KAMIKAZE KINGS - Royal Renegades
(7Hard records - 2016)

German foursome Kamikaze Kings ha e been kicking about since 2010, and kicking backside in quite a few places it sounds.

Sassy hard rock with the husky voice of frontman Elmo overriding most of the other elements, this outfits third full length album is a good starting taste. Fourteen tracks of tough, leather laden trad rock with rumble and sass serve up a combined feel of The Cult, Motley Crue and Little Caesar.

Rock n' Rill Sacrilege', 'Touchdown in the Danger Zone', Dirty Girl', 'Live To Rock' and 'Powerbreaker' are hardly the most imaginatively dreamt up titles you would apply to numbers but the solos and hooks deliver in that naughty old fashioned way we still love today and there's the occasional Maiden twinge to cap it over. 

Hugely overblown in some places, hugely addictive for the rest, 'Royal Renegades' is yet another princely effort direct  at you from Deutschland.  


By Dave Attrill

NET:  www.kamikazekings.com 

(Twisted Prophet - 2015)

Hailing from America's metal capital, California, Killing Tyranny are not necessarily the next big thrash discovery you might have been waiting for but are pretty much just as fast and fearful in their own old school delivery.

Huge, razor sharp rhythm guitars grind and growl through a dozen-plus dainty trad metal workouts with a widening range of influences as you progress through this scary San Diego outfit's debut. Select melodic metal assaults such as 'Who I Am', 'Caged', 'The Plague', 'Sleeper Cell', 'The One' and 'Control Freak' deliver all the things the average studded leather fist would desire while sandwiching the slick, seventies-drowned balladry of 'God Bless The Child',  between with a bright but short acoustic aftertaste.

Elsewhere, the sinister, Megadeth creepiness of 'Here We Come chucks up a contrasting moment with a crunching chorus riff while 'Martyr' comes in unnecessarily punk but still makes a punishing live set entry. Huge metal choruses and catchy rhythm repeats capped with smooth lead solo work conglomerate to form Killing Tyranny's artillery on their first full length outing.

Getting a huge reception over the pond, this sound should soon welcome them to a few slots in the UK, not to mention the continent.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Metallica, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Dio & Testament.
NET:  www.killingtyrannytheband.org

January/February 2016

Koritni – Night Goes On For Days
(ear Music/Verycords – 2015)

Australian band based around frontman, Lee Koritni are an act that have blown my mind and no doubt yours too if you check them out.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that they came out in the late 80’s or early 90’s since these guys have elements of high quality arena warming bands like Extreme, Little Angels and Skin in both vocal, musical and song standard! Big Haired, blues-based brilliance that hooked me straight away!

This fouth album of theirs was produced by the legendary Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden…) and mastered by Ryan Smith (AC/DC, Guns ‘N’ Roses…) and it’s got the liveliest, raw ‘n’ raunchy sound to it and is simply stunning amber nectar to the ears indeed.

A ballsy, clear and sincere joy to behold with every song being an absolute slipper-stomping, boot-kickin’ corker of a number that include the opening ‘Horns Up’; ‘Night Goes On For Days’, the beautiful acoustic ballad ‘Woman In Love’; the fast ‘n’ boppin’ ‘Seal The Deal’ or the blues of ‘The Mississippi Delta’ that flows right into ‘Water Of Life’ that features original Status Quo drummer, John Coghlan – his first recording since 1985!

I must also mention the balls-out cover of CCR’s ‘Fortunate Son’ that comes as a bonus track and recorded live in France 2013! What a band! Little wonder that they’ve supported the likes of The Scorpions, Status Quo, Motorhead and Motley to name but a few. Would to see these Aussies play a few UK shows too.

Sheer Excellence in every possible way!


By Glenn Milligan


KES  - Kamlama
(Lin Records - 2015)

No, not named after the classic Brian Glover film - this Kes are in fact a three-piece instrumental act from Turkey.

Unfortunately not one of the best ones at that. Despite their musical abilities sounding massively proficient as promised by the promo, a lot of these tracks sound troublesomely disjointed. Add an irritating stop-go guitar screech to opening cut 'Hak' and some horrendously directionless low pitch strumming throughout just about all nine cuts and this one instantly becomes placed under 'Strictly For Die Hards'.

Sadly some albums simply don't work without vocals - the fact that this cd was recorded live speaks a nit about what masochistic crowds Turkey may have. 


By Dave Attrill

Kitchen Witch – Trouble (E.P)
(S/R – 2015)

Female fronted four piece from Southern Australia (Adelaide to be exact) who have solid Classic Rock, Blues and Stoner grooves going down on this 5 track E.P.

They kinda remind me of Led Zeppelin – especially the first four albums since it’s very raw ‘n’ gutsys led zep and lays heavily on the roots on it all right through from the opening title track ‘Trouble’ from the closing blueser that is ‘Just For One Day’.

There’s some Janis Joplin elements to get excited about too – what cracking voice Georgie Cosson has who really proves herself throughout and puts her heart and soul into each number in a very emotional way indeed. I adore the ‘Bron Y’Aur Stomp’ like ‘Don’t Waste Your Time’ or gospelness accapella of ‘O Lord’.

Dame fine stuff and needs to be heard repeatedly!


By Glenn Milligan


KAYLETH - Space Muffin
(Argonauta Records - 2015)

Don't know which planet this Verona lot are on but its got some pretty amiable aliens on, as they've allowed them to get on with writing this impressive album.

Made up of a lot of Monster Magnet sized rocks and a strong Lemmy throat trundling about on top for a buggy, all of these eight cuts come of a time-tested format with crusty twin guitar fuzz and fast paced arrangements in most parts. Mountains, Secret Place, Spacewalk, Born To Suffer and Lies Of Mind take you back to the time when it was a crime not to sound like this way in the stoner metal scene. No-nonsense heavy metal like this still floats as many boats...or ships today, as proved by the proud folk of Italy.

Look up and buy!


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.kaylethstoner.bandcamp.com


DYLAN KAY - Intentions Of A Man
(S/R - 2014)

Dylan Kay is a multi-instrumentalist from the good ol' USA with an apparent penchant for producing all the great guitar sounds his nation are renowned for.

Rickety-rackety rhythms and razor crisp notes support his snake-like vocal vitriol through all nine of these numbers. Strap on our own six-string, sit down and crank up to catch the talent of Mr Thomas in action as he applies all instruments himself to add an evidently hand-crafted touch, only numbers like 'Take My Stand', Stitches', 'Invictus', 'Do I Care' and 'Funk Pig' would be capable of.

A catastrophic explosion of alternative, blues and hard rock that rattles the windows in your house and has you declining the repairs after, 'I.O.A.M.' is an unexpected gem by this unknown gentleman and one that we hope to see shine outside of his homeland before too long.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.Dylankay.bandcamp.com

Note: Album only available online, via address above and at live shows.

KINGNALDO - Memorandum
(Heretic Mute - 2014)

Kingnaldo is a multi-instrumentalist from Puerto Rico, who took inspirations from Metallica and erm...Michael Jackson amongst artists at a tender young age.

Drums having been his primary weapon, he has since moved on to microphone and guitar, the result being his moulding of a mightily impressive solo effort. Tight alternative and psychedelic compositions, capped together with classic rock and industrial vibes solidify all eight of these tracks even if some fail to grip as instantly as one expects.

King's voice is a strongly seventies flavoured one with additional feel for a few of the Seattle greats and a strong emotive rasp, that is allowed out strictly only when he sees fit, so it is even more incredible that he has had an Yngwie Malmsteen support stint to his belt.

Top stuff, nonetheless, sire.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.kingnaldo.net

KOPF HOCH - Good Afternoon Gentlemen
(S/R - 2014)

This was almost easy to mistake for an ep, seeing as there were only three tracks listed, until discovering they had a collective length of about forty minutes.

Some instrumental acts pull it off, some don't; this German lot... just. Deep, ambient journeys through all acrobatics possible on synths and acoustics await you with this offering, I can at least say. You need to have a lot of patience with this outfit as their tracks do progress forward even if the pace is a little hard going at an uncomfortable number of moments.

Still, for its atmospheric and absorbing value, 'Good Afternoon Gentlemen' remains a respected effort with a recurring seventies centre that rests with you after.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.kopfhochherzraus.tumblr.com

January 2015

(S/R - 2014)

Is the name meant to be a play on the name of electrical measurement, per chance? If so don't bring any water near these five Brits because this is a rather electrifying slab of old school thrash, stripped of its earth wire.

Rippling right through twelve adorably angry eighties powered numbers, something makes you think they'd tampered with the date on their bedside radio clocks to read 1988 permanently. I can think of no other excuse for this Anthrax-meets-Exodus feast of fast, mayhemic metal noise, of which 'Into The Breach', Blunt Force Trauma', Violence Is Golden', 'It Has All Gone Dark', Beware of the Fog', 'Megaladon' and 'Ready Aim Fire' are the most instantly appealing morsels.

Steeped in swish shred-fests from the twin guitarists and a snarling, sometime early-Hetfield-esque roar of a vocal, this ferocious fivesome fly in from out of nowhere, dispatch their deadly cargo and dive clear as we suffer, or rather savour the result. Don't Hurt these Killers - pick it up, soon as.



By Dave Attrill

VERY VERY RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Exodus, Slayer, Metallica, Vio-Lence & Sacred Reich.

NET: www. killerhurts.co.uk


King Lizard – A Nightmare Living’ The Dream
(Bad Reputation – 2012)

A band I actually bumped into at loaded bar in Hollywood in July and now their album lands on my lap – perfect.

It’s red hot fresh off the press sleaze metal from London and not LA in this case like you’d expect. The band have everything you’d want to hear from hair metal at it’s best. High squawky vocals, excitable songs and precision high octane playing. Highlights include the opening ‘Come Get Some’; ‘Hair Of The Dog’; ‘This Ain’t Love’ or the kicking closer ‘Waterloo Ratz’.

Well recommended.


By Glenn Milligan


Kaisas – Digitalise
(S/R – 2013)

A Hard Melodic Rock trio with a name that comes from main guy, Babis Kaisas who deliver another album on the doorstep not too long after the last.

An uplifting set of songs is what you’ll find on here with standouts including the rocking ‘Baby Don’t Cry’; an exceptional cover of ‘I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight’ by The Cutting Crew; the ballad that is ‘Helen’; the very 1988 ‘Rockin’ In The Digital World’

Pretty decent.


By Glenn Milligan

Kickhunter – Southern Kicks
(Phoenix Records – 2014)

Those German Southern Rockers are back with a third album packed full of glorious Dixie sounds with cracking backing vocals at times too.

Sixteen songs on here altogether with highlights including the epic ‘Walls’; the beautiful ‘Let it Shine’; a killer cover of Status Quo’s ‘Caroline’; the Van Halen like ‘To Hell And Back Again’; the full on rockin’ ‘Child Of Love’; and the beautiful ballad ‘(Good To Be) Alive’.

Good Stuff.


By Glenn Milligan

Kjetilby feat. Robin Beck – Better Days
(S/R – 2014)

Light hearted melodic rock album that could have come out in the 80’s that’s filled with radio friendly sounding bouncing numbers.

It’s okay but not exactly to get excited about to be honest and rather generic but I know this has a big audience in some parts. I do like ‘New York Rain’ though and ‘Superseded’ is a particularly good song though and then there’s the excellent ‘Guide You On Your Way’.

Sadly it’s not very grabbing a lot of the time.


By Glenn Milligan

March/April 2014

(S/R - 2013)

Not related to any former German dictator-turned-designer-of-houses , Kaiser Architekt have a sound as crazy as their own name spells.

Sticking big sixties and eighties names together with selected indie favourites, their style can not be pigeonholed in the slightest. Tons of piano go in alongside guitar, bass and synths to send up a conglomeration that cuts it well with the bright Britpop vocals Mr Web places in the spot on top.

'Playing Dynamite', 'Bulletproof', 'Supersonic', 'Crush', 'Kuryakin', 'International' and 'Voodoo Wriggly' would be guaranteed instant top forty success if singles surface within our isles, something I often state the opposite of within Metalliville pages. Spikey, upbeat rhythms and little slow fodder finds this one an easy piece to jam or jump about on, but not necessarily on top of this disc itself yet. I find it best to keep an open mind.

