THE DOG GODS - Beyond The Gates
(S/R – 2016)

The Dog Gods, an alternative rock act from North Carolina have been at it for almost ten years, and are introduced to Metalliville here at the stage of their fourth album.

Moving off slowly with sludgy acoustic- flavoured opening track, the album picks up in course with some catchy scattered prog elements. Sad though that the progression isn't easy to feel happening by the end of the first four tunes. The soulful gravelly vocals that leader Jason Tobin lays down are able as they come but wasted on flat melodies and on more than one occasion directionless tune structure that sadly look to be going barely anywhere far out enough to astound.

Decent enough playing and propelled by a turbulent personal past for certain members, this one is but its instantness is dogged by the aforementioned causing the whole eight tracks to semi-mutate into one forty nine minute trip. Also, missing the two bonus tracks I have been promised adds to the disappointment on top.


By Dave Attrill

(S/R - 2015)

Sounds more like an ambient techno effort then the top rate female fronted rock act it actually is.

Still, Dream Eternal Bliss stick a plentiful portion of atmospheric occasions into their six tracks on offer hereabouts. Scott Kahn (keyboards) and Derek Davadovich (guitar), former bandmates from prog act Days Before Tomorrow, remained together to rub their varied influences further, following their old outfit's demise - sucking in such inspirations as Soft Cell, Toto, Giant, Duran Duran and Berlin but to name a few.

With one listen of opener 'This Time' you know what's happening and singer Carrie Edwards's chocolate smooth vocals solidify your expectations of the five to come. Mighty choruses and meaningful melodies mix with an honest eighties energy - the combustion comes up with a devastating boom on 'Don't Stop', in which the dance influences can be easily sensed.

Drawn together with delightful acoustic-supported summertime cuts like 'Die and Learn' and the strutting sass of 'Unfamiliar Faces' and the picture is painted with a powerful spectrum of musical shades indeed. Don't stand there Dreaming, grab yourself a slice of Eternal Bliss as these boys...and girl look set to blossom into something bigger and brighter still with their first full length album.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Roxette, Republica, Journey, Fleetwood Mac, Skunk Anansie & Rush.

NET: www.DreamEternalBliss.com


Deep Purple – Long Beach 1976
(Edel/ear Music – 2016)

A concert from the MKIV line-up of Deep Purple that opens up with a faultless rendition of ‘Burn’ and also features numbers from ‘Come Taste The Band’; their latest at the time plus songs from the past found on ‘Machine Head’ and a cut of Tommy’s ‘Teaser’ album too.

That said, I am always rather bitter-sweet about this period. One that for decades has brought up the discussion of is it or is it not really Deep Purple since their style got way funkier with Bolin replacing Blackmore…. you know the rest…. It did however kickstart a few solo careers thereafter with Whitesnake being a real pinnacle of that…

Some parts are good – the musicianship still being intact but I personally find some of the vocals rather off-putting with Coverdale straining and struggling at times such as on ‘Lady Luck’ or Glenn Hughes piping out wails during milestones like ‘Smoke On The Water’ that stand out like a sore thumb and sound out of tune to the song itself.

The fact that between the bonus tracks you hear a shout for more cocaine really shows you what was going on with the band at the time – a long way from the old guard blues-foundation style with Gillan on vocals! A cracking take of Jeff Beck’s ‘Going Down’ though from ‘Springfield ’76’ is great addition though.

Okay but not outstanding.


By Glenn Milligan

DELLACOMA - South Of Everything
(Shock Records - 2015)

Aussies Dellacoma come on right away with a kick, a punch and a head-butt just probably about as powerful.

Loud, driving old school blues rock that bounds across the floor is still a big business down under and in thirty-three and a half minutes we are feeling the floorboards move up here. 'My Kinda Woman', 'Bloodsucker', 'Under My Skin', 'Moving On To Something New', 'Walk The Plank', 'Time Falls Away' and 'Change' chuck glasses across at anyone to dares not to listen, not to forget the fearsome metal riff on the way into closer 'Fame/Slaves/Gold'.

Tied solidly by the slick soloing of lead guitarist Art Struck and singer Dellacoma Rio's sometime Cornell like croak, 'South of Everything' gives old fashioned heavy rock a ripply grunge glaze on top but does not dare invite questioning on that topic. Good advice - be nice to these lads, or your home will be  beneath the bar table in the corner until closing time.

Mighty bonzer-ations here, boys.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE:  Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Free & Bush.

NET:  www.dellacoma.com

Devilskin – We Rise
(S/R - 2015)

A brilliantly together band from New Zealand who have elements of bands like Arch Enemy, Evanescence and even Butcher Babies.

Here you’ll find fresh ferocious riffs & bombastic melodics that form some well-crafted songs that really took me by surprise – to the point that I gave it several spins because I liked it that much.

Highlights on here include the opening ‘Elvis Presley Circle Pit’ (dunno if Graceland know about that one!!); ‘Start A Revolution’; ‘Until You Bleed’; the ballad ‘Fade’ and ‘Cherophobia (The Failure In Me).



By Glenn Milligan

D-WALL - Black Tree
(S/R - 2015)

Inadvertently disguised behind the sort of name chosen by a rap act, D-Wall are no such thing. Gritty female-led melodic metal, as Germany know only too well how is here to rule once more. Wasting no time with proceedings, singer Sandra Barclay and guitarist Tim Pillukat dive tight into opener 'Stronger' as if they've been doing this every one living years.

Slick, speedy hard rock with a symphonic edge works with or without keyboards, contrary to popular belief - try 'Trapped Underground', ' Skin On Skin', 'Caught In The Flames' or 'Shackleton' as examples  - as the other elements shoot out their individual melodies that all make their ring round each of these ten numbers. Set along swish ballads and stompy, Metallica-edged numbers, the seeds that Black Tree grow out of require little water applying - only a few thousand or more hugely approving ears.

Superb stuff yet again, Germany! 


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Nightwish, Skunk Anansie & Epica.

NET: www. d-wall.de.  www. facebook.com/DWALLmusic

January/February 2016

Dark Horse Flyers – Breakaway
(Florida Street Records – 2014)

A contemporary and blues based band that consists of exceptional seasoned musicians, who come from Coconut Creek, Florida.

Two of these guys had a band in the 70’ called Breeze – these being Don Mularz (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and Scott Lane (Guitar/Vocals) and the Dark Horse Flyers line-up is completed with John Tillman (Guitar), Richard Taylor (Bass), Raul Hernandez (Drums/Percussion) and Bob Taylor Keyboards.

This is the bands debut album and has some really cooking material on it such as the opening instrumental ‘Hurricane’; the Dire Straits like title-track ‘Breakaway’; the catchy ‘n’ bluesy ‘Evil Woman’ and the Santana like closer ‘No Good’.



By Glenn Milligan

Dead And Stoned – Of Hard Bones And Travelled Hearts
(All Is One Music – 2015)

A raw energy-filled Rock trio from Upper Franconia, Germany who have elements of many bands that include AC/DC, Buckcherry, Hardcore Superstar and power of others like Motorhead and Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Standout songs on this ‘ere album are the opening ‘Hellride’; ‘Fever Dog’; ‘Devil Alive’; ‘Born For The Streets’ and the closing ‘On The Road Again’ which is not a cover of the old Canned Heat classic before you ask. It’s packed with ballsy riffs and throaty vocals from Andreas Niemczyk who also plays bass; backed up by Kai Wagner (Guitars) and Adrian Heckel (Drums).

Worth checking out!


By Glenn Milligan


DAGOBA -Tales Of The Black Dawn
(earMusic - 2015)

Not to be confused with Yoda's gaff in the Star Wars films (note the absence of an ‘H' here) , French heavies Dagoba a sound that is by contrast more evil and devastating than Darth Vader on one of his bad days.

This outfit adopt a progressive tilted extreme metal noise which is similar, at the start of every number, to countrymen Gojira only they then go speed metal at their first sight of an exit. Deathly barks and brutal twin guitar precision nonetheless win them plenty of fans fair and square and there are plenty of visits to my personal favourite, the stomping rhythm to wrap your lobes round.

Topped with industrial flavoured icing to boot the CD becomes a little more digestible still, especially on ‘The Loss', the stand out track of this ride. Trusting an album within this subgenre not to be trouser-soilingly same throughout is often a feat but Dakota at least know how to cover the dimensions. Not so much a disturbance in the force, as disturbance in the floorboards, methinks.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Machine Head, Slayer, Sepultura, Pantera & Killswitch Engage.

NET: ear-music.net

DEAD MEMORY - Cinderella
(S/R - 2015)

Not a covers album of classics from the glam metal legends, this German foursome's album is about angry, fast and furious alternative metal.

Their first full album, following successful demo 'White Rabbit' turns earlobes wide open with its indignant twin guitar heavy rock groove and grunge intentions. Sonic beats and brutish chords support the full verse and chorus of each cut with a creamy clean alignment and strong consistency.

Using hooks as a drive, as opposed to a decoration for points, Dead Memory serve up plenty of memorable tunes amongst these eleven and leave some likely expecting a twelfth. With tight solos and a thrashy interlude or two, these lads are another layer on Germany's ever growing musical cake.

Get eating people, this one’s a pretty sweet flavoured cream. 


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Drowning Pool, Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry & The Offspring

NET: www.dead-memory.de

(S/R - 2015)

Named after the classic Robin Williams movie, or maybe not - slight spelling difference - Dead Poet Society sound nonetheless a similar creative group in their right.

The Boston-based quartet drill.holes in their wall for everything from Linkin Park to Led Zep, pinning up shelves for plenty in between. Nailing it in are tight-no-nonesnse chordlines, collaged with seventies-tinged funk influences and a healthy polishing of progressive attitude.

Despite the vocals sounding like someone trying to lift a lorry onto his back, at first entry, 'Axiom' gets going quite soon enough to attract its plausibility. Although quality counts I think the quantity could have stretch to more than seven numbers - still this is a hugely promising sample of what is set to follow.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.facebook.com/deadpoetsocietyband

(S/R - 2015)

Destiny Heroes are a Greek punk/alternative trio although they open their debut album with a sound that makes you mistakenly assume you've just found a prog disc slid in by accident at the press plant.

With the atmospheric 'Crimson Dawn' over, the album begins proper although the progressive specifications seemingly kept quiet on the promo sheet are seemingly not far away. 'Future We Erased' is a fast but fantastically developed rock tune with a turn of tempo rights down the middle, while the title cut continues as same in a slightly reverse styled pattern and carries singer George Raven's eighties voice strongly aloft.

Sailing the ship further along - preferably without abandoning it just yet - 'Change The World' is a slick upbeat Goth rocker, grooved heavily in the New Wave floor whereas 'Think Twice' is total old-school punk, complete with a pirate-like cry of 'Hey, hey, hey!' at the start, yet you find it has strangely become a solo friendly melodic metal piece by the end. 'God Of The New Age' and 'Pill' individually demonstrate the Destiny Heroes dynamics across the wide range of inspirations within their case.

Ending proceedings off, 'Monster' and 'Best Day', remixes of their two past hit singles seem just added to pad out the album but are still a welcome wind down, with the further chance to enjoy their material in a looser light. Definitely an act worth looking out after, Destiny Heroes ship is hopefully setting sail our way very soon.

Nicely does it, lads. 


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Nirvana, Type o' Negative & Porcupine Tree.

NET:  www.facebook.com/destinyheroesband   www.destinyheroes.bandcamp.com/releases


DETONATOR - Burnin' Rope
(S/R -2015)

California's Detonator cut a distinct shape in the musical sand,even though they struggle a tad to get their spade in at first.

Despite making a lame entry with directionless opener 'Domination', they dig in an eventual groove with Bolan-esque 'Midnight' which goes on to develop a distinctly early Black Sabbath side. '(She's 50) Dangerous', 'Sweet Thang' prove the strongest entries of the nine with a slick stoner-meets-alternative attitude and amiable rifflines while 'Psychotic Love' steals its rhythm line from 'Vote With A Bullet' by metal legends Corrosion of Conformity.

Spoiling things is the seriously over-fuzzed production that only the prickly sharp solos from guitarist Matt Farmer manage to fight through. Working on through the album,  the later tunes start to work more with the increasingly prominent vocal lines but the offending distortion still lingers to torment, establishing that some things now and then are best left back in their period. Worth finding but be warned that the aforementioned obstacle may require working around.

Detonator are nonetheless set to blow up, onstage .


By Dave Attrill

NET:  www.burninrope.com

DIEVERSITY – ReAwakening
(Sonic Revolution - 2015)

More magnificent German people, doing what, well people from Germany do magnificently... that of course being METAL.

Wurzburg sextet DieVersity drive your mind in either direction from the crossroads you start on once you activate opening track ‘Life'. A furious twin guitar base, sculpted by a Slayer-edged power metal knife while huge flying keyboards swoop by and above is never going to fail to satisfy me.

Not even the alternation of screams and sonorous operatic creening that Kerrang-kissing kiddie metal acts also seem to influence is an offput in this case as singer Martin Herrnleben keeps a huge performance on course throughout crunchers such as ‘Stop War Inferno', ‘In Your Dreams', ‘Don't Teach Me', ‘Speed Dial To Pain' and ‘Re/awakening'. Grittier-than-f**k and giving no quarter, Dieversity demonstrate through this, their SECOND album that the melodic metal genre continues to flower with no danger of any petals being pruned yet still.



By Dave Attrill


NET: www.dieversity.de

Debra D’Lane – Covered In Dirt (E.P.)
(S/R – 2015)

A beautiful country singer who recorded this in Nashville and runs a ranch in Texas – now you don’t get anymore authentic than that - this lady is the real deal and I take my (Cowboy) hat off to her!

A well composed 6 track that features a beautiful opener that sets out the stall with elaborate piano and Hammond sounds called ‘One And Only; the banjo filled ‘redneck quotin’ ditty going by the name of ‘Covered In Dirt’ or the cooking ‘Memphis Without The Blues’.



By Glenn Milligan

Dan Doiron – Stand Back I Don’t Know How Loud This Thing Gets…
(S/R – 2015)

Must be one of the corniest and cheesiest album titles I have ever read – unless that is the idea from this bluesy/souly commercial sounding guy from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It’s all very clinical kinda stuff and wouldn’t be out of place on films like The Blues Brothers or The Commitments – tv stuff that more suited to The Tonight Show as opposed to being real deal Soulman or Bluesman. He simply plays it but is not it – unless he is trying to appeal to the masses as opposed to authentic fans of the musical genres. Perfect examples of this are ‘You Give Me Shivers’; ‘Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am’.

‘Painted Up’ redeems it somewhat because it goes away from the commercial aspect somewhat or maybe the closing ‘Once And For All’ – a slow, melodic cut that is way more on the right track and puts me in mind of the high quality sounds of Gary Moore. If only the rest of the album cooked like this final song.



By Glenn Milligan


Danger Alley – American Made
(Classic Rock Records – 2014)

A very 80’s influenced band made up of guys who look about 50+ years each and it’s the sort of stuff you hear on those b-movie films – the kinda cheesey Night Ranger, Loverboy sound with high vocals and plenty of echoey drums etc.

It’s rather cringue-worthy lyrically to be honest when they kick up songs like ‘Tearin’ The Ballroom Down’ & ‘Welcome To The Show’ but these guys can really nail it to ya. There’s the loving ballad ‘More Than Words Can Say’ that would have been a sure-fine hit back in the day or the closing keyboard filled ballad ‘Catrina’.



By Glenn Milligan

DEADLINE - Fire Inside
(Bad Reputation - 2014) 

Anybody else out there fancy calling their band Deadline?  I think there are much more inferior bands than this French outfit, deserving of such a generic tag.

Grippy trad metal from top to tail greets you on this, their debut full-lengther.  Riding on high, heavy treaded tyres, 'Fire Inside' is a fearsome old school rock vehicle of old-school, loaded with huge chordlines made to weigh like concrete has just been piled on the back.

Cut neatly into 4 minute in-and-out-numbers, with a frontman's  vocals scarily close to Terry Illious of French hard rock legends XYZ and some enjoyable soloing, classy tracks such as 'Fire Inside', 'Rock You', 'Teach Me Love', 'Freedom Call' and  'Like An Old Man' know how not to disappoint.  

Don't miss out.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE:  AC/DC, Scorpions, G'N'R & Michael Schenker

NET:  www.deadlinehardrock.com

(Aunt Ricky Records - 2014)

Dutch three-piece-turned four-piece Definition of Madmen are somewhat quite mad… in a loveable late sixties musical sense of the word.

Driving together the psychedelic temptations of that time with a hotly tipped Black Sabbath tool, they look to everything that went between 20 and 45 years before to draw inspiration for their infectious style. Large, mid-beat grooves and triplet rhythms from frontman/guitarist Mick Hup, hulk along mercilessly atop an admirably tight drum line, with the bass in between keeping your hair on edge. Just listen to 'Got My Way' as an example of how D.O.M. define panache. 

Superb first showing from this impressive new continental metal projector. 


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE:  Led Zeppelin, Electric Wizard & Soundgarden.

NET: www.definitionofmadmen.bandcamp.com 

Devil Train – II
(S/R – 2014)

A hard edge rock band who have a strong 80’s influence remind me of bands like Burning Rain, Whitesnake, Blue Murder and such like comprising of members of

An album that does not let up from the opening ‘Down On You’ at all with heavy dry loud vocals with music to match and has 10 original numbers and two covers, the best of which is a killer take of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’.

Their numbers are powerful, dynamic, fresh and striking in full force with so many standouts including ‘Hollywood Girl’; the slide blues of ‘Mr. Jones’; the Zakk Wylde like ‘Rock Forever’; the deep grooving ‘Girl Like You’ and the bluesy starting ‘Thunderstorm’ that takes off at 200 miles an hour totally unexpected!

Damn Fine Stuff!


By Glenn Milligan

Net: www.devilstrain.com

Dixie Republic – Redneck Way
(S/R – 2014)

Tennessee based trio who are redneck good ole boys in spirit and sound that tick the boxes of country rock to say the least.

I can just imagine hearing this band on a jukebox in some backwoods bar in the middle of an unknown southern town. There’s the humourous ‘Metro Cowgirl’; the band named ‘Dixie Republic’ which quotes some famous southern musical names’; the heartfelt ‘Alabama Dead’ and finished with the lovely ballad that is ‘Angel Wings’.



By Glenn Milligan


Deep Purple – Long Beach 1971
(Edel/ear Music – 2015)

Age old soundboard stuff back when they were younger with the odd mistake and an apology from Ian Gillan in Speed King.

It’s a drawn out affair with only 4 songs in over 70 minutes of music but when you get songs numbers like ‘Mandrake Root’ and ‘Child In Time’ then what do you expect? Ian tells us what the songs were about such as ‘Strange Kind Of Woman’ being about a friend of theirs who had a relationship with a prostitute.

Decent enough.


By Glenn Milligan


DALISWATCH - Breakfast Serial
(Ravenhurst Records - 2014)

Maryland trio Dalis Watch don't watch out for anyone with their approach. The approach in this case being aggressive, grinding grunge rock with an added dose of modern day rock dirge dropped into the holes.

Strongly nurtured numbers such as 'Blissful Ignorance', 'Without a Whisper', 'Little Man Angry', 'Moonlight Weeps', 'Ray Of Light', 'Price Of Freedom' and 'Ghosts Of The Past' plus a titanium take on Duran Duran fave 'Ordinary World' tackle all the favourable alternative rock moves of the last two decades and get it in the net to applause here. Ripe guitars and gravelly vocals from leader Mic Wynne are there to nod heads at the huge Seattle names with a wink while working on how they will do the damage with their own inventive weapons.

Stand back, because I'm sure I just heard a window being broken...


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Bush & Porcupine Tree.

NET: www.daliswatch.com

DAYS WE ARE EVEN - Head IntoThe Fire
(Sonic Revolution - 2014)

As much as I am an 80's slave, there is a lot of the melodic modern metal of the noughties / tennies I respect, Days We Are Even being another to add on.

Not wishing to restrict themselves to a single genre, as singer/bassist Jo makes clear on paper, DWAE's sound is much about driving contemporary rock as it is steeped in deep Seattle swirl-pool of atmosphere. Ripe and ready rockers and atmospheric slowies swing the arrow every direction without time to see the reading. Give 'Synthesis No1', 'Rhapsody', 'Untouchable', 'Invade/Exploit', 'What Is It To You', or 'Hey Operator' an amped up blastage to showcase guitarist Sven Wallwork's versatility for yourself.

Frighteningly instant stuff, fearsomely recommended.


By Dave Attrill


NET: www. daysweareeven.com

DIAMANTE 'AD - Vitam Reditus
(Atomic Stuff Records - 2014)

Look out everyone, Italy are loaded with another one. Brescia quartet Diamante are a dynamic act who drive melodic metal and prog together into the wall like newly sharpened drills seeking the same one hole.

Large solos and reasonably placed rhythm/tempo changes support all the glories set on top, and big up every track from the off. Though vocalled in their home lingo, the repeating parts are fast in coming as are the generous pilings of Purple/Rainbow flavoured keyboards from Alan Garda. A grandoise and at the same time gritty slab of class-laden hard rock that holds its substance,whatever language it's heard in.

Nicely recommended.


By Dave Attrill

NET: atomicstuff.com


DRAGONTOWN DAN - Rock 'n' Roll Machine
(Reverse Records - 2014)

People make a living plenty of ways, but pretending to be Alice Cooper half your musical life must mean someone eager to please a particular crowd.

Dragontown Dan however seems to have seen a light, turning instead to this combination of classic and industrial metal. Leaving nothing out, this Michigan-born chappie and his band layer in everything from their respective looms. Sharp, pumpy Sisters of Mercy tinted rhythms and Dan's own Alice -carved aural assault deliver eleven danceworthy slabs of innovatively concocted modern day rock with the old-fashioned clothes still tight around it.

Tie in some tinkly piano moments to make the combination's wings spread still wider and this musical albatross in breeding may be about to swoop low... and subsequently leave with your head in its beak.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Faith No More & Andrew W.K.

January 2015

DEATHINITION - Art of Manipulation
(S/R - 2014)

Polish thrash fivesome Deathinition deliver us a pleasant sixteen minute taster of what maybe to come with this menacing mini -album.

All four tracks flaunt the genre's hallmarks shamelessly enough but also showcase a combination of variety in both vocal and rhythmical demeanour. Vocalist Adam Langowski does a good back-and-forth between Robb Flynn and Overkill's Blitz Ellsworth that needs to be heard to appreciate and on top of the usual titanium twin guitar performance its a potentially sweet speed metal cake.

Looking forward to a full length disc, lads.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Machine Head, Pantera, Slayer, Forbidden

NET: myspace.com/deathinitionthrash


DC4 – Electric Ministry
(S/R – 2011)

An album that has awesome production by our buddies, Producer Bill Metoyer and DC4 Guitarist, Jeff Duncan.

It rocks out hard and ferocious but with great melodics and in-ya-face vocals from Jeff overall with powerful songs like the opening ‘Wrecktory’; ‘Rock God’; the ballady but still brutal ‘Broken Soul’ and the good old Metal meets Alice In Chains almost ‘People’.

Then there’s the well-harmonied rocker ‘Glitter Girl in the vocal dept and the surprisingly beautiful ‘Dirty Hands’ which you wouldn’t expect with a title like that. It’s definatley an album that is well worth cranking up loud from a band with 3 amazing brothers (Jeff, Shawn & Matt Duncan) and a killer guitarist who used to be in DIO going by the name of Rowan Robertson.

Excellent for the congregation indeed.


By Glenn Milligan

Deep Purple – Graz 1975
(ear music/Edel – 2014)

A piping hot live release from the overseas live series of DP with this killer concert coming from Liebenauer Ice Rink, Graz, Austria and contains 8 gems of loud generosity.

The pairing of David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes vocally proved to be one of the greatest singing moments in history as this gig prominently shows. The entire band are so on fire and it’s insane to think that Ritchie Blackmore left 3 gigs after this to form Rainbow.

Out of the set are standouts like the opener ‘Burn’; the always impressive ‘Mistreated’ and songs you never hear much these days from the ‘Stormbringer’ album like ‘Lady Double Dealer’ with it all coming to an end with the slipper stomping classic that is ‘Space Truckin’.



By Glenn Milligan

Dirty Looks – I Want More
(Dirty Looks – 1987 / FnA Records – 2010)

A blast from the past – the band that the late vocalist, Henrik Ostergaard fronted and yes, I got a few vinyl albums from those guys before you ask.

It’s of it’s time – good ole hard rock with a booming sound to it but it’s great all the same with the opener ‘F*ck You…I Want More’; ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You’; ‘Oh Ruby’; ‘Too Bad’ and one of 2 bonus tracks in‘Smell The Gasoline’.

You can’t beat more because we always some for sure!


By Glenn Milligan

DIRTY WOMAN - City Of Sins
(Dictatorship Records 2014)

South American sludge metallers Dirty Woman are finally discovered here on the dingy shores of Blighty, in the course of delivering their second album onto the world.

Multiple award winners in their native Mexico, these five noisy boys fire up every cylinder till it tries to fizzle but that fails to happen within this ten track slab of old school seventies brute de force .

'Green Eyed Sorceress', 'Pack your Back', 'Hidden Butchery', 'The Devil (Was The First One', 'Behind the Mask' and the Spanish-lyriced 'La Noche Obscura' attempt to collect everything from Cathedral to Goblin, and giveaway Sabbath moments to boot and brew it until it froths fearsomely over the brim.

Meaty and muscular metal made purely the old way, you might find yourself committing considerably large sins by ignoring the signs to Dirty Woman's city.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YO LIKE: Monster Magnet, Down & Metallica.

NET: www.dirtywoman.com

(S/R - 2014)

This Bristol five-piece deliver a sound I have difficulties matching after even ten listens.

Summing up Disfavoured party's sound in a single line, I'd have to say they, erm….favour mostly a sound sat between Britpop, Madness, and Dutch seventies legends Sparks. Their town ain't necessarily big enough for the both of them but they expand the planning and place it all in nonetheless.

Some impressive Police moments peep in and out with the guitar sound and the piano takes it to several different places in the squeezed confines of five tracks. Swish blues and jazz segments slot neatly into an undoubtedly convoluted but well composed sound and set of songs that topped by frontman, Rich's almost Elvis-like effort, deserves attention before they're even heard of.

Worth finding.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Oh God... going to have to leave that one out this time, one thinks.

NET: facebook.com/thedisfavouredparty

DOUGA - The Silent Well
(Do Make Merge Records - 2014)

Brit alternative rockers Douga are another funny lot you can't put a finger on musically.

It doesn't help me that I've not heard a tune to this day by Kurt Vile, Grizzly Bear or Yo La Tengo, the three names that this outfit take most of their cues from but biased opinion aside, I'm now pleasantly introduced to what I might expect.

