structuring gives all nine of these tunes something to keep afterwards and absorb their overall smoothness with some hugely Petrucci-like soloing on fifth track 'Sinking'. Straight ahead rock rhythms seem forever shut out of the door by such outfits but Inner Odyssey aren't afraid to play less than safely sometimes. Even with the tedious tradition of umpteen songs ending '...part 1, '...part 2' and the still occasionally over-complex song combinations , this is yet another Canadian band failing miserably in their attempt to be...well crap.

Very worth picking up.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Dream Theater, Spocks Beard, Flower Kings & Threshold.

NET: www.myspace.com/innerodyssey

January 2013

IBRIDOMA - Night Club
(SG Records - 2012)

Italy doesn’t sleep does it? Though literally speaking, its citizens do inevitably tend to hit the sheets at night, its metal scene seldom meets the land of nod.

Ibridoma’s second album, being our first taste is a trifle paltry –sized at only 32 minutes but these eight numbers serve their short space accordingly. Trad metal, thrash and tinges of alternative violently clash headlong in a pleasantly pedantic way though riff-based songs like these still can’t help show off the impressive high-pitched vocal lines of Christian Bartolacci at the front.

Intertwined uptempo and slowbeat rhythms set the variation-o-meter to satisfactory levels with plentiful Metallica/Maiden momentum. Minimal moments of lesser intrigue lingering in between, ‘Nightclub’s tracks serve up a few surprises.

Though still not the most earth-shattering of old-school metal fare, reasonably it is to say Ibridoma don’t let the side too greatly down either.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.myspace.com/ibridoma

I.C.O.N. – New Born Lie
(S/R - 2012)

I.C.O.N. are Mark Sagar (Vocals), Scott Knowles (Guitar), Reece Bevan (Bass) and Aaron Youd (Drums). They were formed in 2000 in East Lancashire, England. They have performed alongside established acts such as Tysondog, Blaze Bayley, Diamond Head, Rogue Male, Jaguar, Voodoo Six and Witchfynde to name a few.

After releasing 2 EP's, I.C.O.N.'s debut album 'New Born Lie' was released in 2009. After listening to the opening track of this CD it’s very too clear to me that I.C.O.N. aren't messing about in the world of metal. Their sound gives the like of Black Label Society and Down a run for their money; the tracks on this CD are firmly rooted in metal history with a traditional metal sound but very up to date. The highlight of the album is 'Ultraviolet' which is a moody and dark song and reminds me of bands like Anathema and has a great acoustic outro. 'Messiah Complex' is a fast paced track which any Black Label Society fan would like especially when you hear Scott Knowles' solo and reminds you of Zakk Wylde.

'Prizefighter' contains another great piece of metal with sing-a-long vocals and fast paced drumming complimented by a bass driven middle and some great guitar work. The final track 'New Born Lie' closes the album with just over six minutes of full on metal and contains the best chorus on the album. In total the CD runs for just over 30 minutes and is every bit worth a listen. They have had the honor of having two tracks from this album appear on the worldwide smash PC game 'MOTORM4X' and the lead track 'New Born Lie' still continues to be played on international radio stations.

I.C.O.N. describe their music as 'Sounding Like A Punch Up Between Down, BLS, Motorhead, Sabbath and COC...' which when you listen to their CD they aren't far wrong.


By Andy Turner


INFECTED - Infected Generation
(Metal Scrap Records - 2012)

I reviewed a band by almost the same name some years or so ago. Based on the backlash my then-uncharitable review received I can say I’m glad its not them returning to try again.

Speaking of which, Russian quintet Infected appear to be on a reissue trip here, regarding that the material dates back to 1994-95 by details on the sleeve. From an era that produced examples better than most of today’s extreme metal efforts, this collection might now prove enticing. Getting off on the expected gargle-versus-grindy-guitar premise, instant prog alternations set in, the twin shredders going on to show some relatively impressive independence in their lines.

Swift solos delivered with dynamic virtue of the time drive you happily back to when proper death metal was played with passion over fashion. Chuck in some meaty Testament/Slayer –schooled rhythm parts and this album plays with almost zero inclination to skip tracks.

A pulverising little gem, seventeen years in hiding, this ones seems only to have grown infectuous with time.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Death & Obituary.

NET: www.facebook.com/infectedua

INSIDE I - Beneath The Circus
(Wormholedeath - 2012)

Is it possible to call an album progressive death metal, yet keep its promise of substance-over-noise real? These Norwegians seem to make the effort.
Trotting guitars and growly vocals get a gearshift of paces to push them back up and down the proverbial speedometer. Inevitable thrash elements stay their course along the nine-song span, not without a plentiful melodic solo to suit where required.

Devastating rhythms are rife, and ‘Nightmare’, ‘We Are Legio’, ‘Through the Eyes of The Cynic’, ‘Behold! The Circus’, ‘Tristram’ and ‘God Had A Plan’ never let the side down. Nicely arranged track structures set a good mould for extreme metal albums like this – therefore, so many hundred other such bands would prosper to try similar.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Necrophagist, Lamb Of God & Sepultura.

NET: www.reverbnation.com/insidei

Ironbird - Humbucker (E.P.)
(S/R - 2012)

5 tracker from some Australian dudes - Gold Coast City to be exact who deliver an ep of just over 13 minutes of no frills punky rock kinda stuff with numbers like'Deluded' and 'Now.. We Ride'. It's ok but nothing to get much excited over though I do like the closing orchestral starting un-named instrumental shorty - sods law that.


By Glenn Milligan

January 2012

INQUISITOR - The Quantum Theory Of Id
(Forgotten Path - 2011)

This Lithuanian fivesome’s debut seems to promise us an epic four-part prog masterwork on first inspection of the sleeve and promo gubbins.

However we appear to be subjected instead to a dozen slabs of dangerously sounding death core instead. Rescuing it - partially from a trip up its own backside at the last second is some decent variation in playing rhythm and occasionally good solos but it is largely stuttery and unguided, indecisive on what to be most of the time or which side to pacify.

Piano interludes wisely soften up the accessibility at suitable moments, and the lyrical concept and titles impress but this one, where it be prog ,scream or extreme you are into may be best for only the desperate.


By Dave Attrill


IN COLD BLOOD - A Flawless Escape
(Rising Records - 2011)

Attracting your central channel of hype via having a metal legend guesting on your record is justifiable in may ways.

Handy it be though too if the music can justify it and frankly, Italy’s In Cold Blood’s does prompt a considerable scratch of the ol’ chin-ular in this area. Still it isn’t all bad but Jeff Waters has found himself in enough trouble with loyal Annihilator followers over his fashion-pandering exploits of late without getting involved in further industrial-laden screamcore fare. Reprimanding aside, ICB don’t do it at all badly, with generous experimentalism aboard their boat. Utilising thrash, cyber-metal and hardcore machinery, they make a wholesome extreme metal din that gives something different apiece to a lot of these numbers.

Some handy Slayer rhythms come, grind and go not without the assistance of classic soloing on their back as supplied on that one major occasion by the Canadian shredmeister himself. The main favourite is the keyboards which keep a melodic gel applied across all eleven numbers and allow a gothic air to fan the slower rising flames. Good in the end even if you don’t expect it coming. But then they’re Italian so quality translates as inevitable here. Not quite entirely a flawless escape but a pleasantly wide diversion all the same….

Oh and thanks for having Jeff over for the visit.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Strapping Young Lad, Fear Factory & Slayer.

Net: www.myspace.com/incoldblood1

(Rising Records - 2011)

These New Yorkers look unexpectedly youthful for an outfit already existent when a fledgling Pantera were just putting out an album about cowboys.

Time might have been almost as good to them as to town-mates Atnhrax and Nuclear Assault but profile seemed sadly strained not to elude. What’s there to do then but get one’s own back with a come back platter of almost Bay Area -borrowed proportions and frighten the f**k out of everyone who thought it clever not to bother listening?

INC are instantly without mercy, opener ‘Fist of Facista’ not even stopping off at warning position before firing its destructive barrage. Pummelling twin guitars do the justice almost before the sounding-very-Anselmo-schooled Dennis Gergely even begins applying breathing technique. Well-sustained melodic solos with occasional blues twangs and wholesome progressive metal injections get one through this album very quickly,.. as if the forty-odd minutes isn’t fast enough.