Tagged by themselves as 'espionage rock' I'd recommend spying on this outfit's tricks for a while to follow.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Killers, The Police & Snow Patrol.

NET: www.kaiserarchitect.com

KILLER BEE - Evolutionary Children
(S/R - 2013)

Recently reformed Swedes Killer Bee seem not to have noticed the nu-metal/alternative scene in their fifteen years away, otherwise this such album should have had no excuse to exist.

Then again, this is their second full-lengther since reincarnation, so their roots must be well dug back in again. Getting out of the way the only disappointment, Children Of Evolution' opens with an intro guitar line that echoes Scorps 'Alien Nation' but despite decent intentions seems flat for a first track. Coming aggressively hard behind, 'A Little Too Old' rocks on hard in a highly Helix-like fashion (remember them?). The classy keyboard lines of 'Let's Danze show you what this band are about, as do the lyric '..living your life for rock and roll...'.

There's little room for contemporary with Killer Bee and as 'Ride On', 'Got Your Number', 'I'm On Fire' and 'Gimme A Taste' get on your back to remind you. Huge guitars and gritty get-in-do-the-job-and-out songs like these still sell,. striking the chords to support the vocals and little else until they’re allowed to. Wild old school heavy metal like this went out of the window of favour about twenty five years ago but we leant out with Killer Bee holding onto our legs from behind and dragged it back in. Nicely paced with plenty of sting, Killer Bee store some rollicking hot rock n roll honey in their hive to this day.

You best be getting the toast made ready.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Guns n' Roses, Great White, Rose Tattoo, Tesla, Faster Pussycat, Quireboys, Black Crowes, Blackfoot & ZZ Top.

NET: www.myspace.com/killerbeesweden


Kilimanjaro – Open Your Heart
(S/R – 2012)

Very much MOR type trio from Sweden that I can imagine the likes of Steve Wright playing on his afternoon UK Radio 2 show as it’s very squeaky clean kinda stuff and perfect chilled out listening with a healthy handful of funk in there.

Highlights on here that jump out at me are ‘Could You Believe’ but you have to be in the mood for a lot of it cos it’s rather ‘Hall & Oates’ and ‘Paul Carrack’ if you ask me. Nice acoustic come electric number in ‘Don’t Be Afraid’.



By Glenn Milligan


Jorma Kaukonen – Jorma
(Floating World/Retroworld – 2013)

Former member of Jefferson Airplane flys solo on an album that was originally released in 1979 that sees no drums at all featured – just a lone dude doing whatever he wants.

It has a lot in common Bob Dylan, Ronnie Lane and various sounds and styles of the Blues, Country and overall Americana blend and vibe of music with some real tasty tunes in the opening rocker ‘Straight Ahead’ with a little riff in there that pre-dates Lennon’s ‘I’m Losing You’ and has a bit of The Rolling Stones ‘Street Fighting Man’ in there too.

Then there’s the gorgeous ‘Wolves & Moons’ that has beautiful CSN feel to it & ‘Requiem For An Angel’ that is like a melting pot of Dylan & The Allman Brothers all in one. ‘Vampire Woman’ is a great number too that is pure retro blues of the Leadbelly or Robert Johnson vein meets a Ronnie Lane kinda vibe.

An artist that definitely should be bigger that stands alongside the greats of the past and present.


By Glenn Milligan


Julia Kosterova - Springs Of Time
(S/R - 2013)

Female guitarist from LA that's of the fusion rock style so little wonder you've got Derek Sherinian on keyboards as well as other big names like Brian Tichy, Marco Minnemann and Michael Devin on here too.

It's a 4 track E.P. that clocks in at 23 minutes 34 seconds to be exact with you. Musically it's literally all over the place regarding styles and arrangements and that's just the title track 'Springs Of Time' itself which sets the formula for the rest of the CD right to the closer 'Hi Power'.

It's high quality precision stuff but hard to grasp as there's too much going on at once to be a comfortable listen for too short a time and comes across like ADHD set to music unless you get off on that sort of thing.


By Glenn Milligan


KYLER - Swagger
(7Hard - 2012)

Hang on, didn't Gun have a rather successful album by that name once?

Swagger is indeed what this German five piece's music vends, let alone groove as advertised on the promo lineage. Jammable riff lines and solos that don't steal themselves into the way of the weightier components power this machine along a road and rip it apart tidily.

Huge Pantera/Metallica crunch attacks come with little warning with nowhere to retreat but true old-school metal lovers would stay to lap it up loud instead. Damaging headbang stomps and swirling grind progressions swap places to stop you expecting one thing coming at any time, whilst even frontman Marcus's selection of styles knows no inadaptable territories.

Stronger cuts 'The Unknown', 'The Last In Line', 'Tonight', 'Bounded By Hate', 'Buried Alive' and 'Fight' only stand from the rest on album but in the live sector Kyler will slay with every one of their songs. Smashing, lads.

Show yourselves,on a UK stage sometime soon please.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Orange Goblin, Pantera, Killswitch Engage & Cathedral.

NET: www.myspace.com/kylermetal

January 2013

(S/R - 2012)

Kamikaze Test Pilots? Zimbabweans making pu half the line-up and they call themselves K… Whatever floats their boat, it is proven irrelevant as these four lads are fun, aggressive and inventive all in one go, and eleven times over.

Their debut album is unclassable classic punk n’ roll with reggae-infested elements squeezed into the orifices. Zany vocal work by lively frontman Ryan Nieman is the dominating force of this disc –does this bloke spend his life performing on a pogo stick or something? Good balanced guitars that take a continuous throw between posts marked ‘pop’, ‘hard rock’ and alternative’, with more than an echo of the Chili Peppers, support the songs’ innocently OTT edge dealing in every trick the combination can play on your ears.

Seeing ‘Dinosaur’, ‘Patrick’, ‘Happy Slapper’, ‘Fairy Tales’, ‘Kumasha’, ‘Perseverance’, ‘Shoeshine’ and ‘Turnpike’ live will most likely show you a lethally original and crazy outfit sat revving their engine.Yuo are best advised to get Kamikaze Test Pilots’ stuff or stay off the road.

A roaring welcome to a British band with big potential.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE (at closest) : Living Colour, Queens of the Stone Age, Cement & Bad Brains.

KATTAH - Eyes Of Sand
(MS Metal Records - 2012)

The sleeve and name misled me instantly - Kattah turning out not to hail from some Middle-Eastern turf but from sunny Brazil instead.

Thus, the ‘quality’ alarm sounds inevitably loud and as often, isn a false one either. Speedy guitar riffs, with sturdy tempo variations to boot, is the order of the day of course. Senhors Parra and Brochard deliver the twin guitar package timed to explode above the tactical pacing of their expert rhythm section.

Neatly layered over by the vocals of Ron Sauaf, who comes along like a combination of Bruce Dickinson and Mike Patton of all unlikely prog metal pedigrees, something pretty special is set to launch out of South America this next year. For a clue, it contains songs entitled ‘Eyes of Sand’, ‘This Fire’, ‘Illusion of Dreams’, ‘Deep Feelings’ and ‘Lebanese Aura’ as its best labours. Strong work from another outfit set to be Kattah-pulted into the big time.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Helloween, Kamelot, Iron Maiden & Saga.

NET: www.myspace.com/officialkattah


Karnival Korpus - Funky Dirt (E.P.)
(S/R - 2012)

This is good ole ballsy rock that goes into blues and stoner territory and sounds brilliant.

A five tracker packed with plenty of oomph from beginning to end with highlights in the opening 'Water Flow with its awesome hammond organ solo'; the ballsy 'Wrecking Ball' and the closing 'Taffic Jam' that is no doubt a great song to drive to.

Short and sweet and to the point.


By Glenn Milligan


Knock Out Kaine - House Of Sins
(Dust On The Tracks Records- 2012)

The rockin' boys from Lincoln have at least unleashed their debut on us who recently signed to the above new German label.

A band that have the beauty of Queen, Mr. Big and Extreme coupled in with the brashness of Skid Row and Motley Crue as well as elements of Danger Danger too. Mr. Foxx leads the lads to powerful oblivion on this excellent album that features a few songs I love and recognise from last years EP - these being the brillant driving 'Little Crystal' & Set The Night On Fire'.

Then there's the beautiful acoustic/electric power ballad 'Backstreet Romeo' anc 'Coming Home' (that comes in a radio edit as well)- and how can I not mention the X-rated Going Down (She Goes) and the cookin' 'Time'.

See them soon at a venue near you in 2012 and 2013. They deserve to be big for defo.


By Glenn Milligan


GADI KAPLAN - Opposite Views
(S/R - 2011)

Gadi is an Israeli multi instrumentalist with a mighty hand in the different styles and swings that the music phenomenon called prog comes to taking.

Grouped behind by a bold multinational pedigree of players from Irsrael, Japan and Canada the sound despite being an mostly instrumental product is musically massive as opposed to just impressively big. Go straight in with ‘Harmony Police’, the first of this seven -tracker and you’ll se what the fuss is over. Radically less rock-like than you might be used to, the fiery sax/guitar duel dominating most of the six minutes steals the space of the album in reprise though the pianowork is not to become left behind in less significance.

The sped up outtro , also a pleasant surprise sets a misleading indication for the mellow soul sound of Euphoric moment’ with the harmonies suitable for supping your bubbly to out by the beach at sunset. Taking a bluesy diversion, ’Nocturnal Advernture’ is purely ball-room room rock n’ roll lite with luscious sax and bass synchrony and as the only vocal track, the combination is the best chosen to work.

Fourth number ’feels like Mornnig’ dos indeed, with dynamic performance once again by Caplan’s countryman Eyal Hai’s saxophone throughout and some good prog drum input by the renowned Alex Santiago towards the latter half. Violin/acoustic based ballad ’Boni’ is by far one of the album’s best, strongly retaining that tangy summer harmony line style that Mr Hai appears to specialise in. Taking onboard a tasty Eastern zest, Rita’s Garden’, a guitar led seventies outing echoes of Jethro Tull in a lot of areas as well and almost catches you with a chorus/verse arrangement.

Closing title number ‘Opposite Views’ is an immense ten minute tour de force through talentsville mountains, stealing all already bygone in the disc and blending it together an a incredible trip that sells the record by itself. Fantastically arranged and written work by an undiscovered genius, Gadi Caplan caps off the competition his way with an instrumental record generating an incredible instrumental power rarely heard. Delectable stuff from start to end, ‘Opposite Views’ is the prog cd destined to be talked about for decades if not ever.

Another please, Israel.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE; (closest match) Jethro Tull & Porcupine Tree.

NET: www.gadicaplan.com

(S/R - 2012)

Upholding North America’s renewed niche for straight cut pop rock, Chris Klimecky kicks his foot through the widely opening door.

This Michigan chappie pleases with a delicious bunch of guitar -driven ditties, very much in the vein of Kevin Gullickson’s stonking Radio Drive disc but strictly no clone. Nice simple song structure as with the other said gentleman’s offerings, their is a strongly more punk -oriented tint on the window this time though a lot of the material also jaunts down the roadway marked ’Journey/Toto’ as well.

Hefty melodies on vocals, and instruments, all played by this one man himself showcase Chris’s crushing abilities to make something big out of something basic. Chorus hunters need not be disappointed, through nifty electric/acoustic shredding and nauseating melodies are equally as much, what ‘Arrival’, ‘This Journey’, ‘Sunshine and Misery’, ‘Lap Of Luxury’, ‘Water Colours’, ‘Not Your Hero’ and ‘Afterglow’ are about.

Testosterone not being measured solely in terms of speed - Chris Klimecky drains it up just as fast with his melodic brand of gritty mid-tempo guitar pop, except he does it rather secretly.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: The Clash, Foo Fighters, Gun & Bon Jovi.

NET: www.chrisklimecky.com


Kaisas - Unify
(Copro Productions - 2011)

Frontman of the immense rockers Shy, Tony Mills is the voice of a new band called Kaisas.

Thing is, it's just so damn generic and becomes like melodic rock wallpaper much of the time. There are a few decent moments in 'Innocent City'; 'Jingle Bells' - WTF it's July?; 'That's Me' and the closing 'Rock You' that has a kind of old English/folky vibe to it.

Thing is, due to the style of the band and the vocals sound of Tony, I can't help thinking they sound like a wanna-be Queensyche in many of the songs.


By Glenn Milligan


(S/R - 2012)

Sheffield spew ..I mean serve up another one from time to time.