Tingly electro-fused guitar and keyboard noise saturates the nine songs forming Douga's debut album with a well practise pipe from frontman/mainman Johnny Winbolt-Lewis on the top. Peppering it with melodies and sixties rock grit, Douga seem to love what they do, and the violins accompanying third track 'Accidents' sew in a pleasantly silky thread to decorate it.

'The Silent Well' proves tantalising though slow at first but Douga should see themselves elevated straight to the top step with their explorative talent.


By Dave Attrill


(S/R - 2014)

Good old Canada are back with yet another, though this act actually aren't a newly formed sensation - they originally joined forces in 1991, that same year from whence fellow Canadian melodic rock monsters Von Groove and Harem Scarem unleashed their debut cornerstones.

Damn Pigeon got it back off the ground however hence this smashing modern day pop rock treat. Trippy, bluesy guitars, set at all rhythms in the range just melt into each other with the solos sizzling on top. The breezy, deep voice of frontman Doug Weir, recruited following the sad passing of predecessor Steve Phillips, smokes hot on top of it to tell you dishes including ‘I'm Down', ‘Gift Horse',‘Tomorrow', ‘If I Can't Have You', ‘Benjamin Suicide', ‘Who Cares' and ‘Dead Man's Shoes' are ready for serving with big toppings of barbecue sauce.

Sturdy, slick, modern hard rock with an innocent alternative taste on top, Pigeon's five lads live an enviable all year long summer by the sounds of this album. Perhaps we ought to hop in the open-topped motor and make our way out there?


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Bad Company, Nickelback, Free, Led Zeppelin, Blackfoot, The Georgia Satellites & Cream

NET: damnpigeon.ca

(Phonotraxx/Soulfood Music 2014)

With a name like that they can only be one thing...you guessed it, another promising power metal scoop straight of of Europe.

And no I'm not just saying it - German girl fronted fivesome Dawn of Destiny yield an atmospheric dimension and with a different conceptual thread to anything that has probably passed. Dealing with the tragic aftermath of a girl's crippling car accident, the tinkling, piano led prowess of the thirteen numbers synchronised well with each stage so its still the style you lovingly notice.

Sleek guitar lines and solos that sustain the high notes, as opposed to just shred, deliver the better elements on offer alongside vocalist Jeanette Scherff's super-operatic outpours. Strictly a name not to miss on the continental metal map for the year ahead, Dawn are Destined to break the market with the material as of the sort just heard.

Let Savatage's Jon Olivia, our esteemed guest performer, set you right.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Nightwish, Mostly Autumn & Stratovarius

NET: www.dawnofdestiny.de

(Melodic Revolution Records - 2014)

No, its not a sudden return by Doug Alritch's rather good AOR project from years back - Bob Dee, former guitarist of melodic hard rock hopefuls Beg Borrow & Steel leads this latest interesting venture...don't ask me who Petro is though.

Wealthy in talent and songwriting output, twenty numbers - would you believe - make this second album. Massive inundations of stuff sent to us lately forces me into keeping the reviews short, making things so awkward as most of these songs suck me in right away.

From pumpy pop rock to riff driven raunch, just hearing anything from 'Obsession', 'Mother Says' and 'Stars' to 'All American Boys', Never Stand In Line' and 'In A World' tantalises you into t[...]e cork is fully clear. Raw and infectious melodic rock comes fast and fresh from this chap as if the last twenty years had scarcely occurred.

Tingly alternative moments exist but Bob Dee testifies how diversity does indeed pay.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Cheap Trick, Def Leppard, Johnny Lima & Feeder.

NET: bobdeewithpetro.com

DESTITUTION - Beware The Fury of the Patient Man
(S/R - 2014)

The thing I like about today’s wave of generic thrash metal acts is that they come across a lot more cornier or looser than their predecessors of the nineties and without offending seasoned scene believers.

That certainly applies amongst others to Dutch foursome Destitution. Nicely moulded round legendary countrymen Pestilence, songs like ‘Mr Greedy’, ‘Criticise’, ‘Rhythm of Horses’, ‘Vigilante’, ‘Guilty Til Proven Innocent’, ‘Screenplay’ and ‘B.T.F.O.T.P.M’ still sound aggressive enough with vocalist/guitarist Emiel Van De Ploeg’s spitting roar but deciphering the lyrics word for word as you would an iron Maiden number is an essential ear-pleaser.

Rippling riffs and chord lines still smoke of unoriginality but the blend of accessibility and aggression that adds to it makes it all acceptable. Lead solo work courtesy of Geert Van dee Laan is smart and wavy, especially on ‘Alcathrash’ and with other more commercialised speed metal machines of late doesn’t linger outside its time on the ticket.

Definitely worth a place to park in your collection… note: these men might not remain patient too long.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Anthrax, Evile, Forbidden, Testament, Slayer & Metallica.

NET: soundcloud.com/destitution

(S/R - 2014)

Oh great, just a quick four tracks to get through I think as I set this one playing...some forty one minutes and five seconds later the closing track is just finally...well, closing.

Swiss proggies Diaphonic command huge credit all the same for having two standard length tines sandwiched amongst the other couple that last either side of quarter an hour apiece. Set to an astoundingly lavish but listenable as well amalgam of folk, rock, woodwind and blues, something tells me these numbers are not going to be a struggle, including 19 minute finale 'Ithaka'.

Brit born singer Thomas Weeks has the voice that as much owes him a spot in a decent alternative act as it would force you to anticipate a young Ian Anderson in the making. Complex yet calculated keyboarding from Michael Zaradez take these tracks all the way through their countless shifting motions without momentum wavering more than scarcely, applying an unexperienced dimension on the titular concept of the Greek legend.

A surprise from a scene that is respected but not renowned for keeping it short and succinct, Diaphonic take a clutch of compositions and make them sound like a full album without anybody noticing the gaps...or absence of.

Frighteningly impressive.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd & Procul Harum

NET: www.diaphonic.ch

THE DOWLING POOLE - Bleak Strategies
(369 Records - 2014)

Dyslexics don't panic, it's not a new release from the Texan combo you could have just missed.

Dowling Poole are ex-Honeycrack main man, Will Dowling who has gone on to score soundtrack success aplenty over the sixteen years since they folded, and former Cardiacs fella Jon Poole. Lining up their influences since combining in 2011, I'd think that they've listened to a wider roster of influences than would be advisable by their doctor.

Radiohead, 10cc, The Beatles and Procul Harum make up four whilst one or two even allow space for summery AOR intrusions from the guitar department in the Survivor vein.
No endless prog ballads, nor any super speedy 2 minute pop punk workouts - simply put somewhere in between as these two boys bung everything over the walls of their castle for you to catch.

Catchy stuff itself whilst on the subject, then coming from a man who produced for Ginger from The Wildhearts, what less do we expect...definitely nothing sums it up.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Porcupine Tree, Blur, The Wonderstuff & Terrorvision.

DRAGON'S BANE - Harbringers of Glory (E.P.)
(S/R - 2014)

Originating from Adrililith (Where?!!) Dragon's Bane are as brutal as their name makes movement to warn.

Noisy, retro metal steeped in stoner grooves and growling but understandable vocals from frontman King Dan knock the listener into submission, with his sometimes Hetfield-hacked-off edge.

Just three tracks seems steep but its three of substance even if similar to what you may have heard three (thousand) times before. Rigid to the style, Dragon's Bane's rough and ready maul is still not for wimps in the slightest.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Monster Magnet, Orange Goblin & Down.

NET: www.dragonsbane.bandcamp.com


DAVID DARLING – Songs Of The Cosmos
(S/R - 2014)

No relation to the Blackadder character, this Scottish songsmith sends us on a trip back in time notwithstanding.

That of course being a time when prog tinged, summery rock was acceptable to like, as opposed to the playground abuse you'd suffer for admitting to it nowadays. Backed by a full five piece band, Mr Darling belts sturdy melodic guitar pop penned largely between himself and Polish cohort Mirek Hodun with much appreciable aplomb.

Placing twin guitars atop plush multi instrumentation and a seventies-injected engine, none of these eleven songs should disappoint anyone with an idea of what true, thought-out musicianship means. If you are partial to a plethora of lively aor and acoustic floored flower power with all retro genres in between not going ignored at that, this Dundee gent's deep soulful throat on top should sell it.

An astronomer by day, David's debut long player propels you high into the cosmos of creativity, orbiting many a lost musical star. Recommended hugely.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Flower Kings, Survivor, Journey, Genesis & Pink Floyd.

NET: www.songsofthecosmos.com

Diamond Lane – Terrorizer
(S/R – 2014)

Cracking LA based Rockers who I saw a few years ago headline a show at the Whisky A Go-Go so little wonder that there name seemed familiar to me.

This is what happens if the likes of Skid Row meets Metallica and Seven Dust as they have the heaviness mixed in with luscious melodies and to-die-for vocals on many an occasion which gets going on 11 straight away with ‘The Enemy’.

There are some great cuts thereon such as the very Bach-like ‘Life To Lose’; ‘Hopeless Romantic’ especially for the guitar soloing before finishing on the outstanding ‘Drift’ that has its quiet and heavier, louder moments.

Could do well.


By Glenn Milligan

Diesel Down – S/T
(Blue Topaz Recording - 2014)

Definitely a band to check out are ‘Diesel Down’ who have a real high vocalist in Tomas Selander.

11 slabs of high quality rock and metal with cracking cuts in the opening ‘Terror Song’; ‘Here I Go’. Some of the riffery puts me in mind of Thin Lizzy so all the 70’s rock fans will love it for that with ‘Here I Am’ being a good example. ‘Devils Maze reminds me of ‘Easy Livin’ by Uriah Heep with that riff grabbing you immediately.

Other songs on here that will grab you include ‘Psychotic Woman’ that is like the South meets The Cult or bands of that ilk or the well-arranged ‘180’ that has 1988 stamped all over it with a cracking chorus hook.

Top Act!


By Glenn Milligan

Dio – Live In London Hammersmith Apollo 1993
(Eagle Records – 2014)

The CD version of the excellent concert that has appeared as a DVD that has the full soundtrack for your heavy metal hearing only.

The ‘Strange Highways’ tour that features many numbers from that said album like the title track itself early in the set and later staple set list classics such as ‘The Mob Rules’; ‘Man On The Silver Mountain’; Rainbow In The Dark’ & ‘We Rock’. The band are totally on fire with the line-up made of Vinny Appice (Drums), Tracy G (Guitar); Jeff Pilson (Bass); Scott Warren (Keyboards) and of course Ronnie James Dio himself.

An excellent 2-CD set with sound to match that is fully recommended to fans of the late legend.


By Glenn Milligan

March/April 2014

DELTA - The End of Philosophy
(Mylodon Records - 2013)

Not named after the Chuck Norris movie, Chilean prog metallers Delta do however put in some commendable muscle.

The meaty formulaic elements of most symphonic Euro metal acts seem to have got across to South America's doors in a dainty package as everything you'd expect is here but excellently done. Knocking in some unexpectedly over-commercial vocals seems the forte for these guys, one track even sounding like 'Heart of Steel' from hair metal legends Trixter whilst everything else still seems like serious days at the office.

Speedy solos and keyboards should not need to be mentioned but a Dream Theater versatility to the likes of most tracks takes them along the right roads. Frontman Felipe del Valle's succulent voice should see these lads sent over to our continent for a set or two itself - the fella handles high octane metal and upbeat folky acoustic moments alike with one persistent grip,whilst guest work from scene goliath John West (Artension, Royal Hunt) only touches up the encouragement.

Great work from five guys with five studio albums to their name including this newest gem, so maybe its time to help it shine in your shelf.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Stratovarius, Kamelot, Edguy & Threshold.

NET: www.deltachile.com


DEMONA - Speaking With The Devil
(Inferno Records - 2013)

Not an Ozzy covers album as the rip-off title tries to incriminate, these female fronted Quebecians are still satanical in allegiance, at least on the music and lyrical front.

Tanza (guitar/vox) starts off with a number in Spanish which scarcely goes noticed for its speed metal ferocity. After that however its the language we all know, along with a music...we all know, though with a combination we rarely all come to expect.

Dark and destructive as the force of 'Dirty Speed Metal', 'S.W T.D.', 'Traitors', 'Bad Boy' and 'Sorcerer's Escapade' emerge, genetic is less the applicable word as Tanza's sharp, punk-like rattle layers on the top.

Beneath her, lead guitarist Gabrihell goes on the old-school road right through the disc in a near Girlschool-meets Venom mode of affairs showing that old fashioned and classic conquers best when tedium threatens to turn its worst face.

Sweet sounding noise indeed.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Annihilator, Megadeth, Girlschool, Iron Maiden, & Exodus.

NET: www.demonametal.com

DISTANT PAST - Utopian Void
(Pure Steel Publishing -2014)

Very much from whench their musical persuasions are plucked, Distant Past deserve the hats-off treatment for that already.

Utopian itself pretty nails it for the average Nightwish or Helloween fan who comes across the latest beaut by these Swiss metallers. Straight in with no shilly-shallying intro cut, 'Day of Darkness' is undiluted symphonic metal sweetness with ice. Singer JayJay Julmy knows a thing - Dickinson-wise - on laying the octaves with gusto and his gust sweeps across all twleve numbers, where the boisterous solos also breeze by at both sides.

Slick but never too over-sure of themselves, 'Secptre', 'On The Edge', 'Kingdom Of Shadows', 'Helpless', 'Breath - The Spell' and ' Illusion' will hardly succeed come the originality oscars but on the old fashioned, no-frills metal night, noise will be made.

Closing number 'Touched By The Gods' comes to being on an emotional note, as bassist/founder Adriano Troiano bears soul over the loss of idol Ronnie James Dio (already lost to us a staggering four years ago) with lickjs from a certain Rainbow classic cunningly concealed.

Ronnie never dealt in the fast stuff that much but Julmy's performance puts the legacy into people's awareness, of the timeless metal style that Distant Past also now treat us to.

Wonderful work, guys.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Gamma Ray, Edguy, Iron Maiden, Kamelot, Stratovarius, Dragon Force & Megadeth.

NET: www.distant-past.ch

Doctor Pheabes – Seventy Dogs
(S/R – 2013)

Cheesy sounding almost novelty hard rock band from Brazil with with throaty vocals – man this is so spinal tap but I like it.

It opens with the cool title track ‘Seventy Dogs’ and as you go through you’ll find other cool numbers like the mid-tempo ‘Godzilla’; the excellent acoustic ‘Sound’; the gutsy blues-tinged ‘Where Do You Come From?’ and the lovely closing ballad that is ‘I Just Want To Live Forever’.

You’ll keep playing this again and again, I assure you.


By Glenn Milligan

Dog Days Revolution – Overloaded
(Turenki Records – 2014)

Finish boys who have a real AC/DC style about them right down to the vocals at times since I hear some Brian Johnson influence in there as well as similar styled Young Brothers backing vocals too.

This is outstanding from the opening ‘She’s Allright’ right through to the closing haunting ballad ‘Let Me In’ with other standouts in between such as the single and title track ‘Overloaded’; their killer cover of The Sweet’s ‘Fox On The Run’ that not many seem to try these days and the slamming ‘Rich And Famous’.

A must have for rock fans everywhere!


By Glenn Milligan

DOME DWELLERS - Maybe I Should Have Some More
(S/R - 2013)

You would think Dome Dwellers had been holed up in strange ecological glass thingamijigs since about 1970, on a listen to the opening couple of numbers from their debut long player.

This Texan three piece stir psychedelic prog and peppery alternative beats into one big crazy boosh and send it across the bar at us. It is impossible to avoid rating this raucous retro tinged outing highly when you have the ingredients like this and also care to remember that such sounds did once co exist within a shared decade.

The big but basic rhythms have you bouncing about in the long grass as each tune after another rolls out of your dad's old rusty record prayer and into the sunlight. Try 'Lie Down', 'Bellied Up', 'Say it Ain't So', 'Polymath' or 'Crazy Talk' without doing other than just sitting cross legged beneath a tree with your acoustic guitar on your lap.

Maybe I should have some more of this lot.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.domedwellers.bandcamp.com

DROUGHT - Tapped
(S/R - 2013)

Another band heralded as hard rock yet turn out almost totally otherwise, Drought need hardly panic on top as a piece of post grunge is always gristle to my mill.

Looser and more livelier by mood, these four lads seem happy to hunt down their dad's old record collection at least halfway into shaping their sound, which means hooks are easier to seek out. Tough woven twin guitars and scant progressive additions abound across tunes including 'Stand', 'Coming Home', 'Who I Am', 'Good to be Gone', 'The Distance In Between', 'Gasoline' and 'Hideaway' though these accolades apply to just about every corner of this cd.

Adding in the upbeat feel of frontman, Mike Mikulas straight-cut range with less of the frog-in-the-throat approach most of their ilk apply and you have the perfect formula for a pop metal record as you'd like it for the millennium ahead.

Definitely worth tapping into.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Nickelback, Alter Bridge & Metallica.

NET: www.droughtrocks.com


Deep Purple – Live At Montreux 1996/Live At Montreux 2006
(Eagle Records – 2013)

Two shows ten years apart from that famous festival that’s split onto two separate CD’s on this glorious set.

Both gigs are a perfect mix of old and newer material of course with two slightly different line-ups regarding the keyboards – with original man, Jon Lord on the ’96 appearance with 'Purpendicular' cuts and Don Airey taking care of the ’06 happening that pulls ditties from the ‘Rapture Of The Deep’.

From the ’96 show, you can’t fault a number like ‘Black Night’ or the classic ‘Fireball’ thrown in a set list with tracks like ‘Hey Cisco’ and ‘Ted The Mechanic’ not to mention an outstanding ‘When A Blind Man Cries’ - a song that appears on both CD’s and even bonus cuts from 2000 including the epic ‘Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming’.

The 2006 falls flat in comparison because Ian Gillan’s voice sounds dry, tired and shot and unable to hit and hold his notes in opener ‘Pictures Of Home’ and throughout the entire performance – he is obviously on a bad day and needs a rest. The other four guys are impeccably perfect though.

There are songs like ‘Lazy’ with an extended intro from Don Airey with the other guys eventually chipping in as well as new songs like ‘Things We Never Said’ & ‘Wrong Man’ but it’s the 70’s stuff that fairs best on here. Then there’s a pointless ott intro before ‘Highway Star’ that simply gets on your t*ts but I do like that Jazzed instrumental version of ‘Smoke On The Water’ that gives it a whole new lease of life before Ian ruins the song on the vocal front.

From excellent to average if the truth be known.


By Glenn Milligan

Deep Purple – Now What! (Gold Deluxe Edition)
(Edel/Ear Music – 2013)

The brand new album from the Purps that grabs you straighaway that is dedacted to the late great ex-member, Jon Lord and rightly so too.

It has a full ‘n’ loud bombastic sound to it and features all the classic trademarks that tick the boxes that you’d expect from a top dollar album courtesy of DP in the way of high pitched vocals, heavy rocked out vibing organ, pummelling big drums, booming bass-work and wailing, melodic beautifully played guitar with light and dark moments from beginning to end.

Standouts on here include the opening loud and quiet ‘A Simple Song’; the hard rocking ‘Hell To Pay’ that has you singing along to the choral section; ‘Above And Beyond’ – an outstanding tribute to Jon Lord and the exceptional epic masterpiece ‘All The Time In The World’ or even a re-arranged powerful cover of Cliff Richard’s ‘It’ll Be Me’ as one of two bonus tracks.

The Live tapes is the reason for getting this album and that’s mainly for the old songs on offer if I am brutally honest with you like the opening ‘Strange Kind Of Woman’ ‘No One Came’ and ‘Perfect Stranger’s’ that’s probably in my top 5 of all time fave Purple songs though ‘Above And Beyond’ is excellent. ‘All The Time In The World’ is a real grower too.

Only qualm for me is that come across a bit too cheesey and time and cabaret from how they did back in the day with the version of ‘Lazy’ though ‘Black Night’ is earth shattering on here with snippets of ‘La Grange’ &‘How Many More Times? With it only fitting to end the proceedings with ‘Smoke ont Watter’ as they call it up here in Yorkshire!


By Glenn Milligan

Willy Deville – Crow Jane Alley / Pistola
(Eagle Records - 2013)

A double set of a guy who was renown in the industry that I’m hearing for the first time ever who used to have a band back in the 70’s called Mink Deville – you may have heard of them.

The ‘Crow Jane Alley’ album (2004) has elements of Americana, The Eagles, Dr. John and Bruce Springsteen – a quirky mismatch at times but works all the same. Opener ‘Chieva’ is very voodoo meets Mexicana whereas the title track ‘Crow Jane Alley (For Jack)’ is rather Jim Reeves meets George Jones like country music.

‘Muddy Waters Rose Out Of The Mississippi Mud’ is an awesome bluesy number like you’d expect from a name like this – though he came from Chicago? Or what about a great take of Roxy Music’s ‘Slave To Love’ and the delta voodoo of closing number ‘Trouble Comin’ Every Day In A World Gone Wrong’.

‘Pistola’ (2008) starts off with a Stonesy/Faces like blues number called ‘So So Real’ which I especially like and there’s so much more that’ll get you on here – sad to think it was his last ever album before his tragic death of caner in 2009 at only 59 years old. A ton of amazing songs on here such as the cool as hell reggae riffing ‘Been There Done That’ with its killer chorus and the exquisite country folk of the ballad ‘Louise’ with smooth velvety steel guitar.

Then there’s the mysterious deep south style of ‘You Got The World In Your Hands’ that’s got female bv’s and nice slide guitar work & ‘I’m Gonna Do Something The Devil Never Did’ that’s got that vibe found on The Rolling Stones ‘Sister Morphine’ not to mention an atmospheric spoken word that closes the album called ‘The Mountains Of Manhattan’.

Can’t be bettered and quite obviously a major loss to the world of music when he passed away in 2009.


By Glenn Milligan

DIGNITY - Balance of Power
(Fastball - 2013)

I admit the name Balance of Power did confuse me, defending on whether the Brit melodic metal act of that name are still on the go from time to time.

Dignity are a German fivesome peddling what their county pride themselves on over many things - speedy guitars plus sonorous vocal harmonies held high above. Versatility is something power metal has struggled to display over the decades but some outfits such as these have a musical gearstick they know how to move. Fast paced tunes and progressive platters all get their share of the cd space here with the both the keyboards and vocalist Soren Adamsen's Savatage-like voice suited to all styles.

The solos sound epic yet remain thankfully disciplined in length and surprisingly so too do most of the tracks, with only 'Freedom Reign' reaching the seven minute line. Knocking off for the day with a handsome cover of Scorps classic 'Blackout' Dignity display a huge, in-do-the-job-and-go approach to their line in metal.

In return, its an album worth approaching in its own right.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Rhapsody of Fire, Kamelot & Stratovarius

NET: www.dignityband.com

Dizzy Bloom – Oceans
(Wild River Music – 2013)

Sounds a bit like Stevie Nicks does vocalist, Amy Whitcomb with her bright pop-rock style and other stuff on here is very middle of the road and relaxing kinda stuff with haunting syrupy vocals.

There’s an awesome version of The Who’s ‘See Me Feel Me’ which makes this CD worth spinning alone as well as a cooking title track in ‘Oceans’ not to mention the haunting closer ‘Two Exits’.

Good stuff.


By Glenn Milligan


Damn Dice – Wild ‘N’ Ready (EP)
(S/R – 2013)

Well the last time I heard these North London based guys was when they were supporting LA Guns at The Diamond at Sutton-In-Ashfield a couple of years ago and what a great night that was.

This sleazy six tracker comes across totally effortless and has all the right melodic energetic choruses to make a massive impact not to mention the unique sounding highish lead vocal and shouty glam backing vocals too.

It’s packed full of wonderful songs right from the bruising opener ‘Bang Your Head’ to the partyfest of ‘Wild In The Night’ with the likes of ‘Down’ kickin’ up a fuss in the middle. A top dollar release for sure. It’s little wonder the likes of Vince Neil and Beau Hill have been singing their praises.

Buy it!


By Glenn Milligan

Dilana – Beautiful Monster
(S/R – 2013)

A sinister and deep sounding album that has atmospheric moments and is like a melting pot of rock, acoustica & almost classical touches all rolled into one album.

Vocally she kinda reminds me of Stevie Nicks as her timbre is very dry high and haunting that works well on the songs here such as the thought provoking ‘Dead Flower’, opener ‘The Woman I Am’; ‘Velvet Coloured Stone’ or the folkish Led Zep like ‘Oceans’.

It’s a ‘Beautiful Monster’ of an album that really has to be listened to properly in order to fully appreciate it as there are some incredible moments of gorgiousness with the song ‘Falling Apart’ being a perfect example.

Worth checking out.


By Glenn Milligan

Dirty Sound Magnet - What Lies Behind
(Phenix Records /New Music Distribution – 2013)

How can you put this – a kinda Swiss version of Led Zeppelin and other elements of the time too – though at times on the hight notes, this dude sounds very Robert Plant.

Some really amazing bluesy and gutsy numbers in ‘Heavy Hours’; the title track ‘What Lies Behind’; the acoustic to electric ‘Dead End Street’ or ‘Our Animal’ with it’s awesome slide-guitar riff.

File somewhere between The Answer & Rival Sons – epic sounds.


By Glenn Milligan

DANGER ANGEL - Revolutia
(Perris Records - 2013)

Greece, being the nation famed for Rotting Christ are more usually expected to vend the extreme machines, so its refreshing to hear something sent down from metals softer side.

Then, when they have Jeff Scott Soto helping them out the temptations not easy to resist. Danger Angels sound itself would suit the ex- Malmsteen/WET/Talisman titan to the floor so its strsnge to hear him moving just the backing vocal pawn (in addition to being the producer) but then as he and the bands own man, MT are almost identical in places, his spirit is set in stone. Not to get me wrong, theses lads have already seen out a debut album to date but they seem to be working on this as a progression from what went previously.

Although billed as a cross of Bon jovi, Europe and Honeymoon Suite, over half of these fourteen songs would sooner have a Kamelot or Edguy fan crossing the road to listen. Noodly solos are as much as standard in the eighties names as here but this says more power than poodle. Large choruses and catchy lines - try 'I'll be dead by Christmas, I could be dead before that' for one - are not unknown in the Mediterranean, nor are musical capabilities on guitars and keys.

Ahas has a certain Mark Stanway to his sound whilst Ethan Snow runs his rhythm and lead country with suitably solid rod. JSS's vocal supports show through inexplicably in 'My Last Day on Earth' as if he and MS might have been quarreling over the mic, whilst 'Don't Die young' thrives on this plus a great but brief duel between Ahas and Snow. Wonderfully concocted melodic hard rock that despite becoming metal for most of its stay fuses the two underrated genres sweetly together.

Recommended - even though Id say that about anything with Jeff's name on it.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Stratovarius, Europe, Axel Rudi Pell & Saga.