‘God Loves Violence’, ‘Swallowed’, ‘Rain’, ‘It’s Coming’ and ‘Fuelled By Regret’ are lethally sharp live bites that sustain their teeth healthily for the next helping if that’s seen you hopefully survive through the first. A weighty piece of old-school metal work from a band who haven’t shed a drop of momentum in their years on-and-off the scene.

An album sent from heaven, indeed. Wonderful.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Slayer, Forbidden, Machine Head, Evile & Metallica.

NET: www.myspace.com/incmetal

Instant Hobo – Honey The Horse
(Hobo Americana Productions – 2010)

A three piece from the USA – where else with a cool *ss name like that who are based in Arizona.

Good ole country sounds – think ‘The Dukes Of Hazzard’ and then some… on this awesome 11 tracker with sped on tonkin’ barn dancing groovers like the opening ‘Rock Island Rocket’ and the serious sounding jiggery and folkiness of ‘Witch O’er The Water’ or the humour of ‘No Room For and ‘Honey The Horse’.

Love It!


By Glenn Milligan


IN ARCADIA - Amongst Mere Mortals
(Rising Records - 2011)

Prog and Hardcore.. One of those combinations that has most small-minded meatheads sitting up going.. Yeah, like?

For all its dismissals, this combination makes more sense than more common place ones, as In Arcadia set out to prove. Plugging the unavoidably predicable element - guttural metalcore vocals into an otherwise technical selection spanning ten pretty impressive tracks, these five Austrian youngsters have a sweety niche sharply engraved in the rock.

Thrash, hardcore and death clash with traditional speed metal solos and alternative head-on atop progressive pace changes in abundance for a deafening yet deep collision of noise that makes ’The Emperor’, ’City Of Mine’, ’Clockwork’, ’Against My Windmills’, ’Enigma’ and’ Cold Hearts, Cold World’ a much better listen. Definitely amongst the Immortals, you may be possibly guilty of a mortal sin in ignoring a taste of this captivating debut.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Earth Crisis, Bring Me The Horizon, Sick Of It All & Killswitch Engage.
NET: www.myspace.com/inarcadia


INVERTIGO - Next Stop Vertigo
(S/R - 2010)

No sure if its meant as a two-word title or not, these German prog wizards will leave you that way with their six tracks of old -fashioned musical panache.

Centred round Jacques Moch’s magnificently clean lead lines and strong seventies keyboard power as contributed by Michael Kuchenbecker’, little is that unfamiliar apart from a welcome dampener or two on the often expected tedium that the prog genre threatens. There is plenty to keep cumbersomely long numbers like ’The Night’, ’Take Your Time’, ‘Saturday Evening’ ’ and especially twelve -and-a-half minute ’Special’ interesting for the full run as they go through their multi dimensional movements.

Further up the unbelievable-ness line, a lot of verse-chorus-verse based material comes about in their work which is a rare find but whichever way they have harmonies you can remember when you hear them live. With a quite lengthy gigging history already behind them, this first opportunity to hear their sturdily composed produce on disc is not to up one’s nose at.

Brilliant old fashioned progressive fun, forbidden by fashion, Invertigo are all the more appealing for that alone.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Spock’s Beard, Saga, Yes & Marillion.

NET: myspace.com/nextstopvertigo

February 2011

(Headroom Records - 2010)

These interesting chaps are from Spain, Germany, Italy UK… what the f*-*-*-*-*-*k?!!! Illuminatus must hold a record over Pink Cream 69 for the most different nations represented in a metal act and lets hope that that is not where the excitement ends with this cd.

‘Glasnost ‘ certainly does interest, coming to the fore with a smartly fused industrialised prog sound that owes a lot to one Mr D Townsend. ‘Murdocracy’, ‘Reconnect’, ‘Cave In’, ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, ‘Red’ and 'Gosling' are assured of a strong contemporary air ably pumped at them by vocalist/guitarist Julio Taylor’s frequent switching of moods between docile and demented, but laced across by sweetly clingy hooklines, this outfit are more accessible than they first seem.

Largely centred round major extreme / alt metal engines, there is strong parking capacity for the more subtle moments in their life especially the powerfully haunting piano-led ballad ’Clarity’. An impressive release , my first hear of this multi-national act being their second full lengther., the reputation is long-established and ascending. One handsome modern day slice of heavy music with added intelligence and minus just monotonous din.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Strapping Young Lad, Ocean Machine & Linkin Park

NET: myspace.com/illuminatusuk


INFERNO - Welcome To The Lion’s Den
(S/R - 2010)

Branded the ‘Welsh Queens of The Stone Age recently, Inferno match with Josh and the lads at least as far as one certain track goes but the rest of the time for their debut album, are doing something pretty different.

A grind sound starts off with a confusing indication of direction at first entry but the guys are on their way with the first chorus of ‘The Lion’s Den’. Their garage -guided guitar roughness is instantly clarified throughout following punker numbers such as ‘Snakes and Ladders’ and ‘Veni Vidi Vinci’.

If I can get away with branding a song as Black Sabbath and White Stripes combined, then ‘Follow The Blind’ fits that mould sinisterly well, frontman Joe Harvey’s Ozzy -like range amounting to weighty prominence along to an instrument harmony quite akin to the aforementioned Detroit outfit.

‘El Toro’ is a sped up rock n’ roll with a big ratty chorus hookline that blags itself the ‘best song’ accolade in front of all the others. Progressive cuts like ‘Suicide Pact’ and ‘Clairvoyant’ and Iggy-like ‘The Hand Than The Eye’ complete the set and polish off a display of contrast whilst also maintaining the running similarities across all ten numbers.

From a country that has brought a might handful of significant machines to the metal world in recent years, Wales has just spouted another forth with these three energetic young men. Inferno have , in WTTLD a debut likely to set the world on fire to the pint of being rather tricky to put out again.

Very good.


By Dave Attrill



THE INVASION OF - Three Seven 3
(S/P - 2010)

The invasion of bands bloody impossible to describe, should that be any help completing the name.

This London quintet are another set of such offenders themselves. Seemingly quite impossible to like as well at first, its not til ‘Memories’ , the third track of the six that they get their wheels to part company with the ground - a slow but swingy little prog number and standards don’t drop too soon after but the misguided indie feed does get in the way of the earlier tunes in particular.

A format already familiar ends up defaced here by dodgy vocals and stuttery directionless melodies and tries adding other styles for the sake of it at most times. ‘Devilish Ways’ and… the unexpected speed punk assault of ‘Pedantic Romantic are the other likeable tunes but there is very little instant essence elsewhere and it struggles its way in.

Not bad but too haphazardly conceived to be great.


By Dave Attrill

NET www.the invasion of.com


Immortal Sense - Call It Anything
(Rising Records – 2010)

Immortal Sense are a legendary band from Japan under their native name of Enema. Immortal Sense originally a thrash metal band but since 2001 have gone through a lot of musical influences but still keeping within the speed and thrash genre.

Call It Anything is the first UK release for these metal heads and what a brutal attack they have engulfed on our small island.

This 10 track CD is full of thrash, speed and pain as they belt their way through the speakers like a bullet train.

The first track is called ‘??????’ yes that true! This track is just under 10 minutes but it takes 3 minutes to get started. I had to put the volume up to hear this quiet melodic intro. The 7th and 8th tracks are called ‘?????’ and ‘????’ If anyone can make sense of it than please inform us.

Apart from the unpronounceable tracks Call It Anything is as fast and as hard as they come, so there is no time to sit down and relax.


By Tony Watson

Please note - the ?'s are actually chinese writing that wouldn't copy through!

INNER TERROR - Behold The Inner Terror
(S/P - 2010)

Formulaic is a word often ready to haunt many a metal outfits sound and in a lot of cases, lure them there in the first place.

Just every now and then, there comes an outfit, such as Ohio thrashers Inner Terror with familiar influences in their noise who will still raise a v-shaped salute to the purists requirements. Very much the reason these lads decline from kick-starting their cd with a 1-200mph high octane speed assault, opting for an early Black Sabbath edge instead with sludgy opener emerging pretty much in the same shape as Ozzy and co’s eponymous classic.