Young foursome Kamen, who recently made waves supporting Tyketto legend, Danny Vaughn on his acoustic tour have just added a new man to the ranks in singer Andrea Oggiano which is a strange but still impressive point of entry to their musical journey. His boyish Mitch Malloy range brings a selling dimension to an otherwise fairly alternative-oriented playing mode in hooky rockers ‘Hold onto Me’ and 'One More Weekend' although third number 'She' is a shredding blues rock groover.

Altogether Kamen’s noise sells them well for the future and those who, unlike me caught the full of their set at Sheffield Corporation know there are big things around the corner for these boys.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters & Blind Melon

NET: www.thekamen.co.uk

KILLER FIX - Bridge Of Disorder
(Dust On The Tracks - 2012)

British outfits appear increasingly not to buy the British sound where current day metal is concerned.

For example Londoners Killerfix like to take lessons in sound from Sepultura and Stuck Mojo rather than the tragically average trend-pandering pass-offs for metal mostly emanating from their native isle. I’d side with them personally on that matter though whichever way these lads want their sound to be looked on, it is lethal and in the non-derogatory sense. Imagine old-school hardcore thrash riffs set to a progressive metronome and add a classy extreme metal bruiser for a singer over the top… and business is set to be good if not more than.

Vocalist Craig Wilson, who apparently began the act as a studio venture, vehemently growls his way in with ‘Beckoning‘ and batters down the walls with ‘Someone Else to Blame’, ‘In Texas’, ‘My Kingdom’ and ‘Smoke For the Pain’ in tow. Wallowing in diversity, KF’s spectrum is sizeably overworked with all metal and alternative channels given their chink in the coin Turning back the clocks to the yesteryear where anger actually meant something in metal than just being cool, the up-to-date side is still inescapable in spite of the lusciously Kirk Hammett -schooled leads from shredder Christian Lloyd.

Female-vocalled 'Deaf Nation' is an unorthodox closing choice, subtle by extreme contrast to the seven numbers before but no one complained when Fear Factory closed off a certain album with a ten-minute long track of incessant machinery noises. Noisy and incessantly strong all the way, a recommended Fix is one from this Killer.

Recommended metal for 2012.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Machine Head, Biohazard, Agnostic Front, Pantera, Slayer & Metallica.

NET: www.killerfix.com


KLOGR - Till You Decay
(Valery Records - 2011)

Klogr are a three -quarter-Italian / one-quarter US outfit with a wholesome line in alternative metal.

Steering away totally from scream core tedium, they put about everything good in contemporary metal circa 1992-95 into the pot and bring it frothing angrily to the boil. Tasting very nice indeed for it, frontman Rudy’s range may sometimes stray partway into BringmetheHorzionsville but on the large he leaves the marker at a strong , angst post-grunge line.

Strong instrumental variation as promised does happen with melodic metal, thrash, hardcore and progressive getting in on the game and giving ‘Live Dying’, ‘Silk and Thorns’, ‘White Eyes’, ‘Self Loathing’, ‘Naked Mind’ and ‘Value of Sin’ a strong hold-up right from the bottom. Brilliant, catchy and deep, ‘T.Y.D.’ is a satisfying escape from single-style limitations other bands let rule them to eventual ruin.

Escape to the shop and buy.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Linking Park, Sevendust & Devin Townsend.

NET: www.klogr.net

January 2012

KARNIVAL KORPUS - Whatever Comes Next
(White Space Records - 2011)

If that title had had a question mark placed on the end it would accurately quote my initial thoughts single-handed.

Listed in the genres space as covering rock, blues and grunge, it might as well go right across the sheet, Karnival Korpus seemingly aren’t afraid to give anything a try at least once. Straight ahead rock, alternative and more old school guitar moves as mentioned are indeed part of the machine these four rather noise-some young men roll the road flat inside, then so too are stoner, prog, hard rock, doom, trad metal and punk, in respectively large or precautious little portions.

Stealing some very familiar ingredients nonetheless, the ever gear-shifting sound you get used to throughout ’Fall Away’, ‘Six Feet Under’, ‘Redlight Girls’, ‘Wild-Fire’, ‘Fat Cats’, ‘Black Sunshine’ and ‘Glare of The Neon Lights’ suddenly welds into one with dangerously deep tread round its rubber.

A powerful modern rocker that is old fashioned and angry all in synchrony… becoming latterly a rarity.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Giving them a listen to find out is highly…er, recommended

NET: www.myspace.com/karnivalkorpus


The Karma Heart – Throw Your Light
(S/R – 2011)

The Newcastle based 4-piece who were formally known as ‘Remedy’ that feature female fronter Jenn Cherene taking control of the mike.

They have their own unique full on rock sound with Jenn right at front of the mix. They are zesty and fresh and have a real hot presence to them. Highlights on here include opener ‘The Fated’; ‘The City’s A Desert’; ‘The Remedy’ and the closing number ‘There’s Not A Star In The Sky…’. Each number has so much energy and puts me in mind of Alanis Moriseette with more balls and then some…

Decent CD.


By Glenn Milligan

Kill Chambers – The Reckoning
(Rising Records - 2011)

Right from the start, this album delivers powerful vocals, drums and guitar. Opening with a chilling guitar riff, leading into strong drumming, The Reckoning sets its standards high straight away.

The vocals don’t let these standards down, unleashing powerful screams and melodic singing for the chorus. The high standards remain throughout the album, letting the listener know that Kill Chambers are a mature band, despite still being in their teens. Every song is just as good as the last, perhaps even better as you progress through the album.

The tingling screams flow through your whole body as you listen, hitting you with extreme power. The Reckoning is an intense album, filled with all the things that a great heavy metal album needs. You won’t be let down with this manic collection of music.

My theory is, if your mum doesn’t like it, it’s a great album!


By Sam Hutchinson


Knock Out Kaine – Set the Night On Fire (E.P.)
(S/R – 2011)

Lincoln, UK’s finest who I’ve heard quite a lot of for one reason or another – a real goodtime ballsy bunch of rockers with hints of old school 80’s glam to them as well.

5 songs of splendidness is what you’ll find here that are well structured and full of hard spandex glory and cowboy boot and then some… Standouts include the warm hearted epic ballad ‘Coming Home’; the exceptional well-riffed sure live staple that is ‘Little Crystal’ or opening title track itself, ‘Set The Night On Fire’.

Catch them on tour with Where Angels Suffer in the UK in Aug/Sept, on their own tour and with other notable bands in the future too. Expect big things from these guys!


By Glenn Milligan

Net: www.knockoutkaine.com

KOLTDOWN - Truth Becomes
(Kton Records - 2011)

Mexicans, Koltdown come up with an long time favourite here - old fashioned hardcore with the clichéd fave of an abandoned shooter lying on the floor for a sleeve design.

As always it should be bore in mind that bands of this sort do not intend their music or images to glorify gun use or violence, just typical old-school power and ultimately positive attitude underneath a modern day layer.

Cutting finally to the chase, K.D. make the best of everything Applying plentiful well-developed thrash/alternative alignments, occasionally garnished with scenic keyboard visitations in place of tedious two-chord-and-gone guitar abuse makes ‘The Fall’, ‘Volcan’, ‘Never Like This’, ‘Seis Disparos’, ‘Blue Pigs’ and ‘Lost Between’, amongst cuts into actual tunes as opposed to noise and shouts. Melodic when they want to be, they make their occasional progressive influence felt as you listen on and the full record is… for the seasoned and matured new scene connoisseur alike.

Great stuff.


By Dave Attrill


KAMELOT - Poetry For The Poisoned/Live From Wacken
(Edel/EAR Music - 2011)

Hold on .. I’ve just reviewed this one. Still it doesn’t hurt again, when I still love it a much as I did back in 2010.

Apparently so has most of Kamelot’s other worldwide faithful that its not only gone on to become their most successful studio release to date already but also enough to be shoved at us along with a small taste of their Wacken fest slot from last year . Out of eight mightily sonorous symphonic metal anthems of the many they’ve reeled off in their time, two of my faves from PFTP, feature namely ‘great Pandemonium’ and ‘Hunter’s Season’. Elsewhere in the selection we get ‘Human Stain, ‘Centre Of The Universe’, ’Pendulous Fall’ and ’Forever’ amongst goodies old and new but still sounding good as new.

Frontman Roy Khan airs a Hetfield streak with his expletive-tinged encouragements to sing along regardless of the tunes familiarity with those across the barrier while the guitars and keys come across every bit strongly live as they do on disc, Mr Youngblood giving it no less than his usual muscle. A great early Christmas present for the Kamelot loyal, otherwise a starter pack strongly recommended for beginners.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Stratovarious, Dream Theater, Artesnsion & Helloween.
NET: www.kamelot.com

Keester - S/T
(XXX Records - 2010)

A Californian duo made up of Jeff Jones and Bret Blackburn who take care of all vocal and musical duties with plenty of styles and influneces about throught the album.

Standout songs on here include 'Alone' that's very Nirvana; 'Stand Beside You' that reminds me of Cheap Trick & Enuff ZNuff; the Punky/Quo'ish 'Let's Get High' and the almost Ramonesy 'I Wanna Be Somebody' as oppsed to being a cover of WASP song of the same name.

Now this is a fine 2some indeed.


By Glenn Milligan

KILMARA - Don’t Fear The Wolf
(Rising Records - 2011)

Almost a case of fixing what ain’t broke here, me thinks.

Spanish metal combo Kilmara revert from singing in their native lingo to good old johnny English instead for the sake of commercial accessibility, yet I’ve reviewed many a magnificent power metal disc performed en espanol enough in recent years to appreciate the concept. Whichever floats their boat, or their label’s, this record very much does mine even though having ex-Helloween man Roland Grapow at the production chair spoils the style guess game.

As old fashioned as Betamax VCRS, this thirteen tune selection stays a potentially timeless slice of heaven to my lobes. Titan-like rhythms and tight-as-frig speed metal leads rule every song round both ends and the sides, sending out their own commands on when to headbang, or aim that studded hand of yours skyward. A sweetly familiar Dickinson/Blaze Bayley shaped range from vocalist Christian keeps the casually approaching listeners satisfied and complex lyrical structuring amongst commonplace verse-chorus-verse arrangement is to their credit far more than fault.

‘Inside The Darkness’, ‘Rock The Night’, ‘All You Need Is Pray’, ‘Blindfold’, ‘You Better Run’, ‘Vampire Of Love’, ‘You Left Without A Reason’, ‘The Deceit’ and ‘Dakujem Castle’ haven’t yet made the global reputation that ‘Run to the Hills’ and ‘ Two Minutes to Midnight’ cemented in the earth’s metal floor, but in their homeland and European metal scene, Kilmara’s noise is already being made to be heard as theirs. A wolf indeed not to be feared, this catch little outfit are nonetheless a fearsome creature in their own right.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne & Helloween.
NET: www.myspace.com/kilmara


KYRBGRINDER - Cold War Technology
(S/R - 2010)

Threshold drum maestro Johanne James enthralled me with his side-venture’s debit long player two-three years ago, and I kept my fingers crossed that his commitment with the Brit prog legends would sometime allow for a further taste.

Wishes granted, the big double-J returns with a fourteen-strong slice of tech’ metal talent that is possibly even better than his other showing . The signs are up there already with the first few minutes and alongside his magnificent drum/vocal duties, the guitars from Tommy Caris are again in strong show. Sliding grunge, thrash, prog, hard rock and occasional punk into all holes that open, the trio take the successful essences of their existing approach to higher rungs and hammer it down with beautifully acute precision. Amidst the technical excellence.

Kyrbgrinder remain high on hooks and produce some anthems here, most notably 'Cynical World', 'Don’t Be So Cold', 'My Heart Bleeds' and 'Defiance' with straight ahead arrangements that seem to cunningly disguise the experimental nature of the project. Covering Nirvana’s ’Heart Shaped Box’ is unexpected but an amusing treat that gels in its time and accountable contribution to Johanne’s wayfaring inspirations. An essential for the open minded, 'CWT' also ropes in the attentions of the pedantic metaller and keeps him pleased while educating.