NET: www.dangerangelband.com

Down ‘N’ Dirty – Down To The Wire
(S/R – 2013)

Well I thought the only hair metal band to come out of Chicago was Enuff Znuff but I was obviously wrong as that since Down & Dirty can certainly be added to the list.

A kick ass four piece made up of Stevie Ray Del Real (Vocals); LA (Guitars); Ryan Tyler (Bass) and Joey Dejohns on drums who certainly know how to impress on CD and by all accounts do so live since they’ve share stage with the likes of Black Stone Cherry, Jackyl, Bang Tango and Vains Of Jenna over the last few years.

A rock ‘n’ roll gang who fire up the sleaze with chicks at their knees with a smouldering of banging songs like ‘Everything’s Shakin’; ‘Man Of The Times’ and a cover of the famous Elvis Presley number ‘Trouble’ too thrown that hams it up with high ended vocals indeed.

There’s even a nice ‘n’ light acoustic ballad going by the name of ‘Rain’ which as you can imagine is a love number and a secret acoustic track at the ends that explains what makes ‘em tick and turns them on to their tunings in life.

It’s 1986 again and that ain’t no bad thing baby!


By Glenn Milligan

DPERD – Kore
(My Kingom Music - 2013)

Italy goes indeed posess a darkwave scene amongst its many other endless musical surpises, and this is an unprecented sweet taste for starters.

Dperd, made up of female/male duo Valeria and Carlo come fresh from a prolific backdrop, having led top Italian scene act Fear of the Storm so are set to already to deliver. Adding typically smooth goth metal into a sound vocalled in their own lingo, outspokenly lush vocalist Valeria Buono weaves her mesmerising spell so finely that it swims in with the instrumentation like an unexpected violin.

No overly morbid elements step in the way as she and cohort Carlo Dismone (guitar, bass, keys) see the music going on a journey with only the merest of their directions - the strongly ambient landscape lures you forward further with every tune. Nicely interpreted to English at the bottom of each page, the words read enjoyably alongside but Dperds spirit is in the sound as created equally by Carlo's crisp musicianship. An album that really cut to the Kore of me.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE :This Mortal Coil, Mostly Autumn, The Cure

NET: www. myspace.com/dperd


Deadweight - The Red Sun God (E.P.)
(S/R - 2013)

Now these boys from South West Oklahoma definately live and breath late 60's and early 70's Rock for sure and blister their way through this 26 minute+ E.P.

Literally in the half a dozen numbers on here you get the impression they like a bit of Led Zeppelin & The Black Crowes as the deep, boomy 'n' stomping 'Lady' shows and The Doors for definate as 'Sliver Buckle' is like a salute to songs like 'When The Music's Over ' meets 'Back Door Man' when it comes to style and vibe. 'Astro Cannibalism' must be one of the most tongue-in-cheek titles I've read in a while and is a pummeling stoner like mother of a ditty and not unlike Spiritual Beggars going head to head with Soundgarden in a fast 'n' mean mode.

Decent spin indeed.


By Glenn Milligan


DIMITRY - Codex Magika
(S/R -2012)

Often approving of a first taste of guitar-led acts delivered via ep as opposed to full album, its artists like our friend Dimitry here that entice me straight to a long player.

Ripping contemporary thrash rhythms saturate opener 'Fusioncore' capped by low-octave soloing you do not hear from Steve Vai or the like. The Motorhead-tinged 'It Begins Again' surprises us with the awareness that this chap is not just an instrumentalist but a vocalist to boot. Taking his snarly alternative lungs to the world across subsequent progressive metal snippet Buried In Your Mind' before becoming vocal-less again for the bludgeoning stomp rhythm of 'Desire', this Norwegian-based Italian innovator has tricks shoved up his sleeve until they look to spill out.

Taking the best modern and classic hard rock elements and slipping in a few delectable drops of sax and keyboard-flavoured essence, a sweet sensation slowly abounds. Swish blues guitars as those you hear on the closing track 'Five' come comparably less than frequent from this geezer - Dimitry goes forward in time, far preferably than backwards but whichever way, we wouldn't mind more of it.



By Dave Attrill

NET: myspace.com/demitrioscopelliti

(SquidHat Records - 2012)

As if the name of this band doesn't make me cringe enough, I am halted by the promo pic displaying what looks like a gaggle of girly students in shocks of blue hair and badly shredded undershirts.

Surprise more than suffice to say however that is not what The Dirty Panties turn out to be. These four nice young New York ladies have in fact existed as a unit since 2001 and it shows above solidly as they deliver their nasty speedtastic punk rock in sledgeloads, slamming thirteen fast and hard hitting helpings across your skull in under half an hour. Ricketing chords and deep bellowing angst from frontwoman Melanie Ash set your rafters atremble as one angry hookline after another races past repeatedly.

'Confighted', 'Cheers', Undefeated', 'Take It To The Grave', 'Figment Of A Girl', 'I Am A Robot', 'Get Off Your Ass' and a cover of 'Money (That's What I Want') with a difference set punk pulses racing the same way Sick of It All and The Ramones did before them. Muscular, modern aggro-rock that is ill-advised for doubters. For the rest, the best things in life are for free but this one's certainly worth parting with a few fivers over.

Watch your washing machines guys as these dirty panties don't look to clean so easily.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: NY Loose, Agnostic Front, Siouxie and The Banshees, Bubble & McQueen.

NET: www.TheDirtyPanties.com


Death Rides A Horse - Tree Of Woe
(Inferno Records - 2013)

This is Metal of a darker nature that is very of the 70's meets the 80's - think Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, Accept etc and othr bands of that ilk with slamming guitar riffs moulded in with crashing cybals and drums.

It's a 7 track ep with a bonus number that is limited to 500 copies with some cooking solid sounds in numbers like 'A Unified Vision Of A Trans-galactic Empire (Open The Gates)' that clocks in at over 6 minutes and a cover of 'Fly To The Rainbow' by Scorpions that you never hear those guys play anymore.

Problem is, is that the formula gets okd and tired after a while and dragged out for too long to keep you interested.


By Glenn Milligan

Destroy She Said - Down To Dirty
(Bad Reputation - 2013)

A dirty, crunchy, meat and potatoe warts 'n' all bunch of rockers who delight with ten hard punch in your face numbers of slipper stomping delight.

They hail from Melbourne, Australia and I should have come to this conclusion from studying their sound and style as they are very AC/DC and Rose Tattoo in attitude and angst with hold-nothing back songs like 'Game Over'; 'Squirter'; 'Hookers Don't Kiss' and closer 'It's Coming Out Now'.

Decent enough.


By Glenn Milligan

Dio - Dream Evil (Deluxe Edition)
(Universal/Mercury - 2013)

A 2 CD set of of one of Ronnie's classic albums that features the original release on CD 1 with faves like 'Night People'; the title track 'Dream Evil'; 'All The Fools Sailed Away'; 'I Could Have Been A Dreamer' that make you realise once again just what an incredible artist Mr. Dio was as a lyricist and vocalist - he still can't be bettered by anyone today - he will be forever the main man of fantasy metal and more.

CD2 is a real gem and a half that has the entire Monsters of Rock set from Castle Donington on 22nd August, 1987 - back when it meant something before it all went live nation on us all and changed it's name. It's arguably one of the best shows that the BBC ever recorded - You simply can't better a set that included 'Neon Nights'; 'Man On The Silver Mountain'; 'Rainbow In the Dark'; 'Rock 'N' Roll Children'; Heaven & Hell' and 'Rainbow In The Dark' with many of these songs placed into a medley due to time restrictions!!

Plus also included is 'Hide In The Rainbow' from the Dio EP that no doubt is a track that a lot will never had heard before, myself included and the single edit of 'I Could Have Been A Dreamer' as well.

Hands down top marks or should that be 'horns up'?


By Glenn Milligan

January 2013

Dallas - Over The Edge (E.P.)
(D-Day Records - 2012)

A great 5-tracker from a dude who goes by the name of 'Bryan Dallas' who fronts a band that takes his surname before you simply think it's another one of those bands that have named themselves of the part of America that they come from.

So where do they come from then I hear you asking, well 'San Francisco Bay Area actually. It's 1985 again when you stick this on - oh hang on that's just the opener 'This Love' since 'The Devil Is Rock 'n' Roll' is more like Def Leppard meets Rob Zombie. Nice closing power ballad in 'I Close My Eyes'.

Very like that well know Sheffield band a lot of the time with elements of New Countryness and Bryan Adams.


By Glenn Milligan

Derek Davis - Re-Volt
(Apocalypse Records - 2012)

The frontman of Babylon AD releases a solo album who vocally puts me in mind of Kory Clarke meets Roger Taylor of Queen and Stephen Pearcy in a heavier mode at times.

Highlights include the acoustic 'Troubadour' that reminds me of The Cult in a weird kinda way; the excellent autobiographical 'Hollywood Heartbreak' about making it; the moderately paced metal of 'Judas Kiss'; 'Promise' like many people do and don't deliver and the closing nicely done ballad 'Desperate'.

Good album that doesn't stick to the same style throughout and see's Derek doing what the hell he feels like at that particular moment.


By Glenn Milligan

Derision – Ancient
(S/R - 2011)

DERISION are Tony Smith (Vocals), Eddie White (Guitars), Seddy (Bass) and John Mellor (Drums). They hail from Bolton, UK and the surrounding areas.

‘Ancient’ their debut album, released in November 2011, was recorded and mixed at Urbansound Studios and mastered at the famous Parlour Studios. It was mastered by Russ Russell (famous for such bands as producing for Napalm Death, Evile, Dimmu Borgir, Lock Up, Amorphis and New Model Army). With a pedigree like that there is no wonder that Derision's album is so well mastered and produced.  This is a massive natural progression from their debut EP.

From the first track Derision state their intentions in the world of thrash metal, from the guttural growls of the vocals, the fast pace thrash riffs of the guitar, the fast pounding bass lines to the powerful drums, You can see why the  band has been compare to bands like Testament, Machine Head and Vio-lence.

This band are hotly tipped to be the next big thing.


By Andy Turner

Net: http://www.derisionband.com/ https://www.facebook.com/derisionband

Dokken – The Anthems
(Elektra - 2011)

Dokken were formed back in 1978 and have been going in one form or another since then with various members going off and doing solo projects (Lynch Mob, Don Dokken Solo, George Lynch Solo). This CD is a collection of some of the classic tracks that have been played on radio stations, by DJ's and used in various TV commercials and films throughout their long and illustrious career. This is their 22nd release over their 30+ year career with their 23rd album 'Broken Bones' being released in late June 2012.

Dokken can boast some of the greatest rock/metal musicians in the business have been in their ranks over the years (George Lynch (Lynch Mob), John Norum (Europe), Reb Beach (Winger), Peter Baltes (Accept), Juan Croucier (Ratt), Jeff Pilson (Foreigner) and Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot) to name a few).
Current line-up is Don Dokken (Vocals), Jon Levin - Warlock (Guitar), Sean McNabb - ex House Of Lords, Quiet Riot, Great White, Rough Cutt and Badd Boyz (Bass) and Mick Brown - ex Lynch Mob and Xciter (Drums).

The album contains 14 tracks of pure historical Dokken from the opening track 'Just Got Lucky' through the end track a cover version of The Knickerbockers’ track 'Lies'. The CD includes tracks from the albums 'Tooth And Nail' (Tracks 1, 3, 7 & 10), 'Breaking The Chains (Track 2), 'Under Lock And Key (Tracks 4, 5, 6 & 9), 'Back For The Attack' (Track 8) and their 2011 album 'Greatest Hits' (Tracks 11, 12, 13 & 14). Track 8 'Dream Warriors' is also used as the title track on the film 'A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors'. Track 11 'Almost Over' and Track 12 ' Magic Man' are the only new tracks that Dokken have written for the 2010 release 'Greatest Hits' and this album include two cover versions in Track 13 'Bus Stop' (by The Hollies) and Track 14 'Lies' (by The Knickerbockers).

The whole CD gives a good retrospective on Dokken's long career and just shows just how good Dokken are now and how underrated they were in the 80's. With the resurgence of the 80's glam/metal scene (Steel Panther, The Darkness, Little Angels) this album shows how relevant the band and their music is today.

Dokken are one of these band that you either love or hate, but in my opinion they were one of the most promising bands that were around in the 80's and have stood the test of time and are still rockin' hard today. This CD gives anybody not familiar with the band and their music a good insight to them.


By Andy Turner

Net: http://www.dokkencentral.com/ https://www.facebook.com/DokkenBand
http://www.last.fm/music/Dokken http://www.myspace.com/dokken

Michael V. Doane - Little Kid
(JimBet Music - 2012)

Amazing contempary artist who you can't pigeonhole as there's just so many musical styles that are tackled and conquered on this debut cd.

Highlights include the funky 'We Did It Right', River Road' that is full on gospel with female choir sounds to boot, laid back contemporary rock in 'You Better Run',country banjo twanging that is 'James Alvin (His Song)' and the gorgious ballad that is the title track 'Little Kid'.

Good stuff indeed.


By Glenn Milligan

Dragonforce – The Power Within
(Roadrunner Records - 2012)

Bands like Ancient Bards (Italy), Pathfinder (Poland), Reinxeed (Sweden) and of course Dragonforce, have become a small but elite group who are not afraid to play Metal the proper way, super energetic, super-fast and with lots of power riffs and solos.

It’s been four years since Dragonforce released ‘Ultra Beatdown’ and in those four years a lot has happened within their ranks. The most notable is the replacement of vocalist ZP Theart with little known vocalist Mark Hudson, who was unleashed on the world via a Youtube clip of one of his mighty screams in a short studio report issued by Dragonforce. Mark Hudson is an awesome singer and his live performance has vaulted him into the realms of a very elite vocalists. From obscurity to securing a job leading one of Metals best-selling bands is no mean feat, somewhat compare to when a Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens replaced Rob Halford in Judas Priest.Amongst the changes in the Dragonforce camp is the introduction of a new slicker logo. With ‘The Power Within’ the band has opted for a darker, simpler cover.

‘The Power Within’ sees the band return firing on all cylinders and this album is slightly slower, slightly darker and loads better than the previous one ‘Ultra Beatdown’. It seems that ‘The Power Within’ has eased off the throttle slightly and has proven to be a better, stronger album to date. The track ‘Give Me the Night’ is a prime example of the slower, heavier Dragonforce. It seems that Dragonforce have taken the video-game inspired speed about as far as they could, almost to, it’s logical conclusion as a blur of incomprehensible noise. The band have left behind some of the synthetic sounds and noises that were on ‘Ultra Beatdown’ and have replaced them with a heavier, Metal feel to the album. The lyric content has remained unchanged with lots of themes like ‘Storms’ and ‘Glory’ but what do you expect from a true Power Metal band and is part of the course.

‘The Power Within’ has broken the Dragonforce pattern of eight epic songs per album to ten slightly shorter songs, but ironically it is their shortest offering to date some songs having less solos from Herman Li (it seems like his ego is getting smaller as he gets older, but that’s just my opinion). A lot of the tracks are darker and heavier, like ‘Die By The Sword’ and 'Last Man Stands’. They have reined the keyboards in, but this does not deviate from the overall Dragonforce sound. It is all still delivered on a grandiose Power Metal scale, still with plenty of solos, screaming vocals, powerful drumming, super-fast guitar riffs and super-energetic powerful bass lines.

Mark Hudson’s vocals is up there with likes of Rob Halford of Judas Priest, his opening scream on opening track ‘Holding On’ proves this. He is not just all about the high-notes, he sings in a lower range as well and has proven to an undiscovered talent. ‘The Power Within’ serves up a more dynamic and diverse collection of songs. The very catchy ‘Cry Thunder’, the incredibly fast ‘Fallen World’, and an acoustic version of ‘Season’ to end the album all demonstrate the versatility and range this band possess.

Dragonforce still sits atop a mountain of bands I adore and ‘The Power Within’ is yet another CD I would be proud to have in my CD collection.


By Andy Turner

Net: www.dragonforce.com www.last.fm/music/Dragonforce www.facebook.com/dragonforce www.myspace.com/dragonforce

(S/R - 2012)

Amidst a plethora of progressive crossover acts I have been mercilessly inundated with just lately, its good to find an act officially described as such.

Dying Passion is something I certainly dont have for this form of material, especially when voiced by a female. Biased, maybe one is but who wouldnt want the ruby-bright range of Zuzana Jelinkova behind the mic were her services on offer? This East European sextet do a dynamic take on Dream Theater gone alternative, albeit with their own original crunch covering for the countless keyboard instrumental breaks for better commercial access.

That is not to say Pavel Vantuch is no Derek Sherinian for he is also a strongly talented ten-fingered machine and has a style of his own to show off through numbers like 'Thousands Eyes', 'My Best Friend', 'Back of Beyond', 'See the Bottom', 'Electra' and 'A Strange Something'. With violin and cello elements added also along to the twin guitarists Stanislav and Dusan their output makes for a boisterously tight background for Zuzana's deep-plucked pipes.
Swish and solid, Dying Passion amplify (very friggin' funny) their abilities both as writers and performers with the volume on eleven. Nice Continental sound cut to suit ears either side of the core.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Mostly Autumn, Fates Warning & Evanescence.

NET: www.myspace.com/dyingpassionmusic


Dragonsclaw - Prophecy
(Arkeyn Steel Records - 2011)

I think the bands name gives you a clue of what you are gonna get here - yep you've guessed it, true metal and power metal of the highest majectic order - think Helloween & Dragonforce as well as DIO and Yngwie Malmsteen, Judas Priest, Jag Panzer' Symphony X... - you get the picture.

An album that's totally unfashion conscious throughout and doesn't give two f*cks about it either - hahaha. It's belting somersauting drumwork, wailing high vocals, with shouting backings at times and finished off with exquisite guitar and keyboard playing. May I add they also come from New Zealand & Australia.

Highlights include the opening 'Darkness Within', 'Defender Of The Skies' (with it's opening air raid siren and Hey backing vocals), 'Life Through Anubis Eyes' with the demonic deep intro spoken word and the closing atmopheric 'Revolutionary Suicide'.

Fabulous contenders for this kind of Metal.


By Glenn Milligan


DAMMERUNG - Dark Poetry
(Metal Scrap Records - 2011)

It has to be said Mother Russia are doing everything right over there, including making the most un-commercial of metal genres somewhat palatable to casual listeners.

Dammerung melodic black metal applies the ‘m’ word to the instrument usage as expected, while also predictably, frontman Saug satisfies to replicate a laryngitis -ridden hyena- happily slow enough to decipher. Allowing a variable twist of rhythms and tempos to connect end-to-end with sounding cobbled in place to pacify, Dammerung lay another example of their nation’s penchant for groove-oriented extreme metal.

Bouncy beats and chugging fist-pumping progressions seem the feature of this album in placed of the usual brutality-meets-speed melee and boy does it rope in fast by the end, even including the Sabbath vibes and even Celtic directions of particular numbers. Some moments do allow them to stall back at square one with the genre’s less endearing aspect but if they hold on tightly to the gift they appear graced with , it is the start of something more than decedent.

Try it!


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Emperor, Dimmu Borgir & Slayer.


Garbo Dastorg - Black Sheep Syndrome
(S/R - 2011)

A dude you can't really pinpoint - he's got this strange New York Dolls thing about him but also a coutryesque thing going down as well as some electronic at times too with a whiney kinda Marc Bolan voice and also happens to be half French and half Scots.

Whatever he is doing it works as he don't let genre's get in the way at all and just does what her wants throughout - making it harder for lazy journalists to pigeonhole him. Highlights here include the opening 'Triple Six Barrel Shot Gun' that has an intro that reminds me of that Stiltskin hit 'Inside'; the country Americana like 'R'n'R Morphine' amd 'Bleed On Me'.

Then there's the electric come acoustic 'Makes Me Go Wild'; the melodious acoustic 'Tumblin' Down' that comes complete with orchestral sounds and reminds me of The Rolling Stones at times or Rod Stewart's 'Handbags and Gladrags' or the bouncy 'n' catchy but sinister closer 'Shake Your Soul'.

Great album.


By Glenn Milligan

DENNIS DEVELIN - Tip Of The Tongue
(Perris Records - 2012)

Nice to see Perris back at it again. Nice to see Scandinavia at it yet again.

Dennis Devlin would have easily passed himself off as a Yank, his style being about as Danish as a Sunset strip ride in an open topped Chevy with a t*tty bar and burgers along the route. Here the speciality is bolshy uptempo hard rock tunes with vague prog departures set in template by fiery opener ‘All You Got’. What ol’ Double-D has got is songs and here’s ten beauts. ‘Backseat Fighter’ follows up the mould with a chorus Billy Idol would have given his back wisdom teeth to have written along the top of a riff that battles heavily in the hook factor.

AOR number ‘Afraid’ deceives wit its gritty Talisman-meets-Dokken opening before sailing into a silky eighties rocker. Mr D’s time to get sweary fro a couple of tunes, ‘Can’t Die Fast Enough’ and ‘MF Man’ dropping a pair upbeat expletive-ridden rock numbers on you directly from above, separated by a strange instrumental moment ‘2805’ , incorporating a snipped of ‘Here Comes The Bride’. ‘MF Man’ is for many reasons silly and sensible one of the album’s best , punky ferocity progressing into clasic Def Lep/Halen harmony. Despite the lyrical similarities to a certain LA shock rock act’s classic, it digs you in hared ready for ’Pussy As A friend’. Daftest chorus award hands down also makes it another standout point with a somewhat ’For Whom The Bell Tolls’ moment.

‘Never Let You Go’ is a great melodic hard rock tune ruined only slightly in an excruciating keyboard fill on first entry. Dennis’s voice shows its true credibility with the style here, his Lemmy- meets-Spike rasp rippling the feel to make for a tight rawness to the music. Also the bassist of the piece, his string diversities fill in a couple of conveniently open gaps on the almost thrashy ’Birds Of Fire.’ which with a familiar whoah-oh-oh-oh! part taking up the middle eight is a late stage demonstration of his produce selling on more than one stall.

Original single ‘Ladies Of The Eighties’ comes as a welcome bonus closer, the Kiss likenesses spouted out by the promo sheet neatly exhibited to the fore at last. A fantastic forty minute trip of clasic hard rock with crunch, ‘Tip…’ rarely trips itself. Smashingly huge, strong if not occasionally preposterous choruses, collaged by sizzling guitar lines from Jonas Roxx makes these sort of albums the addictive releases that they still turn fast into, here in these screamcore/emo dominated days. For the record, Dennis Devlin has done it even faster.

Buy it!


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Motley Crue, Motorhead, Kiss, WASP, Dokken, Journey, Pretty Maids, Dogs D’Amour & Quireboys.

NET: www.myspace.com/dennisdevelin

(EAR Music - 2012)

The name suggests high-octane out and out rock .

The line-up boasts an all-star power metal pedigree of the European elite, Evergrey, Symfonia and Stratavarious being three names to mention. The promo goes on to list the likenesses as Blue Murder, Bad Company and Badlands. Before anything else stands by on mark to confuse, the latter description lands with the needle as accurately as it reaches. This four-piece formed on the basis of surprising prospective listeners’ with a style outside their daily plied trade to se how it would go down .if they be as open minded as to receive raw alternative edged rock n’ roll to their hearts as I would be then we all have a winner this time.

Ex-Mystic Prophecy man RD Lipiakis snarls rather than sweetly resonates his immense vocal hooks over guitar work from shredder Laki Ragazas so unrecognisable you’d misapprehend this offering as a namesake-get together. The testosterone generated by these twelve tracks hits you like well-aged bricks cemented together into lumps of five-to-ten and takes you only seconds to slam your bottle down and strike those low-slung chords each time the track number moves along a notch.

Similar above all to rising Aussie rockers Dead City Ruins, Fire and Water, Devil’s Train’, ‘Roll The Dice’, ‘To The Ground’, ‘Sweet Devil’s Kiss’, ‘Find New Love’ and ‘The Answers’ plus a crushing cover of Guess Who’s ‘American Woman’ have you doing either one of two things - listening with your blood pumping in that deadly rushing sensation , or running for cover. Both of the two may also be applicable if you can’t handle this particular train meeting you head on at a foolishly unguarded level crossing.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Galactic Cowboys, Black Stone Cherry, Cathedral, Soundgarden & The Poodles.

NET: www.ear-music.net

D:HATE - Game With Ghosts
(Metal Scrap Records 2012)

More like a new York Hardcore mob than a Russian death act with a name in the D:Hate vein of tings, these four lads still meld the two vaguely close to notice.

Sharp, fast guitars and sometime decipherable lyric lines latch together for rhythm and beat aplenty with progressive lint. Old school trad metal soloing gets its foot in the gate already by opening track ‘Ghost’ and the other six do similar tricks to entice the wary listening metaller. ‘Men’s Song’, ‘For Sweetheat’ and ‘Radio Hit’ are the titles you’d’ more often come by in your Motley Crue or Autograph collection, should any death-sters dare own up to knowing that but while one or two of the later cuts blow out a commercial wind it is still skull -bothering brutality all the way.

Lovely grindy riffwork and thrash-meets-death anger dropped on us from an old school hatch, D;Hate deetonate in a way not intended to harm to Hiroshima degree but still silence those who laugh in expectation of subtlety.

Adopt some belief in ghosts, otherwise this game will get deadly.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Slayer, Testament, Metallica, Emperor & Marduk.

NET: www.myspace.com/dhate

(S/R - 2011)

More metal illusions from behind he Iron Curtain, Domain Of Dreams make many come true for the seeker of swish pure prog metal of the finest standard.

Averaging about eight minutes in length , these nine cuts contain plenty of stuff you know by heart along some pleasantly woven -in surprises. Subtle breaks in the centres of the tracks allow for twin guitarists Plamen Radev and Ivan Plopov to display their relaxed angle as a well -tuned brake in between the riff machinery wheels. Some sweet Iron Maiden-meets-Theater speed soling never goes a miss and DOD’s every number contains it in cargo loads.

Spin 'The Dream of Revenge', 'The Dream Of Power', 'The Dream of Victory', 'The Dream Of The Past', 'The Dream Of Unity' or 'The Dream Of Dreams' …(sorry- they do actually all have titles starting ’The Dream Of’ in case you wonder) for a taste of top rate metal made sweet by Plamen’s brother Radev with his powerful husky delivery.

Not to leave their keyboards out , Don Airey may have some words to say about the wizadry displayed on the likes of ‘..Power’ so may be just as well that the member responsible for the incredible display goes unnamed on the promo paper. Soft, strong and very long, thee guys do often go on longer than a full loo roll laid on end but at least its not packed with pungent sh*t.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Dream Theater, Kamelot, Rhapsody & Stratovarious.

John Du Cann - The Many Sides Of 1967 - 1980
(Angel Air - 2012)

The last of the 'Rooster has sadly now left the coup and never to return but at least we have the music and great songs to enjoy - thanks to compnaies like Angel Air keeping the sounds alive and well.