Continuing the above-welcome form throughout the large part of the ten numbers behind, the Bay Area tendencies also enjoy their turn especially towards the end with occasional Mustaine-like solo bursts. This band’s radical individuality falls with the vocal element which is indeed something rarely to enountered - most of the time neither singing, rapping or growling but some kind of bizarre operatic chant with guttural twist.

Saving ’Unresting Place’, ’Your Life’, ’The Perfect Killing Machine’ , ’Battleground’, ’harder They Fall’ ,’Immortality’ and ’Winds of Death’ from the jaws of doom that their overall shortage of hooks pokes them towards, the bizarre combination makes for interesting though certainly not instant ear-candy - this baby requires at least two plays for their unique style to gel. An unexpectedly impressive disc, this band deserve some of your time if for their distinctive sound alone.


By Dave Attrill

Overkill, Annihilator, Anthrax, Orange Goblin & Cro-Mags.

Invisible Idols – S/T
(S/R – 2010)

An up and coming Barnsley, UK band fronted by Matt Black who combine a variety of rock styles throughout this entire album.

Highlights early on include the AC/DC like opener ‘Right Now’ & the epic ‘Highway Child’. I gotta say though, that the chorus of ‘Without You’ reminds me of Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’ – hope she don’t start demanding royalties there lads – lol.

Every good rock band has a standout ciggy lighter upsong if they have something about them and the Invisible Idols example of this has got to be the killer arena like ballad in ‘Forever With Me’ that reminds me of Skid Row meets Cinderella and comes complete with string sounds too. not to mention a Great ballsy ending tune in ‘Hello’ as well.

Impressive debut indeed.


By Glenn Milligan


IKNOWAGHOST - Deviations
(S/R - 2010)

Blighty having got in on the scream core game in the last few years, it still seems murder to find more than one in three bands with a product that inclines me to make a repeat play.

IKAG may very well be one of the elite few, these midland boys sounding as equally on-dimensional at first but however this turns out as a teaser by the end of the first number of this seven -tracker. Prog and hardcore is a recognised but sadly underused mixture but always a treat when you get to hear it, the old-school thrash directions and twin guitar rage that tries out all gears including solos, driving their vehicle down a very clear road.

‘Ambience’, ‘Walker Texas Ranger’, ‘Albuquerque Where Art Thou‘ and ‘Where Did You Get Those Clothes‘ are the most impressive numbers, not to mention titles in certain cases and are the sweetening taste of band contributing something better than just noise to a genre notorious for it itself. Look forward to hearing the first full length albums from these chaps.

Promising stuff.


By Dave Attrill

Vision Of Disorder, Trigger The Bloodshed & Earth Crisis.

(Vegas Records - 2010)

Possibly the most ludicrous moniker a band has ever appeared under since the advent of the big JC, these two French lads make a less than ludicrous but still…well….familiar old racket to go with it.

Hardcore has often sounded like there seems to be no bass in it so its little surprise really to see than their old school attack comes in vocal /guitar/drum form . Yet with only half a rhythm section, they keep the speed and aggression accurate and up to par but sadly little else goes above and despite sounding fun at first travels no where, the album’s title holding enough of a clue itself.

The twelve tracks offer occasional surprises along the way including pleasant acoustic instrumentals which by that stage are the only thing keeping me listening, and them a point back as well. Legendary scene countrymen Kickback were great in their day but dissolving into a so so version of them doesn’t make necessarily a big impression to back up one’s hype.

Not bad but not ….great.


By Dave Attrill

Sick of It All, Kickback, Agnostic Front, Ignite


Ironweed - Indian Ladder
(Small Stone Records – 2008)

Ironweed is stoner rock at its best, from Albany, New York United States Ironweed are making their mark with an energetic masterpiece ‘Indian Ladder’

Unlike most stoner rock bands Ironweed have not gone too deep or heavy but have focused on their style that makes them stand out from the rest.

Indian Ladder is an 11 track CD that starts as it means to go on. As our ears get drenched with the taste of ‘This Faithless Will’, our body embraces the joy and love of what stoner rock is about as we head on into ‘Lost and Forgotten’, ‘Disconnected’ and ‘A World Away’.

Indian Ladder is a great pleasure to rock out to as you sit in your basement with the volume on full.
Can’t wait for the next episode, brilliant.


By Tony Watson

January 2010

The Idle Hands - All Night Sinnin’
(S/R – 2009)

Well Chesterfield has finally got on the music map with a slow blues/rock band ‘The Idle Hands’, who exert a soulful ambience to their pub/club style rock.

We have a 13 track 50 minute CD that is full of good old fashioned rock and blues that will get any party going, but the sad thing is I feel the party will stop soon after as the excitement of the band withers away with the smoke and the dregs from the bottom of a pint.

This is a band that will be in your local working men’s club, who are quite happy playing along in the back ground while people play cards, dominos and bet on the local greyhound dog, but not a band that gives you that wow factor with their basic rhythms and dull tones.

As the CD goes the first two tracks ‘I Ain’t Broken’ and ‘The Stroll’ struggled to get my attention, but ’40 Nights’, ‘Mississippi’ and ‘I Don’t Mind’ aren’t too bad with a slight twist to the usual blues that helps lift the CD.

Overall a pleasant CD but not a masterpiece


By Tony Watson

Innocent Rosie – Bad Habit Romance
(Swedmetal Records – 2009)

Yep from the name of the record company that these guys are Swedish – full on sleazey rockers at that as well who remind me of Skid Row, Love/Hate, Zodiac Mindwarp and other riotous rollackers out there past and presently.

Awesome cookin’ tunes on here such as the opener ‘Bitter Cocktail’; the bluesy harped up ‘Let A Memory Die’; the barband like ‘Sextalkin’ with some real kickin’ piano lickin’; ‘Wasteland’ with its brilliant opening bass runnin’ and crunchy guitar riffin and then theres the vocal roar to bring it in and the harp led Georgia Sattelites/Quireboys like ‘Don’t Drag Me Down’.

I don’t think Rosie is that innocent really – lol.


By Glenn Milligan

February 2009
The Inevitable Backlash - My Two Brooks
(Hegemony Records – 2009)

The Inevitable Backlash are a raw, diverse and weird sounding folk, garage, American collage type band, who live for the road and the floors of dirty halls.

Besides the un-tuned vocals and tinny drums and atmospheric guitars and greasy bass ‘My Two Brooks’ release a dirty east LA rock n’ roll.

‘My Two Brooks’ is a ten track CD with 30 minuets of well adjusted early chillies style music with an influence of dirty rock and high levels of groove. Not everyone’s cup of tea but all the same give it a try.


By Tony Watson

Ivan Rebroff’s Armpit - We Have A Minor Throat…
(S/R – 2008)

This is a six-track demo that was done on the 6th day of rehearsals in 6 hours with one mike. I don’t know a great deal about the band or what they are trying to achieve in the careers as rock stars.

As you will sense the demo is as raw as a slab of meat and due to this it’s hard to decide what the hell is going off or what genre to place them in. I would like to say these guys are try to head down the screamcore, thrash or maybe hardcore punk, either way this six track demo may have potential. I can sense a bit of Will Haven, Exploited, Minor Treat, Amen or even several European thrash bands in there, but a lot of cleaning up is needed to start to appreciate their aim.

We Have A Minor Throat… may hit our streets soon if they can get the backing and support to sort it out and get it out there in your homes.

Good luck in the making it.


By Tony Watson

I Am Ghost - Those We Left Behind
(Epitaph Europe - 2008)

California’s Dark rock quintet releases a fourteen track CD of turbulent screamcore.

For the crowd who love screamcore this is a must, 48 minutes of total earache explosion that would flatten any tower block through the verbal assault that progresses through the CD.

Those We Left Behind, is non-stop metal as the band batters the airwaves with ‘We dance With Monsters’, ‘Bone Garden’, ‘Burn the Bodies To The Ground’ and ‘Set Me Free’ to name a few.

The trouble with this CD and the Band is that it’s nothing new and so becomes very predictable and boring with the same guitar riffs, drum beats and vocal content. I think this is one for the new metal fans out there.


By Tony Watson

I Hate Kate - Embrace the Curse
(DR2 Records - 2008)

I Hate Kate got their name from a girl they really hated of course called Kate, but I would also say I Hate Kate too. This band is all that’s wrong with the rock scene at the moment. Bands like Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian, and Razorlight should not be put in the same category of rock and should be kept in the indie pop category.