Strong playing from all three lads, including bass man Albi Flaibani, Kryb come back to the grind and keep at it solidly on a bit of overtime as well.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.myspace.com/kyrbgrinder


Karnival Korpus - Midnight Creeper (E.P.)
(HEF Records - 2010)

Interesting quartet from Trondheim that delve into the earlier section of the 70's on these 4 numbers that features a great array of sounds that you'd associate with the likes of Black Sabbath while mixing in the styles of artists like Soundgarden and Clutch etc and encompass a nice mix of blues, rock and jazz throughout the CD.

A good CD and some excellent riffwork in songs, especially 'Giver Of Pain' or the metal meets jazziness of 'Don't Use Me' or the haunting title track 'Midnight Creeper. The opener aint bad either that goes by the name of 'Trespassing Thoughts' and has a kinda speeding stoner thing going down without a drug in site.

Very enjoyable band.


By Glenn Milligan

King Lizard - Viva La Decadence
(Psycho Devito Records - 2010)

Cock Rock Band from the UK with vocalist, Flash Roxx Sayer sounding very like Buckcherry's 'Josh Todd' at times.

The title track is second to none with an album produced by Chris Tsangarides (as featured in 'The Story Of Anvil'). Other songs on here sound like Love/Hate or Skid Row album tracks though - but do sound good in places such as the riotious section of 'Video Lover'.

'Kan't Kill Rock N' Roll' is as brutally cheesey as it gets which reminds me of The Sex Pistols covering '(I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone' by The Monkees or something of that ilk. They prove like all good bands of this nature that they have a killer ciggy lighters in the air ballad in 'Not For Me' and rip it up god damn good on the closing 'Late Nite Dynamite'.

Decent enough but I reckon they've got better songs in them.


By Glenn Milligan

January 2011

(Gwash Records - 2010)

No they are not Japanese - it pays not to judge by the name, people- they are in fact South African , another rarely - until recently - mentioned nationality and boy have we had some discoveries from said country lately.

Actually based in Blighty at present, these guys certainly come flying out at us piloting a new approach, and unless someone has failed to inform them that mixing indie and metal is not often wisely attempted, then I’d rather such purists spoilsports kept it to themselves. Though all peppered with wonderful noises of their native continent, the genres are in fact approached across different songs amongst the six.

From the hooligan punk rock of opener ’The Inmates Have taken Over The Asylum’ to the alt/funk beat of ’Kenny Rodgers (With a Shotgun) and ’The Journey’ plus notably progressive cuts ‘Chikken' and frighteningly Sabbath-esque ‘The Drunk’, there is a healthier dabble in diverse inspirations than one often expects.

Pepper some hooks, as they eventually come up and plenty of well handled distortion gymnastics plus allowing their native accents to be audible in their vocal segments and you see these four young men are popular with a difference - they are popular for being different. Already showing up in major rock rags aplenty in both the UK and globally, get in the cockpit with the Kamikaze chaps and give them a test ..

It’d be a shame to see them nose-dive.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: sod that - you just need to give this band a listen
NET: myspace.com/thekamikazetestpilots


(Kobra Music - 2010)

Lampooning a classic Testament song title turns out rather appropriate for this disc after you’ve heard one or two tracks.

Pretty much a girl fronted version of most Bay Area big boys a lot of the time herein, KATL do give us the routine punk metal outings as well plus lashings of random old-school bombast. Frontwoman Britanny Paige’s pipes are a little painful to sit through at first, but her upper octave trad-metal yelps blend in as the music blends towards it itself .

Dissolving into a sweetly balanced mix of Maiden and Megadeth along the last three quarters of the album’s run, the twin guitars are well delivered with classy soloing and give room for substance while doing their task. ‘It's Yours’, ’Focfom’, ‘Teaspoon Of Metal’ ‘, ‘The Hooker’ ‘Snake Pit’ and’ Ride Like Sugar’ are great sturdy old fashioned metal tunes that Paige adds a freshening feel to, restraining their effort from a journey down the same-old-same-old chute.



By Dave Attrill

Girlschool, McQueen. Warlock

NET: myspace.com/kobraandthelotus


KAMELOT - Poetry For The Poisoned
(earMusic - 2010)

The one bad thing about Florida melodic metal legends Kamelot is they don’t allow one enough time to relax enjoying great album of theirs before lowering another onto our chair. ‘P.F.T.P’ is certainly one of them, despite nearly attempting to go metal core on opener ‘The Great Pandemonium’s chorus ( there will be if you make a habit of that, lads - not here, please!) .

Their Queensryche-meets-Dream Theater -in-head-on -crash vibe does again culminate in some plagiarised guitar directions at moments in abundance but as I always think - who would you rather boast amongst your influences. One thing I always forget every time, until I spin a Kamelot disc is the gravely soul of frontman Roy Khan’s voice, and it always comes back to bite me on beautifully cut tunes like ‘If Tomorrow Came’ The Zodiac’; ‘House on A Hill’; ‘Necropolis’; ‘My Train Of Thoughts’; ’Sea Of Woven Years’ and the climatic four-part title track itself.

Up there with the best of them, US symphonic metal’s five favourite sons set the stakes high again with another fine record to their existing many.


By Dave Attrill

Helloween, Blind Guardian, Savatage, Saga

NET www.kamelot.com


Kings Of Modesty - Hell Or Highwater
(Escape Music – 2009)

Every so often you get a good solid melodic metal band that has the punch, the power and the energy to drive the power of metal through our hearts. Kings of Modesty don’t hide away from what they believe in and metal is their god.

Hell or Highwater is an 11 track debut CD from the Finnish quartet, with powercords that will wake the Gods, vocals that will put Thor in his place and hammering drums that energisers the dead. Kings of Modesty are on the verge of Queensryche and Dream Theater with a touch of Iced Earth to rattle the cages.

Kings of Modesty wrap you up in their metal as they power slide their way through such tracks as ‘Never Touched a Rainbow’, ‘We Will March Our Way’ and ‘Two Hearts Collide’ to engulf the airways with the metal that’s been missing for a while.

A very clean production and crystal clear sound. A must for all you metal fans


By Tony Watson

May 2010

Karma Cowboys – Shake It
(Target Records – 2009)

A cracking rockin’ band from Scandinavia who have a huge love of the bluesy side of things as you’ll find some gifted harp playing here and numbers that remind me of a cross between Led Zeppelin, The Answer, AC/DC and The Cult all rolled up into 1.

Highlights include the 70’s AC/DC like ‘Bad TV’; the title track ‘Shake It’; the racey, bluesy ‘n’ harmonica driven ‘Crazy Woman’; the acoustic delta-zep ‘Chant No. 1’ & ‘Wishing Well’ (note – not a cover of the Free Song).


By Glenn Milligan

KarmaDeva - Disgrace
(Storm Door Records – 2009)

Sometimes you wish that some music would never hit the streets, but like a lot of the cases, some record companies rip off these useless bands buy making them pay thousands to release a CD. I’m not saying Storm Door Records have done that, but ‘Disgrace’ is the biggest load of shit I have ever heard. How can record companies release such depressing non energetic crap?

The band describe themselves as White Lies cross the Editors mixed with Siouxsie and the Banshees crossed with Blondie. If they want to put themselves with these great artists then fine. I would say make your own mind up.

Disgrace is 11 tracks and 47 minutes of pure boredom and agonising tunes with a vocal content that would put a dog to sleep for good.

As the title of the CD is called - WHAT A ‘DISGRACE’


By Tony Watson

Koritni – Game Of Fools
(Bad Reputation – 2009)

This sounds like it’s been simply pulled out of the heyday of the hard rock days of the late 80’s as Koritni have that feel good American melodic sleaze and AC/DC factor running through most of the album.

13 is a lucky number for these dudes as there isn’t a shallow filler moment in site on here. Right from opener ‘155’ through to the closer ‘The Devil’s Daughter’ you are simply gonna love it if you are real lover of those golden days that appear to be back with again – thank God.

Other killer cuts on here include ‘Roll The Dice’; ‘By My Side’; the bluesy ‘Deranged’; the overtly AC/DC intro’d ‘Nobody’s Home’ with it’s killer main riff as well or what about ‘Tornado Dreaming’ that comes in 2 parts.

A band that’ll grab your attention – bet they are incredible live in concert as well.


By Glenn Milligan

Knyght – Bet Everything (EP)
(Anko Music – 2009)

Quality young rock band from Muich, Germany that sound like a harder-edged Pretty Boy Floyd at times (unless that’s the idea). A promising outfit they are as well especially as a decent warm-up band to an old 80’s Rock main act and in time on their own merit.

This 5 tracker has some uplifting numbers, the best of the bunch being the opener ‘Goin Anywhere’ and ‘Shut Up’ about the effects of the media.


By Glenn Milligan

Kickhunter – Little Monsters
(Rockphone Records – 2007)

You place an album on and you think – wow – now this sounds good – Southern based rock from Germany – damn fine players – and find out that the band is almost a supergroup with members of Gravedigger, Masterplan and Helloween in the outfit – spot on!

It’s like a cross between Molly Hatchet, bits of Status Quo and Lynyrd Skynyrd all rolled into one with other great elements thrown in plenty of musical colour. Love the ballad ‘(Good To Be) Alive’ with the female backing vocals, the bright-lit singalongeropener ‘Shame On Love’; the beautiful ‘Let It Shine’ with it’s magical bluesy solo coupled with soprano brilliance.

Then what about the slowed-down hauting atmospheric version of Chuck Berry’s ‘Roll Over Beethover’ with the rollicking, sliding ‘Pimp Up Your Life’ finishing off the album nicely. If these guys place their day jobs on hiatus for a bit and toured this outfit I’d definately be their showing plenty of appreciation.


By Glenn Milligan

February 2009
Kreator - Hordes Of Chaos
(SPV – 2009)

Being a massive fan of Kreator since the early eighties, Kreator have probably released the follow up to ‘Pleasure To Kill’. 1986 was a great time for new metal music and new ideas and ‘Pleasure To Kill’ hit the scene with so much force, bands like Slayer and Metallica knew they had met their match in the thrash metal world.

‘Hordes Of Chaos’ rips your soul out from start to finish, there are just some albums that take of your life for a short period of time and this is one of them. The ten tracks bring so much aggression, pleasure and pain to the world we live in, you think that the bomb has been dropped and the next 30 minutes is the end of the world.

Petrozza has got it right this time with no computer fills and over dubs.

Buy it.


By Tony Watson

Kill City - I’ll Keep Telling The Same Lie…
(S/R - 2008)

A three-member new age punk band from Ohio, release a self financed seven track CD to hit the market for plans of getting management and agents as well as to help plan for a tour.

The seven track CD is full of punk, rock, sleazegrind Guns and Roses style guitar licks. The influences give the band a new twist to the new age punk scene that will help tap into new markets and musical fields.

From start to finish the CD is hard hitting and pleasant to listen too, the enthusiasm and passion is fully released with their eager to get somewhere in the music industry is not in doubt.

Bands that work hard do it because they love it. Watch out Blink 182 and Green Day.


By Tony Watson


The Kamen - S/T EP
(S/R - 2008)

A great Sheffield Rock band who I have not seem live yet but hope that fact will change very soon, going by how good some of this sounds. It's a 3 tracker but I know for sure there's miles more music up there sleeves than what is revealed on here.

They are like a Steel City Free or Bad Company or even dare I say almost Journey brought bang up to date with some poppy elements as well with standout song on here with best cut being the opener 'The Man I Am'. 'Closer' comes close to it in quality that reminds me of U2 gone more melodic rock with crunchy rockin at ya chorus and driving drums.

Nice to hear what a talent Richard Gloger is on Bass as I used to work with this dude a few moons ago next to a well known big road not too far away. Good one bro!


By Glenn Milligan


KILLSMITH - Sexual Savior
(Kachina Records - 2007)

Kicking in at the offset, sounding similar to another band who share the last half of their name, Killsmith then go on to turn out a completely different kettle of fish and then some. Imagine being locked in a bar overnight with a constipated Andrew WK for company and I think you are in chance of getting the picture.

I can only look on this offering as probably the mot original sounding band and recording I’ll hear this full annum which in their case is close to being their sole ground for redemption, for this disc becomes unbearable at many intervals across its eleven tunes, partly due to some very bad choruses amongst offending elements. Industrial metal, like all other rock/metal genres, has its points both high and low.

One finds this lot perched wonkily in the middle.