From psychedelia like early Pink Floyd from The Attack in '67 such as the rather epic 'Mr Pinnodmy's Dilemma' - now that's a druggified title if ever I heard one now to some later Atomic Rooster recordings in 'They Took Control Of You' you'll find all points in between such as the 1971 classic 'Devils Answer' that's live in this case.

Then there's the excellent Bullet (1971) and Hard Stuff (1972) bands that are more Humble Pie like with highlights that include 'Fortunes Told' by the former and 'Millionaire' by the latter orthe excellent 'Don't Be A Dummy' (1979) that see John in solo mode.

Nice selection.


By Glenn Milligan


DARKER HALF - Desensitized
(Rockstar Records - 2011)

Australia, the home of great rock n’ roll talent as AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and Airbourne also takes tie to introduce its heavier side to metals exportations from time to time.

It hardly needs to be hinted that young Sydney foursome Darker Half spent their youth on a diet of Iron Maiden and Metallica -their melodic speed metal twins the reins of metals two greatest beasts in closely joined hands and crunches like all the best. Yet distinct in their pourout of pure old fashioned trad twin guitar and shouty upper-pitch range - which Vo Simpson does well to carry off alongside being one of the bands two resident axemen - DH have the dynamics and determination to get them moving along in the genre.

‘Lost In Space’, ‘End Of The Line’, ‘Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier’, ‘Solid rock (Sacred Ground’, the majestic seven-and-a-half-minute-long ‘As Darkness Fades’ and the remarkable Hetfield- schooled guitar of ‘Catch The Sun’ are like many you may have heard before but in actuality you probably haven’t dug them as played with Darker Half’s meticulousness. Fabulous with fast sweetening solos and great vocal hooks from start to end consistent in each and every tune of these nine, the Darker days of metal may be looking pushed faster towards their end than we imagine.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Megadeth, Annihilator, Girlschool, Samson & Diamond Head.

NET: www.myspace.com/darkerhalf

(Rising Records - 2011)

Eyoop…we’ve got a band from t’county of Yorkshire here.

You’d definitely need to see the promo to believe that if you’ve not bashed paths with these guys and one gal yet - their sound reads German or Scandinavian from head to toe.. or Floridian if you bring that band beginning with ‘K’ spring craftily to mind. Leeds sextet Dreamcatcher’s sound, though not as unique as they make out in writing is so finely cut on all five sides that at six tunes plus intro, there just isn’t enough of it, in spite of the epic span of most of them.

There is experimentation aplenty scattered about if you listen, with interesting keyboard-made tastes in the mouth behind the majestic-as-hell voice of Mr Lukas Jackson himself. Twin shredsmen Ben and Alexei appear to have had a few Dream Theater and Rhapsody albums for Christmas in their past because Santa’s brought a belated whopper down my chimney. Every track out of ‘The Eyes of One’, ‘Take Hold’, ’Balance’, ’In the Depths Of A Dream’, ‘My Sin’ and ‘Never Look Back’ - yep, the whole six - has its own path to take you and even if you’ve trodden a few as familiar through their musical woodland, Adele’s Pease’s performance on the keys is mainly what keeps the leaves freshly evergreen.

Excellent fayre, of surprisingly fine British produce - Rising more than live up to their name this time round.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Kamelot, Royal Hunt, Enchant, Threshold & Artension.


January 2012

(Eurotrash Records - 2011)

As interesting sounding as their name, Colorado combo Deathbed Confession’s six members appear to come from an interesting array of places across the good ol’ US of A.

The Seattle origins of one or two may be evident with a few early -era grunge movements within their otherwise sluggish stoner metal assault. Kansas also on the promo blog, traces of Paw also pop up and about across the nine song spread but we’ve already established the vibe is above just good.

‘House of Card’, ‘Preacher’, ‘Valentine’, ‘Here Comes The Pain’ and ‘Derailer’ give frontman Jay Quintana’s gravely angst-soaked voice a great run for its proverbial shiny round things, showing tremendous flexibility with very style they cross, unexpected screamcore moments included. Shovel in shedloads of skull abusing rhythm guitar moves with occasional classic rock moments from messrs Chandler and Kopek and you have the pure makings of a modern metal album with undisputable finesse.

Incredible stuff.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Metallica, Alice in Chains & Machine Head.

NET: myspace.com/deathbedconfessionsmetal

Dirtswitch - Phoenix Down
(S/R - 2011)

They have a southern feel at times and also that commercial Nickelbacks/Shinedown sound like many other up and coming acts these days who are from Naklo, Slovenia.

There are a couple brilliant songs on here that are the bluesy opener 'Restraints' and the Alter Bridge' like 'Another Breath' but it don't last long and sadly falls into the cliche trap of souding like a bunch of other bands and becomes pure wallpaper and nothing more. Quit the dpressing tripe as the said numbers are outstanding or be another post-grunge wanna-be band.



By Glenn Milligan


Deep Purple with Orchestra - Live At Montreux 2011
(Eagle Records - 2011)

As the title precisely states - the rock legends caught on stage with an orchestra playing a mass of their classics and newer tunes as well with the Neue Philharmonie Orcherstra from Frankfurt conducted by Steve Bentley-Klein at the 45th Montreux Jazz Festival on July 16th, 2011 that took place at The Auditorium Stravinski.

It's well and truly 2+ hours of your life well spent. I mean how can you argue when it's got epic renditions of splendid Deep Purple songs such as 'Woman' from Tokyo'; 'Lazy' 'Knockin' At Your Back Door'; 'Rapture Of The Deep'; 'Perfect Strangers'; 'Hush' and 'Black Night'. The entire band are so on form that it's unbelievable - well actually it isn't really as these guys are the master of any concert hall or any type of live venue come to think of it - what they don't know isn't worth knowing to be honest with ya. Steve Morse and Don Airey get solo spots - well Steve has two solo instrumental numbers one of which that stands out is 'The Well Dressed Guitar' which is exceptional.

What makes it also a great CD set as there are songs not heard too often such as 'Hard Lovin' Man' (from Deep Purple In Rock) or 'When A Blind Man Cries', the latter of which has been resurrected in Gillan's solo shows that are mixed in with live staples like 'Maybe I'm A Leo' and 'Highway Star' that kicks off them epic gig after the specially written 'Deep Purple Overture' that features snippets of some of their famous songs.

An essential DP release.


By Glenn Milligan

Dirty Passion - Different Tomorrow
(Denomination Records/Perris Records - 2010)

An Italian band of the Hard Rock come Hairmetal territory who have a vocalist going by the name of Emil Ekbladh who is a complete Joey Tempest soundalike whether he means to be or not.

There's some nicely polished stuff on the tem tracker with highlights including the opening 'This Is The Way' that sets the standard; the serious lines found on 'Self-Destructive'; the excellent rocker in '1,000,000 Voices' or the cheesiness of 'Liar' that has 80's all over it - then again the entire album has come to think of it.

Be a great supporting band and will hopefully make it in their own right one day.


By Glenn Milligan


DA PILA - Pleonexia (EP)
(S/R - 2011)

Belonging to frontman Michele Da Pila, the name does come with a catchy if complicated sound behind it.

The one-man act mainly piles on power metal of heavily old-school vintage with welcome symphonic twists, impassively performed with almost complete absence of keyboards while ’Everything You said’ comes close to old Robin George favourite ’Heartline’ for its chorus slant.

MDP’s deep crowing crackle for a voice isn’t with the worst but his trad metal soloing and speed playing prowess are where he sits best. Defiantly cheesy and not an ounce of fashion in any of the four tunes, I think we should be hearing a full album from this talented young Italian gent.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.myspace.com/micheledapila

(S/R - 2011)

Taking onboard to expect something along the Insane clown posse or Mudvayne channel if those photos are to be trusted, we are close to being pretty wrong again.

UK/Italian foursome, DeadlyCircusFire certainly have a doing-it-for-the teens sound straight away to be found but the playing-style meter seems to read prog-core for a lot of the package. Screams alternating with soulful Alice-in-Chains creens dominate the five songs packaging torment, angst and disguised thrusts of power that see this one turn accessible before halfway stage.

Something of a mark put in, this disc is good tasting stuff but eating a live show will bring the fuller proof of this here metal pudding.


By Dave Attrill

NET: myspace.com/deadlycircusfire

(Rising Records - 2011)

What? Sounds like some dodgy pop act, or two.

It does actually take playing the fella to find that Deep Black Sees are in true fact another scintillating metal find from…..that country again, Italy. DBS’s debut seven-tracker is provoking stuff, of the again death-becomes-prog fashion which many bands seem to be roped along by lately.

Melodic and growlsome in switching layers some tunes even nearly tip them over an AOR precipice while others bludgeon their way past with standard twin-guitar destructiveness. Add in some strong ASIA lush on the solo half and the package is swiftly if not highly audaciously assembled.

If wanting to try one number from this record first prepare to be misled by the next, but if eager to enter at playing the whole beast, prepare to be nicely surprised by some things.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.myspace.com/deepblacksees

(S/R - 2011)

Unlikely they take their name from some late 90’s horror flick, Deep Rising are a highly inventive four-piece outfit from New York - (what is it about that place and prog again, all of a sudden) Specifically innovative still in that they pull it off without a keyboards man on board their deck, DR display an extensive blend of influences that become almost totally used up by the first three tracks.

Hard rock, AOR, metal, grunge, alternative, funk, soul and eastern all steal their way in, but without being stolen themselves and combine for a fearsomely healthy sinkful of musical chemistry. Divine performances both on electronic and acoustic strings take 'Save Yourself', 'Autopilot', 'Led Balloon', 'Idols', 'Seasons Melt Away', 'Thief' and 'Kitesfly' straight to the top of their game, aided as weightily by the strong vocal work of singer Nick Kerzner.

Classy and classic going hand in hand, Deep are set to Rise mightily fast… all obstructive sea craft above, please move aside sharpish.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Porcupine Tree, Rush, Dream Theater, Kings X, Pearl Jam, Police, Genesis & Marillion.

NET: http://www.myspace.com/deeprising


D Drive – 3D
(Melodic Revolution Records – 2011)

A hard rocking melodic sometimes southern sounding band who are fronted by a man who is no stranger to us at Metalliville, going by the name of Phil Naro.

Every song is a full on milestone of rock perfection in every way you can imagine – it’s strong, ballsy and well crafted to keep you on tenterhooks throughout the 3D album – be sure to get put them glasses on as you’ll need them to check out the photos provided.

Notable highlights include the opening fresh ‘n’ powerful ‘Next Train’; the Zakk Wylde like ‘Dig Down’; the slipper stompin ‘Chains On You’; the gorgeous ballad ‘Never Had A Chance’; the racing ‘n’ steamin’ ‘1 To 7 Rock-N-Roll Heaven’ or the closing excellence of ‘Welcome To My World’.

You can’t go wrong with any of the album – that’s for certain!


By Glenn Milligan

Dead City Ruins – Midnight Killer
(Impedance Records – 2011)

Abrasive full-on 5-piece rock ‘n’ rollers from Melbourne, Australia who walk the walk and talk the talk.

They sock it to ya with this 8-track album that at times reminds me of Velvet Revolver who have the gustiness of early Guns ‘n’ Roses, Motley Crue and Skid Row with the image and show to match as well if you get a chance to check ‘em out live.

There’s some killer songs on offer here – and before you ask – no there isn’t a ballad in sight! Standouts include on ‘Midnight Killer’ include the opening ‘Where You Gonna Run’ with the awesome Slash-like guitar solo; ‘My Lai Massacre’ – love the bass tones on this; ‘Go To War’ and ‘Highway Girl’ with some killer cowbelling.

Expect big things from them!


By Glenn Milligan

Net: www.deadcityruins.com.au

Deep Purple – Phoenix Rising (CD+DVD)
(ear Music/Edel – 2011)

A real eye opener or the fans of the Mk IV version of Deep Purple that featured Coverdale, Hughes, Bolin, Paice and Lord who released the albums ‘Stormbringer’ & ‘Come Taste The Band’.

The CD features unreleased live recordings of the band that includes a very extended version of ‘Getting’ Tighter’ & a cover of ‘Georgia On My Mind’ with an interstellar vocal performance from Glenn Hughes from Japan. Then there’s ‘Lazy’ coming complete with a massive drum solo and an upbeat killer version ‘Stormbringer’ from Long Beach.

The DVD is pretty incredible and you’ll find an unreleased 30 minute film titled, ‘Deep Purple Rises Over Japan’ of a gig at the Budakan Hall, Japan, Dec. 15th 1975 which includes songs like ‘Burn’; You Keep On Moving’ and ‘Highway Star’ which is incredible to see, especially since this grainy old footage has before been released. Soundwise it’s amazingly good and matches up to anything released these days – if not better – well it has been newly mixed in 5.1 audio.

It’s extremely enlightening to see a young bearded Coverdale honing his craft as a supreme frontman and gives you an insight to what he will become in his future Whitesnake days. Glenn is vocally bang on form too but it’s sad to realise that Tommy Bolin’s playing ain’t up to par as he had a numb hand through sleeping on his arm for 8 hours solid and had to bar the songs on a variety of guitars tuned to various keys – therefore Jon Lord took care of most of his fancy lead-work on the Hammond. Love the bit where at the end of the gig Glenn Hughes throws off his bass and it goes straight over his tech and slams to the stage-floor – wonder what that was about?

Also included is the 80 minute music documentary called ‘Getting’ Tighter’ that details the history of the line-up of the band who in-depth interviews with Glenn Hughes and Jon Lord alongside archive footage and photos that document the triumphant and also turbulent, tragic times of the band – be it death, drugs, departures or all three. It’s interesting to note how Hughes and Coverdale came to become members and how bad they and the fans were treated in Jakarta in December, 1975 as well as how the style of the style of the band took place after Gillan, Glover and then Blackmore left.

Extras also include more footage of the Jakarta incident cut to interviews from Jon and Glenn and an electronic press kit for ‘Come Taste The Band’ that sees the make-up and influence of the songs from the album explained by the said bassist and organist.

A must have for fans everywhere.


By Glenn Milligan

Down & Dirty – Taste Of Rock & Roll
(S/R – 2011)

4 piece excellent young rockers of the hair band variety – think 1987. They come from the windy city of Chicago and one hell of a unit they are.

Amazing to think that they are the average age of 18 and sound like they came out about 20 plus years ago with their Motley/Floyd/Tuff energy that flows through every single one short of a dozen release – meaning there’s 11 songs on here!

Highlights include the opening ‘R U Ready’ that set the bar of what’s to come – we are actually while you are asking – haha; the gorgeous ballad that starts on piano that is ‘Fallin’, the party-filled ‘Hurts So Good’ and the closing ‘Gotta Luv It’ – yes I guess you have and with an album like this it’s hard not to.


By Glenn Milligan


THE DEAD LAY WAITING -The Days I’m Gone (Single)
(Rising Records - 2011)

Unusual place to find a grind core outfit.. Does this incdicate an unusually grindcore outfit, we wonder?

Well they’re unu .. oh sod it - quite actually decent for once. Ambling forth with an angry Killswitch Engage assualt, these prolific Brit metal hotshots complete it with a tri-mode vocal as the KSE chaps specialise in themselves but add more of a melodic alternative in-and-out thread that brings hooks to the table too.

A welcome little taste so far, lets hope the rest of the album delivers what this one tune promises from them.


By Dave Attrill

(Rising Records - 2011)

Having just recently enjoyed a one-track taste of this UK act’s second album, the full length elpee itself finally shows up in my pile.

Effectively compensating for the measly content length of said sampler, fourteen tunes of finely created English extreme metal lie in wait to savagely maul my eardrums but with style in doing. The pleasingly palatable approach of their anger-driven metalcore bruteness is streamlined by classy rhythm guitar pieces symbolic of thrash luminaries across the last two and a half decades, and wonderfully cheery solos that are rarely seen to belong in this genre.

’Wake Up’, ’This Day Will Be Your Last’, ’Take Me Away’,’, Burnt To Ashes’, ’Voices’, ’Interludes’, ’Choke On Your Words’ and ’Look At Us Now’ continue the work began with ’We Rise’ to press out a vicious yet significant metal imprint at the end of their day’s labour. An album purely faultless save for occasional mid-album draggers, ’TDLW have, with ’Almost Heaven’ solidified their stake in British rock’s promise for the decade in front.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Hatebreed, Bring Me The Horizon, Shadows Fall
NET: www.myspace.com/thedeadlaywaiting

Dyslexic Love - Closet Rock
(S/R - 2010)

Classic, AOR & Melodic Rock from an artist that's pretty obscure. They were done down in the home basement and the sound could be doing with being a bit bassier and warmer as it's rather high ended and tinny for my liking.

It is the brainchild of a dude called Tim Bertulli with many songs sounding like they are in a similar key but there are a few good numbers in the opener 'We Ain't In Kansas'; 'Breakin' My Soul'; Carry On'; 'Brand New Day'; 'Back Home' and the closer 'Walking There Without You'.

On ok release.


By Glenn Milligan


DESERT STORM - Forked Tongues
(Buried-In-Smoke Records - 2010)

I thought these lads might be a little too young to remember the first Gulf War, but at least try remember how good old fashioned heavy metal music still was 20 years back and as many before.

What’s in a name is only for the stereotypers to guess and if you were expecting brutal thrash core noise form that tag, take a back seat and listen. Brutal and deep driving it may be but a gritty blues/stoner metal sound is what DS deal in instead. Nine tunes of weighty large Black Sabbath -inspired angst descend on the table hard enough to break its legs though the pleasant blues solos of keep it swinging bit in its down-float.

'Cosmic' , ‘Ol’ Town’, ‘Smokes n’ Liquor’, ‘The Jackal’ and ‘Connected’ are five out of nine tracks you can choose between banging and jamming’ to with the two -dimensional diversity of this outfit tugging your mind in two directions, and frontman Matt Ryan’s roary guttural throat would be just a well used in Machine Head as it is in this kind of vehicle. Destined to kick up a storm in more than just the desert, Saddam will be likely to end up soiling himself in his grave when these lads ride over him.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Black Sabbath, Orange Goblin & Pantera.


Dust And Bones - Rock And Roll Show
(Perris Records/TSM - 2011)

These guys have elevery element that made 80's Rock so brilliant in the 1st place. They are based out of somewhere in Europe.

Each one of their songs is amazing right from the opening 'Alice's Wonderland (about cocaine abuse) right through to the closing 'Shut Your Hole' - I couldn't say it better myself!

Many highlights include the anthemic rocker 'Better Off Without Me'; the AC/DC sleazed 'Set You Free' with its frobbing bass line and killer chords and vocals about pulling on the dance floor; the slow bluesy and autobiographical 'Bleed Rock And Roll' with some cool harmonica going down, the very dancable and rhythmic 'Love Song' with hooks galore; the knockout harp starting excellent bluesey ditty that is 'Tongue & Cheek' or the cheesey but totally great 'Rock And Roll Show'


By Glenn Milligan


DEUS INVICTUS - Staged In Awaiting
(Bombworks Records - 2010)

Deus Invictus are a five-piece from Atlanta who mess about not one little bit in telling us listeners how it is with their style.

Making it very clear that they like crossing styles over, they make the elements wired in the cross over itself even clearer by colour, even if you wonder - is a death metal Dream Theater ju-u-ust slightly budging the boundaries? I would personally answer not quite, these lads have got a talented knack for both death and progressive and because of doing just that they are for once not boring even if you don’t always know if there’s something around the comer after each build from a riff to the next phase in each structure.

Jay Sexton and Nick Shacklette are a superbly talented duo on the strings with no limit posted on speed or rhythmical style and eclipse the standard vocal growls very well like a conventional death machine. Complex composures such as 'Alas The Anvil', 'Ex Nihilo', 'Chords Of Orion', 'The Approaching Squall', 'Rain Of God' and 'The Open Sky' still make fifty-five-plus minutes of fast angry noise playable without skipping which is rare for me with this genre. Interesting material intended to please those with a preference for more adventurous metal and also destines the genre towards a ore positive impression as long as bands like this keep coming.

Good work, D.I. guys.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.myspace.com/deusinvictus www.bombworksrecords.com


Denim Skillet - Back Burner
(J Man Records - 2010)

Excellent band from Pacific, North West, USA who mix in Blues, Pop and Southern Rock all in the same album and sometimes all at once.

Although they haven't been in really well known bands you'd think so by listening to them as they are prefectly nurtured musicans and songwriters to say the least.

Highlights include the rockinr rolly number that is 'The Calling', the Southerneque 'Reach Out', 'Real Me' thats a cool number of their own and not a cover of the Who classic; and by far best and epic 'Grey' that reminds me of 'Seems Like A Long Time' done in the USA and bluesed out miles more - voice is excellent - a song with a real killer building up in every way - man that guitar is f*ck*n' good baby! Then there's the 'Everybody Wants Somebody To Love' like riffing 'Highway' where he wants to live his life that gets down to lower states of the USA as well below that Mason Line.

This trio will really grab you and fill up your heart and soul with dixie like love!


By Glenn Milligan

The Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad - Boneslinky!
(Kashgrab Records - 2010)

Wild, zany, madhatters from Baltimore, Maryland USA who have placed some hilarious tongue-in-cheek ditties together and sound f*ck*n' incredible. This album is genious or is it straight to the psycho ward? I'll let you decide on that one.

There's rock, metal, county, some wacky jazz etc - a bit of everything on this album. It opens up with 'Big Fist' which I don' t think is about fighting in this case then there's other funny sh*t in the rockin it up 'Show Us Your Boobs (Buy Me A Beer)' or 'Innocent Night' about their drummer allegedly that isn't so innocent. What about the rather wrong but excellent and sicko-minded 'Stem Cellphones' that is about killing an unborn baby and selling it's stemcells with it's catch 1930's music that pipes up with the 'All Aboard' catchphrase as in the Double O's 'Crazy Train'.

What about 'Bitchmade' about the sweetness of a womans bottom - hahaha or the well placed together USA Army Q&A calling about spending money that goes by the name of 'Big Check'. There's a lovely finisher about a 'Unicorn' too - who says that 13 could be unlucky - not when it's a dozen+1 from this 'Squad.

Essential quirkeness.


By Glenn Milligan

The Dudes Terrific - S/T
(Goldenboy Records - 2010)

Rock band from Nashville who have a Crowded House commerciality sound to them and also remind me of bands like It Bites.

Highlights include the poppy bluesiness of 'Keeps Me Coming Back' about a bar that's been open since 1932; the bouncing 'So Good' or the closing number 'Heaven From Hell' with the neat guitar soloing and nice vocal harmonies that blend in well with that organ - it even gets kinda southern on us too.

Decent band.


By Glenn Milligan

January 2011

(S/R - 2010)

As we all know, California was the hotbed of thrash 25 years back, the time when being from the Bay Area made it compulsory to play metal 150mph and sound very nasty.

Yet today we still get a few speed metal machines form the sunshine state and while most of them have turned out to be so-so imitations that just wanted to remind us the scene ever existed, one or two actually come at us with their complete heart for it intact. Distorted Fate’s style sets the clocks back to the good old days but with genuine intent - they re every piece as old-school as the great names of the time and do them the justice their believers hope to see. Frontman Mike Weinberg rasps through the mix with a bolshy Belladonna/Araya- like range and almost ruins it with scattered scream-core injections but the sometime increased aggression of their sound comes to justify it before risking complaint.

Verse-chorus verse structures and solos are there every time here and also in surprising NWOBHM tradition have only one guitarist but cuts like ’Come to Pass’, ’Rage’, ’S4’ , ’Sea Of Doom’, ’Betrayed’ and ’Justified Anger’ don’t suffer any damage in the slightest. Neatly arranged material creates all ten tracks with some degree of accessibility on first play and the out put is straightforward in a record that rattles the floor with razor sharp voltage. If you want your metal purely old-fashioned and dated 1986 or earlier, this sleeve may say 2010 on the back but that’s only for legal purposes. DF are a sweet trip on the ol’ musical time machine - step aboard if you please headbangers.



By Dave Attrill

Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Forbidden, Megadeth & Iron Maiden.

NET: myspace.com/distortedfateband

Dustineyes - Bullet For My Generation
(Street Symphonies Records - 2010)

Noisy, combistable fully force rock n roll but not of the greatest standard that leans on the worst sounding sleaze (going too punky for its own good).

They would be better if they could actually sing to be honest -as this sounds like a drunk tuneless punk pulled out the gutter back by a bunch of oiks - unless that's the idea.I liked the opening southern countrylike introduction but then it goes downhill very quickly.

There are some nice guitar riffs at time but these moments are spoilt by sub-par average wallpaper numbers and those f*ck*ng lousy vocals. The rare highlights are the opening instrumental title track and the 'What the f*ck is goin on'? female question starting 'Sick Of You' until you eventually get sick of those bawly vocals.

Don't bother with this one.


By Glenn Milligan

(S/R - 2010)

Too many people have done that in the past and some will probably as in cases see their careers die from trying to be that too.

This Idaho foursome get the points they do for crossing styles, always a good one, and having hooks in most of these eight tracks, better still. Coming up with a sound that’s at its borderline best a near-decent clone of The Jam’ and at its worst a tenth division Offspring is where their train gets wrongly sent into the siding marked ‘tried too hard and *rs*d it up severely’.

There is some strongly evident live potential in this half hour of down tuned garage dirt rock racket but on lp the power is kept low enough to drop this off at TakeOrLeavevesville halt.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.dyingfamous.net


Dear Diary - S/T
(Eonian Records - 2010)

Melodic Hard Rock band from the late 80's to the early 90's (and for thereon the scene all went t*ts up on us!). These guys played through Chicago to Cincinnati and made an impact opening for the likes of Lillian Axe, Bullet Boys, Lynch Mob and many more bands of this ilk.

Some of it is more female and radio friendly aimed at times but sounds really well such as the number 'Momma Said' but there's also some cooler stuff on here like 'Red Rose Burn'. It's all really well done material with excellent vocal and musical hooks throughout like many other bands of the time - think House Of Lords or Harem Scarem etc. Killer number in the grab you immediately via the arrangements and harmony side of things is 'She Danced For Me' and there's the excellent acoustic closer 'Plain To See'.

Great band of the genre.


By Glenn Milligan

DIONYISIS - Intoxicated
(Singed Records - 2010)

I love these guys - and guy-esses too , should I say. Not because girl fronted goth metal giants Dionysis hail from our mighty Steel City itself but their pure as steel sound itself which introduces any new listener just as easily whichever release you happen to be first acquainting them with.

Getting to know them as you will here, they are neither clichéd or as guilty as you may expect of the heard-one-heard-them -all crime that a lot of bands like this unfortunately seem to be, yet they do try every common rock beat going, just with more depth and passion by the pallot load. . Played more bluesy than black , the guitar arrangements are pretty straight hard and pop like in a appetising eighties way along to chilled out drum rhythms - you could put these tunes on in any type of club and witness a sizeable quantity of people dancing without questioning their specific genre.