Embrace the Curse is your typical indie pop which doesn’t do it for me, there will be people out there who will think this CD is the best thing to come out of America this year and I can’t take that away from them, but I can say when you have a selection of bands all sounding the same it becomes very repetitive and boring.

I do feel this band will do well with the right publicity but I can’t really help with that.



By Tony Watson

Immortal Dominion - Awakening – The Revelation
(Alliance Entertainment - 2005/2008)

Awakening – the Revelation was released in July of 2005. It follows the album Endure and the EP Birth. Most recently, 5 songs from “Awakening” are featured in the independent horror/comedy “Teeth”.

From start to finish this CD releases such brutality that would wipe terrorism off the face of the earth within 10 minutes. The pounding drums are heavier than a jackhammer, the guitars are so deep and heavy they would keep the Titanic on the seabed, and the terrifying screams that would have been heard from the people on the Titanic would not compare with the vocal onslaught produced throughout this CD.

If being a thrash head is your cup of tea this CD is a must as the energy, life, love, hate and pain brings your darkest soul alive.


By Tony Watson

August 2008

(666Production - 2008)

Another unusual name with a very un-unusual sound to support it. Ibogaine however escape being classified as boring because the initial taste of their scream -drenched death core has a lovable punk edge to its guitars.

Hence I left it on for all eleven tunes without skipping through each after only a minute and was rewarded for my time Halfway in, these guys show us their influences may be a little more wide-positioned than fist perceived as the instrumentation takes a progressive turn on-and-off and they actually have a go at singing as well as growling.

By no means deviating far enough to upset masses of extreme metal purists, there is substance beyond the shrieks here and as mentioned, without the overall ferocity of the record being impeded.

Tasty stuff.


By Dave Attrill

ILL-DISPOSED - The Prestige
(AFM Records - 2008)

More Nordics turn on the charm and the style all in one fell swoop.

Sweden’s Illdisposed join in the popular Eurpean tradition of tailoring death metal to suit a more mainstream favoured customer as well as still applying the fabrics of an established brand.

Worded another way, guttural sonor-isms of the finest order paired up with guitar wok just as worthy of all the many symphonic/power outfits our great continent are what we are talking about here and I.D. have plenty to please both parties.

Mixing the tempos throughout the full course, all ten of the numbers can be in one way or more differentiated at least marginally aptly including in quality and the better bulk of the tracks as soon distinguished from the so-so factor and yes there are frankly some of such category, after one full listen. The twin guitars are both catered for in workload and nothing else is ruined ergo a worthy listen here, I think.

Not the most prestige of recordings but respectably close.


By Dave Attrill

Invisigoth - Narcotica
(ProgRock Records/SPV - 2008)

Invisigoth are slightly strange in the way they come across, there is a mixture of prog rock, 80’s pop rock, modern classical influences and opera.

Narcotica opens a world of complex rhythmic beats and interludes with a over estimated attack on prog rock.

It is difficult to actually say whom they sound like but if you had a bit of Marillion, mixed with Prince, mixed with Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Dead Can Dance and Jean Michael Jarre you might be close, but then again I could be way off. I think this could be down to yourself to guess and make your own judgement.

Overall this clever intricate CD is a little too much for me and I believe there is is just too much going on which, makes you a bit dizzy. In the end it may have a restricted listening audience, but I will leave that down to you.


By Tony Watson

Iced Earth – Overture Of The Wicked
(SPV – 2007)

Back from Beyond Fear & Demons and Wizards, Ripper & Schaffer are on the same path again – Iced Earth return and rightly so with a 4-tracker that is a welcomed item before the release of the forthcoming album.

This screams from the start with ‘Ten Thousand Strong’ to ‘The Coming Curse’. They sound as battlefull as ever as these songs charge at you at full throttle in every marching marathonic blast of metal. Everyone of the band is bang on form and its always good to hear the rasping of Ripper.

Rather essential EP.


By Glenn Milligan

ILID - The Shadow Over Arkham
(UK Division Records- 2007)

Yep, it’s pronounced ‘eyelid’ in case you were wondering. They who answer here to such moniker are a girl-fronted four-piece from Italy and bear a tone both vocally and fairly instrumentally akin to established national heavyweights Lacuna Coil.

Taking what could be acceptably described as a goth-grunge sidestep albeit with a lot of melodic rock smoothness where it fits, Ilid do reminisce a darker version of Frontiers-signed Dutch songstress Xoch (anyone heard of her?) and all four of these quite beautifully arranged numbers count for more or less every one of the aforementioned factors.

I hope these more from them in the pipeline soon as an Ilid was definitely given cause to bat here.... and an earlobe too, probably.


By Dave Attrill

Evenescence, Anathema

INFEST - Feel The Rage
(Hurricane Entertainment - 2007)

With France seeming to overtake Italy on the European extreme metal production line, the scene is ever more evidently undergoing something of a facelift with the aid of our friends on the continent, a change for the better as most of the bands that had come out the other end share a few less of the tedium factors of most Scandinavian acts.

Our latest cross-channel export Infest nearly fail to convince me that this is the case straight away and do take a song or two fro me to settle in to their intended format. Yes, they scream their way through the album, but along to some delightfully though almost familiar sounding enough Bay Area rhythms.

Think a hashing up of Testament and Metallica (circa Kill ‘em All/.....Lightning’ and you’ll find a match for the middle-high noted intervals intertwined in traditional speed metal guitar aggression. Good try guys - and more-or-less a successful one again.

Keep it up.


By Dave Attrill

SITE www.infest-metal.com

"Blast from the Past"

In Flames - Clayman
(Nuclear Blast Records - 2005)

A follow-up release from "Colony" and well I esteem this release over their predecessor. Even though it has a more "Happy" tone to each track I still think that the riffs are awesome. I would still consider it to be Melodic Death Metal.

There's a mix of vocals on here clean and high-end screams that Anders displays here. It suits the music quite well. The guitar pieces are way melodic/"happy" but that doesn't take away from the greatness of a release that this is. There's actually a guest solo by Christopher Amott (Arch Enemy) on "Suburban Me".

The clean guitar parts are pretty sweet they tune way down on some songs even to I think A-tuning! I like the variety that this album has to offer. It just isn't straight Melodic Death the songwriting is quite diverse. If you listen to any track on here you'll hear what I mean (check out "Bullet Ride") for a sample.

For many they were turned off by this release because it isn't the heaviest In Flames to date but for me I think it's a great release. Not only is the production better than "Colony" but the mix of all instruments/vocals dominates thanks to Charlie Storm (programming and synth) and Fredrik Nordström (additional programming and synth) who was also the producer.

This was recorded at the infamous Studio Fredman where many Melodic Death acts record. Some individuals would give this release a negative rating because of the "happiness" to it but I esteem it quite highly! I still think "Whoracle" and "The Jester Race" are their best albums but "Clayman" is third on that list!

Like I said check out some tracks first to get the aura of the album check out "Brush The Dust Away" and "Pinball Map".

Track listing:

1. Bullet Ride
2. Pinball Map
3. Only for the Weak
4. ...As the Future Repeats Today
5. Square Nothing
6. Clay Man
7. Satellites and Astronauts
8. Brush The Dust Away
9. Swim
10. Suburban Me
11. Another Day in Quicksand
12. Strong and Smart (Bonus Track)
13. World of Promises (Bonus Track)


Anders Fridén - Vocals
Jesper Strömblad - Guitar
Björn Gelotte - Guitar
Peter Iwers - Bass
Daniel Svensson - Drums
Chris Amott - Guitar Solo On "Suburban Me"


By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

"Blast from the Past"

In Flames – Whoracle
(Nuclear Blast - 1997)

"Whoracle" to me is the best In Flames release. It is considered to be a "Concept Album" "which describes the past, present, and a hypothetical future of the planet Earth" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whoracle). There isn't really a track on here that I dislike though I think the production could've been a bit better than what it came out sounding as. That is one of the only real "beef" I had about it besides the drum efforts.

The lyrics to this release are highly esoteric and intellectual then of course they cover Depeche Mode's "Everything Counts" which has a killer use of the wah-pedal played by one of the guitarists. "Whoracle" is an astounding portrayal of Melodic Death Metal played to perfection. This album was extremely well thought out very much like the melodies in "The Jester Race" which was their previous release in which I am dubbing as their second best album.