By Dave Attrill

January 2008
Johnny Kobra – The Smell Of Rock and Roll
(S/T – 2006)

An artist I discovered via Myspace who rocks from Irvine. California USA. He’s got his own quirky, interesting rock glam style – imagine Enuff Z Nuff gone more sleaze meets Virginia Creeper.

I consider that should be on top of the league, his songs, musical presence and vibe are really grabbing with notable tracks being ‘Cinnamon Stone’; Hollywood (Weight of the world); & ‘The Rhythm of Roundness’ (easily best number on here – what a riff and melody it has).

I recommend everyone checks out this guy by logging onto www.johnnykobra.com

What a find!


By Glenn Milligan


KORN – Untitled
(Virgin - 2007)

Lack the stratospheric popularity of a decade back as they might, Korn won’t go down with their boat, opting instead to sail on with all that please to steer.

With Marilyn Manson and Slipknot still barely afloat themselves somewhere, Jonathan Davis has some desperate purpose to stop around. Despite having only old mucker Fieldy for company, industro-goth troupe Matrix look to have saved the day for them. Scarcely reminiscent of the noisy young man who once roared ‘Are You-u-u rea-a-ady-y-y,”, “Get the f*** out of my fa-a-ace, no-o-o-w-w, “ not to mention repeatedly acquainting all and sundry with the fact that he dreams about sex all day, J.D. has now reinvented himself as some sort of soulful goth crooner with assistance from these new friends of theirs.

Not unfamiliar to myself as I’ve heard one or two 1-track advance promos already by this stage, the shift in style has come to people’s attention over time and changes in/departures of personnel, most of which happened since the fashion-motivated majority of the band’s once loyal hordes decided to move on (shame on them).

The hooks here, strangely enough, are as instant as those penned in their halcyon duration had a habit of being, and the eighties electro feel gives the guys a re-shaped edge to their approach, sans the rough bits. Absorbing sounds dominate the 13 tracks with a few small gaps narrowly allow for near-tedium but the bands moniker is all that survives to identify Bakersfield’s finest, aside from vague slithers of classic stringery from Fieldy that link to their mid-nineties produce, but of course he is a highly versatile guitarist, so this is not unexpected.

Whatever the score with Korn is today, it is nonetheless good to see them still at it, not caring what the doubters to turn us. Saying that though, a re-union of the original line up that created those unforgettable moments in metal such as ‘Blind’, ‘Shoots And Ladders’ and ‘Ball Tongue’ would be welcome anytime.


By Dave Attrill

Kamelot – Ghost Opera
(SPV – 2007)

Heavy Classically Orientated Power Metal that’s very much of a serious nature. Done exceedingly well though with a perfect usage of violin sounds which well with the guitars – especially on the opener ‘Solitaire’.

Highlights include the haunting ‘Love you to death’ about a womans final days and the fact that her lover will always love her forever; the chanting beginning ‘Mourning Star’ and ‘Anthem’ with its gorgeous string arrangement.

Excellent stuff but as I said earlier – of a serious nature.


By Glenn Milligan

Kamelot - One Cold Winter's Night (live)
(SPV – 2006)

This, the second live album by this 'power' metal band from Florida, focuses almost exclusively on tracks from their previous three albums (Karma, Epica and The Black Halo).

In short - a veritable goldmine of quality songs to cherry pick. I won't waste effort quibbling over what didn't make the cut but will just reiterate that you'll need to look elsewhere to have more than a morsel of their earlier work.

Now, first thing that will probably strike you about this live album is the clarity of Khan's (formerly of Conception) vocals, sounding polished, almost beyond his years. Even his Norwegian seems flawless, damn it! (No, I don't speak Norwegian btw). Musically the band sounds heavier than the recorded work, putting more muscle behind the tight riffing, which is only a good thing in my book. They also mix a variety of musical styles that will undoubtedly still get labeled under the 'power metal' banner which conceals their versatility. I personally enjoy the 'eastern influence' crafted into some of the arrangements.

Onto the tracklist:
'March Of Mephisto' and 'The Haunting' had support from strong (and well directed) videos and are flagship tracks for the band and TBH album - excellent when given the steroid-pumped live treatment.
'Soul Society', 'Abandoned', 'Forever', 'Moonlight', 'Karma' and 'Farewell' bristle with firepower and are mouthwateringly well performed as with the relative pensioner of the playlist 'Nights Of Arabia'.

I could, and frequently do go on but I'll simply point out this is a worthy purchase that should quickly grow on you over successive spins. If you're new to this band this is a great place to start, the CD captures Kamelot at their heaviest and clinical best after three landmark albums.

The only decision left to be made is whether you also get yourself a copy of 'Ghost Opera', the bands most recent (2007) album that further continues the run of fine albums.


By Al Hoath

KID DOWN - The Noble Art Of Irony
(Burning Heart/Epitaph - 2007)

Another Swedish act crawling out of the woodwork, it’s time for something a little different from them this time.

Kid Down are a nu-breed outfit and while I have to break it to the uninitiated that their native soil’s past alternative rock produce has less than impressive, these four youngsters should put the scene in a better light on Scandinavian soil.

Fans of Drowning Pool, Alter Bridge and Aussie grunge titans Silverchair should find meat a plenty to fight over on this particular bone, the juciest parts being ‘Cut/Paste’, ‘Who’s Your Villain’, ‘Pretty Teeth’, ‘Luck Comes Easy’, ‘Red Lights’ and ‘If You’re Sark Then I’m Vaughn.’ but there is nothing unlistenable on this one.

Followers of Sweden’s top specialist genre - melodic hard rock – may also like to take a look before turning away, there are at least five or six numbers which may be of interest to you, including ‘If You’re Sark...’ itself but with the gripping hooklines and cheery choral melodies at all angles this whole album is well worth the time.... and your wallet.

Excellent stuff lads - don’t let it be your only one.


By Dave Attrill

"Blast from the Past"

Kreator - Enemy Of God Revisited
(Steamhammer Records - 2005)

In my humblest of opinions "Enemy Of God Revisited" is a fantastic/classic Kreator release BUT will never top their 1990 release "Coma Of Souls". My relief was that Kreator didn't abdicate their Thrash Metal roots like they did in the 1990's and put out mediocre releases (e.g. "Endorama", etc.). The release of "Violent Revolution" was long well awaited to see how this one was and an absolute triumph once again which we could consider Kreator to be once again in the genre of Thrash Metal!!!

Once again Kreator has re-established themselves as Thrash Metal veterans who know how to kick ass! Of course if you take a lot at the lyrical content it's quite hate-fulfilled (all done by Mille) which reflects old Kreator writing style but more intelligently written. It isn't filled with Satanic lyrics really just flowing as hate mongers simply filled with
darkness, death, murder, etc.

Analyzing the riffs (rhythms and lead guitars) Kreator has come up with some noteworthy tracks such as "Impossible Brutality" mixing Thrash guitar with melodic sections quite intriguing. Mixed of course with heavy fast rhythms and even some clean tone (to the utmost minimum amount). All in all this album has variety in the rhythmical structures as well as the lead guitar. The leads are not blazingly fast but well executed. Frank Gosdzik is no longer with the band and well I think he was in my opinion their best lead guitarist ever.

I think Kreator and Destruction are 2 phenomenal Thrash Metal acts both from Germany both going through lineup changes over the years but the restoration of some original members remain as well as new one showing off their talent. I'd have to say that "Coma Of Souls", "Violent Revolution" and "Enemy Of God Revisited" are Kreator's absolute best albums. "Enemy Of God Revisited" also contains some bonus live tracks on the CD and also comes with an incredibly long DVD filled with mostly live tracks and some video clips.

If you want quality, hate-filled lyrics, buzz sawguitars jamming intense Thrash Metal then "Enemy Of God Revisited" is an excellent choice of an album to check into. The guitars as I mentioned aren't entirely distorted there is some clean tone and clean vocals but a small fraction exists in this over 55 minute onslaught.

Get it today you won't regret it!!!


By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

"Blast from the Past"

Kreator - Coma Of Souls
(Noise Records - 1990)

If you are looking to find the ideal Thrash Metal recording look no further because "Coma Of Souls" simply dominates with insane guitar riffs/solos, Mille's screams on vocals, drums and bass in perfect synchrony. I can't think of any past or recent Thrash recordings that dominates more than this album even though Destruction's latest "Inventor Of Evil" is simply awesome but still "Coma Of Souls" out ranks it in my book.

A mild acoustic/clean tone guitars intro you to what becomes some heavy and fast riffing from Mille and Frank (ex-Sodom guitarist). There really is not a track on here that I dislike they are all to me original musically with some simply amazing riffs and solos. Everyone pitched in on the writing of this masterpiece the lyrics were all written by Mille Petrozza (guitar/vocals). Upon hearing their previous works i.e. "Endless Pain", "Pleasure To Kill", "Terrible Certainty", and "Extreme Aggression" this 1990 release blows them all away.

Songs from this album to hear first before you run off to purchase this Thrash Metal classic are: "When The Sun Burns Red", "People Of The Lie" and "Mental Slavery". In my opinion these stand out even more so then the rest of the tracks from this release. Getting Frank Gosdzik on lead guitar was a smart move because he has some amazing solos on here I'd say more technical than Mille's leads.

This is one of those releases that you can play repeatedly and not get sick of (at least in my case). I think what stands out the most are the guitar riffs and a good production done by Randy Burns. One caveat is if you look on the foldout insert it is missing lyrics on the 1990 release so it was reissued in 2002 with those intact. But anyway, if you like Thrash Metal and think I'm exaggerating in respect to this album's integrity get it yourself and then I'd like to hear some apologies!

Track Listing:

1. "When The Sun Burns Red" – 5:28
2. "Coma Of Souls" – 4:18
3. "People Of The Lie" – 3:15
4. "World Beyond" – 2:02
5. "Terror Zone" – 5:54
6. "Agents Of Brutality" – 5:16
7. "Material World Paranoia" – 4:59
8. "Twisted Urges" – 2:46
9. "Hidden Dictator" – 4:47
10. "Mental Slavery" – 5:43

Length 44:45.


Mille Petrozza – Vocals, Guitar
Frank Gosdzik – Guitar
Rob Fioretti – Bass Guitar
Jürgen "Ventor" Reil – Drums


By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

"Blast from the Past"

Krisiun - Conquerors Of Armageddon
(Century Media - 2000)

Goddamn, I do admit when I first heard this one shortly after it's release in 2000 I was highly disappointed. The reason at the time being that it seemed to me they were just copying the sounds of Cannibal Corpse among others. This may be true, but something really changed here..The intro lets off an explosion and following is 9 tracks of extreme death metal, putting it lightly heh. Let's look at the guitar sounds of Moyses Kolesne-a
phenomenal and underrated guitarist in the dm scene, he wrote tons of riffs that just stick to you.

The intro to Ravager, verse riff of Abyssal Gates, bridge riff of Soul Devourer and on and on give you sounds and speed of precision. Can't say they are entirely original, but the riff writing on Conquerors seems to me to be much more unique then the previous two releases from them.

One thing that will pierce through your eardrums are the solos-speed, sweeps, and madness that could only come from Moyses. Vocals and drums here don't deserve as much mention for the reason that the vox have little variety and the drums are very predictable. Alex has a very hard job though here to keep the speed as well as recite blasphemous lyrics. Max is not the most creative drummer but he's precise with his blast beats and double bass flurrys. Krisiun originated in the late 80's with minute amounts of

Now they are finally getting into the spotlight like they deserve touring with such bands as Nile, Incantation, Angelcorpse (r.i.p.), etc. Conquerors is their strongest release to date. Let's hope with the next release though we get a little more variety instead of pure speed. However, this is Krisiun and well that is their trademark. But these guys seem much more intelligent about their music now opposed to Black Force Domain and Apocalyptic Revelation eras.

To give Conquerors less then a 100 out of 100 in rating would be irrational and unjust. Get this album, and expect to be mesmerized by sounds you thought not possible to the ear.


By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

Kottack – Therupy
(Escapi Music – 2006)

The band that were formerly known as KrunK, now going by the surname of the James and Athena – before we go any further, for all you out there that didn’t know – this is the drummer of Scorpions and his Wife Athena (Lee), sister of Tommy Lee of Motley Crue.