Not forgetting the powerful harmonies from Nel and Lou‘s mesmerising pipes, all of these tunes tell their own provocative stories either lyrically or musically. Ballad-based cuts like ‘Inside Out‘, ‘‘Oxygen‘ , ‘Dead To Me’ and ‘Ashes’ to rockers ‘Of The Fear‘, ‘Eve‘s Song‘, ‘Smart Mouth’ and ‘Flown‘ all deliver a bouncy choruses , some of which last for an effective infinity . Again hard to dislike anything about their music one or two tracks sound vaguely skippable towards the late stages on first listen but I just couldn’t do that to this band… or myself.

Intoxicating stuff indeed - check them out, and I don’t just mean this album.


By Dave Attrill

Anathema, Evanescence, The Gathering, My Dying Bride

NET: www.myspace.com/dyonisis


(S/R -2010)

The West country has developed into an unlikely hotbed for metal talent of late, and Daggers Drawn are the latest brand new combine harvester fired up to mercilessly plough planet rock’s ever- ripened harvest.

The promises of what this Plymouth quartet might deliver almost drop short of anticipation at first entry to ’New World Order’ but a shakily run-of-the-mill metal core din is shortly after brightened by a technical rhythm progression that chirps along while the vocals continue to growl.

It’s steadily uphill from here as the guitar grooves become more and more swingy come ‘’Skeletwhore’ and literally so ‘Glass Eye’, and the whole six track affair accumulates to a sweet piece of modern extreme metal.

More impressive noise from yet another new crop proudly grown on our side of the pond.


By Dave Attrill

(a much better version of) Trigger The Bloodshed & Gojira.

NET: myspace.com/daggersdrawnuk


(Perris - 2010)

This Greek sextet come to us with a great recipe for their style - Europe, Honeymoon suite and Bon Jovi (though I was thinking more Dokken meets Journey).

Unfortunately the big hole is they have a bad ingredient in their vocalist- frontman Jimmy cage is bearable for the first few and all but one -more on that shortly - of the rest, quite the opposite, his Prince-like nasal whine attempting very well to drown out great instrumental harmonies by messrs Chionos, Foussekis and Lignos plus murdering his own pretty well written melody lines.

’Come On , Rock Me’, ’’Runaway angel’, ’I’ll Be There for You’, ’’Rebel Son’, ’’Hangover’, ’together Forever’ are otherwise great songs, and ’Never let You Go’, fronted by his royal highness, Sir Jeff Scott Soto speaks for itself on that value - can’t they have this chap as their singer instead. A couple of above decent DC covers are included as bonuses and Cage actually does ’Long way To The Top’ justice with his range so a positive ending can be promised.

Good but sadly not a great album, live they should be still lots of fun.


By Dave Attrill

Ratt, Motley Crue, Love Hate, Cinderella & Talisman.

NET myspace.com/dangerangelrock

(S/R - 2010)

Spending a whole day trying to dig up which 80's hair act this chap used to front, I eventually gave up.

The way above decent 7-track solo cd that Mr Kenni De Nile returns to profile with here in 2010 is potential ear candy in its own right and far from likely to disappoint those who’ve been around since the day. ‘We Are The Young‘, ‘My Life’ and ‘Snake Bite’ are cheerful pop/AOR tracks of the kind that show the maturity gathered from such scene luminaries who’ve rocked around the block that long although the latter has a strong teeter back towards its parent sound.

Oneself of course not stating that this is a bad thing,- is it ever - great old fashioned widdlery and chorus attitude come across the winner as does the customary acoustic interlude for ‘Indigo’. ’Hey You’ is fun especially with its similarity to Nelson’s ‘More Than Ever’ though frankly un-instant but ‘Can’t Stop’ and ’Dreamer’ kick off back out on a high, a pair of highly powerful hard rock cuts that spit their sass on you in frighteningly big lumps.

An excellent if unexpectedly short disc, Kenni’s debut disc is very pleasing listening for those chasing a daily piece of slick melodic rock with substance and total innocence aplenty. Great stuff for playing during the summer, this baby will stay around to brighten up your bedroom speakers come the winter.


By Dave Attrill

Tyketto, Poison, Nelson, Hardline, Bangalore Choir & Tuff.

NET: kennidenile.com

DIE SO FLUID - The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime
(DR2 Records - 2010)

They come from the UK, they’re fronted by a girl, and they’re rather loud.

Sums up Die So Fluid in three easy facts, as another band who’ve been around a little more than to be classed as new come rocking our direction. DSF’s grunge-goth hybrid format is infectuous, catchy and charming with frontwoman Grog’s beautiful Siouxie-esque croon filling the room, holding the octaves graces fully before snarling and ranting their way back down to the surface again.

Guitarist Mr Drew’s eighties feel gives you the idea they’ve been around even longer than 2001, though it’s always welcome as numbers like ‘Figurine’, ‘Mercury’, ‘Storm’, ‘Hearts Are Hollow’, ’Raven’, the almost blues-like ’Themis’ and ’If Wishes Were Bullets’ wouldn’t be quite as instant without this favourable element.

If anyone with the patience to wait the quarter hour of dead air following closer ‘Sound in Colour’ would happily oblige there’s a pleasant hidden number to find - this explains the track’s 23 -minute playing time on the sleeve by the way. A delightful British rock album with a pedigree made in heaven, ‘T.W.I.T.B.F.O.L.’ is sharp, instant and rarely lets you go for a breather, with very little in fillers to beware of.



By Dave Attrill

Evanescence, Skunk Anansie, Hole, Siouxie and The Banshees, McQueen.

NET: www.diesofluid.net myspace.com/diesofluid

DRAGON’S CAVE - Elektro Motion
(S/R - 2010)

Dragon’s Cave are an Italian prog metal act fronted by guitar maestro Steve Angerthal, known for his work with Fire Trails, another top act from his turf’s scene in years past.

Putting his experience to mostly wholesome use with his newest venture, the album does confuse me when I get it on the ol’ spinner. The chief reason for this being that of out sixteen tracks, a whopping ten of them are instrumentals. The brief opening tile cut swings by too quickly to be noticed before the first song proper, ‘Drifting On’ drifts in. A sluggish mid-tempo melodic metal cut, Angerthal’s gravely Dio like temperament sets a good advert but us better used come ’time Train’ an upbeat rocker which also showcases is his widdling capability to a positive light.

‘At The Gates of Nowhere’ , beginning the first double header of instrumental numbers continues to establish the chap is talented but as befit’s the title, is here directionless and pretentious. ’Ghosts of The Past’ lets keysman Larsen Premoli take over, doing a sweet job and staying short with it . Seventies oriented prog numbers ‘A New Beginning’ and ’ Out Of Sight’ are probably the best two numbers of the album so far along , displaying the bands’ diverse influences but not trying to be anything other than their own modest selves with it. ’floating’, and ’Rendezvous’, another pair of vocal-less entries are solo based guitar workouts but easily more versatile and varied in pacing than the earlier tune Keeping up on the stronger side of the album, ‘Coming Home’ is a gritty prog metal cut and ’Pearls Under Water and ’Out There’ bit back into instrumentalsville with an unexpectedly bluesy turn incorporating a great Clapton-esque twang and controlled soloing.

Last remaining vocal track ‘So Bad’ rocks out purely and simply though in possession of an over short chorus that the solo seems to be blown up just to fill the space left behind and though the hook is repeated more than once come the final run the damage appears almost done here. ‘Dragon’s Cave’ , ‘Sunny Sky’ and ‘Gift From A dream’ do a different thing each, one delivering more speed solo antics similar to those from a certain Swedish gent, another doing the Clapton thing again but dissolving into a trad metal side halfway along and the closing entry easing out with a bit of lovely ol’ Latin acoustic strumming. Hard what to call this album as I said on commencing the write-up, it’s pretty decent in spite of a sticky initial quarter and for those who haven’t heard of messrs Angerthal, Premoli, Pasko and Gianni before, here’s a worthy door into their world of talent.

A few more tunes with vocals on them wouldn’t go amiss in future though.


By Dave Attrill

Yngwie Malmsteen & Stratovarious

NET: www.dragonscave.it myspace.com/dragonscavemusic

DEPTH - Situation Fulfilled
(Rising Records - 2010)

Their promo pic shows Norwich alt-metallers Depth lying across a railway but whilst there are plenty of such outfits of their kind I’d happily like to see go under a train, I’d appreciate these young men stepping away from the tracks as they are not one of them.

Their post-hardcore-vs. emo approach is one of the most ear-pleasing combinations I’ve ever even come close to hearing in the last two years. Brushnig straight ahead pop-rock territory in many of the twelve numbers, their melodies are well spirited with a progressively assembled rhythm guitar to keep it balanced across both channels.

Doing the ‘growl’ thing on a few tunes may likely be for fan -pleasing purposes but little to nothing stands in the way of the more than- satisfactory work done on ’Built by one’, ’Burning pages’, ’Story So Far’, ’41.9 Feet’, ’No One Sings For Second Place’, ’Get Up and Go’, ’History Games’ and the like which will show its full brunt even greater in a live set. A shining piece of contemporary rock with substance applied past the par, Depth have actually come on with some that is worth stepping into the proverbial waders for.



By Dave Attrill

Drowning Pool, Mars Volta, At The Drive In, Alter Bridge, Boy Hits Car, Blink 182, Symposium, Green Day.

Dimansion - Room One
(Emotion Art Entertainment & Music Ltd – 2008)

There aren’t many things in the rock/metal industry that makes me want to grab a CD out of the player and throw it straight into the bin. Yes you have guessed it. This heap of shit is more painful than toothache.

Dimansion have a this rock/metal style that drones on and on and on. The music doesn’t go anywhere in fact it doesn’t even start. We have wining guitars with no music concept and melodies that struggle to find an exciting cord.

Not to mention the awful soprano vocals of Chrissa Sidiropoulou that pierce the last drop of your soul, leaving you with no option but to bury the CD in the nearest nuclear dump and hope to god this rids the world of this atrocious excuse of rock music.

I have never done this before but I can’t stand it anymore


By Tony Watson

Dimlight - Obtenebration
(Emotion Art Entertainment & Music Ltd – 2009)

As we venture into the world of death, thrash, screamcore and Goth all mixed into one, we sit back and think to our selves, “What the hell is going on”?

I must admit I’m not a big fan of female soprano vocals especially within the rock world. We have a twelve track CD made by bunch of scary bastards, who will turn you to stone with one stare and produce a beautiful collection of metal music but have it ruined by this female overture.

If it was up to me, scrap the female vocals keep with the screamcore sections and re-release the CD. This then would generate worldwide recognition along side band of Cradle of Filth, Napalm Death and Gorgoroth. As the CD goes, these guys have talent and enthusiasm to produce great music. Lets rethink the situation and take it to the next level.

Dimlight, you can be as bright as the sun. now generate your power.

8/10 (for the music)

By Tony Watson

THE DREAMING TREE - Progress Has No Patience
(Bombsite Productions - 2010)

Anything to do with bands called Porcupine or Theater, one wonders as he gazes at the band name, holding the cd box in his hand whilst pressing the ‘-play’ with the other.

Quite possibly a yes for an answer, Brits Dreaming Tree deliver just what even the casualest of proggies come prepared to receive and stop round to ensure we like it. Acting over-hard to convince people they’re not a non-trick pony , they bring it on in rockers such as ‘Silence won’t Steal’, ‘Arcadia’, and ‘Ophidia’ plus Winger-like ’You The One’ to ballad-like ’Gown Too Small’, ’Slender Versions of The Truth’ and ’Whisper Song’ and all in the in-between category such as ’Moult’ or the excellent AOR number ‘Love and The Heart’.

Their great variety is justified by powerful vocal, guitar and key performances and hooks coming at us more often that we are used to fro many other contributors within this genre. A great piece of british built technical rock that doesn’t try too hard, or too little to be what it sets out to, Dreaming Tree ’s third studio album is a potentially ever-green leave on their branch.

Prog that , too often, only dreams will be made of nowadays but at least one more came true.


By Dave Attrill

Spock’s Beard, Porcupine Tree, Marillion.

(TSM - 2010)

No matter how far out to sea the melodic metal boat will sail, undiscovered treasures will still persist in coming through the bottom - and Norway’s Divided Multitude could even make the hole too big to replace the bung.

Fifteen years and three albums albums old, the five some by now have managed to get noticed over here. Strongest part of DM’s musical armour is their hooks which are untypically prominent for poor a power metal act nowadays - all ten of these numbers carry something that can be sung along to. Heavyweight slabs of Giuffira - like keyboard solo-age from Eskild Kloften are pleasing elements into the fold and here it would seem quite possible to compare their direction tune by tune the same way lead breaks would normally be analysed.

As you travel through remarkably majestic cuts like ‘Nowhere To Hide’, ‘Senses’, ‘Regrets’, ‘My Dying Hour’ and ‘ Promised Land’, Sindre Andersen’s guttural tones become much more at home with the listener, and is a surprisingly welcome departure from the opera-singer-on-speed style range we are used to from countless hundred and ninety five other contributors within the scene . Put along some choice thrash moments the conglomeration may stand to question but I’m in love with the whole thing.

With ‘Guardian Angel’ hopefully descending on many stores with the decency and taste, it’s definitely a wonderful life for proper metal Scandianvian style once again in 2010.



By Dave Attrill

Threshhold, Saga, Giuffria, Dream Theater, Gamma Ray, Queensryche.

Dead Like Harry – Know The Joy Of Living
(S/R – 2009)

Now here’s a band you gotta be proud of who come from our own City of Sheffield. I should have heard them a long time ago.

Reminds me of a poppy Bruce Springsteen with elements of Meatloaf at times with both male and female vocals from Alice Faraday & Sam Taylor. It’s a massive highlight the whole way through and sounds like a major label release as well with regard to the clarity and quality.

Outstanding numbers include the opener ‘Streets’; the reminiscent ‘When We were 17’; ‘What A Bloody Shame’; ‘I Couldn’t Love You Anymore’ and the closer ‘Cherry Street’ where even the name of one of my fave Sheffield venues is mentioned ‘The Boardwalk’ – not sure if it was intentional or not but good to hear it all the same. In fact every moment of this album should be cherished in all its locally, folkiness and beyond. These are truly identifiable songs with some that deserve to be hit singles in their own right,

Better than an album by the Boss anyday of the week for sure !!!


By Glenn Milligan

(Cargo Records - 2010)

London quintet Diva Suicide are a fairly confusing outfit but none the less a dam n decent one.
Fronted by Spanish babe XS , the otherwise male outfit deliver a brand of synth laden alternative rock that punches and kicks with the start and end of every tune on their seven track debut.

With a vocal edge not unlike sadly defunct Sheff act Maeven and bouncy punk anthems like ’She Cries to Lullabies’, ’Angel On Ecstasy’, ’ This Night’ and ’Crystals’ , D S look set to be noticed fast.
Some may ask why they enlist the services of a syhth player but DJ Grudge throws a weighty contribution in and is done justice through a production by ex-Gun/Gorillas mogul, Geoff Pesche.

27 minutes of sharp -cracking agit rock to pogo round the room with continuously - just don’t end committing suicide for this Diva, even though she’s worth it.


By Dave Attrill

Skunk Anansie, McQueen, Maeven, Republica.

(TSM - 2010)

No matter how far out to sea the melodic metal boat will sail, undiscovered treasures will still persist in coming through the bottom - and Norway’s Divided Multitude could even make the hole too big to replace the bung.

Fifteen years and three albums albums old, the five some by now have managed to get noticed over here. Strongest part of DM’s musical armour is their hooks which are untypically prominent for poor a power metal act nowadays - all ten of these numbers carry something that can be sung along to. Heavyweight slabs of Giuffira - like keyboard solo-age from Eskild Kloften are pleasing elements into the fold and here it would seem quite possible to compare their direction tune by tune the same way lead breaks would normally be analysed.

As you travel through remarkably majestic cuts like ‘Nowhere To Hide’, ‘Senses’, ‘Regrets’, ‘My Dying Hour’ and ‘ Promised Land’, Sindre Andersen’s guttural tones become much more at home with the listener, and is a surprisingly welcome departure from the opera-singer-on-speed style range we are used to from countless hundred and ninety five other contributors within the scene . Put along some choice thrash moments the conglomeration may stand to question but I’m in love with the whole thing.

With ‘Guardian Angel’ hopefully descending on many stores with the decency and taste, it’s definitely a wonderful life for proper metal Scandianvian style once again in 2010.



By Dave Attrill

Threshhold, Saga, Giuffria, Dream Theater, Gamma Ray, Quennsryche.

January 2010
Damage Control – RAW
(Angel Air – 2009)

A supergroup somewast made up of Drummer, Chris Slade (ex-AC.DC, Asia, Uriah & Heep); Vocalist/Guitarist, Robin George & Pete Way (of UFO).

It’s old 70’s rock to be honest with you with some decent songs on offer like the racin’ ‘Savage Song’ the bluesy ‘One Step Closer’ that puts me in mind of Ted Nugent & ZZ Top with its dirty fuzzed guitar sound or the meat and potatoes slidin’ blues of ‘Slaughtered’ a cool cover of ‘Seven Golden Daffodils’ and the closing corker ‘Bitchin Blues’.

Hope they do some gigs up our way soon!!


By Glenn Milligan

Sara Jezebel Deva – A Sign Of Sublime
(Rising Records – 2009)

The backing vocalist of Cradle Of Filth shows what she is capable of in her own right with magnificient musicianship coming from ex-Filther Keyboardist/Painist, Martin Powell & ex-Bal-Sagoth man, Dave Pybus, currently of C.O.F. on guitar with Max Blumos (ex-Trigger The Bloodshed) on drums.

It’s dark, it’s operatic, it’s classical and it’s as heavy as sh*t in the metal dept at other points in the album and a real pleasure tolay back and listen to in the black of the night. Highlights include the Cradle Of Filth vocal styled title track ‘A Sign Of Sublime’ that's got real heaviness from the guitar and keyboards; ‘They called Her Lady Tyranny’ with the string section and fast guitar style, not to mention the blast-beat drumming. Then there's the moving, floating but at the same time heavy sounding and the closing ballad about child abuse called ‘Daddy’s Not Coming Home’.

One for fans of the heavier side and the classical side also. I’ll go as far as this is miles better than her backing vocal day-job – especially when it comes to songs and singing clarity from a fronting point of view.


By Glenn Milligan

Dirty Beloved - Letters From A Broken Home
(Spudbot – 2009)

Well it's not often you get a CD that clearly blows you away with its power, aggression and talent. This four piece Canadian band are showing the rest of the world what rock music is about.

Letters From A Broken Home is a masterpiece in its own right, Dirty Beloved have been compared to Soundgarden and Dream Theatre with their musical intensity but I would put them in the class of Creed, Alter Bridge and Boy Hits Car with their power and aggression. This ten track CD rips into the soul like no other modern band, as they pound their way through 'Blind Eye of God', 'You Let Me Down', 'Take Good Care' and the pounding intro to 'Why Would I' that reminded me of Mortal Sin-The Curse and Scorpions-Animal Magnetism.

This is a CD that that will be played for a long time to come with the notion that every time I listen, I know I will hear something different that makes Dirty Beloved a band to listen out for in the years to come.


By Tony Watson

Dynazty – Bring The Thunder
(Perris Records – 2009)

80’s hard rock & hair metal from Stockholm & the USA of the highest standard with all the cliches on here at their best – think Warrant, Mr. Big, Tesla, Hardline and bands of that ilk.

This album is a pure dreamstate of material and has so much to get excited about all the way through the album and it’s easy to say that the entire album is a highlight from ‘Bring The Thunder’ to Sail Away’ via songs like ‘Far Away’; ‘Adrenaline’

A band in a million for sure – great to see music live this is still alive and kicking and coming from new artists!!


By Glenn Milligan

DARK VISION - Bestial Remedy

Time for a band who deal in dark and doomy noise again though I had a vision that it was coming with this foursome. A less cumbersome result than anticipated, there is some quality meat to chew from the little bone here as once you negotiate the typical ’about to puke last nights dinner up all over the pavement’ vocal output they are pretty accessible lot.

Churning out plenty of neatly melodic solos and rather Megadeth like rhythms on one or two numbers especially the opening to ’Yearning Grotesque’, they are one of that minority of extreme metal bands one can actually just about file under ‘memorable‘.

Not a bad show chaps.


By Dave Attrill

(Stone Deaf Records - 2009)

Death by dodgy indie rock wannabes is what I thought I was going to be staring down the barrel when I first caught the name of this Manc foursome. How I am to be spared though Death By Stereo do little at all to offend all the way through, apart from only having five tracks on offer.

Putting basic alt rock elements as the foundations, they build up from ‘Kill Your TV’ onwards with a sturdy infusion of Offspring, Nirvana and the major blues rock elements im told by the promo sheet to prop my ears for also show up in short time. The frighteningly classy sixties solo bends are in an unexpected home here though. You will know all about this on a single play of ‘Vinyl Eyes’ and later tracks, especially ‘Fame Game’ - which would have gone like a treat on the ’Life On Mars’ TV show soundtrack - and though ‘Diary Of War’ annoys with its stuttery rhythm the retro-fuelled momentum stays mercifully unbroken.

A surprisingly brilliant offering hiding in wait - when DBA jumped on me I nearly ran but didn’t and I think many may be running for them once they check this jumpy little taster out. Full album likely soon, boys?


By Dave Attrill

DR SLAGGLEBERRY - The Slagg Factory
(Crash Records - 2009)

Oh not this lot again. Recipients of the only 1/10 review I have dished out to this date in my years at Metalliville, Dr Slaggleberry were described, by yours truly as a ‘drunken Strapping Young Lad Impersonation gone horribly wrong’.

A year on and the Oxford instrumentalists have graduated (joke not bloody intended) into a pissed Porcupine Tree in a night time brawl with an equally inebriated Dream Theater and hitting just marginally more often than missing.

For up to about half of its time,this follow up to their self-titled stinker is actually pretty acceptable and the guitar directions, if dodgily over Petrucci-fied, show that they have this time made an effort to create something more than a racket.

Still a long way to go before they can entice me into a dedicated listen, this is a clear improvement. Almost promising this time lads.


By Dave Attrill

Alan Davey – Eclectic Devils
(Earthquake Records -2009)

Alan Davey’s latest album that is better than that famous band that he used to be the Bassist in. There’s echo’s of that band in there such as wave machine effects at times, charging riffs and even the legendary Simon House who’s featured on the opening brilliant rockin and psychedelic number, ‘Angel Down’ and a few others also.

The songs are very deep and well constructed both musically and lyrically – love the softer vocals and styles of the almost floating-effect like ballad ‘Encounter’ or the early Hawkwind sound of the instrumental ‘Waste Of Time’.

Love the closing ‘Ya Know Ya Should’ that again has elements of that previous band – just goes to show who most likely came up with the best musical and vocally effective ideas.

An album well worth investing in for sure – go on, be a devil – an eclectic one at that.


By Glenn Milligan

Dirty Looks – Slave To The Machine
(Perris Records – 2008)

A re-released album that came out in the mid 90’s, now on this famed label based in Texas. There’s some great tunes on here and it deserves to do well the second time around. Good ole squawky glammy, sleazey cock rock is what you’ll find here.

Highlights include the title track, ‘Slave To The Machine’; ‘Anesthesia’; ‘The Hole’; ‘Getting Even’; ‘Last Crack’& ‘Better Off Dead’. There’s some high-ended vocals and guitar riffery going on and it’s highly enjoyable stuff indeed.

On this re-release you even get a couple of live bonus tracks from Warner Theatre 2008– best of which is ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’ with the studio version coming from the ‘Gasoline’ album.


By Glenn Milligan

Deeds Of The Nameless - Enemy Within/Far & Away (Single)
(Compulsive Music – 2009)

This new band from London comprising of brothers Ben and Richard Bueno along side Alex Cromarty and Steven Kennedy describe themselves as Nirvana meets The Beatles. I personally would say Embrace meets Crowded House.

Although the debut EP ‘Do I’ came out in 2008, this double A-side gives any listener a little insight into what the band are about, with their melodic Brit pop style with calming vocals that would put a cat to sleep.

Overall I can see the band doing well with a lot of hard work and in the process get a good reputation from dedicated fans


By Tony Watson

Draven - Eden
(CNR Records – 2009)

Draven formed by Surrey based twins Frank and Jim Paoli, are a new inspiration to the rock industry. The name has come from the character in ‘The Crow’ Eric Draven played by Brandon Lee.

Draven are a young band who have based their influences on Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Tool and Muse to name but a few, but the sound they produce is and the style of Creed, Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry with a hint of Aerosmith, Black Crowes and Muse.

To put it bluntly this 11 track CD is a dream to the ears, I don’t know if this has something to do with the producer Kevin Shirley who worked with Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Black crowes.

There isn’t a bad track on ‘Eden’, which provides 47 minutes of pure pleasure from start to finish with tracks like ‘I Don’t Care’, ‘Blitz’, ‘You Won’t take Me Down Again’, ‘Breathe’ and ‘Stranger’.

Overall we need more new energy in the field of rock and Draven may have started the sound waves to a new explosion.


By Tony Watson

Drone - Juggernaut
(Wacken Records/SPV – 2009)

These German thrash metallers hit the scene with a massive win at the Wacken metal Band Competition. Drone hit the mark with full on Bay Area thrash metal, with an old sound of Testament, Pantera, Exodus but enhance the style with new music such as Mastodon, Trivium and Children of Bodom.

These for guys have released their second CD, which is a ten track assault with death and metal growls, jack hammering drums, and pounding guitars that bring the whole musical content and CD together like a thousand piece jigsaw.

These ten tracks give 43 minutes of intense pleasure without the aid of a beer. From the start of ‘Boneless’ to ‘Grow a Storm’, hammering through ‘No Pattern’, which also features MC Stunnah to finish with ‘T.I.A.’.

Drone is a band that knows what they want and will work hard to get it, it won’t be long before the UK will hear and appreciate them


By Tony Watson

February 2009
Daedalus - The Never Ending Illusion
(Prog Rock Records/SPV – 2009)

I would like to say these guys are from Italy and with Italian music you don’t know what you are going to get. It could be thrash, it could be Prog-rock, it could be metal or even Death metal, but what we have here is a ten-track collection of Progmetal.

‘The Never Ending Illusion’ has been inspired by dualism between reality and dream illusion. Help has been given and mixed by Roland Grapow of Masterplan and Helloween.

Don’t expect too much of a Helloween influence as Daedalus have their own style to contend with. Like a lot of European metal keyboards can take control of the band but it does seem to have been controlled here, which I think is a good thing.

Daedalus have delivered a very entertaining collection of progmetal which could be influenced by Dream Theatre or even Labyrinth, but either way the quality is excellent.


By Tony Watson


Diamond Drive - The Infidels (EP)
(S/R - 2008)

Diamond Drive is five crazy guys from Denmark who have molten metal running through their veins. These guys have released a four track EP to get across what they are about.