As far as the vocals are concerned they are primarily high-end screams to these awesome lyrics with some variation but not much. The rhythm and lead guitar is impeccable well worthy of praise. I especially enjoyed all of the leads/melodies which fit precisely into the rest of the band in synchrony and to me virtually flawless. I can't stress that enough because the guitars had me captivated. I'd say the least effective parts on "Whoracle" are the drums. Though well in synchrony also there isn't anything spectacular about the drums on this release. I think that if they had a solid drummer here it would've been even more to my liking of "Whoracle".

Tracks that I would advocate downloading if you've never heard this release are: "Jotun", "Gyroscope" and "Episode 666". These in my opinion are the best tracks even though I view all of them to be phenomenal. This album remains to be one of my favorite Melodic Death Metal releases ever. Check out those tracks and if you're not convinced then I'd suggest you hear the songs more than once. You can download some of these tracks here: http://www.secret-face.com/id20.htm. Just scroll down and you'll see "Whoracle" on my Playlist.

Track Listing:

1. "Jotun" – 3:53
2. "Food for the Gods" – 4:21
3. "Gyroscope" – 3:26
4. "Dialogue With The Stars" – 3:00
5. "The Hive" – 4:03
6. "Jester Script Transfigured" – 5:46
7. "Morphing Into Primal" – 3:05
8. "Worlds Within The Margin" – 5:06
9. "Episode 666" – 3:45
10. "Everything Counts" (Depeche Mode Cover) – 3:17
11. "Whoracle" – 2:44
12. "Man Made God" (Bonus Track From 2004 Deluxe Edition) - 4:13


Anders Fridén - Vocals, Percussion, Engineer
Bjorn Gelotte - Drums, Percussion, Lead And Acoustic Guitar
Johan Larsson - Bass Guitar
Glenn Ljungström - Rhythm Guitar
Jesper Strömblad - Lead And Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion
Ulrika Netterdahl - Female Vocals On "Whoracle"


By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

I - Between Two Worlds
(Nuclear Blast – 2006)

A band that features members of Immortal, Enslaved and Sahg – so funnily enough this is very much metal – in your face at that.

8 powerful slabs are up for grabs here from ‘The Storm I Ride’ to ‘Cursed we are’ – thunderous musicianship and throaty swamp beats vocals can be found throughout.

Wonder if they will release a second effort.


By Glenn Milligan

I Am Ghost – Lover’s Requiem
(Epitaph – 2006)

An incredible group that combine various forms of Power and Heavy Metal together in a truly atmospheric style – it’s scary, moving and fully mesmerizing and extremely captivating throughout the entirety of this album.

Vocally it’s decent high and mid register with some good rawping too – both male and female with a good example of this being ‘Of Masques and Martyrs’. Other song highlights include ‘Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps’ & the choral orchestral ‘This is Home’ and much more on offer on this CD.


By Glenn Milligan

IRON MAIDEN - A Matter of Life And Death
(EMI – 2006)

Set your watches, boys and girls because another three years has elapsed once more. And you know that that means. That’s right, the mighty Maiden are back bigger, bolder and quite seriously, better than just about….ever. And like it’s predecessor, it’s title ends with ‘death’, but still nothing has managed to kill Iron Maiden off, not even the supposed ‘prog’ ventures that have been forecast over the month’s leading up to this monster’s release.

Opener ‘Different World’ is a bright and breezy rocker that sets the ball rolling with Steve Harris’s unmistakable bass thumping away behind Bruce’s even more unmistakable throat, though Mr. Dickinson begins the song a bit more his subtle self, storing it all till the chorus. More of the best comes with ‘These Colours Don’t Run’, a typical Maiden epic with one of the bloke’s head-back-and-yell choruses that you just can’t help knowing is coming.

‘Brighter Than A Thousand Suns’ brings us to the first of these so-called prog tunes, and while there’s little for any Yes or Marillion follower to get excited over, there’s still one hell of a song to hear, the superbly structured number still a discernible departure for the lads and a chorus line very little unlike ‘Out of the Silent Planet’. ‘Pilgrim’ and ‘Longest Day’ are simply Maiden as Maiden fans want them, belting tunes with the human air-raid siren at his best, messrs Gers Murray and Smith’s solo’s not making a too dissimilar noise themselves. Recent single ‘The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg’ is a trademark stomp-along, a little in the vain of earlier classic ‘Run Silent, Run Deep’ and while the chorus and verse sound too dissolved to distinguish one from the other, some serious headbanging is in line for those by their speakers.

‘For The Great Good Of God’ is the first of two 9-minute plus numbers and another stab at their attempt to sound all arty which is again almost non existent but leaves a stunning Maiden epic in its wake with one of my favourite choruses on the disc. Unlike most of Metallica’s tunes of such duration, at least their British counterparts don’t have us waiting two or three minutes in before the vocals finally kick in - Bruce is there from the start and this makes their longer tunes a lot more digestible at first spin. ‘Lord Of Light’ is another that takes its time to reach the chorus, though again, a brilliant one in true Maiden form with Dickinson hitting off the tune again in his more huskier tones. One tune left, only an epic will do in this position, ‘The Legacy’ failing to disappoint as everything Iron about the Maiden boys takes full force, long verse, long…. chorus, (oh yeah), and seemingly endless solo break making totally un-wasting use of its nine-minute twenty-second time allocation.

And so another seventy minutes of pure bonafide Britsh metal is brought to an end. ‘Dance Of Death’ had just the very occasional moment when I was thinking of reaching for the skip button but ‘A.M.O.L.A.D.’ doesn’t even have that, the chemistry having taken that little rightening in the getting of since last time. Elements of Maiden styles and tunes from all ages past - including when one Mr. Bayley stood behind the mike – all get their turns, some more than their share of them, and the result is ten incredible tunes that put this album up there with ‘Powerslave’ and ‘Number Of The Beast’ as the pride of their arts. This is without doubt their finest release since Bruce’s return to the band in 1999 as well as one of their all-time potential corner stones with astronomical reviews the world over. And hey lads.

Here’s another one for the collection.


By Dave Attrill

Billy Idol - Devil’s Playground
(Sanctuary Records – 2005)

The Rebel Yeller’s current studio album that bounds off with some brash punk rock that he presented to us well over 20 or 30 years ago – these tracks being ‘Super Over Overdrive’ and ‘World Comin’ down’ that will definitely wake you up if you start to doze off after a hard days graft.

I like the Southerness of ‘Plastic Jesus’ on the car dashboard, the country Cashiness of ‘Lady do or die’; the scratchy, catchy ‘Evil Eye’ and the gorgeous acoustic come electric closer ‘Silent Running’ .

The blonde spikey haired one will make you realize what you are missing on the rock n’n roll front – forget the ten a penny emo sh*t – this is where it’s at.

This album is essential.


By Glenn Milligan

Iommi – Fused
(Sanctuary – 2006)

Crackin’ combination of two rock legends who have both served their time in Sabbath – well of course, Tony has always been there but that’s besides the point. Ten numbers in all of ballsy hard rock with the thunderous guitar sound of that Gibson SG mixed around some high wailing vocals.

Highlights include ‘Saviour of the Real’; ‘Dopamine’; ‘Grace’ (with its drivin’ instrumental to improvised section); ‘Deep inside a shell’ and ‘The Spell’.

Good album.


By Glenn Milligan

The Iron Maidens – Worlds Only Female Tribute to Iron Maiden
(DRZ Records – 2005)

What? Yep that’s right – your eyes are not deceiving you.

Out of the ashes of Phantom Blue came ‘The Iron Maidens’ who present a nice, no that’s wrong - a neat collection of songs from the band who have that large monster character ‘Eddie’ on stage with them and on many of their record sleeves.

They bear humorous names as well of Bruce Lee Chickinson (Vocals); Steph Harris – Bass; Adrienne Smith – Guitar; Mini-Murray also on guitar as well and Nikk McBurrain on drums but there ain’t no Janick Gers equivalent tho – oh well, ya can’t win ‘em can ya.

These girls have got it and you can’t fault the way they tear into tracks like ‘The Trooper’; ‘Run to the Hills’ and ‘Hallowed be thy name’ and many others. Like to see ‘em over in ole blighty.