Very much Green Day like but on a piss-take a lot of the time – James ain’t the greatest of vocalist in the world nor does he claim to be but the passion is there with highlights being ‘Money Changes Everything’; ‘Do you want to play’; ‘High (in my little room)’ and the rappin AC/DC riffin’ ‘Anti’ with Athena on vocals. Nice one, they’ve re-done the KrunK song ‘Generation X’ and reworked the Scorpions classic ballad into a bashin’ rocker and it sounds f*ck*n’ great – wonder what the guys from the Jimmy’s day job think to it.

Give ‘em a try – you may dig this band – I’ve known about ‘em for about 4 or 5 years.


By Glenn Milligan

Killing Machine – Metalmorphosis
(Mausoleum Records – 2006)

A Judas Priest like band in both vocal and playing ability that features Dave Ellefson (ex-Megadeth) on Guitar and Peter/Pierre Scheithauer who also both play in a band called ‘Temple of Brutality’ with Stet Howland (ex-WASP – actually Stet played on the 1st Killing Machine album) with the drummer here being Jimmy DeGiasso (also ex-Megadeth/Suicidal Tendencies) and vocalist James Riveria of Annihilator/Vicious Rumours plus guitarist Juan Gaicia on second guitar – so I guess you can say they are somewhat of a Metal supergroup.

Anyways, this is their second album and comes across like Painkiller volume 2 – full on thrashing melodics with James Riveria reaching notes as high as a constipated kitten with piles, not to mention a couple of references to the famous Brummie boys in songs like the usage of the phrase ‘United we stand’ in ‘Killing Machine’ and the word ‘Rust’ (as in ‘Diamonds and Rust’) in ‘Fatal Chances'.

This is an album that got’s the ability to have you possessed with metal all the way through and if you don’t give devil signs and get some ‘eadbanbangin’ done to this then I wanna know why (unless of course you’ve done your neck in or hate tangling your hair up). Fantastic songs greet you like those already mentioned as well as the oddly titled ‘Loup Garou’; the outstanding ‘Redemption from Genocide’ – how does James reach then notes when he screams ‘Redeem from genocide’ and elsewhere the moderate paced boot-stompin’ ‘Scarred beyond the black’ (with those bat-like cries on the title line), and that wailing guitar solo and the closing ‘Burn in the wind’ about war with its plane sound f/x.

Metal gets no better than this.


By Glenn Milligan

Kid Ego – Ignite The Tide
(Rock Revolution – 2006)

Not from LA but they sound like it who have elements of greatness of bands like Love/Hate, the rasp of early GNR, the snazzy zest of Bachy Skid Row; the trashy excitement of The Ramones; that Shotgun Messiah attitude and a fair bit more – fekkin’ good band from York, UK.

It’s sleazy, hot and scrummy and you can just imagine those scantily clad strippers turning blokes on it with their more, more, more songs like ‘Sweet Bectoria’; ‘Lady Conniver’; ‘Heartbreak Hooker’. In total contrast they flow out a cookin’ acoustic guitar meets drum machine ditty called ‘UFO’ that goes electric halfway in. It’s a ‘Long Time Runnin’ is a another mother of a number.

Expect bangin’ cowbell when it’s needed (Ignite the Tide and ‘Hellshot’ come to mind immediately), thrammin’ crunchy guitar riffin and an in your face vocalist that puts me in mind Phil Lewis and Jizzy Pearl plus other singers of that ilk. You just can’t beat them ‘wow, wow, wow’ back up throat squealingz can ya that work perfect with Zakk Taylor’s lead vocals – wanna know who the other members are then go to www.kidego.com and while you are there, buy this CD – you’ll luvz ‘em.


By Glenn Milligan

Kiske – S/T
(Frontiers Records – 2006)

Now this dude used to be in Helloween, so naturally I expected something likewise a good 40 mins plus of quality metal – how wrong can you be – instead you get a bunch of ballads that like somewhere between Boyzone, Elton John and even a kind of Stereophonics and dare I say it Oasis feel at times.

It’s good soundwise but since a lot of it is on all the same kinda level, nothing really stands out and makes it all rather forgettable. Pity as some is ok but needs more variety and a few rockers thrown in to spice it up quite a bit.


By Glenn Milligan

The Johnnie K Band - Keep On Pushing
(S/R - 2005)

The Johnnie K and the band are one hell of a talent who hail from Paradise - otherwise known as Florida!! It's good old rock that features plenty of Keyboards (Todd Gilleland) and a really emotional Vocalist in Rodger Malloy, who doubles up on Bass Guitar as well.

Highlights include the opener 'Come On Everybody' that has the vocoder put to full usage - a la Peter Frampton; and a pile of Kickin' instrumentals like 'Kickin' funnilly enough; the pacey 'Stand Alone' with some mountainous drumming from Joe Lopez; 'Mahogany Man' - dedicated to Frank Marino no doubt - nice bit of guitar playing there Johnnie old boy!! Rounding it all off is the stompingly powerful 'Burning Desire' which sees all the band sparking up the electricity.

Like it alot.


By Glenn Milligan

KILLER – Immortal
(Mausoleum Records 2005)

From the onset of title track you’d be forgiven for thinking Killer are breaking no moulds with their musical style and sound and it’s only when the track is nearing three minutes that things start warming up.

This is in some ways indicative of the album because tracks can plod along merrily in a predictable way and then show unexpected moments of imagination. Musically I found them similar to Euro Metallers ‘Running Wild’ and some of Killer’s track titles like ‘Drifting Away’ and ‘Highland Glory’ echo the sea-faring/battle theme. These tracks are typical of work on this album along with Frozen Fire – Burning Ice, The Mirror and Touch Of Evil that set a high standard and display impressive guitar work, catchy choruses and musically conjure images and atmosphere competently with the help of some well integrated keyboard effects.

Unfortunately I feel the lyrics did make me cringe in numerous places, in particular during ‘Easy Rider’ but then again I’m not biker so maybe I’m missing something! Tracks that really made me sit up and take note on this album were ‘Queen Of The Future’ and ‘Always And Forever’ that hit hard with fine guitar hooks. The bar is raised, for me, by impressive song composition and I found the ‘QotF’ chorus extremely catchy.

‘Liquid Shadows’ and ‘Stone Cold’ are also both strong performers and the former has a well composed orchestral intro that erupts into a maelstrom of metal at a pacy rhythm with slower orchestral interludes.

The instrumental finale ‘Ad Tempus Vitae’ was reminiscent of work by Symphony X for me; well performed and showcasing some superb technical guitar sounds and a pleasant surprise making me reiterate the unpredictable nature of this superb album.


By Al Hoath

Korn – See you on the other side
(Virgin/EMI – 2005)

A band who I’ve never been a big fan of to be honest. What they do with their industrial nu-metal is done well but it’s never been my cuppa tea.

For me there’s only about 3 good songs on the album which are ‘Twisted Transistor’ – one hell of a number with a great groovin’ riff and powerful lyrics; ‘Love Song’ for its choral church section and thequiet uneasy sounding ditty called ‘Tear Jerker’.

A lot seem to like Korn’s downtuned guitar sound and Jonathan Davis’s bawls and moanings but in all honesty, do they have to be so in the dumps and minor keyed about life all the time ?

This is very much noisy wallpaper – a pity the contents of the album itself did not grab me as much as the cover outlay and artwork did.


By Glenn Milligan

KORN - Twisted Transistor (1-track promo)

Nice to see these boys still around and still reasonably hip all these ten years on from their brutal debut. The LA nu-metal pioneers may have since their tones a tad and more recently their line-up, currently down to one guitarist apparently, but maintaining a major label indicates their continued relevance.

This catch electro-goth venture in collaboration with their mates The Matrix possibly shows they’ve continued to widen their scope and possibly, or not, their following too.

For those who’ve not listened since ‘Life Is Peachy’, don’t panic as this number is probably a one-off thing but they are still much a different Korn from the one plucked from the fields a decade back.


By Dave Attrill

(MTM - 2004/SongHaus re-release - 2005)

Defying the dreaded curse that plagues most 80’s hard rock outfits in trying to bring all their original members back into the fold, Kick Axe have succeeded in a more literal way than most would think. As you know, George Christon fronted the Canadian melodic metal legends from the release of 1984 debut release ‘Vices’ onwards but in their teething days, Gary Langen, brother of bassist Victor supplied the shrieking and somewhere in the band’s 17-year absence of activity they’ve talked the old hand back into it again. Not that you could particular notice the difference, Gary’s voice is almost identical to Christon’s and this helps make the album that more approachable to fans of the band from their primal era.

The style has otherwise moved on but not going anywhere near any alternative/nu-metal territories and maintaining the eighties guitar sound, one can straightaway learn that guitarists Larry Gilstrom and Ray Harvey have not left their instruments to gather cobwebs since 1987 and have listened to a bit of Def Leppard since then as well. ’Right Now’, which has some distinctly ‘Hysteria’ –esque moments scattered about, ‘Rockin’ Daze’, ‘Consolation’, ‘Turn To Stone’, ‘Do You Know’ ‘Woe’, ‘Time’ and ‘Who Says’ are the songs that will sink in the most quickly of the fourteen.

Pushed along at pace by the progressed guitarwork of these two guys, plus the classic clattery drum sound provided once again by Larry’s brother Brian, ‘IV’ sees Saskatchewan’s finest manage not to fall where so many other comebacks have but stand high above ground and retain the gauntlet ready to throw down once again.

Nice to be back, eh, boys.


By Dave Attrill

KOALA - Do Not Be Afraid
(Co-Pop - 2005)

Well I'M not but a sleeve design like this usually indicates alternative rock content. What a surprise then to find that it does indeed. Not a massive fan of said genre as you know, I found this to fall within my softer side towards the scene, being quite removed from predictable Brit-pop drivel.

Yes, they may be British and pop-like but more in a Clash-meets-Squeeze sort of way with one tune also sounding like a go-between of 70s legends Bay City Rollers and Mud and at times unfortunately akin to Euro-pop horrors Air.

Small flaws aside, this is an interesting collection of numbers, mostly listenable ones, and a lot of them likeable but a few might want to be skipped on later listens. I'll leave you to decide which ones, yourself.


By Dave Attrill

(SPV - 2004)

Anyone still yet to be told about this 'ere classic metal revival shebang going on at the moment? German thrash legends Kreator have now had the letter pushed through their door and are hastily back on the scene with this sterling return to their old form.

The good ol 'geetar riffin' is as ferocious and fast as we remember it and coupled with Mike Petrozza's core-of-earth-bred cackle, unchanged to this day, keeps everything 1987 about this album. With European and possibly UK tours (or date/s in the case of the latter) likely this year, now may be a bad time to want to form a nu-metal/alternative band with too much intent to succeed.


By Dave Attrill

KRYAH - S/T (3 Track EP)

It seems that as we plough further no into what seems the most commercially prosperous crossover style of late that some groups would rather go straight into the AOR side full stop. See, Kryah can do it and well too as this hooky little three-tracker should verify.

Some of you more pedantic rock n’ roll believers may be poised to resent their sounding a smidgen like Busted but I don’t as it is no less than pleasing to see more young musicians like these interested in playing true classy melodic rock once again.

A nice introduction.


By Dave Attrill

Kingdom Come - Perpetual
(Frontiers - 2004)

Lenny's back with his for namesake band and has this time brought along guitarist Eric Foers who takes care of the solos. It's very like his last album (scroll down for the review of that) but sounds more real.

It's an album that's trapped in a miserable dimension of Led Zeppelin on downers (think of the negativity of 'Kashmir' and other less than average quality late Zep tunes). I wouldn't advise listening to it if you are suffering from depression as it's bound to be the reason for you calling it a day on life.

Lowlights (as opposed to highlights) are 'Gotta move now'; 'Silhouette Paintings' and the Beatle/Enuff Znuff like acoustic 'Inhaling the silence'. I just hope that Mr. Wolfe ain't as miserable in real life. Remember, The Samaritans are only a phone call away. I ain't knocking it musically - I just wish he'd liven it up a bit - watch out for the ending secret track too - just when you thought that the anxiety was over.


By Glenn Milligan

Richie Kotzen - Get Up
(Frontiers - 2004)

Second vocal album from the ex-Poison and Mr. Big guitarist whose done a treat with the new release. 'Get Up' makes you do just that - it's like a cross between the best sounds that'd you'd expect from Mr. Big, The Black Crowes and Glenn Hughes - it's that good.