This CD is full of enthusiasm, power, passion and love for metal music. From the beginning of ‘Be Gone’ the five lads show how talented they are, by expressing their style of music along side bands like ‘Drowning Pool’, ‘Black Stone Cherry’, ‘Alter Bridge’ and ‘Breed 77’. This develops and progresses into a collection of musical perfection as the CD goes on through ‘Infidels’, ‘Traitor’ to finish with ‘Drowning While Laughing’.

Not sure if this is the first EP or even CD from these guys, but I can’t wait to hear more.


By Tony Watson

Dysfunctional By Choice - Travelling in Travel
(Drakkar Records - 2008)

DYSBY enjoy what they do and enjoy the music they create. We have a 12 track CD only lasting 37 minutes, which I feel is a damn shame,DYSBY come across as being, Nirvana, Feeder, Seether, Quicksand and Drowning Pool all thrown into one.

DYSBY open themselves into a world of hard rock and metal that express theirintension as a band and as talented musicians, with the energy that should be in a good metal band. These guys give it all they have got in the 37minutes they released showing that being a serious player in the scene meansthey enjoy the fun they have while they do it.

'Fog' opens up the CD with 1 minute instrumental of weird noise but this isthen released into ''Alert' that rips your head from your neck, this thenpasses through 'Travelling in Travel', 'Sleep and learn', 'Iced bed' to restyou laying flat on the floor with exhaustion as 'Pimple' rots your gutsleaving you with no care in the world as you see the white light as the CDends with 'Gotham' and 'Underworld'.

A very enjoyable collection for rock and metal.


By Tony Watson

Dear Superstar - Heartless
(DR2 Records - 2008)

Well we have 5 lads who want to play good rock and metal, with the attitude of we will be rock stars one day.

Heartless is the second release from this enthusiastic bunch of lads. The sound is on the verge of Hanoi Rocks, Motley Crue mixed with Bullet for my Valentine and Lost Prophets.

The 10 tracks only last a measly 37 minutes, which in today’s standard is a very short CD to make. As the CD develops through ‘Brink of Destruction’ to ‘Live.Love.Live (feat Bullet for my valentine)’ through ‘Rock Bottom’ to ‘Can’t write a love song’ the guys in the short time do demonstrate what they are about by the guitar solos and cheesy choruses.

This is one for the new wave of metal that has developed over the last 5 years or so with bands such as Bullet for my Valentine and Lost Prophets. So I wish the guys all the luck in their career and hopefully with the intensive touring they are doing they will get the credit they deserve.


By Tony Watson

The Dying - Triumph of Tragedy
(Drakkar Records - 2008)

If thrash metal is on top of your Christmas list, this 5-piece band from Belgium will definitely fill your stocking.

I would say these aggressive guitar shredding, aggressive vocals and raging drums are on the verge of Kreator, Slayer, Testament to name but a few of the early day thrash bands. These guys definitely have that eighties thrash about them.

An 11 track 43 minute of pure adulterated thrash metal, which would bring any old death banger out of the wood work to start a slam pit and to maim so poor defenceless kid who should happen to get in your way.

‘The beginning of the end’ enters the soul with such force the rest of your life will be lived in total darkness, this then progresses through ‘Serpent’, ‘Killing the Drama’, ‘Jesus the Judas’ to finish with ‘Slaves of tomorrow’. This raging storm lifts the gloom and doom to produce a human being with the will to live.



By Tony Watson

(AFM - 2008)

The least likely sort of band to enjoy such a myriad of mega-activity since their comeback, German thrash legends Destruction are having quite something of a celebration for their 25th anniversary - well Mr Exley’s intent on seeing they put one on anyway and we the listeners are clearly the ever-invited guests.

Guaranteeing fun at the Destruction house tonight, the ten tracks on the programme entertain more or less solidly throughout . Those intent on bringing down their Bay Area CD's are duly saved the trouble as the lads have always prided themselves on a sound rhythmically closer to Testament, Forbidden et al than their fellow continental also rans and you know there’s serious headbang-instigating mayhem to go in synchrony with ’Devolution’, ’Elevator To Hell’, ’Offenders Of the Throne’, ’’Urge’, ’Violation Of Morality’ and ‘Odyssey Of Fustration’ amongst others.

Their sole six-stringer Mike Siffringer as ever grinds with the hands of two, plastering classy lead and rhythm lines alike all over the walls here but it’s a welcome mess that I’d rather leave all over than clean off at the end off the night. Not the most inventive of records but no less an important one that contributes strong to the at-present quite healthy state of the scene.

Destruct-ive as ever, keep it that way, boys.


By Dave Attrill

Testament, Agent Steel, Judas Priest, Annihilator, Vio-lence

DRAGONFORCE - Ultra Beatdown
(Roadrunner Records - 2008)

Ol’ Blighty’s flag certainly took its time to appear on the melodic metal map but it’s thanks to incredible outfits such as Power Quest and these lads here, them being the equally indomitable Dragonforce, that our tiny island has a dangerously fast-swelling scene for the genre.

With ’Operation Ground And Pound’ a metal night club dance floor fave today, one wonders if us loving fans have time to put our dusted-up copies of……………….. down for a few minutes and allow an hour for their next platter.

Not a fan of short songs, the first four up today include three between 7-8 minutes in spinning time but ‘Heroes in Time’ and ‘The Fire Still Burns’ (not a mis-titled cover of the Still Crazy fave by the way) fly past in what feels like four as you take to those solos and Mr Theart’s mesmerising vocal melodies.

‘Reasons To Live’ and ‘heartbreak Armageddon’ uphold the power though both seem even more ear-catching than the previous two, thanks to hooks generating from the guitars as well as the gob, and I am sorely tempted to hit the ‘repeat skip‘. By this time in though, I am beginning to notice how much like fellow Brit faves Ten they are becoming and on some of the resident vocal harmonies herein, you get at least two of the classic albums by Gary Hughes and the lads spring to mind The diversity element becomes its strongest with ‘Last Journey Home’ which while still typical good ol’ D.F. themselves has a very Dokken-like rhythm feel at moments.

‘A Flame For Freedom’ pushes things as far across the board for the Force as they can safely move with its strongly AOR flavoured feel but ballads in Power metal always work and this one tells us why… ZP does at least. ‘Inside The Winter Storm’ slams all of the last six together hard and creates a pure Dragonforce mass of class with trademark soloing built to savour and the belting chorus acts as the cake’s white stuff on the top.

Ending on Edguy mode, ‘Warrior Inside’ showcases Vladimir Pruzhanov’s entitlement as part of the Dragonforce family - his ivory-meistering puts him up against many of his rivals in the favour stakes. Something similar could be said about the band I have just spent the last 59 minutes listening to- these guys have been at it for a good decade now but their rising reputation has put a not long ago universally ridiculed rock scene up on popularity’s ladder once again, and we are talking more than the middle rung. Yes another essential addition to any true metal lover’s library. If any of you out there are still yet to feel the Force, this one will help you along most of the distance.



By Dave Attrill

Power Quest, Edguy, Rhapsody, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Last Tribe, Royal Hunt, Magnum

DRIVER - Sons Of Thunder
(Metal Heaven - 2008)

Rob rock’s latest hard rock machine starts up and hopefully runs for longer than his other ventures as this underated vocaist deserves better fortunes on the scene than he is used to getting.

Peddling another slice of good ol’ fashioned aard rawk, he teams cup with another man of sizeable reputation on the scene, Roy Z and they just simply stick to their shooters and have fun with this fella. A hybrid of Helloween and Gotthard plus top American hair metal names from the great 80s, there’s plenty to please fans of all genres associated with denim and spandex and the classy guitar elements will keep you hooked as much as the chorus lines normally set out to achieve themselves.

’I’m a Warrior’, ’Heart’s on Fire’, ’Sons Of Thunder’, ’Never Give Up’, ’Dark World’ and ’Tears That I Cry’ are only half a dozen ….of a dozen of twelve mostly flawless cuts of purely unadjusted consumer-hugging melodic hard rock that is built for those who yearn for the music and want to just sing and strum along to a cD playing at unsociable volume.

With little riding shotgun here, musically, Driver have their accelerator down hard here, and its worth hitchin’ a ride once more with Mr Rock at the wheel.


By Dave Attrill

Warrant, Gotthard, Whitesnake, Tyketto, Magnum.


DEAD END KIDS - Unfinished Business
(S/R - 2008)

Oh, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest to put this one on and expect a lashing of LA sleaze rock to come my way.

Stragely enough, I open the sleeve and find five sharply -cropped chaps aged about 35-40 with not a hint of hairspray or poodle perm between them, and so predictions to the musical content look to be confused here.

Confused but not disappointed, D.E.K rock right from the pressing of the paly button to the very end of the ninth track and not one of these tunes lacks a hook of some considerable proportion.

Their influences list every great eighties hard rock name but Gunners, Tesla and Faster Pussycat bring it closest and their vocalist’s quite universal straight-ahead style with a bit of punk-tinged snarl bring it to the top of the ladder, and groovy guitar licks from all over the catalogue strengthen those rungs below.

‘It’s Now Or Never’, ‘The One’ ‘Take A Shot’, ‘I Know What I Want’, ‘TIme To Go’ and ‘Let Me In’ are pieces of rock n’ roll class of the type seen to be making a valued comeback over this recent couple of years and this album is a cert motivator for such a re-revolution to carry on happening.

As long as they do it this way, there is no dead end in sight .


By Dave Attrill

Disarm - By Any Means Necessary
(Imprint Records - 2007)

Well would you believe it, a local band from Mexborough Rotherham explode the airwaves with youthful furious, ferocious kick-ass punk metal in the name of “By any means necessary”.

Disarm are a band that is made up of all types of musical influences classic rock, Metal, anything fast as well as bands like Slayer, T-Rex, Slade, Hanoi Rocks. All these influences mix well, mingle in and slams into each other with wailing guitars, pounding drums, sing along choruses and a fist full of obscene attitude. I would say they are a mixture of Amen, LA Guns, Discharge, late Motley Crew and Love/Hate

From the first track ‘The river city ransom death pact’ to track twelve ‘Too much is never enough’ Disarm rip into your ears is if it’s their last day alive and hell is a place for parties. By the full sound that is released, this is a band that would entertain you to the full at a live gig and still have enough energy to shag your mum at the end before going for a kebab.

A must for anyone who enjoys fast non stop speed punk metal and a will to live.


By Tony Watson

DOCTOR HELL - Stir Up The Fire
(Bad Reputation - 2008)

Not unlike a lot of other groups I’ve had to write my comments about recently, Doctor Hell - whoever they may be - have also landed themselves with the shaky task of appeasing those held back by doubt courtesy of the rather cack name these guys have chosen to go by.

Not really in need of a doctor, musically, D.H. can’t really go wrong in any other department with their vaguely industrial -topped garage rock offerings. Brimming with originality, they may very well not be but level up the other way with attitude by the train load and give you the sort of middle finger up approach that rock n’ roll needs to keep pride of place.

Pressed down against solid driving grooves and classy alternative fretwork, the hooks are a little absent on a couple of tracks but there is massive live requirement for this material as a whole.

A fire worth keeping stirred, me thinks, lads.


By Dave Attrill

DRAGNERVE - London (5-track EP)
(Self-Released - 2008)

Not New York then? Always nice to hear a good ol’ burst vof British hardcore as our side of he pond certainly know a thing or two a well, Dragnerve being no exception.

Listening to a to-and-fro hybrid that takes on Strife and Only Living Witness (remember them?) in the similarities department, these five tracks might not be the most diverse piece of musical artistry you’ll hear all your life time but is still a truly enjoyable mixture and also doubles as a good Killswirtch Engage for beginners.

Attitude coupled with fine old HC grit.



By Dave Attrill

(Crash Records - 2007)

The dreaded syndrome of originality at the expense of substance is suffered to further extremes by this young Brit foursome whose sleeve pic of them playing a gig clad in Michael Myers masks is about the only interesting thing I found in this whole package of what otherwise sounds something like a drunken Strapping Young Lad impersonation gone very wrong.

Daring to be different keeps them the surviving mark but accounting for their ideas with four practically unlistenable slabs of ineptly contrived industrial racket devoid of anything merely resembling a tune loses them a whole nine.



By Dave Attrill

ROBBIE DUPREE - Time and Tide

(Robbie Dupree/Zinc Music - 2008)

There are always those musicians who will tend to take liberties in how far they can deviate their sound from what would normally be recognisable as rock without being de-categorised from the genre.

Step forward one young man called Robbie Dupree who will demonstrate how he got away with it. Fusing funk, soul, blues, alt rock and various other pop sounds into nine well engineered and rather catchy tunes and you, to some extent, receive the hint.

An act that sounds like Seal and UB40 may be hindered in its appeal to headbangers reading here but with a bit of open minded-ness you might finally take to tunes like ’Wrapped Around Your Finger’, ’Lucky’, ’Sugar Tree’, ’Blue Monday’, ’Secret Love’ and ’Satisfied’ as there is a bit of Extreme-meets-Chili Peppers edged funkiness likely to please.

Unusual but good.


By Dave Attrill

DEF LEPPARD - Songs From The Sparkle Lounge

(Mercury Records - 2008)

The Steel City boys have had a few gaps between albums in their past, but the latest, six if you don’t count their pretty decent covers disc ‘Yeah’, is the longest so far. So, over half a decade since the criminally slammed ‘X’ album saw daylight, what does life hold for one of Blighty’s musical institutions in 2008. A.D, may I ask.

They surely enough fire off the line well enough with ‘Go’, a gritty modern pop-rock cut with a metal edge that may or may not set the tone for the rest to come but a strong start in its own right. ‘Nine Lives’ Begins blue-like but takes a drastic swerve to the silky eighties sound that immortalised their mainstream status once Mr Elliot’s immortal chorus vocals kick in back by his four band-mates in their undyingly typical sweet synchrony. Classic Leps stuff again, with a brief lead ripple that sounds borrowed from ‘Promises’ making it one of the album’s strongest entries.

It’s time for a bit of ‘C’mon C’mon’ next as the lads do the Britpop thing with panache but a strong inspiration from ‘Yeah’ still lingers all over. ‘Love’ is song I can rightly do that to, and anyone who has an ear for the early stuff from hair rock legends House Of Lords will rejoice in my views right away on hearing it. Another of the disc’s best by far is ‘Tomorrow’, a vaguely seventies-toned power-pop groover that will please any Alter Bridge or Mars Volta fans who feel like a listen. Everything good so far but then the momentum had to drop didn’t it. The two offending tunes are coincidentally the back-to-back pairing of ‘Cruise Control’ and ‘Hallucinate’ which while acceptable in their own right struggle to keep off the so-so’s-ville boundary, though that said, the latter has a fantastic bridge, only an anticlimax for a chorus.

Swiftly rejoining maximum standards of Lepp-age, ‘Only The Good Die Young’ is a superb retro-oriented pop rock ballad that has a hefty reminiscence to something off the ‘Still Crazy’ film. The title meanwhile may also land them a hefty figure in damages from Steve Harris. Another riskily familiar title, once also attached to a hit by another great British outfit, ‘Bad Actress’ is an upbeat, punky number in the vein of ‘Demolition Man’ plus elements of that aforementioned Bradford foursome themselves. ‘Come Undone’ treats us more of that modern Leps sound the open minded of us like me have come to appreciate but still that unmistakable 70’s vibe cannot be shaken off, matter not how we try.

‘Gotta Let It Go’ they sort of do in one meaning of the term at least as we get one of the old favourites of a hard rock act - the quiet verse before the twin-barrelled Collen and Campbell attack crashes in and the stuttery alt.rock rhythm that spans the larger parts of the track ceases to deter the listener. A pleasant but less than necessary bonus piano-rerun version of ‘Love’ closes off and an unusually brief but nonetheless brilliant Def Leppard album comes to an end only 43 minutes in but I’m pressing the play button again soon enough and at the same time saying this ‘Welcome Back Boys!’.

A fantastic return to profile, and perhaps to form in some people’s opinions for British hard rock’s most indestructible fivesome. Just not another six year delay please, you know we love you too much.


By Dave Attrill

Dirty Looks – Gasoline
(Perris Records – 2007)

Current release from those cult sleaze squawkers and gutsy high end krangers, Dirty Looks who throw a dozen new songs at us and see what sticks – quite a bit actually boys.

Highlights include ‘Second Chance (Didn’t Take It)’; ‘If The World Stopped Spinning’ with its AC/DC’ness; the funky-f*ck*d drum-slappin’ Wake The Sky’; the almost good-grunginess of ‘I am that I am’ and ther bonus number ‘New White Naked’.

An album that grows on you.


By Glenn Milligan

DOKKEN - Lightning Strikes Again
(Frontiers Records - 2008)

Naming an album after a tune from an earlier disc is not a first time trek for Dokken but it doesn’t spoil the fun that is waiting to be had with this unexpectedly weighty renaissance for the 80’s legends.

Still consisting of messrs Sparks and Leven alongside surviving mainstay Wild Mick Brown, Don’s indestructible troupe forge on without strain and though some might say there is plenty to be heard in the geezers voice by this stage, the other three lads work very well around it. ‘Standing On The Outside’ sets the pace with a very catchy swaying chorus line that has me singing along from the off.  ‘Give Me A Reason’ and ‘Heart Of Stone’ maintain this, both having a feel of Whitesnake to them.  Then, oops, a sudden downhill turn already.  ‘Disease’ is one of my least favourites easily with a staggery industrial metal rhythm hardly helping even though saying that I didn’t resent the material from ‘Shadowlife’ that much it must be said.

‘How I Miss Your Smile’ is however one of Don’s best ever ballads despite a noteable Britpop trace around the rim. Funnily enough the next song turns out to be called ‘Oasis’ and also symbolic of their sound during the mid nineties as when Liam, Noel et al themselves initially struck it big.  ‘Point Of No Return’, an awesome House Of Lords-esque speeder hits the top again and we are truly rolling as Dokken once remember.  ‘I Remember’ (oops, what have I said) is another classy Doks acoustic before it’s time yet again with ‘Judgement Day’ for the trademark hard rock punch of the album’s earlier tracks.

‘It Means’ is another of the few so-so intervals there are today. This slow number warranted some getting into though the chorus melody did eventually succeed in remedying my attention.  ‘Release Me’ more or less repeats the situation but the chorus seemed more detectable this time and Leven’s widdling kept me listening with both ears pinned - this bloke sounds more like George with every number, honest. ‘This Fire’ burns along as these lads should, pace and hooks both carved to perfection and ends the official leg of the disc on as high an octave as begun an hour earlier.

For those in possession of the limited version, European bonus number ‘Sunset Superstar’ is another fast, old-school effort that is criminally from worldwide release, it is again primetime Dokken at best but that’s sod’s law conspiring once again, isn’t it.  Something that doesn’t against these guys as 30 years on, countless changes in trends, taste and ticket sales fail to put the writing on their wall. They are not likely to be round in the year 3108, you will still hear ‘In My Dreams’, ‘It’s not Love ' or ‘Kiss Of Death’ blaring out in an old second-hand CD store somewhere on the planet.  Or perhaps one or two from this album.


By Dave Attrill

Dreamscape – Revoiced
(Silverwolf Productions- 2008)

A band that come across like a mixture of Edwin Dare, Queensryche & Dream Theater but are actually from Germany. This features songs re-recorded from their ‘Trances Like State’ & ‘Very’ albums due to various personnel changes.

It’s technically proficient but they are more of a musician’s musicians kind of band as opposed to being one that will appeal to the majority of the general public. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some excellent goods for listening pleasure – but some of it is a lot to take in for example ‘Changes’; ‘Thorn In My Mind’; the epic instrumental ‘Unvoiced (Lost Parts)’; ‘Face Your Fears’ – crackin’ short guitar solo to be found here! And also the closer ‘Breathing Spaces’ that will appearing on their up and coming album.

One for the deeper lovers of progressive metal.


By Glenn Milligan

January 2008

(Guilt Free Records - 2007)

Wolverhampton alternative trio The Daniels bring with them an unusually arena rock-like production, given their genre.

Be that not enough, the rhythm line of the single’s title cut also brings a fellow Wolves outfit to the conscience (they were fronted by a chap called Noddy) but bounces me along with it, whoever it sounds akin to.

B-side ‘Took Me For a Ride’, while a decent enough pop number itself, frankly seems a dropper by comparison - just hope these lads haven’t taken that title too literally here.


By Dave Attrill

DC4 – Explode
(Ross N Roll/Toasted Vulture/Schnick/Paul Henry II Music – 2007)

DC4 have been at it for quite a time – many of you may remember them in a different guise as ‘ODIN’ from the epical film ‘The Decline Of Western Civilisation Part II – The Metal Years’ – with the classic chant led by some blonde chick and the late great Bill Gazzari of the club of the same name.

3 brothers and one mate make up the band that is comprised of the Duncan spouse - Jeff (Lead Vocals/Guitars); Shawn (Drums) and Matt (Backing Vocals/Bass) plus their buddy Rowan Robertson on guitar. They come across like up-date Slash’s Snakepit (almost the 3rd lost album that never got made but with the 2nd album “Ain’t Life Grand” line-up) with elements of Black Sabbath and Black Label Society – but I will leave it to you the listener to work out where.

Powerful, screamin’ at you with heartfelt honest and partiful aggression if there is such a thing as that it is a real joy of an album to engross yourself with. Rocketing real sound like you would expect at a concert – nothing is held back on here by the hearies of it.

You won’t find one filler on here at all with standouts being ‘Rock And Roll Disease’; ‘God Complex’ ‘Candy Caine’; the title track ‘Explode’ and ‘Hate Parade’ – well to be honest it’s a crime not to actually include each cut as a highlight.

Wish all albums were as good as this – bring yourselves over to the UK with one of those big drawing LA old-school Sleaze bands soon as this country will love ya.


By Glenn Milligan

DESTINY PROGRAM - Subversive Blueprint
(Nuclear Blast - 2007)

While Power Metal, Thrash and AOR are Sweden’s three proudest specialities, it as we know doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of delivering the goods in further genres.

Desiny Program bring us hardcore very much as you’d expect to hear it today. Some very convincing Sick Of It All/Madball fused vocal efforts alternate with the expected nu-breed oriented melodic lines and there are a variety of different styles this geezer’s voice could actually handle when he does so.

Chugging behind him meanwhile, Metallica-like string assaults in their fist-load also prevent it falling down the loo pan of predictability... not to mention that they’ve got HOOKS as well.

It helps boys.


By Dave Attrill

(Tent City Records - 2007)

Bleedin’ H, was I tempted to turn this one off before the first track had reached its end but for some reason, decided to afford it the benefit of the doubt as the next cut began to sound ‘different’.

As you might guess, this Carolina sextet sadly do not play what their name may suggest - think screaming metalcore racket instead, yes, that of the vomit-your-guts-all-over-the-pavement variety and you’ve got it pinned.

D.S.R. do squeeze out three or four songs from the eighteen that house a hook, namely, Ghetto Street Rock’, ‘My dirty South’ and ‘Honour When There Is None’ amongst them, ergo a case of all scream and some discernible substance but little else to let rip about otherwise than so.

For fans of a punkier sounding Earth Crisis and the completists in their small hordes, but otherwise your money may be better spent.


By Dave Attrill

Pre-November '07

DARTZ - This Is My Ship
(Xtra Mile Recordings)

Sounding like The Jam seems to have become cool again lately. Almost totally plagiarising them to the point of court action seems even cooler.

Paul Weller may very well let young Brit newcomers Dartz off the hook if this mixture of his legendary eighties outfit coupled with latterday indie-rock sounds of the lion’s share of the outfits pillaging the charts at the moment, as well as Midas - another freshly plucked UK act who I gave a good review to recently- comes to his liking.

This lively Geordie trio deliver hooks and noticeable guitar work of the type seemingly an incoming trend at the moment and while there are one or two moments that are a little less than instantly striking, rest assured that ‘Simple Hypothetical’, ‘Once, Twice, Again’, ‘Cold Holidays’, ‘St Petersburg’ and ‘Documents’ are at least five such songs not amongst them.

Dartz might not have quite scored 180 here but left one bleeder of a hole where the bullseye was.


By Dave Attrill

WEBSITE www.dartzisgood.co.uk

DEW SCENTED – Incinerate
(Nuclear Blast - 2007)

These German metallers came to my attention before, about a year or two ago, and unfortunately, I can’t remember what I wrote about them last time round. All seemingly by the by, this, their seventh full lengther sets records a little straighter again, adding further gel to the fact that a European thrash scene now bigger than the BayArea one is a reality.

Alongside the contemporary vibes, a la Killswitch Engage, In Flames, there are the old school guitar gymnastics we associate with the scene’s great godfathers and guest stints by Annihilator legend Jeff Waters plus people from Kreator and Firewind seem to be almost rendered coincidental (and you should just look at how many guest on the new Annihilator disc).

Seemingly another predictable slab of extreme metal racket to oneself when I first pressed the play button, you ‘d actually be right in predicting a bruiser of a thrash album to come your way this time.


By Dave Attrill

DIRTRUCKS - Yellow Rose

Another foreign group arrive to impress us, and no, they’re not from France or Italy this time but from Japan of all places.

Their most recent export to make any impact over here having been Electric Eel Shock, the country that graced us with Loudness, Vow Wow and relatively recently, Concerto Moon now throw another our way in the shape of three pretty young ladies with an evident penchant for catchy, old school punk metal with the hooklines dominating in lieu of leather-fisted aggression. One must say their English ain’t bad either as they clearly know what they’re writing about in instant hum-alongs like ‘Rocker’, ‘Ordinary Bad Girl’, ‘Spoonful Of Golden Love’ and ‘Your Dead Soul (On my Back) so they’ve done their homework in more ways than one and I think they’ve earned their grade for it too.

The three covers, including Lizzy’s ‘Cowboys Song’ and a slightly sped up take on Leppard’s ‘Rock, Rock’ are entertaining too but their self-penned anthems dominate attention here and will hopefully boot tons of units on their home turf if not elsewhere too, just yet.

Let’s pray that the odd live slot or two over here as well on the continent will make it happen.


By Dave Attrill

SITE www.dirtrucks.com


“I want to be cut through with a large blade, without any mercy” says one masochistic miss at the beginning of the disc, or words to that effect. Quite frankly it transcends I might be on the same wavelength if I were to chose between that and playing this a second time, that’s after having strained myself with sitting through the first.

There is a line to how far bands can travel while keeping their sound describable as MUSIC, and D.O.D. sadly.... well, crossed it. While very useful if wanting to provide a few decent sound effects on some futurist sci-fi flick, what sounds like several rehashes of that end(less) bit of Fear Factory’s ‘Therapy For Pain’ contributes to one disc definitely left at the wrong door.

Although there’s one track that actually just managed some instrumental values, (have half a point back for that, lads), I can’t see anyone wanting to hear music taking more than a smidgen of interest in this ‘record’.