By Glenn Milligan

IRON MAIDEN - Death On The Road
(EMI Records -2005)

If Live Albums were drugs, I can only assume that Iron Maiden’s followers would just about be the heaviest addicts bar none. Little else could probably explain why they’d put out their fifth onstage offering in little over a decade, and only like barely a few minutes since the ‘Rock In Rio’ platter. Other than their current incarnation’s concerts have sold so like…. well something more than hotcakes… and all who missed out are entitled to some form of compensation.

Recorded on their late ’03 Dance Of Death jaunt, the host city this time is Dortmund in Germany, and we all know how much THEY love their ‘evvy metal don’t we. Playing a more or less identical set to that I enjoyed from them at Sheffield Arena those two years ago, the legendary cockney sextet have opted for somewhat shorter sets nowadays, though I have to be frank in saying they could use their set capacity a bit more effectively. When you’ve got only 16 songs and 95 minutes to go at and thirteen albums to pick material from, having as many as six off a new record only released a few weeks before hand is taking an almost grade-A liberty, even if the tour is to promote the release in question, and too many of their established staples suffer for its cause.

Roof rupturing opener ‘Wildest Dreams’ is thankfully wisely separated from subsequent ‘D.O.D’ faves, by those three ol ‘gems ‘Wrathchild’, ‘Trooper’ and ‘Can I Play With Madness’ which scatters old and new amongst each other well and the set’s only Blaze-era cut ‘Lord Of The Flies’ gets a stunning improvisation from Mr Dickinson. It’s just a pity that while further faves like ‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’, ‘Fear Of The Dark’ and ‘Iron Maiden’ plus the lethal closing dual assault of ‘Number of The Beast’ and ‘Run To The Hills’ follow later in the set, that they don’t also prioritise time for ‘Sanctuary’ ‘Evil That Men Do’ or ‘Two Minutes To Midnight’ any more.

I myself do rate ‘No More Lies’, ‘Paschendale’ and ‘Journeyman’ amongst the best tunes Maiden have penned but as I’ve stated hereinto, not many punters in the same room as me would crave for new material at the expense of their anthems. One wonders if their current tour, plugging purely 80-83 material, is to do with it at all.


By Dave Attrill

INSIDIOUS DESCREPANCY - Decadent Orgy Of Atrocious Suffering (Unmatched Brutality)

Ducking narrowly into death metal’s more accessible half, Texan one-man act Insidious Descrepancy mix things up a fair old do in the rhythms department.

More swinging chugging and grinding rather than set purely to sound-barrier-singeing speed percussion – Shawn Whittaker observes some convincing Metallica/Testament inspirations as he assaults with the axe and fails to vapourise such vibes with his Jabba-the-Hutt like grumblings although those are only to be expected on the…er, ‘dark side’…of metal.

If not credit enough, the songs stay short thoughout, though the lengths of most of the titles seem to want to make up for that. You try repeatedly shouting out ‘Rancid Cesspool of Unimagineable Splendour By Ritualistic Butchery’ or ‘Horrendous Lust for Psychopathic Purity Through Self Immolation’ when calling out for your favourite songs during gigs.

Anyway, not bad at all and a likely grower on the scene.


By Dave Attrill

ION VEIN - Reigning Memories

An entire sheet of rave reviews about Chicago metallers Ion Vein’s second album ‘Reigning Memories’ comes with my copy of the disc itself. Just waiting for one from me now, I take it? I can duly oblige on that note.

Fronted by Russ Climzak who sounds little short of as direct tie in between Bruce Dickinson, Blaze Bayley and Geoff Tate, I.V.’s approach to metal is good ol’ fist pumpin’ no-compromise trad noise that trend-suckers will love to hate. Chris Lotesta and John Malufka, our two men on six strings here, blend it together with a healthy hint of classic Megadeth, Metallica and Annihilator axe mongery that escorts us smoothly through all twelve numbers, allowing us to savour all the solos and other resident nostalgic hallmarks of a neglected genre that Ion Vein loyally doff their cap to.

If you’ve already checked out the Ivory Knight review, or better still even got a copy of that, it should serve as an appetite whetter for this belter. With Priest and Maiden still getting in at arena venues in this country, there’s still hope for the scene so these lads’ efforts aren’t necessarily in Vein, actually.

Enjoy, in the though that the glory days may still return soon.


By Dave Attrill

Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Queensryche

IVORY KNIGHT - Unconscience
(S/R – 2004)

Canadian quartet Ivory Knight have only two words on their mind, heavy metal, and great, old fashioned, big drippin’ lumps of it. Though only a single-guitar act, they fulfil all the essential tasks of a twin-axe machine, and our friend Rob Gravelle chops away with the best of ‘em, givin’ a summary of everything good about the genre 87-92.

Blaze Bayley fans may do themselves favours checking out the bloke who sings fro this lot – his voice is close enough to be mistaken for the former Maiden/Wolfsbane man. Ringing of fist-in-the-air riffs and rhythms, and classic-style epic choruses, and with Annihilator’s Jeff Waters handling mixing duties, this album comes top of their menu for those who like their metal kept tasty and traditional.

Just a shame bands like these don’t sell like they did twenty years ago.


By Dave Attrill

Maiden, Blaze, Megadeth, Ion Vein

May and Early 2005

IMAGIKA - Devils On Both Sides

A place called California was once renowned for exporting a large portion of the world's finest metal talent.

Today, it still does quite well for itself in that market and Imagika are amongst one of its best if overlooked contributions to a scene once again buzzing. Helming a pleasant combo of old-school and primal thrash metal, the five-piece, or four as was the case back then, formed back in 1993 and remained pretty much a hidden quantity til now - well if they were going to get together and play this stuff right in the midst of the grunge revolution, what did they expect.

With only two of their original line up still gunning on the boat, I understand that current singer Norman Skinner is a new addition to the act and from what I've listened to of this geezer here, I can see another voice taking a deserving act like this to great heights, alone. Fans of Judas Priest, Forbidden, Exodus, Anthrax and Swedish power metal faves Tad Morose better take note, if you have any appreciation of the musicianship, vocal-wise, guitarwise or otherwise, of those acts, separately or combined, you can't afford to simply ignore this group and definitely not this album.

The hooks and the dynamics are all used and abused in the right places and as almost always, it shows.
As the market for this sort of metal breaths stronger with its continuing revival, it can only be said there must be Imagika in the air.


By Dave Attrill

Innuendo - Half Empty
(XLR Records - 2004)

A poppy rock band from Phoenix, Arizona - think Enuff Znuff meets Crowded House, with their clear vocals that grannies would like.

A nice bit of banjo on the bouncy 'Get in Line' and they even get Bluesy 'n Journey'ish on us with 'If it's all the same to you'. Elsewhere there's some pleasurable cuts to be found in numbers like 'Blindspot' with its Monkee's like 'Last Train to Clarkesville' riff; a decent cover of The Beatles 'Oh Darling!' and a fantastically nice ballad closing the album entitled 'I still think of you'.

A band who's album is compacted with hooks, melody and spot-on vocals.


By Glenn Milligan

INSECTED - Killing For Recreation EP

(Avant Garde - 2004)

Though most death/thrash/black metal acts have made an effort to sound interesting lately, someone did have to spoil it, didn't they. Insected may not be trouser wettingly dreadful but their second-rate Sepultura offerings too sit too far down the middle of the ladder.

I only caught four songs of theirs this time but on what I heard ,they've saved me the job of listening to their full catalogue.


By Dave Attrill

Iommi with Glenn Hughes - The 1996 Dep Sessions
(Santuary/Mayan - 2004)

Originally a rough demo in 1995 that turned up as a poor quality bootleg. It's been revamped with drums added and release officially.

Call it obvious, but it's like a Glenn Hughes album with heavy guitar work from Mr. T now and again. This recording shows that Tony Iommi has more to him than Black Sabbath riffs as he harmonises here with the voice of rock on many contemporary arrangements like 'Fine'; 'It falls through me' and the haunting 'From another world' with its acoustic guitar intro. He ain't forgot his roots though as the down-tuned dark riffage can be found in 'Time is the healer' and 'Gone'.

This is the 3rd release to feature Glenn Hughes this year - the others being his live album and his collaboration with the band 'Voodoo Hill'. Catch Tony on Tour with 'Sabbath' and Glenn gigging around in 2005 too.