Powerful blues grooves that come over very fresh like the opener 'Losin' my mind' 'Still' and 'Fantasy' or the title track itself that's a heavy slab of stoner rock. 'Such a Shame' isn't such a shame - it's a masterpiece that flows ona crackin' bassline that Richie wails over with his set of pipes. Those ballads have great hooks too with good uns being 'Made for tonight' ; 'Remember' or the nice 'n' souly 'Special'.

He ought to tour over here on his own merit or at least support somebody.


By Glenn Milligan

Kickback -

This is not a drill (E.P)
(FSU Records - 1999)

Buzzin' Nottingham based Rock band who've supported artists like Love/Hate and
Stevie Rachelle's Tuff in the past couple of years. This was their 1st ep which no doubt landed these supports. The sound is a bit compressed for my liking but I can't argue with the songs such like the feel good rock 'n' rollin' like 'Joker in the Pack'; the Hard-Edged AOR'ish 'Horizon'; the deep heartfelt acoustic 'Until Tomorrow' and the crushin' melodic smacker shouty chorus killer 'How about You'.

This should have got them a deal - one can only wonder why it didn't.



Inside (E.P.)
(FSU Records - 2003)

This second ep sees Kickback sound as though they are let loose more and appear less take the opener 'Feel' for instance. Hang on a minute guys have you guys been listening to a bit of Def Leppard 'Inside' is like a cross between 'Bringing on the Heartbreak' a 'Too late for love atmosphere' before stomping into their own style - some of the drumming is a bit shaky though but the band hold it together. Best song though is kept 'til last the pulverising rocker 'Love Song' with a top notch running bass line and well structured chorus - especially how the backing vocals compliment the lead throatery.

Nice One.


By Glenn Milligan

KAOS - Kaos Amongst Us
(Oblivion Entertainment - 2004)

Californian hardcore faves Kaos always deliver the expected packages to their believers but to the newly converted there are one or two surprises likely to be discovered. The main element of interest is the impressively melodic and quite Bay Area-esque guitar work supporting Jason Darnell's puke-propelled shrieking. T

This genre as many are quite aware has more often than not, had its appeal vandalised by the sameiness of most of its\roster but messrs Murray and Loescher's riffing keeps this material quite accessible.

An enjoyable slab of anger metal likely to be favoured, and as much by the unconverted.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Earth Crisis, Testament, Megadeth.

KADENZZA - Into The Oriental Phantasma
(Holy Records - 2004)

Another new label name appears, on the back of another new band name to boot. The oddly named Kadenzza immediately left me wondering, as did their material pretty shortly after. Assembling the tools required for black metal and those commonly used for symphonic/progressive rock machinery, a burgeoning industry appears to be already underway with these lads manning the helm.

Six tracks long - though a couple of them are conceptual epics split into several smaller parts, they know how to go in at the deep end with first impressions. Although the church organ-style keyboards are a tad overwrought most of the ideas here are good and if you can handle Artension or Royal Hunt with death metal vox alternating with something that sounds like a b*st*rd mutation of Nick Holmes and Pete Steele, you can go very little in the way of wrong with this offering.

Kadenzza are definitely a band with potential if they gain a little more profile.


By Dave Attrill

Kristy 'Krash' Majors - Goodbye Rock and Roller
(Perris Records - 2004)

3rd release from the ex-Pretty Boy Floyd and it don't seem like 5 minutes since his Ramones tribute album but there you have it. It's gone time, hard-hittin' crunchy glammy punk rock - much to my content.

Those who got the Hairspray Heaven Volume 2 sampler will recognise the title track and those who don't are bound to have heard the 7th track on the album '21st Century Digital Boy' by Bad Religion. In between and onward there's plenty of slammin' goin' down and I recommend the songs 'Out of sight' with its loud 'yeahs' and the closing ballad that's like PBF and the lyrical subject concerns meeting a girl who has brought him from bad to good luck.

A very strong album - so when are you visiting us in the UK?


By Glenn Milligan

Jan. 2004
Killingbird - Waste Another Yesterday
(2K Sounds Inc. - 2003)

The second release from those psyched up Punkin' Glamstera of LA'dom. Imagine Marilyn Manson crossed with an Industrial Alice Cooper who all Californian on us - well that is a decent way of describing Killingbird especially after hearing 'First class ticket'; 'Dust it off' and 'Sober only underground'.

Elsewhere it's eclectic ballads like 'Where in the world?' or 'Passing through' with its arming rhythm or the buzzing up the vibe with 'Some will fade'. This is hot, down a few shots and get that party off with this album.

Mad, mad metal in a sinister surgin' powerful way from LA - file somewhere between The Murderdolls, Marilyn Manson and Motley Crue and Ministry.


By Glenn Milligan

Dec. 2003

KAIPA - Keyholder

(SPV/Inside Out 2003)

One wonders when the ever-functioning production line of high-quality prog rock will reach the end of its vital components. The works seem at least untouched by any wayward spanners as Sweden's Kaipa come along the belt. Fitted with the usual main parts, this six-piece have another extra set of new sounds programmed in, producing sweet sounds pretty much akin to those of Queen on top of the trademark Yes and Dream you-know-who influences, and what would complete the mix without a touch or two of the varnish of fellow Swedish scenesters Flower Kings.

Having a dual male/female vocal though alternating at far apart intervals, and favouring the former, is quite on their reasons for recommendation and it along with mentioned other factors keeps the album interesting for most of its seventy-eight minute entirety. Like I said before, if Freddie Mercury and mates ever had a go at prog this would come pretty near the result.



By Dave Attrill

Kings X - Black Like Sunday
(Inside-Out/SPV - 2003)

A band that should have been huge but somehow never managed to get much past critical acclaim.

This is a collection of old songs that have been newly recorded like the seemingly autobiographical 'Rockpile' about keeping above water and surviving; 'Working Man' about the guy in his 9 to 5 dead-end job which no doubt, may can relate to and other recollective pieces such as 'Bad luck'; the opeing 'Johnny' that clocks in at nearly 12-minutes and the pop-punky closer ' Save Us'.

An album by a very talented trio that incorporates a varied selection of styles rock-based music.


By Glenn Milligan

Ritchie Kotzen - Change
(Frontiers - 2003)

The ex-Poison, ex-Mr. Big guitarist sees a change in direction as opposed to his usual shreddin' sounds as this is more widely charismatic and guaranteed to appeal to a mass of different musical appreciators, be in grunge fans who'll warm to 'Forever One', commercial pop watchers (the song 'Get a life' about somebody who ought to get one) and the contemporary listeners Suzanne Vega'ish 'Deeper into you' that'll fi well onto radio.

One of the numbers, entitled 'High' is presented in both acoustic and electric form about getting high in order to get through life due to having a bad relationships- is it about anybody in particular Ritchie?

A surprisingly good album from one of the USA most acclaimed Rock guitarists who has a singin' voice too, not to mention a go-given talent to write exceptoinally well crafted catchy songs.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Crash Kelly - Penny Pills
(TB Records - 2003)

Like Robin Black, Crash Kelly comes from Canada and coincidentally enough is on the same label in the UK.

He'll be joining The Quireboys on their late 2003 UK Tour and he's definitely a retro -rockin' Glam King - and I reckon he's gonna make his mark in a big way like Robin did when supporting Danger Danger. Crash can take you to yesteryear with numbers like 'Love me electric' with its 70's T-Rex kinda chorus or the romantically acoustic '11 Cigarettes' about giving your rare 12" Hanoi Rocks single to a girl and not getting it back that's like a musical mix of Smokie meets Tyla.

If you like the 2,3,4 style of The Ramones then 'I wanna be like you' will be right up your street or alternatively sink yourself into the self-proclaimed Aerosmithy 'Something Hollywood'. Crash Kelly isn't afraid to take risks either as he's covered Rainbow's 'Since you've been gone' in a baritone register which fans of both artists will either like or really hate.

All in all this is a fully entertaining album that you'll be fighting over in the near future.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Matt Kramer - War and Peas
(Lascivious Records - 2003)

Remember Saigon Kick, well Matt Kramer was their original lead vocalist. This ain't your usual 80's start trying to rekindle the style of music he was playing the best part of 20 years ago - no way dudes!! Matt's gone into recent territory and dabbled in the current metal sounds (like the track, 'Goodbye to all tomorrows) as well as getting a bit experimental and industrial on us.

Some of the stuff is negatively sounding but life ain't an easy breeze is it unless you live off a silver spoon. Many of the musical arrangements wouldn't be out of place on an Iggy Pop or late 70's David Bowie album (a good example being 'Soul Star'). Matt even manages to grab you with atmospherics like Marilyn Manson and at times the vibes and haunting vocal qualities of Jim Morrison flood out of the songs, especially in 'Exit'. I must also bring 'I'm getting closer' to your immediate attention as it's real biting with a Stoner meets Grunge groove.

The lyrics are moving and incredibly well thought out in the entire album that ironically features famed drummer, 'Jonothon Mover' not to mention three songs co-written with the legendary axe swinger, George Lynch ('If god could hear me now'; 'I'm getting closer' and 'Caught up on the inside').

I like it a lot !! and so will you.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

KATATONIA - Viva Emptiness

(Peaceville Records - 2003)

Why? Why? For $&%*'s sake why?! They've had five albums already, yet it's taken until this, their sixth for me to establish ear contact with the sound that Sweden's Katatonia call theirs. It's been a long time coming and my wait has prospered. Here, they deal in a grunge-meets-metal mix that takes its mould off a tamed-down Stone Temple Pilots but a lot more deeper and soul-digging.

Through the dominance of the described style, they still see a gap through which to take a pop at other targets and tunes owing to Dream Theater and even the Beatles can be found in situ. Guitar work is evidently indecisive between tracks, but within them, styles are straddled and the resulting licks supply the full substance. 'Criminals', 'Premonition', 'Walking By A Wire', 'Complicity' and Inside The City Of Glass' nearly anchor the appeal of the CD themselves but this is altogether a pleasant hour spent for a first time Katatonia listener such as oneself, and on having just read other ravings of the press, I am not alone in my approval. Thus, I can only anticipate that the previous five albums matched these standards, as do their future discs, or exceed them, even.


By Dave Attrill

(Frontiers/Now & Then - 2003)

'Ey, it's good how these ol' timers can carry on doing anything they want when they see a label wiling enough to accept it. Kansas frontman Steve Walsh has taken this obvious advantage to get together with this here Daniele Liverani gentleman we've heard mention of, and produce this succulent little spinner. From opening number 'Strike Like Lightning', there's little question that he's wanting to do something else - ooh, how brave of him - as this number belts along with pure AOR attitude, and completing a double bill.

'Shadow' is another Survivor-on-steroids type arrangement that gives an album like this the push it needs. Looking into other rooms in the house, 'Who's Gonna Love You Tonight' How You Gonna Live Without Love', Say It With Love' and 'Love leads the Way' are all packed with Walsh's vocal melodies staying sweeter than strawberries and cream but 'Living Memory' is the monster song on this album -if any UK live slots , e.g. Gods 2004, are likely for this act, let's hope it's on the set list. Couple this with Liverani's talented playing and a pristine production job courtesy of Steelhouse Lane kingpin Mike Slamer and this train provides a reliable service.

The inevitable bit of title-thieving comes with closing number 'Tears On The Pages' almost identical to that of a song by a certain Canadian act on this same label. Forgiving all as we do, and I hope Messrs Dee and Grehan will as well, this is another highly welcome slice of good ol' fashioned American melodic rock. Built to blue prints it may quite well be but always keep those blue prints handy, Steve, they never lose their usefulness.


By Dave Attrill

Pre-July 2003
Kansas - Device - Voice - Drum
(SPV - 2002)

A live album from the long-surviving prog rockers caught live in concert at Earthlink Live Festival in Atlanta Georgia, USA on June 15th, 2002.

It's like old style Genesis and pretty heavy going - not exactly a get up and party album but it's technically brilliant and lyrically very cosmic, mystical and incredibly deep. The Wall is an extremely good number - and by the way, it is not a cover or anything at all to do with Pink Floyd.

This is an album that needs to be properly listened to and studied - that's if you have the patience to get through it all.