Bad reviews are something I find no pleasure with having to pen but sometimes they happen to be justified. No life here indeed.


By Dave Attrill

"Blast from the Past"

Dark Tranquility – Projector
(Century Media - 1999)

If you are a fan of Melodic Death Metal or "Gothenburg Metal" this release is captivating. Focusing only on this release DT adds extra emotion to pretty much each track with some harsh vocals by Mikael Stanne but a lot of clean also. There are clean vocals done by Johanna Andersson as well on the track "Undo Control". From all of the DT releases that I've heard (Skydancer, The Mind's I, The Gallery, and Character) this by far is MY PERSONAL FAVORITE.

The reason I esteem this release so highly is being a fan of Melodic Death Metal myself every track on here is filled with amazing clean and distorted guitar. It isn't that the tracks with clean vocals only but they have formulated this album so that there's a good mixture of each on almost every song. Tempo ranges for each track are moderate, no blast beating (sorry Extreme DM fans!!!), or anything that is SUPER HEAVY.

"Projector" received a Swedish Grammy Award!!! Getting back to the music, there are some "ballads" such as "Auctioned", "Undo Control", "To A Bitter Halt", etc. but they are mixed with electric distorted melodic riffs as well not only just clean but on these a lot of clean vocals pretty much dominating so that every song will attract anyone who really likes "Gothenburg Metal" that is set in a pretty moderate super emotional tracks.

Track listing:

1. FreeCard
2. ThereIn
3. UnDo Control
4. Auctioned
5. To a bitter halt
6. The sun fired blanks
7. Nether novas
8. Day to end
9. Dobermann
10. On your time


By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

Dead Town Revival – Hasta La Muerte
(Sinister Muse Records – 2007)

Crashy, thrashy sleazy band that sound like a cross between something that crawled out of LA who heard bands like Green Day & The Offspring or The Plastix from Nottingham, UK. This is solid tight stuff from the streets of Chicago and oozes a lot of lively fresh zest.

What they lack in musical originality (many of the songs sound very similar in tempo & key) they make up for in punch you in the face lyrical content with good contenders being ‘Time’; ‘Hail to the Chief’; ‘Rain’; ‘Hell Bent’& ‘Silence’ that come across too close for comfort at times – but that’s life ain’t it.

A band that I can see the young punky kids loving.


By Glenn Milligan

  "Blast from the Past"

Death - Spiritual Healing
(Combat Records - 1990)

This release is where Death becomes a little more than just a Death Metal act but adds some melodicism to it here. All tracks deserve mention but I'll cover all components to this release. The production aspect is somewhat lacking even though Scott Burns helped in this department. That's one of my only complaints about the album. Otherwise this release would get a higher rating from me.

Chuck made a good choice getting James Murphy on Lead Guitar the guy simply shreds!!! But Chuck's Rhythms on this release are simply phenomenal. Check out "Living Monstrosity" and "Altering The Future" and you'll get a taste of what I'm talking about. You can really hear the difference between Chuck's solos (which are less technical) and James' (quicker and a clean shred guitarist).

The lyrical content of the album I'd have to say was well written. If you do decide to pick this release up do check the lyrics! Chuck had a great writing style both lyrically and musically. I'm sure many people dismiss the lyrics but not in my case. Just go on www.darklyrics.com and look up Death's "Spiritual Healing" then you'll get a taste of what I'm talking about.

My favorite tracks on this release were already mentioned not to say that the other songs weren't up to par but I feel that the first 2 songs were the strongest on the whole album. You can also download these songs off of LimeWire.com. This way you can hear some of the recordings before making the purchase. I didn't much care for the first 2 Death releases but "Spiritual Healing" onward are definitely my personal favorites.

I always tend to look at the guitar work on albums mostly because I'm a guitarist myself. So suffice to say here that Chuck majorly improved his writing style on this release more so than the previous two releases. I think he aimed not only for the music to sound heavy but also to have some awesome rhythms that really stick in your head.

I would refer as being a Death Metal classic release no doubt. In my experience (I've been into Metal since the later 1980's) that "Spiritual Healing" is really a masterpiece. Not only because of the writing style but a lot of Death Metal acts at the time (1990) didn't seem to catch the ear on this one as well as a few other releases by DM acts back then.

Track listing:

"Living Monstrosity" (Chuck Schuldiner) – 5:08
"Altering the Future" (Schuldiner, Terry Butler) – 5:34
"Defensive Personalities" (Schuldiner, Butler) – 4:45
"Within the Mind" (Schuldiner, James Murphy) – 5:34
"Spiritual Healing" (Schuldiner) – 7:44
"Low Life" (Schuldiner, Murphy, Butler) – 5:23
"Genetic Reconstruction" (Schuldiner, Murphy, Butler) – 4:52
"Killing Spree" (Schuldiner, Murphy) – 4:16


Chuck Schuldiner - Guitar/Vocals
James Murphy - Guitar
Terry Butler - Bass
Bill Andrews - Drums


By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

"Blast from the Past"

Death – Human
(Relativity/Sony Records - 1991)

Another great release from the now defunct Death (RIP Chuck Schuldiner). This release is filled with melodic pieces to it but it does not lose the heaviness because it's pretty much a mix of melodic and death metal parts. 8 tracks of mind blowing riffs and uniqueness of Chuck's writings. If you are looking for melodic pieces along with death metal mixed in with it then this release is for you.

Chuck's vocals don't really change much throughout the release they are pretty much just low-bellowing vox over the awesome music of the record. Paul Masvidal contributes nothing but amazingly clean lead guitar. Such talent on this release it's simply awesome. Plus another awesome production/mixing by the now retired Scott Burns. Everything on this recording seems to flow there's also variety to it as well.

Not just distorted guitar but there's also clean guitar (check out the intro to "Lack Of Comprehension"). Lyrically I'm still in favor of "Individual Thought Patterns" but "Human" makes up for that with just awesome talent in the songwriting and entire execution.

If you have never heard "Human" check out these tracks to begin with: "Vacant Planets", "Lack Of Comprehension" and "Suicide Machine". If these aren't enough to please you then you sure as hell are missing out of one damn awesome release of an album.

I'd have to conclude that "Spiritual Healing", "Human", "Individual Thought Patterns" and "Symbolic" are my personally favorite Death releases. It seemed as though Chuck kept getting better after each succeeding recording. Also, on pretty much all Death albums have a different lineup (with some exceptions).

Track listing:

1. Flattening Of Emotions
2. Suicide Machine
3. Together As One
4. Secret Face
5. Lack Of Comprehension
6. See Through Dreams
7. Cosmic Sea
8. Vacant Planets


Chuck Schuldiner - Guitar, Producer, Vocals
Steve DiGiorgio - Bass
Paul Masvidal - Guitar
Sean Reinert - Drums
Skott Carino - Additional Bass On "Cosmic Sea"


By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

"Blast from the Past"

Death - Individual Thought Patterns

I remember getting this album on tape and I played it so much that the tape could no longer be played. Production-wise (Scott Burns) was decent though I think that the music should've had a thicker sound to it like on Death's "Symbolic" release. In any case, this album musically I think is in my opinion their best ever. I've heard every single Death release "Spiritual Healing" was a favorite of mine until this was released. Even "Human" I esteem to be a great release as well.

It seems there was a lineup change with each release though Gene Hoglan stuck with them completing this release as well as "Symbolic". I've read some reviews of ITP and many said it had a Jazz feel to it. Maybe so I it IS melodic which is why it makes it a favorite of mine. I think that this release has the best lineup ever: Andy Laroche (Guitars), Chuck Schuldiner (Guitars & Vocals), Gene Hoglan (Drums) and Steve Digiorgio (Bass Guitar).

The solos by Laroche (every single one of them) has a great melodic feel to it and let me tell you that this guy simply shreds! You can really tell the difference between Chuck's solos and Andy's. Chuck (I think) is self-taught which is evident on the solo department. But his songwriting capabilities are phenomenal. Also, the lyrics on this release are also in my opinion the best ever that Chuck has written.

If you are eager to hear some tracks check out "Trapped In A Corner" and "In
Human Form" for starters. These are great tracks hands down! So if you can overlook the overall production sound of the album you will find I think this to be your favorite Death release as well!


1. Overactive Imagination
2. In Human Form
3. Jealousy
4. Trapped In A Corner
5. Nothing Is Everything
6. Mentally Blind
7. Individual Thought Patterns
8. Destiny
9. Out Of Touch
10. The Philosopher


By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

"Blast from the Past"

Deicide - Serpents Of The Light
(Roadrunner Records - 1997)

I'd have to conclude that this is Deicide's last good album because not only does it carry with it the similar characterists of their previous releases but it still contains the originality in the guitar riffs definitely. Of course lyrically Glen writes his usual hatred towards the higher power or God if you will plus the album cover depicts Jesus Christ simply looking like a Demonic figure as Glen utters that we be "free of Jesus Christ".

Honestly, I have never really been into the Satanic lyrics just the music is what got me hooked to Deicide. Now that the Hoffman brothers are not longer in the band Glen says in a Terrorizer magazine that they are the "ding-dong brothers". Not much respect for the amazing riffs and solos they've been able to display their talent but we won't touch on that further in this review.

There is less high-pitched vocals here though there are still backup screams though not as Demonic as their earlier releases like "Legion" or their ultra Demonic debut "Deicide - Deicide". In terms of the music it's still brutal and catchy as hell. The solos are also amazing especially the numerous and flawless ones throughout the entire release check out especially the intro to "Slave To The Cross". The guitar riffs aren't as technical as their older material but still very noteworthy and heavy as all hell.

I'd have to say that they were NOT as a whole lazy on this release it seems to still portray their talent in songwriting. Though they exhibited less blast beating drums by Steve Asheim he still does a great job staying in sync with the guitars. There isn't a track on here that I dislike at all because they still proved to the Metal community that after the years of being one of the leading Floridian Death Metal acts showing us they can still kick major ass!

If you are eager to know which tracks to download first I would suggest getting "Believe The Lie", "I Am No One", "Bastards Of Christ" and "Serpents Of The Light". This will give you an idea of what the album has to offer some great tracks and I would consider them to be the best ones on the album.

The production is by Deicide and Scott Burns-Scott now retired still does a great job production wise. The album is loud and evenly mixed to near perfection. All of the tracks in great synchrony, heavy and hate filled Deicide is notorious for. The artwork by Nizen R. Lopez quite sick and portraying the son of God as Demonic as possible.

Glen's vocals are deep and anything but boring because of the backup voice to go with the insane music. The Hoffman brothers still amaze me with their talent in riffing and soloing. It's too bad they are no longer a part of the band because they seemed to me to captivate the listener in every release up until this album. I wouldn't really recommend purchasing "Insineratehymn", "Scars Of The Crucifix" or "In Torment In Hell" because these releases are way way below their talent. They seemed on these releases to just put in half assed work that's why I consider "Serpents. ." to be their last good album.

Even though "The Stench Of Redemption" is their effort to redeem themselves I still think it's lacking because the Hoffman brothers to me were the core of the band. "Serpents. ." is an album that depicts Deicide's true talent in songwriting plus its originality in every respect even though the lyrics are anti-Christian the music draws the listener in to every single song. Anyone who thinks that "Serpents. ." was half-assed well they don't truly admire the amazing songwriting Deicide was notorious for from their self-titled release to "Legion" to "Once Upon The Cross" to "Serpents Of The Light".

If you are a true Death Metal fan then you need "Serpents Of The Light" to add to your collection because it is truly remarkable in pretty much every single respect!


By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

"Blast from the Past"

Deicide – Legion
(Roadrunner Records - 1992)

This is a follow-up from their reigning debut Deicide - Self Titled release. Personally, I think it IS the best Deicide still within their entire discography. "Legion" is quite technical in the songwriting structure (guitars) probably their most technical to date. I would say this release deserves an honorary mention not for just it's complexity but because it is to me original, aggressive as all hell, demonic and I consider it to be one of the top Death Metal albums to date.

Just under 30 minutes in length from the beginning of this album till it's ultimate end seems flawless and balls out intensity. The intro is a backwards voice chanting "Satan Spawn The Caco-Daemon" then enter the band with the opening riff that's remarkably fast but catchy as is this entire album. The riff-structure to all of the songs are noteworthy, technical, and simply reigns over pretty much all of the Death Metal releases I've ever heard.

I think that this is a release that can never be considered "played out" by the listener because each listen to you hear the guitar, vocals and drums that never compromise in songwriting style. Glen Benton (Vocals & Bass) combines hoarse, deep vocals with occasional back-up screams reminiscent of their debut in which this was exclusively done. The leads by both Brian Hoffman and Eric Hoffman are filled with sweeps, arpeggios, and whammy bar chaos.

If you're now eager and never heard "Legion" by Deicide I'd suggest that you check out these tracks: "Trifixion" and "Holy Deception". Of course this album's lyrical content deals with anti-Christian topics which is of no surprise since their front man Glen Benton is a Satanist. This is one release to save in your "best of" archive of one of the greatest Death Metal albums ever.

Track listing:

1. "Satan Spawn, the Caco-Daemon" – 4:26
2. "Dead But Dreaming" – 3:13
3. "Repent to Die" – 3:59
4. "Trifixion" – 2:57
5. "Behead the Prophet (No Lord Shall Live)" – 3:44
6. "Holy Deception" – 3:19
7. "In Hell I Burn" – 4:36
8. "Revocate the Agitator" – 2:47


Glen Benton - Bass, Vocals
Brian Hoffman - Guitar
Eric Hoffman - Guitar
Steve Asheim - Drums

By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

DEL FUEGO - S/T (3-track demo)
(Self Produced - 2007)

The last time I heard the words ‘Barnsley based metal band’ it was in relation to five lads led by a chap called Biff Byford. Del Fuego have quite a bit of expectation to live up to.

Alarmingly they sound like a predictable Death metal act for the first half minute of the opening number but then it’s something in between Orange Goblin and Cathedral for the rest of the way.

With tunes longer than their titles, ‘Needs Must as the Devil Drives’ and ‘Drinking Whiskey With The Man’ accumulating to the thick end of quarter of an hour between them, there is a prog direction sensed to being taken at times but the twin guitar grooves keep things grinding along with almost no faltering elements.

Sign these lads up someone, please - they impress.


By Dave Attrill

Destruction - Thrash Anthems
(Candlelight USA - 2007)

A favorer of Thrash Metal I am and let me tell you that "Thrash Anthems" simply dominates. Still kicking ass at their age these German thrashers compiled an awesome "Best Of" CD. With modern recording makes this release that much more dominating. In the past I'd have to conclude that their recordings were production-wise way under par ("Infernal Overkill" and "Eternal Devastation/Mad Butcher") are prime examples of this.

Mike on guitars tunes down I think to D-tuning previously everything was pretty much in standard tuning. This makes the recording sound much heavier. Schmier once again as Frontman/Bassist and Marc on Drums/Backing Vocals. If you liked "Inventor Of Evil" then "Thrash Anthems" is definitely for you!

There are 2 new tracks ("Profanity" & "Depostition") pretty kick ass! If you are a fan of previous Destruction releases don't miss out on some great re-recordings here. Mike on guitars adds a little variety to each re-recorded song they aren't exactly as they were played on previous releases he fine tunes them but still bad ass!

Schmier's vocal onslaught is much more like the older releases. . Very unique and kick ass with Marc also helping but on this department. Over 70 minutes of killer Thrash Metal!!! Don't miss out pick up "Thrash Anthems" ASAP!


By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

"Blast from the Past"

Destruction - Live Without Sense
(Steamhammer Recordings – 1988/1989)

There lies a controversy whether this was a studio version live CD or an actual live CD. In either case, this release simply is Thrash Metal domination! All of the classic Destruction songs featured on here!!! Destruction never abandoned their Thrash roots and this release is a good example. Their first few releases ("Sentence Of Death", "Infernal Overkill", & "Mad Butcher/Eternal Devastation") lacked good productions but there was definitely some classic tracks on those albums featured here on this live release which is well produced and executed.

What captivated me was Harry's guitar solo (just him without the rest of the band) showing his amazing talent executing incredible licks. The drums by Olly Kaiser are simply pounding with extreme intensity well composed in synchrony with the rest of the band. He replaced their previous drummer Tommy Sandmann who was featured exclusively on "Sentence Of Death". This 4-some display some real talent here both guitars (Mike Sifringer & Harry Wilkens) in great synchrony with each other though the bass guitar by Marcel Schirmer (Schmier) was not in my opinion loud enough and Olly Kaiser very solid effort on drums.

Destruction in my opinion has always Displayed original types of riffing and unique vocals by Schmier with lyrics touching on various aspects such as religion, depression, and composing awesome "Thrash Anthems" which is evident on this release. The riffs are not extremely technical if you are a guitarist you probably like myself take note of this but still original sounding and excellently executed. On a sour note though this really does sound like a live studio release than an actual live release with a "real" crowd. It is well produced and mixed no doubt but the fact that I think it was recorded in a studio will take some points away from my overall rating of the album.

But still the track "Mad Butcher" is probably the best overall song they've ever released from their point of origin till present day (though "Inventor Of Evil" has some amazing songs on it). Incredible display of both guitarists in synchrony on the lead to this song (about halfway through it) Destruction just plain kicks ass!!!

If you are into Thrash Metal with songwriting originality (at least in terms of the guitar works) this release is worth picking up (despite the live studio release controversy which Schmier denies that it was a live studio recording but that it was actually recorded live).

Track Listing:

1. Curse The Gods
2. Unconscious Ruins
3. Thrash Attack
4. Invincible Force
5. Dissatisfied Existence
6. Reject Emotions
7. Eternal Ban
8. Mad Butcher
9. Pink Panther/Life Without Sense
10. In The Mood/Release From Agony
11. Bestial Invasion


By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

"Blast from the Past"

Destruction - Eternal Devastation/Mad Butcher
(Steamhammer Records - 1986/1987)

2 awesome releases packed into 1 CD!!! The downside of the albums would have to be the productions but looking past those factors I'd say these are classics to own. If you are into Thrash Metal then you need these!!! Of course there's been a lineup change but for these releases there's Harry on Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Mike also on Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Schmier on Bass/Vocals and Olly on drums.

I think their most famous song ever still till this date is "Mad Butcher". It's played a little differently than on "Sentence Of Death". It's much better on this release hands down. Anyway, Schmier's unique vocals under the rhythm guitar bits simply awesome! They also mix some acoustic/clean electric guitar bits on here. Quite a diverse 2 releases Destruction remains my favorite Thrash Metal act also because they did not abandon their Thrash Metal roots.

Besides the track "Mad Butcher", there are many classics on these including the cover of the Plasmatics "The Damned", "Reject Emotions", "Curse The Gods", "Life Without Sense" and "Eternal Ban". These songs are also on their "Live Without Sense" release. Again, looking beyond the lousy productions and just focusing on the music here lies some of Destruction's greatest songs!!! You should be able to pick this up under 10 dollars at your local record store that is if they have a diverse selection.

1. Mad Butcher
2. The Damned
3. Reject Emotions
4. The Last Judgement
5. Curse The Gods
6. Confused Games
7. Life Without Sense
8. United By Hatred
9. Eternal Ban
10. Upcoming Devastation
11. Confused Minds


By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

Dissection – Reinkaos
(Black Horizon Music/The End Records - 2006)

I thought to myself that this would be like the Dissection in which I remember either "The Somberlain" or "Storm Of The Light's Bane" though my assumption was off. That doesn't mean there isn't melodic parts to just check out the track "Starless Aeon" and you'll hear what I mean.

The lyrical content was geared more towards Satanism reflecting Jon's spiritual nature. I myself look beyond the lyrics and am into pretty much most of the Rhythms/Leads by Jon. Unfortunately, this will be the last Dissection CD distributed since Jon took his own life.

A lot of great rhythms here pretty heavy and well-produced. Same with the Battery in cue with the guitars. This final release is worth checking out because it is unique, melodic, and pure Metal incorporated!

Track listing;

1. Nexion 218
2. Beyond The Horizon
3. Starless Aeon
4. Black Dragon
5. Dark Mother Divine
6. Xeper-I-Set
7. Chaosophia
8. God Of Forbidden Light
9. Reinkaos
10. Internal Fire
11. Maha Kali


Jon Nödtveidt - Guitars/Vocals
Set Teitan - Guitars
Tomas Asklund - Battery

By Death8699 (MethylinInfo@aol.com)

Come On, It Ain’t That Bad…….

Dave defends a criminally overlooked classic from Britain’s no.1 hard rock institution.

DEF LEPPARD - On Through The Night
(Mercury/Phonogram - 1980)

Tired of all the slatings I’ve had to swallow about the debut album by Steel City’s finest, from fellow Leppard-ites themselves mostly, I decided I had to find out the real truth myself, and duly invested in a copy. My first though on having listened to all forty-minutes was ‘what the f*** are these people on about?’. ‘O.T.T.N.’ is a superb little slice of classic late seventies flavoured British hard rock even though there are the odd inevitable Americanism or two along the way.

Obviously these lads listened to a lot of AC/DC and Thin Lizzy during their younger years as tunes like ‘Rock Brigade’, ‘Sorrow is A Woman’ and ‘Rocks Off’ prove in particular but the sound is totally fitting in a glove-like way for its time. ‘Satellite’ and ‘Wasted’ have more in common with Van Halen, particularly the latter which is about the nearest they would get, then, to the arena sound that was to shift albums like Pyromania and Hysteria by the shed load, and was still on their live set come their UK tour in 1999.

As a band formed in the seventies, a hint of Bad Company in a hard rock band’s sound was something you could see coming and the pairing of ‘It Don’t Matter’, with quite a Faces-esque rhythm, and ‘Answer to The Master’ in particular pull earth away from their roots. Eight minute closer ‘Overture’ is an epic unusually (for the Leps) moulded in a Black Sabbath shape with messrs Clark and Willis pounding out some unmistakably Iommi-like lines during the mid-section. I don’t know if anyone has cared to notice this but Joe Elliot’s youthful range quite truthfully does bear a notable resemblance to Ozzy itself. Whether this is a major part for the album’s lack of appeal to Leppard purists is a question unanswered but for those who have tried to dissuade me from lending the Leps first full-lengther my ears, smack yourselves firmly on the bottom, and for those who to whom the offending have delivered this diatribe, don’t even attempt to listen to them without listening to the album first.

‘On Through The Night’ is a very good old-fashioned hard rock album that while only linked to their later sound by Elliot’s distinctive throat, possesses a fine collection of cuts and nothing unlistenable, and while they were still discovering themselves, were by no means sitting down on the job. So, as you might have already learned, they very well have sounded different to the Leppard sound most are used to on their biggest sellers but they rocked right from the start and why their home turf took nearly a decade to warm to them beggars serious belief.

Pay a well known CD store a visit and pick it up (it’s going for only £5-10 after all) and revel in a undeservedly forgotten era for this legendary act.


By Dave Attrill

Zak Daniels & The One Eyed Snakes – Snakeland
(Big Water Records – 2005)

They found name from a list from when played the soundtrack for a triple X porno flick – but the company said that the name was too risque and didnt use it - yep that totally true. This band play slick sleaze and hail from California with an eye or two for the sounds of the south. Kinda reminds me of a USA equivalent of Dogs D’Amour or something of that ilk.

Highlights include the bright opener ‘Pay’; the skin and bone and ‘Silicone’ about a girl with false titties; the bluesy wailin’ ‘Hollywood Sleazer’; the hot ‘n’ sweatified ‘Southern Belle’ – she was just 18 and the closer ‘Leg Jam’ about a girl with legs right up to her eyes.

Plenty of sordid sexy stuff.


By Glenn Milligan

DIALOG - S/T (3 Track EP)
(S/R – 2006)

The first number from these latest unknown arrivals is called ‘Euro Pop’ interestingly enough, though I am to be in for a surprise as to how literally that title applies, especially to that first cut, when I send this one through the sound system.

Catchy bouncy eighties material that with more synth than strings on some occasions, this will possibly hold little appeal to most leather-clad head banging metal nuts round the globe but for experimentation with panache, this is worth hearing if it gets a public release.

Strange but it rocks big time.


By Dave Attrill

Deadpad – Counterculture E.P.
(S/R – 2006)

An interesting blend of nu-metal, gabba-goth and industrial metal from Scotland – think Nine Inch Nails in Ministry territory in a mad System of a Down kinda way and you get a glimpse of what these guys are all about – so plenty to get you excited over.

All three songs have something cool going down so I imagine that a full length album will be outstanding. So on this occasion get into the ‘Rat Race’ that’s ‘Far from you’ and ‘Face the day’.

Like it and no doubt many more will too. For more info go to www.deadpad.com


By Glenn Milligan

Dirty Rig – Rock Did It
(Escapi Music – 2006)

Second CD from Dirty Rig that heavy, funnily enough Dirty Sleazers that feature ex-Warrior Soul vocalist Kory Clarke on front throat. Pure and straight to the point, no frills rock ‘n’ roll that’s all on a balls out level thoughout.

Tons of hard-hitting stuff with highlights being ‘Suck it’; ‘Drunk Again’; ‘Rock Did It’ and ‘If You See Kay’ who will smoke you like crack – never lets up for a second.

Great set o’ songs and looking forward to hearing the next album.


By Glenn Milligan


The Divide Issue are a young Geordie trio who I have had the privilege to see perform live twice this year, delivering blistering sets on both occasions and these five lovely numbers are a fraction of the many I have been introduced to, by a band likely to make impact aplenty in the coming few years.

Guitarist/singer Darren Myers has a ferocious voice that fits the style of his songwriting, mixing old and new together, with contemporary touches of alternative and new metal peppering power metal ferocity with an Anthrax/Metallica and on one tune, distinctly Iron Maiden edge.

One or two tunes have their draggy moments and still are yet to drill in as I write but this is the sound of another great British metal creation, in the creating of (good bit of grammar, that, Dave.).

Not quite available in these shops, pick up a copy for 3 quid when you see them gigging - this lot are worth supporting.


By Dave Attrill

WEBSITE www.thedivideissue.com

(AFM Records - 2006)

More Germans, that means more metal and from Dark At Dawn come 13 generous old-fashioned slabs (why that’s two more than on the Beautiful Sin CD).

Quality over quantity of course, Uli Kusch’s album still wins but this strictly no stinker. Something that you could say fits in between classy melodic death metal and Paradise Lost’s trademark grinding goth sound of old, true metal aficionados will be queuing at the door - and probably future Wacken Fest ticket booking lines - for a dose of the dynamics these three lads work in accordance with.

Sounding unfeasibly similar to the Finnish outfit who won this year’s Eurovision song contest, that fact could further propel them in the direction of some not undeserved mainstream merit but the potential following they earn from their own scene should be enough to satisfy them.

Kerrang and Rock Sound may probably hate it like the clap but us at Metalliville still have taste.