By Glenn Milligan

Ironsword - Return of the Warrior
(The Misktonic Foundation - 2004)

Good ole sword bearing metal from a band who've got a very audidle throaty vocalist and even though it is towards cookie monster standard, you can tell every word. This CD is a very echoey sounding demo, with Ironsword hailing from Portugal, but on a label just up the road from our Sheffield grass - this being Huddersfield.

This is what would happen if Manowar joined up with Spinal Tap with highlights including 'Brothers of the Blade' that's a salute to early Iron Maiden; 'The Wench' with its erotic female wailing and the thrash metalling 'Death or Glory'.


By Glenn Milligan

INSIDE CONFLICT - Spherical Image
(Overcome Records - 2004)

Well it sounds like conflict of some sort, or something less than cheerful going off there because French Deathsters Inside Conflict, or at least frontman Jerome, sound rather peeved off about something here. The guy's got a pleasurably accentuated range that brings to mind Max Cavalera, Gary Meskill and John Tardy at times aplenty, and as a bonus, you can decipher the earthly utterances of his garglings.

Though a single guitar act, JB, whoever he may be shreds with the force of two and the progressions are punishing even if often sounding quite borrowed. Nothing new. Now there's a surprise but nothing too bad, while I'm mentioning it.


By Dave Attrill

(Conquer Records - 2004)

After listening to Hell-Born's latest slice of metal class I am bracing myself fro bigger or at least as big things from labelmates Immemorial. Unfortunately, we appear to have taken an accidental turn into Anticlimax street again, this evening as this stumbles in a few more laces than one with many of these tracks and some of the riffs being, quite literally in the case of the latter, over-repetitive.

All's not to worry, the vocals are quite clean cut and impressively decipherable in an old-school sort of way. Pity that for the rest of the way it's material that gets heard little elsewhere over here than in a half-empty city centre pub on Saturday evenings. Which is where Immemorial will remain unless they try to rectify a couple or so of the flaws currently bogging them and this album down, too soon.


By Dave Attrill


Iced Earth - The Glorious Burden
(SPV - 2004)

Not only have they switched labels but they've got a different line-up as well - since Tim Owens (ex-Judas Priest) is now the lead vocalist.

'The Glorious Burden' is a collection of serious songs about 'The American Civil War' and other similar styled historical topics and is musically very much in the style of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest in their heaviest mode. A phenomenal album that features the 32 minute epic 'Gettysburg (1863)' that re-tells what happened on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July when over 50,000 men and 20,000 horses died in the name of Independence where founder member hired The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra to make it even heavier and emotional.

Other incredible songs include 'Declaration Day' concerning 'The Declaration of Independence'; 'When The Eagle Cries' about 9/11; 'Attila' - a speeding up song about 'Attila The Hun'; 'Waterloo' (which isn't a cover of the ABBA song!!) that's very Maidenesque and how can I forget the awesome 'Valley Forge' (that's both atmospherically acoustic and magnificently metal.

To record important happenings in history in such a passionate and respectful way is a massive achievement. The utmost credit goes to Iced Earth and Jon Schaffer in particular for such an important major piece of work in the entirety of History and Heavy Metal as a whole.


By Glenn Milligan

IN FLAMES - Soundtrack To Your Escape
(Nuclear Blast 2004)

Swedish death metallers, In Flames have kept a wholesome following over their fourteen years together, despite playing second fiddle to countrymen Entombed. Their seventh studio album, 'S.T.Y.E.' is again of the style that merited their laurels in the beginning and having heard some of their past material, I can detect a few smidgens of progression as well.

The line-up has however changed the most drastically with only guitarist Jester Stromblad left from the inaugural formation that started life in '90 but this doesn't seem to have damaged the quality of their material. 'Quiet Place', 'Dead Alone', 'Like You Better Dead', 'Evil in a Closet', 'I Search For I', 'Borders and Shading' and 'Superhero of the Computer Rage' are the luckiest seven of the twelve -interesting titles too - and their melodic dual-style vocal approach twinned with some surprisingly subtle bits of guitaring from Stroblad, and drummer-turned guitarist Bjorn Gellotte, render their material almost instantly accessible.

I can only advise the unknowing of you to treat this lot as Scandinavia's Fear Factory - yes, they're that close in style but a bit more sedated on occasions - however I recommend it whatever it is because what it is, is f***in' brilliant and exactly the sort of disc this scene could do with at the moment. A band with creativity, talent and ingenuity in equal quantities, In Flames have all the potential to reach the top of the genre and look down on the rest with pride.


By Dave Attrill

Iced Earth - The Reckoning (Sampler)
(SPV - 2003)

4 tracks from their latest album 'The Glorious Burden'. Typical power metal a la Iron Maiden gone more European but 'When the Eagle Cries' comes in an unplugged form on piano and guitar it makes you realise that the 'Earth have more to offer than plain old beastly bang, bang, crash 'n' wallop. With piles of emotion it has a go at giving Bruce Dickinson's 'Tears of the Dragon' a run for its money and 'Valley Forge' concerns a soldier and is classic metal.


By Glenn Milligan

Dec. 2003
Induce - Hell and Retribution E.P.
(Self-Released - 2001)

Brilliant Sheffield based band that have elements of The Doors, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the deep south of America in general. You'll be singin' in the swamps or on Miami Beach to 'Endless rain' - a heavy blues riffer that's got Florida written all over it as has the atmospheric light guitar number of 'Reflection'.

Induce are good live as the remaining 5 tracks show like the stompin' Firefly' with its walin' crunchin' riff and the relaxing 'Pretty Girl'. See 'em in the flesh - I witnessed 'em at Sheffield's Classic Rock Bar - they recently supported Kory Clarke.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Induce - Puppets E.P
(Self-released - 2003)

Recorded at Yellow Arch Studios, Sheffield in April - the 3 tracks from Sheffield based Induce presented here have far more stoner in sound and less in southern rock (like the Hell and Retribution E.P. was).

Best of the 3 is the final number 'Scars to Show' which immediately reminded me of Tyla in deep autobiographical pour out your heart acoustic mode. It's a song about losing faith in yourself and turning nocturnal to society.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

IRON MAIDEN - Dance Of Death
(EMI 2003)

Seems to me now, that every time a new Iron Maiden album rises from the face of the earth, critics come in from every corner, armed with a list of scathing ageist remarks that are their reviews almost done before they've even heard it. Us at Metalliville are not one of such small-minded type, even if that title is asking for it in 2003.

Their second album as a six-man outfit fronted by Bruce Dickinson with Adrian Smith back, as the band's third guitarist, opens with recent top ten hit, 'Wildest Dreams', one of their best in recent years with Mr Air Raid Siren himself giving it his all from the push of the button. 'Rainmaker' kicks off with nothing other than the traditional Maiden guitar widdling of old and heralds a mighty vocal line from Bruce.

The epics had to begin sooner or later and so they do with 'No more lies', which is about as near to 'X-Factor'/'Virtual XI' as they dare tread today but the number is well undertook by the three guitarists. 'Montsegur' is Maiden as they are most commonly known - galloping fist-pumping rhythm with all instruments battering the ramparts and finally they manage to calm down as their latest title number takes the spot. As expected, a lengthy number that begins with Dickinson's usual angst-propelled seething saved for such times but the temptation to bring in the full Maiden noise can't be resisted and the solos let rip again before you know it.

'Gates Of Tomorrow' and 'New Frontier' are situation normal with nothing new to report but who gives a f***, it's Iron Maiden, innit? They put solos everywhere you look like someone told 'em they're a medical necessity. Well, quite honestly, I wouldn't mind being diagnosed with an illness requiring that such remedy, myself. Is it moi or does that chorus to 'Paschendale' sound startlingly reminiscent of that "Take My hand…" bit off 'Heaven Can Wait'.?

Following track 'Face In The Sand', another of the CD's gentler moments also has its moments of 'No Prayer For The Dying' and subsequent belter 'Age Of Innocence' packs in everything you could wish for in a modern day Maiden tune plus their best lyrics ever penned, issue within being the back-to-front structure of our ever-bending criminal justice system today. The lads close the album with the slightly western-tinted 'Journeyman', similar to 'Face….' but better, going to show that a band peddling a particular sound over 25 years still always have a new trick or two in their hat. They eventually went ahead and did one that lasted 67 minutes.