No prizes for guessing the name of the encore, well it had to be 'Carry on Wayward Sun' didn't it - there'd be a riot if it wasn't part of the set.
For lovers of 70's Progressive Rock and those wishing to broaden their musical horizons.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

KATAKLYSM - Shadows & Dust
(Nuclear Blast - 2002)

Repetition is something I'm not exactly a stranger to in rock music, and I'm used to sometimes receiving a batch of almost identical-sounding albums by almost identical sounding bands. Then again, as with Raise Hell, Malevolent Creation and Darkane whose albums I've also assessed upon the same English autumn evening, when a band tries moving the controls about, the course of flight does tend to keep altering dramatically.

Kataklysm look to have tried following such well advised footsteps. Rather formulaic death/black metal it may be but this band have kept me listening, through yet another forty-minute-odd stint of speed and brutality from the bowels of the earth, and have also adjusted a bit to that old tradition of short songs, with 'In Shadows & Dust' raging past in 2 mins-24. Elsewhere, 'Chronicles Of The Damned' and 'Bound Tin Chains' do their rounds of the rhythms in the space of barely more than three minutes and still make their mark.

Although the musicianship is without saying, the variation is at times a tad weaker than on certain other discs I've just spun but overall it's another good job done in the dark side of the metal department, and again a few unpredicted tuneful moments to account for.


By Dave Attrill

Lance Keltner - S/T
(Ulftone Music - 2002)

Fun-time bluesin' Rock featuring songs about girls, the devil cars and guitars. It's very addictive listening and I'm hooked.

He has that Black Crowes/Stonesy thing going for him as well as elements of 77 Top, Hendrix and the odd stroke of Led Zep.

It's uplifting and completely recommended especially thtpe gospel sounds found on the 'Streets of New Orleans' or the funky slide of 'Dirty Knees', the woman crazed wailin' 'Voodoo Doll' or the gospel female backing V's found on the moonshinin' 'Crescent City'.

This is sleazy cool blues rock at its finest.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Killingbird - S/T

(2K Music - 2002)

Fresh out of California these aggressive glam punkers are out to prove a point that are just as in-your-face as Swedish fates the Backyard Babies or Hardcore Superstar but are rubbed up and ran through barbed wire with touches of L7 and Tura Satana.

Abrasive, edgy and unnerving they are with powerful numbers like the opener and single release 'Cocaine Tongue' that was recently aired on the Heatslick sampler. They've even covered 'Just like Heaven' by The Cure which is sensational. You'll find plenty of dirt ridden angst and l love 'Little Flower' for this - that combines a slutsy rhythm with hard vocals reminding one of strong-centered rampage made famous by Marilyn Manson , especially in the chorus section.

The only snag is that some if the album sounds rather similar - but it's gutsy and raw - so doesn't get at all tedious I'm pleased to say. 'Outta Mind' is a great example of this since it's full of life with a gloomful instrumental section with spot- on lead stringin' and deep bass chug with cabals riding over the top - purely explosive. I especially took a liking to 'Slip' an acoustic number that breaks the mould about being upset by the loss of someone - it comes across kinda off- key to the ears but the sound works with the vibe of the song.

A band worth looking out for, especially live.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

'Blast from the Past' -
Korn - Life is Peachy

After listening to many albums, I still like think this has the best starting track grabbing attention immediately. Made back in '96 this is the sort of stuff that made Korn the founders of nu-metal. It displayed originality that has been copied since the day it was produced.

What impresses me about this album is its fantastic layout; the high points of the album are spread perfectly to keep attention. It has rough, raw energy that seems to have been sucked from some more recent nu-metal bands it isn't radio friendly perfection with extra catchy lyrics its simply Korn. With their own immediately recognisable sound that still holds up 7 years later, its something many nu-metal bands will never gain.


By Caroline Landrygan

January 2002

KICK - Sweet Lick Of Fire
(Noise Records)

Oh, so it's out at last is it. We've waited over a bl**dy year, after first reading reviews in Metal Hammer back in May 2000. Next thing, we hear they go and bin it and decide to record it all over again. Never mind, never mind, it's here, all is forgiven, boys, the wait's been worth it, etc, etc. Ah, I know the reason they've gone back and redone it. They've heard 24K. Just listen to that opening track, the naughty boys. Great track actually but that won't help you lads when confronted by Mladen and his army of solicitors. They've fancied taking a pick out of Vaughn's book on a couple of tunes as well, most notably 'Time' but it keeps this album some cred in the commonplace melodic rock spectrum.

The rest of the songs show quite a different Kick to that heard on the stunning 'Consider This' CD two years earlier. The style is practically a completely fresh set of ideas, and some alternative rock influences, mostly a la Bush have filtered through the band's song-writing pipelines. Echoes of the past still sound through, though, with some resemblances to 'Another Crazy Summer Night', 'Victory Dance' and 'Consider This' traceable by the trained ear.

Virtually the same line-up as before with singer Nick Workman, the Jones brothers on guitar and bass and Olli Cunningham on keyboards and the new member is Benji Reid, behind the kit. Another great piece of work by Croydon's finest but be warned - the typical big-haired hard rock sound you think you're expecting - it isn't there any longer. It pays to have an open mind, you know!!!


By Dave Attrill

Pre 2002

Karma to Burn - Almost Heathen
(Spitfire/Eagle Records 2001)

Karma to Burn are a hot, groovy instrumental trio made up of Rich, Will and Rob. They are well and truly a fine fitting tribute to the sounds of Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath as well as all things dark and sinister.

The ten titles on 'Almost Heathen' are simply given number names - which adds a wee bit of humour to the band!!! The opener, 'Nineteen' is throbbing, racey, Sabbath stuff whereas, track 2, 'Thirty Eight' is nasty, crunchy and down-right evil and throws in some excellent Bill Ward styled Snare & Tom-tom slamming. Those drums must be played with 10B sticks or have been recorded extremely loud and placed high in the master mix!! Satan will be grinning all over - guaranteed!! Track 3, 'Thirty Four' is like a mixture of the first two tracks, but seems to have Machine Head/Pantera flavours burned in as well.

I really like 'Thirty Nine' (track 5 on the album) because it reminds me of two of favourite Black Sabbath songs 'Fairies Wear Boots' and 'Hole in the Sky'. 'Thirty Six' (track six) would neatly fit on Sabbath's 'Volume 4' or 'Masters of Reality' albums - You can't help but dig it. The wailing/feedback chaos that is 'Thirty Nine' kicks serious dirty ass!! Think 'Iron Man' etc. Make your own mind up for the rest of the album - I'll leave it in your capable hands.

If you love Black Sabbath and fancy an entire instrumental tribute to Great Britain's finest - then you won't find nothing better than what's available here. From numbers 'Nineteen' to 'Forty', the albums a complete treat!!!


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

KELLY KEAGY - Time Passes
(Now & Then/Frontiers - 2001)


Yep, we've heard it at last. Almost a year after hearing the barnstorming 'Anything Goes' demo on the 'Frontiers - Union 3' CD, we caught up with the other ten songs on the Night Ranger drummer's debut solo stint.

Those of you who had the common decency to attend last November's Gods festival should also recall the double K's performance as a guest member of Two Fires. The album began life as a few demos recorded during a class Kel' was giving at a music college in the States, aided by Survivor's Brian Bart, who also played that monumental set at the Wigan-based event.

'Anything Goes' actually starts the album and although the recorded drum sound is lighter this time, the song's still great enough for that not to matter. 'Acid Rain' is arranged to the same format musically, with a similar chorus. The title track is not exactly one I'd call sensational. Interestingly it kicks off sounding like an eighties 'new romantic' pop tune but I am used to that scene from my childhood.

'Before My Body Knows I'm Gone' tries the blues for size - well as far as the intro lick anyway - but a speedster of a tune comes smashing through the walls without suffering so much as a dent in its bodywork. 'Too Much To Ask' is the CD's resident songtitle-nickage - Magnum's 'Sleepwalking' album also housing a fine song by this very same title. Song-wise, it's Journey and Survivor copying time, but then again, Jim Peterik is actually involved in the making of the album, so that shall be allowed to pass as this is a typical but thoroughly enjoyable Californian AOR ballad.

'Bottled Up' is a mid tempo bar-room rocker and is just perfect for listening to whilst sitting behind a table full of Budweisers. 'Wrong Again' is a quirky little rocker that both Alfonzettii and Guns n' Roses fans would approve of. 'Where There's a Woman' is another great ballad, the highlight being the melody utilised in the bridge leading into the solo. 'The Journey' - giving the style away a bit here and acoustic closer 'The Moon' are fine tunes by their own right and as American as burger & fries. A great way to end this grrrr-eat CD, which includes contributions from Peterik, as you've already been informed, Bart, fellow Ranger Gary Moon, and yep, just in case you were wondering, Josh Ramos and Kevin Chalfant have been involved here too. Top stuff Kell.


By Dave Attrill


Greg Koch - The Grip
(Favored Nations Cat. no. FN 2090-2 2001)

Greg Koch has a remarkable guitar style - or should I say styles because he can get his hands around anything as this 17-track compilation proves.

He has the technically gifted precision that many can only dream. Down the
wacky almost Jazz-Rock route he goes with 'Zoiks' or what about the fast racey licks found in 'Spank it', the driving blues of Hendrix's 'Spanish Castle Magic' - a live version at that. The drum heavy fun-rocker 'Defenestrator' is cooking Jam fusion - Oh Yeah!!! - then there's his self-penned tribute to Hendrix called 'Big Jim' (who Greg wrote a report on in 3rd Grade - much to the puzzlement of his teacher!!

'The Grip' even includes liner notes from the man himself - which give explicit details on how he came up with the songs - cool or what.

Greg is one of the most talented guitarists who's ever been placed on an album - he's a mesmerizing and has the abilty to grab your attention in seconds and keep you there throughout. He really is a melting pot of the world's greatest guitarists e.g. Chet Atkins, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana the three Kings (Albert, BB and Freddie) and Dick Dale etc. etc. the list goes on.......


By Ken and Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Kreator - Violent Revolution
(SPV/Steamhammer Records 2001)

What a surprise having Kreator's new CD 'Violent Retribution' landing on my lap. I thought they had all found a big rock and hid themselves away forever.

'Violent Revolution' is nothing new - just good old thrash. It sounds like everything leading up to the 'Coma of Souls' album that came out in 1990. The 'Coma of Souls' album sounds like 'Extreme Agression' and 'Terrible Certainty' which were all nowhere near as good as the hard 'n' thrashy 'Pleasure to Kill'.

The new album has great tracks like 'All of the same blood', 'Servant in Heaven/King in Hell', 'Replicas of Life', 'Slave Machinery' and 'System Decay' which have brought the best out of the band.

If you love Kreator, then this CD will fit nicely with the other 11 CD's on the shelf - but don't expect anything on this new one to fill your empty souls.


By Tony Watson

KrunK - Greatist Hits
(S.N.U.G. Records 1999 - Cat. No. 51597)

Krunk are an uplifting anarchic hard-hitting punk-rock outfit featuring an ex-member of The Cult, Warrant and Kingdom Come - James Kottak a.k.a. Jimmy Ratchitt - now drummer of Scorpions (on Vocals/Guitar) and Rick Steier (Guitar) also ex-Kingdom Come alongside Athena (on Drums, the Sister of ex-Motley Crue member Tommy Lee, now of Methods of Mayhem) and lastly but by no means least, Mike Horvat (Bass Guitar).

Krunk tell it how it is - straight up, no shit and definitely no any beating around the bush. They have a kick at immigrants in the U.S. on the rap/rocking number that is 'Get out of my Kountry' - it's a slamming punch in the face in a 'Biohazard meets Beastie Boys' kinda way. There really is some way cool tracks on 'Greatist Hits' - a blasting example is 'Ten Shots...to the back of the head' with its humorous easy-listening intro that's killed off with guns shots that fly into the rest of this future punk rock standard. Hey, before you ask - no it ain't a 'best of package' spelt wrong, but ironically enough it is in fact their debut album !!!

You'll find a splendid obliteration of 'Tomorrow' (from the film 'Annie') and in my opinion, it's a mass improvement on the original -if only it had sounded like this in the film because KrunK give it rippin' F*ck attitude that Rules big-time!! Elsewhere notable ditties include 'Generation X', 'Bent' and 'No Krunk 'til Hammersmith' (a venue which James played at twice when he was the drummer with Kingdom Come).

These guys are in the studio come October 2001 recording a follow-up !!! Can't wait for that.

Check out the interview with James Kottak in the interview section of www.metalliville.com as well as their web-site www.krunk-sucks.com for more info on 'em.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

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