'D. O. D.' , Maiden's thirteenth studio album is unlucky for almost none. It is the produce of a business that has strived, struggled and survived through nearly three decades and the performances of Messrs Dickinson, Harris, Gers, Smith, Murray and McBrain are shatterproof, unlike most crockery items placed within a mile of any CD player on which this album is spinning. Maiden have made it good again, as ever.


By Dave Attrill

INSANE CLOWN POSSE - The Wraith: Shangri La
(D3 Entertainment - 2003)

This lot still around, eh? They may have handed over most of their fashion cred to Slipknot about four years back but these two lads still haven't given up, obviously aware that there are still people who care about them? Am I one? Well, I've tried to be over the past, and found it hard, but on hearing this, the band's sixth album, realise the Posse arte a lot more tuneful than I'd first had them sussed for being.

A word of warning to anyone still yet to try them out, there is little rock to be heard on the ICP tree, apart from a few songs with a guitar layer here and there, as they are primarily a rap act, but they spend a lot of time singing as well as just talking fast at a rhythmical beat. So, although I'm still edgy as whether to call this stuff my cup of tea just yet, it isn't at all bad, and as well as recommending it strongly to followers of the band - obviously - I am quite prepared to give them a further spin in the near future.


By Dave Attrill

InMe - Crushed Like Fruit (Single)
(Music For Nations - 2002)

Another three promising lads with three.. Promising sounding tuners comes my way with a surprising sort of release for Music For Nations, the label that has pressed for the likes of Paradise Lost, Tyketto, Magnum and Freak Of Nature amongst acts in its history.

Then despite their clearly contemporary mould, InMe do boast a vibe of early 90's metal attitude to their output and this small selection taken from their debut album does indicate that they have recognized their rights to write more than three chords per song.

Gritty and melodic but with some well trained snarling and spitting, notably through the raspy lead vocal, InMe have discharged a worthy warning shot to those whom approach - and they sound like the rest of the ammunition on board is equally deadly.


By Dave Attrill


Impelliteri - System X

(SPV - 2002)

A return of Graham Bonnett to the fold of Chris Impelliteri's band but this album is a bit of a dud to be honest. It's too heavy to suit the vocals of Bonnett who rips his throat out far too much for comfort the majority of the time and sounds more like a frog on speed.

It begins ok enough with 'Rock 'n' Roll Heros' and 'Perfect Crime' that's pure Ozzy in album track mode. Basically a lot of this is throwaway hard-edged 80's metal trying to sound aggressive and up-to-date but fails miserably. Thank god for 'She's a nighttime lover' about the lady of the night - if only it was all as enjoyable as this.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

INCISION - Beneath The Folds Of Flesh
(Earache Records - 2002)

What? Young men? Playing death metal? With their reputation? Well, at least they're not jumping on to the latest trend train bound for Kerrang-town, that's something. Which is one of about only a couple of things that you can immediately credit these boys for. Oh, and their musicianship is the other as we all know that the brand of land-speed-record-shattering six-stringery that bands from this scene virtually specialize in is never exactly something that you can learn in the space of one evening. It's just the songs themselves that are the main let-down for me. Samey-ness is nothing I'm a stranger to, but within reason people, within reason. I can't even tell which song we're on at most times as I've only the brief silent gaps between the tracks to separate them.

I can't say either that I usually approve of albums of short playing duration but 29-minutes is enough to get their message across - aggressive and talented they may very well be but inspiration, there ain't none, son. All in all, fun for the following faithful but as I don't follow this stuff as much as I once did, I'm a bit lost. Now, where did I put those Obituary albums, I wonder.


By Dave Attrill

InMe - Underdose (Single)
(Music For Nations - 2002)

The bands first ever single. It has a fast, modernistic pacey style and InMe are afraid to fall into the agression territories of Korn, the crunchy rap vibes of Papa Roach with the melodic arrangements of Puddle of Mudd.

Expect to see 'em around for quite a bit - the young kids'll lap 'em up in great quantities.


By Glenn Milligan BA Hons CS and Simon Moorhouse

(CENTURY MEDIA CM77035-2 - 2001)

'Horror Show' is the ninth CD from a band who are true and dedicated to their style of thrashy melodic power metal, Iced Earth express themselves load and clear from start to finish.

If you imagine Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Helloween together with the vocals of Paul Stanley form Kiss and Geoff Tate of Queensryche you have Iced Earth. 'Horror Show' is probably one of the most exciting, powerful and at the same time melodic CD's you will ever here, from the start of track one 'Wolf' you know the CD is more technical and more detailed than the amazing cover.

This eleven track CD has over sixty minutes of a gifted group of musicians, who have tested each other to the best of their capabilities with full on the throttle power metal that consists of pin point accuracy and ripping chords.

Iced Earth will have you blasting this CD out until the speakers blow as it pounds it's way through 'Wolf', 'Damien', 'Ghost of Freedom', 'Dragon's Child', 'Dracula' and not forgetting the cover version of Iron Maiden's 'Transylvania'.

Without any doubt Iced Earth have produced a master piece that will bring full enjoyment with every listen, I have heard a lot of complicated music in the past but not all bands can give you that sharp clear cut feel, which brings out the simplicity and depth of the CD.
If Iced Earth are new to you then this is a world-class recommendation that will not disappoint metal fans everywhere.


By Tony Watson

(EPIC/IMMORTAL 504061 9 - 2001)

Whatever you may think of Incubus, Incubus are probably the most talented and enthusiastic bunch of gays on this planet, who aren't afraid of experimenting with their instruments.

'Morning View' is again another, in a good sense, complicated but entertaining CD that features the hit single 'Wish You Were Hear'. From the start of 'Nice To Know You' to the oriental style track 'Aqueous Transmission', Incubus show their talents well without being too above themselves.

With tracks like 'Have You Ever', '11am', 'Blood On The Ground', 'Mexico', 'Warning' and 'Under My Umbrella' this CD will grab you by the balls and say, we are back with our style and we are here to stay with it.

There isn't a band in this world that has the talent, originality and enthusiasm like Incubus, It's not just the live shows that they like to release their energy, it also comes out in their wonderful music on CD and not many bands can we do that.

Overall like the other CD's from Incubus, it's a CD that will be played to death again and again without getting bored. If you are fortunate to obtain the CD with the video footage of the making of 'Morning View' it just adds to the overwhelming excitement of the whole CD.


By Tony Watson

Pre - 2002

Insania - Sunrise in Riverland
(No Fashion Records - 2001)

Power Metal from Stockholm in the Helloween Vein - it could even be a long lost album of theirs (which is meant as a pure compliment).

Some of the offerings here also have that 'spot which classical composer originally came up with this riff (which has been transferred to guitar) - but when the band can blast out as good as this - who the hell cares!!

I especially like the instrumental opener, 'Finlandia' (which starts very orchestral before moving into the classy high-pitched guitar style of Malmsteen. 'The Land of the Wintersun' incorporates that epic yet humorous Helloween feel to it, with it's singalong song-title chorus as well as guitar solos to die for, and then there's the springing up of the keyboards to take into account - it's like the mid 80's all over again, thank god!! Supreme. The next rather nice number is 'Heaven and Hell', which incorporates hints of Iron Maiden in the true pacing power horse styles of Gers, Smith and Murray and great slamming machine drums, and what about the rather splendid serenading from the keyboards).

'Beware of the Dragons' is again very Iron Maiden but features a guitar solo that reminds me of the one in 'Mr. Crowley' from Ozzy Osbourne's 'Blizzard of Oz' album. There's even a ballad thrown in, which is rather gorgeous, going by the title, 'Angels in the Sky', (that when played live will guarantee a lit-up hall of cigarette lighter flames). It contains a gloriously loving guitar solo - now this is how to really impress, which dare I say it reminds of Joey Tempest's bunch, commonly known as 'Europe'. Other songs like 'Heading for Tomorrow', 'Dangerous Mind', 'Seasons of Life' and 'Tears of the nature' simply come across as Helloween album tracks. But closer, 'Time of the Prophecies' well and truly makes up for this, with hints of 'Iron Maiden', 'Queensryche', and positive lyrics in between.

If you like high-pitched guitars and vocals, technically riveting drum-work and symphonic keyboards that made bands like Iron Maiden, Helloween and Queensryche Metal Legends, then you'll love this latest album from Stockholm's 'Insania'.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS


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