By Dave Attrill

Danger Danger – Live & Nude
(Low Dice Records – 2005)

A bunch of classics and newies live (well they were at the time) recorded around the UK in 2003 when Paul Laine was still the lead vocalist, in fact the Sheffield gig on 24th June was even reviewed for this here webzine. Everyone’s faves appears on this album (well all of mine apart from ‘Cherry Cherry’) - I mean you can’t go wrong with Rock Club sounds like ‘Naughty Naughty’; ‘Bang Bang; ‘Beat The Bullet’ and ‘Monkey Business’ can you?

Fantastic mix it is too and the spirit of the shows are captured perfectly – even the crowd are in great form in the larynx dept. Nice to hear ‘Good Time’; the tremendous ballad ‘I still think about you’ ‘Goin’ Goin Gone’ and ‘Dead Drunk & Wasted’ and numerous others– Christ what a voice he’s got – giving the likes of Jon Bon Jovi a run for his money on many an occasion and when the rest of the band are made up of Steve West (Drums); Bruno Ravel (Bass, Vox, Keys) and Rob Marcello (Guitar) you just gotta stand back, crank it up and wish every group were as knockout as this live – I realise I should have gone to that gig myself now after hearing this ‘ere CD.

This is a must for all D2 & rock fans overall worldwide and beyond.


By Glenn Milligan

Deep Purple – Rapture of the Deep (Ltd Tour Edition)
(Edel Records – 2006)

Not heard a Deep Purple album in a long time – let alone the version feat. Don Airey – pretty similar to old band but slightly fresher in places. ‘MTV’ has the humour – they only play the classics on the US Classic Rock stations Gillan informs us on. Other good songs include ‘Junkyard Blues’ with its brilliant guitar Piano solo’; the interesting ‘Clearly Quite Absurd’; the crackin’ ‘Money Talks’ & the Purp-ploddin’ ‘Wrong Man’ – ain’t a bad album.

If you ain’t already bough this album in its original form, then go get it as the bonus cd makes it worth the while especially for the live tracks from The Hard Rock Café in London, October, 2005 such as the new version of ‘Highway Star’ with the extended intro and lets face it ‘Perfect Strangers’ is never not worth hearing again. In fact buy it again anyway for CD 2.

We’ll see the Purps in 2007 with Styx supporting.


By Glenn Milligan

Desperado – Ace
(Angel Air – 2006)

Now this is an album that was left in the can by Electra records because they knew precisely f*ck all about Metal and Rock music – they did nothing with it due to the emergence of all the grunge – more fool them.

Easily one of the best albums that got shelved and from a band that is an unsung super-group that featured Vocalist, Dee Snider (Twisted Sister); Drummer, Clive Burr (Iron Maiden); Guitarist, Bernie Torme and Bassist Marc Russell ‘whose Dad was in the original ‘Widowmaker’ in the 70’s.

A perfect way of describing is that it’s an album that’s got the power and glory of prime Twisted Sister with some extra c*ck rock sounds and blues flamboyance at its finest in a true metal light. Every song on here is literally brilliant – no fillers here baby – it’s well thought out material written by Dee & Bernie and given even more fire by Clive and Marc.

Out of the eleven songs here, there’s some real scorches on offer like the opening sliding metaller that is ‘Hang ‘Em High’; the 80’s rockin’ ‘Gone Bad’; the southern like ‘Heart is a lonely hunter’ the ballad ‘Calling For You’, the hit-ya-hard-TS’like anthemic ‘No Angels Here’ and in a similar vein the busting ya balls number that is ‘Emaheevull’.

This is the best.


By Glenn Milligan

Dialog – S/T E.P
(Deuce Management – 2006)

Funky 4 piece rock band with members from all over – Vocalist, Plamen (Spain), George Bass & Backing Vocalist George George comes from Bulgaria, Adam Peetay (Guitar/BV’s) Phillip G originates from Austria but is now based in London.

They are a bit like the style of Glenn Hughes with standouts being ‘Feel’ & ‘Down Again’.


By Glenn Milligan

Dig Jelly – For Your Inner Angry Child
(Centerline Entertainment – 2005)

Real surprised that this band hasn’t become big news yet – they are so eclectic and have elements of Hip Hop and old school funk metal on this album and then some. Imagine Incubus and No Doubt rolled up into one with tons of other elements.

There’s many highlights including the opener ‘Jaded’ that comes across as nu-metal mixed in with scratching; the Mordred and Dub War like ‘3Karmice’ the amazing ‘Whatever’ and ‘Alive’ that have real lovable catchy arrangements.

Hollywood’s got some outstanding bands and this is another prime example.


By Glenn Milligan

DESPERADOZ - The Legend And The Truth
(AFM – 2006)

Do not get confused, this is not that project that Dee Snider aborted many aeons ago, to form Widowmaker.. This package comes from Germany. The type that deals in what Germans are best at, power metal. Well mostly so.

They’ve taken the some would consider ludicrous move of mixing metal and western together, with some tunes going totally in said direction. Even with a concept based on Wyatt Earp, this is going to peeve off a few purists but this is still one damn fine metal cd when in its main mode and few could believe this band aren’t actually American themselves.

Fronted by reputed German guitarist Alex Kraft and also featuring members of Pink Cream 69 and Angelripper as well as a guest appearance by Sodom’s Tom Angelripper himself, this is quite an undiscovered surprise for most headbangers who are mislead by the sleeve’s appearance as to what this beauty holds inside.

More geetars than yee-hahs, ‘T.L.A.T.T.’ have a way to go to level with Helloween’s genre prominence but this, their second album by the way, deserves a thumbs up in the success department.


By Dave Attrill

DANGER - Keep Out

Though ever inundated with great power metal talent from the continent as we may, the temptation to hunt out one more is 99.9 percent irresistible. So it’s time for us all head off once more to the world’s capital that is of course Scandinavia.

Danger’s name and sleeve advertise a dodgy glam metal outfit, pointblank, though if you were expecting something along the lines of Motley Crue et al, this would probably disappoint. The studded Swedes play what can’t quite be described as original but still catchy Helloween, TNT, Edguy influenced symphonic metal of the exact kind that goes down a treat in front of mullet-clad thirty-somethings, and is constantly ridiculed in Kerrang but putting the rather stark lyrical content aside along with their ‘mission to preach true metal’, this makes for some pleasant leather fisted fun.

Singer Kristian Wallin shows good range hitting the high pitches like an apprentice Rob Halford and the guitarists work hard to get their part heard behind him. Though not flouting any formulas, Danger carry it off in taste and make this a very welcome forty minutes for any eighties metal fan’s collection.


By Dave Attrill

DEADLY SIN - Sunborn

This album starts with the spacey, orchestral opening ‘Sunrise’ before moving through a whole gearbox of musical styles in ‘The Awakening’ providing a showpiece for the band. Defining Deadly Sin’s sound is difficult; I got Anthrax vibes from ‘The Price You Pay’, ‘Sunborn’ and ‘Slave’ with a distinct aroma of Dream Theatre during ‘My Prison in Time’, ‘Into Dementia’ and ‘Starlight’.

The band mixes it up well and despite not being a huge fan of either of the previously mentioned bands there are numerous other recognisable elements that they combine with similar ease. An example of this is in my favourite track on the album, ‘The Raven and the Mirror’. The guitar sound and style at the start instantly reminded me of work by Soilwork but also includes piano and even Petrucci-style guitar during the transformations.

There are strong metal vocals throughout but on the downside I felt there was a general lack of creativity in the choruses to echo the industry within the music. The performance on the instrumental ‘starlight’ highlights the talent of all the musicians and leads well into the final track. ‘To Fall Asleep’ closes the album with a virtual reflection of the first two tracks and trails off with some great work that will make you wish there were some bonus tracks.


By Al Hoath

Diamond Dogs – Bound to Ravage
(Fading Ways – 2005)

Feelgood factor Faces style vibe dudes from Sweden give us a compilation of material from their nationally releases on one cracking cd.

Boogie brilliance ‘n’ Blues with that Ian McLagan Hammond Organ sound throughout from ‘Sad to say I’m sorry’ to ‘Passing through my heart’ with highlights including the slidin’ ‘Bound to Ravage’; the Stonesy ‘Hardhitter’; the sexy saxophone ham it uppery of ‘Crooked Crutch’ and the harmonica hotty that is ‘Goodbye Miss Jill’.



By Glenn Milligan

Bruce Dickinson – Tyranny of Souls
(Sanctuary – 2005)

In solo mode outside his day job of Iron … you know who or DJ’ing or flying charter aircraft. This is Bruce at his best with ‘Abduction’ kicking off the proceedings (that was even featured on a classic rock magazine freebie cd – which is where some may have heard it previously).

Pure metal brilliance throughout with travelling alchemic sense with plenty of standout songs such as the heavy prestigious ‘Soul ?’; the folky metal of ‘Kill Devil Kill ?’ and the outstanding acoustic come electric ‘The Seas of the Sun’; the speeded up vocal starting ‘Power of the Sun’ that reminds me of Iced Earth in an Iron Maiden kinda way.

This is an album that all metalheads need to buy – bet many of you have bought it already. The nest Iron Maiden studio album has a lot to live up to.


By Glenn Milligan

Dog Faced Gods – Stoned Council
(Voodoo Nation Records – 2004)

A mass of southern sounds, stoner, sludge and in your face slamming. A kind of Black Label Society meets Biohazard, Nickelback and 3 Doors Down.

It rocks, it raps and its loud ‘n’ proud and kicks off with ‘Desperately’ which will make you wanna stay around for the rest of the album for sure. There’s the brutal ‘Run Run’; the humourous ‘Water Pipe Bong’; the well constructed ‘But Me’.

The version of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Simple Man’ is a pure salute to the Floridian boys – it’s actually one of my favourite numbers of all time. You get 2 versions of a number called ‘Stand Alone’ - the rock version and the rap version.

Worth checking out.


By Glenn Milligan

Dopestars – 10,000 Watts
(Trisolg – 2005)

German dudes who combine Gothic Industrial Metal with Dance. This is pure hardcore – like to see you keep still to this number.

Marilyn Manson meets Gabba or summat like that!!


By Glenn Milligan

DORO - Warrior Soul
(AFM Records - 2006)

A welcome face from the past, former Warlock songstress Doro still enjoys plying her solo trade today – and we obviously do too, enough for her to give it another go in 2006.

The four strong backing line-up accompanying the German stunner this time out include one or names I recognise, most of all Johnny Dee, - that being the ex-Britny Fox drummer, not the guy from Honeymoon Suite (sadly). Listening to her comeback offering time has been pretty kind to her, if not stayed off her back altogether, still eighty percent in the eighties but there is enough in the sound to separate her sound one side of this millennium from the other.

Obviously not rushed over a couple of nights, the hooks are included and the solos are noticeably contemporary here and there, but the overall sum will satisfy most old fans. Good to have to you back again Miss. Pesch, hope it’s live as well as CD.

Just a word about that title… you don’t happen to know a chap called Kory Clarke do you?


By Dave Attrill

DEAD - Poserslaughter Classic Remasters
(Poserslaughter Records – 2005)

When we run out of interesting and original names to call our band, what do we settle for now, kids? Why, ‘Dead’ of course. When we run out of interesting and original styles or ideas to inject into our musical product, what we do (all together)? Er, bore the sh… I mean, the poo-poo, out of about everyone with more direction-bereft death metal just the same as that which 75 percent of the world’s acts of such type attempt to clone to this very day in the hope of getting somewhere in the industry.

Well that’s a rather long chant for a panto but for most of these 24 tracks almost accurate in truth. Five or six numbers vary quite a bit in rhythm and pace, and that just about accounts for its sole recommendation, if I must really give one to this sub-Obituary dirge, other than a few tuneful interludes from guitarist/vocalist Danny.

Apparently a collection of material from three of their classic (?) releases, this reads on the back of the case as a ‘masterpiece of death metal history’ but we know the continent to serve up far far better and more innovative extreme metal acts than this lot.

Only people Dead keen on the genre need invest.


By Dave Attrill

DEADLY SIN - Sunborn

This album starts with the spacey, orchestral opening ‘Sunrise’ before moving through a whole gearbox of musical styles in ‘The Awakening’ providing a showpiece for the band.

Defining Deadly Sin’s sound is difficult; I got Anthrax vibes from ‘The Price You Pay’, ‘Sunborn’ and ‘Slave’ with a distinct aroma of Dream Theatre during ‘My Prison In Time’, ‘Into Dementia’ and ‘Starlight’. The band mixes it up well and despite not being a huge fan of either of the previously mentioned bands there are numerous other recognisable elements that they combine with similar ease. An example of this is in my favourite track on the album, ‘The Raven And The Mirror’.

The guitar sound and style at the start instantly reminded me of work by Soilwork but also includes piano and even Petrucci-style guitar during the transformations. There are strong metal vocals throughout but on the downside I felt there was a general lack of creativity in the choruses to echo the industry within the music.

The performance on the instrumental ‘Starlight’ highlights the talent of all the musicians and leads well into the final track. ‘To Fall Asleep’ closes the album with a virtual reflection of the first two tracks and trails off with some great work that will make you wish there were some bonus tracks.


By Al Hoath

The Duke - My Kung Fu is Good
(Spitfire Records – 2005)

Ok, so you may know ‘The Duke’ better as Rich Ward – the guitarist and founding member of Stuck Mojo as well as a member of Fozzy with Chris Jericho.

This album’s an eye opener that shows he can come up with contemporary rock songs (that at times could be confused with the like of Robbie Williams and other commercial like artists.

Rick can’t go wrong with well-crafted songs like ‘Running’; ‘I give to you’ – he’s just got it. ‘Show you the way’ is an amazing example too – imagine Staind or Cred with a positive outlook and topped off with killer melodics and crackin’ vocals. ‘Breath’ is a nice piano ballad giving Elton John a run for his money and the song ‘This Moment’ is a gospel epic that deserves to win The Duke a grammy.

Believe me, it ain’t just Kung Fu he’s good at.


By Glenn Milligan

Dio - Evil or Divine (Live in New York City)
(Spitfire Records/Eagle Rock - 2004)

He's the 'Man on the Silver Mountain' who advises you to 'Stand up and shout' and not to talk to stranger's, not to mention informing us that 'We Rock'.

He needs no introduction but he's getting one anyway - Ronnie James Dio is what rock 'n' roll dreams are made of or a nightmare if you are a Dragon as this little dude likes killing them - well it is the 'Killing The Dragon' Tour that this gig is taken from after all.

An exceptional set from New York City featuring precision performances throughout - although that guitar solo is a bit on the irritating side - no need, no need !! - it's obvious he's a good player or Ronnie wouldn't be in the band - Ronnie only employs the best and you all know that anyway.

There's newer songs like 'Killing the Dragon'; 'Push' and 'Rock and Roll' alongside staple parts of the setlist like 'Heaven and Hell'; 'Stand up and Shout'; 'Holy Diver' and 'Rainbow in the Dark'.

The CD has only one fault - all the tracks are separated by silence, spoiling the atmosphere of the gig for the listener.


By Glenn Milligan

Dark Mass - Dark Mass Medium
(PZDTS Records - 2004)

An instrumental Metal/Thrash band from Russia who come all the way from Russia. Thus is triumphant playing throughout with plenty of finger tappin' and and other excellent guitar tricks you'd expect to hear from guys like Kirk Hammett, Yngwie J. Malmsteen,

It's rather like having a Megadeth album, where a guitar takes the place of Dave Mustaine's vocal lines. Seven pieces in all with plenty of highlights and lets not forget that macine gun drumming too especially on 'Neon Revelations' coupled in with that Speedin' axe assaulting. Many a highlight includes the piano led 'Fires of Euphoria' that duels up with thrash rhythm a plenty or the pumping Satriani/Vai like closer 'Comets of Black Cosmothrash'.

Good to hear the instruments do the talking for a change.


By Glenn Milligan


Hard to avoid hype about, in the extreme metal scene at present, Sweden’s Dissection have graced us with something I until now believed to be an infinite impossibility - a death metal song you can dance to.

Growling along to a groovy guitar beat that still retains its obligatory anger factor, this tune is set to dominate metal clubs nationwide for a good few years ahead. A great conception and in it a rare if unintentional breakdown of one of rock’s most difficult barriers has been almost fully accomplished with this cut.

Ol’ Nick will be swingin’ all night to it too, probably.


By Dave Attrill

DEADLINE - Mind The Step
(TB Records 2004)

Four years and about fourteen gigs, I've seen 'em and finally the collection of songs that has earned Deadline my continued support amongst that of everyone else now makes it to disc. 'Out Of Reach', often a favourite for a set opener has always held a feel of Canadian rockers Emerald Rain through its rapid rhythm hook-line and is as immediate on CD as on the boards. They used to have a song called 'Stop', which was available on a free 4-track promo handed out at the 2002 Gods - this tune now re-exists as 'Too Many Things' and while no early downer in the running, I have to confess that I did prefer the tune in its older form slightly more.

'Only You' is one of the Rotherham quartet's more recent compositions and despite its likeness to Darkness's 'Love Is Only A Feeling', - though that is one of Justin and co's better numbers - it is a strong and uplifting ballad in which Steve's voice utilises the full feel of the lyrical content. Another live staple, 'One Touch' fails to disappoint and many will be happy to own this highly hook-driven song at last. Up next are the top three and while 'Love's A Battle', 'Just One Night' and long-established band anthem 'Losing Myself' appeared on their EP a year ago - still available, by the way - these freshly re-recorded versions are more than purpose alone to buy this album, 'L.A.B.' in particular benefiting from some meaty and interesting guitar layerings by Andy.

Remaining brace of 'Love Won't Fade Away', 'Stay' and 'As Of Now' are simply more of Deadline's unflinchingly upper quality AOR suss that has seen them round up a larger surge of approval throughout the last year in particular and their support slots with Firehouse, Mike Tramp, Tyketto and most recently Sebastian Bach have no less than helped. A long and well-awaited treat for not only those who have supported the band over the last half decade but all of you who like your melodic rock served with drive, attitude and overall smoothness that lacks in too many of this genre's acts nowadays.

Well done lads.


By Dave Attrill

Tyketto, Emerald Rain, Van Halen, The Police

AVAILABLE BY ORDERING. Go to www.deadlineuk.com for info

There was another British hard rock act called Deadline a few years ago. They were a four-piece from Liverpool who played a well-received brand of Bad Company -influenced material, that in 1997 landed them slots with Thunder and Whitesnake. Sadly little was heard of them since and they split up in 1998 before they released an album, due to a lack of media enthusiasm amongst things. Nothing has been since heard of the whereabouts of the four former members of the group.

Not to mention a punk band around at the moment with the same name!!

DECIEVER - S/T (5 Track Mini Album)
(Iron Fist Productions - 2004)

Oh dear. Is death metal losing its favour in the scene at the moment? Seemingly so as Sweden's Deciever become the next in the queue to place those trademark growls over more old-school axe-grinding. 'Puppets'-meets-'Black' album Metallica with hints of Priest, Maiden, Slayer and Megadeth peppered in is what we have this time before I forget to mention it.

It's quite a pity then that this only spans five tracks as one gets quite rapidly roped in with what these lads have get up to, instrument in hand. Many of the riffs are not un-akin to what has passed a few hundred times bygone but the chugging is meaty enough to feed most metal hungry headbangin' folk for a good few months, or until we get a full length disc out of 'em. In the meantime, a very tasty starter.



By Dave Attrill

DOWNSET - Universal
(Hawino - 2004)

A decade they have been at large for, now, but poor Downset have always been forced to ride shotgun to fellow LA rap-metal kingpins Rage Against The Machine, Bodycount and Limp Bizkit. Wimps these lads weren't, however and they have soldiered on through the years regardless, carried onwards by their loyal legions of followers.

Ray Oropeza's voice has deepened into a more gravely roar since their debut but he knows how to scream those choruses like a man who knows what he means, and what he feels, and even sings on one or two bits here and there. 'Empower' was a dance-floor fave of mine in my teen years and though they've progressed since, their streetwise implications stay with them in the usual HC fashion of things. Typically hard-hitting cuts like 'All Crews', 'Black Glock','Jumping Off', 'Hectic', 'Make This Happen', 'What They Want' and 'Universal' continue to generate the vibes that brought these sorts of bands together to begin with.

More than plenty to please those who prefer the Downset of old though, this band move along and stay put without being pulled apart, like anyone would dare try and do that to 'em.


By Dave Attrill

Biohazard, Stuck Mojo, My Own Victim, Rage Against The Machine

Drill Queen - Born Different
(Poochie Corp Records - 2004)

A poppy up-to-date like Shunk Anansie meets Grace Jones who have a black frontwoman called 'Vee'. They've most definitely got the X-factor with their strong catchy hooksand make you instantly interested in them.

A band who are ones to watch - I can see them being the 1st new big thing in 2005 if not before.


By Glenn Milligan

DROWNING POOL - Love And War (1-track promo single)
(Wind Up - 2004)

One of the better numbers off their blinding 'love And War' album, this is an instant catcher with a hook that brings to mind, Machine Head's 'From This Day', funnily enough and at this stage I can't resist a temptation to match a similarity of this bloke's voice with Anthrax's John Bush.

While rather unimpressed at being sent only one track on this disc and no B-side, this is a number with top-40 potential over our side of the pond and Drowning pool had better get a move on coming over here as this and most of their material kicks back end of human body pretty seriously.

If you haven't got that album yet, you're missing a treat.


By Dave Attrill

DRY KILL LOGIC - The Dead And Dreaming
(SPV - 2004)

That bands have a dislike to doing just the one thing is no kept secret and at most times when they try to, even if the constraints of commercial acceptability on today's market try their hardest but fail in their way to stop them heading down that one way street, a band still finds all its wheels not quite steering in the same one direction.

New York's Dry Kill Logic, now on their third album began their career in 1993, during the breakout of the alternative metal scene. At that time, Pantera and Sepultura wee still making waves with more old fashioned noise, and Machine Head just coming round the corner but this four piece outfit then known as Hinge had seemingly developed their own direction from which evolved the sound they proudly create today on 'T.D.A.D'.

The arrival of nu-metal seemed not to go unnoticed as one will hear from a sound quite owing to Boysetsfire and Strata atop the fairly Metallica-directed chords and their preference to include solos unites old and new quite effectively.

A band we should hear more about. Good one.


By Dave Attrill

Dio - Master of the Moon
(SPV - 2004)

Jumping labels - from one 'S' to another, Ronnie returns with arguably one of his best albums in years with more of his trademark dark sounds and visionary on new release 'Master of the Moon' - it's pure gothica, the old blazen metal way.

Opener is a soon to be live classic - well it's got to be with the title 'One more for the road' that's Rainbow like and pounds away - so can witches ever die? OK, so he's close to pension age but shows no sign of slowing down and donning pipe and slippers. Tons of highlights frequent this album tracks such as 'The End of the World'; 'The Man who would be King' and 'Living the Lie' that prove there's years of life in the little dungeon master.

Lovers of Ronnie have never had it better.


By Glenn Milligan


Dip - Gizzagoo (By the envy of your friends E.P.)
(Rydoff Recordings - 2002)

A nutty, never taking themselves serious rock band that feature Rob Lane (of Teenage Casket Crew) on bass. Dip bellow out humorous ditties about such topics as doing a cow!! (Shed the beef); Granny and her Peek Freen custard creams (Wombat) not to mention a killer take of Blondie's 'Hangin' On The Telephone'.

It's fun-time, whacky and as tight as a nuns crotch.

See 'em live somewhere near you whenever you get chance.


By Glenn Milligan

DROWNING POOL - Desensitized
(Wind-Up Records - 2004)

They've been making a name for themselves on the metal scene since their appearance, about three years ago and although Metalliville missed the Drowning Pool rollercoaster first time round, we've grabbed the front seats this time.

From the opening chords of 'Think' - onwards, D.P. are a band with a very nasty look on their faces to anyone who comes near but a very pleasant sound to the ears of anyone who appreciates or at least cautiously approaches anything under the nu-metal tag. To avoid taking too many liberties with the description laws, if you turn back the clocks ten years, you can hear the seeds of this record being sown through Pantera and Machine Head's more subtle sides though the latter would draw you nearer on their 'Burning Red' album, later in 1999.

Frontman Jason 'Gong' Jones's voice which is a direct tie between relentless angst and adrenaline-propelled melody drives this material all the way, giving it its slightly more old-school -oriented cred alongside the wants of all that is 'today' about metal and the teeth-grating grooves that CJ Pierce serves up behind, frighten as much as the frontman's deliveries as well as act as a warning shot of what's to be fired next, each time. 'Think' grinds and pounds with enough brute force to render the listener unable to reach the ten numbers that follow. Which would be a pity as they are all killer tunes with with hooks and riffs as the lethal weapons that they carry on every corner of their armour. 'Step Up' is fitted with probably one of the most addictive metal choruses of the year and 'Numb' is as close to Tool classic 'Prison Sex' as they dare (legally) approach.

In similar principles, 'This Life' echoes Machine Head's 'From This Day' pretty loudly with its melodic hardcore metal approach The following few numbers, 'Nothingness', 'Bring Me Down', 'Love And War' and 'Forget' fly all over the place fro inspiration and the names Corrosion Of Conformity, Monster Magnet, Trouble, Korn and Soundgarden show up on the mind's monitor. 'Cast Me Aside' and 'Killin' Me' are the Pool just being themselves though there is a vague Fear Factory-ness that can be picked up through the former. 'Hate' ends on a very 'St Anger' and perhaps slightly 'And Justice…' -era Metallica sort of note but I'm afraid Mr Hetfield has been shown up by another young upstart here in the menace department.

And abruptly, after 38 minutes, it's already time to say 'That's All Folks!' or more appropriately 'Hit That There Play Button Again, Partners' because 'Desensitized' is a blinding record and acts as a par excellence schooling in the crafting of the perfect modern-day metal album. Packed with no end of power, attitude and enthusiasm, it is the work of an important band in today's hard music scene, who obviously respect the roots as well as what grows from them.


By Dave Attrill

Kevin Dubrow - In For The Kill
(Shrapnel Records - 2004)

The singer from Quiot Riot gets solo on us and presents 12 of his favourite songs to us - this is rock 'n' roll covers at their best with a band made up of Kevin Curry (Guitar); Jeff Martin (Drums); Gunter Nezhoda (Bass) and Michael Lardie (Keyboards, Guitar, bv's and Harmonica) who Kevin co-produced the album with.

What makes this album stand out from others is that Kevin has got gone for obvious choices found on every rock compilation out there. OK, so you'll find versions of T-Rex's '20th Century Boy' The Faces 'Stay with me' and Deep Purple's 'Speed King' for those out there who do the pub rock by numbers top 20 but where else and who else would you find blinding more obscure stompers like Humble Pie's 'Red Light Mama, Red Hot'; The Easybeats 'Gonna have a good time' and 'Rolling with my baby'.

It appears that Kev's really done his homework here and it will make you wanna seek out those long forgotten brilliant numbers such as my personal fave 'Black Sheep of the Family' from Rainbow or the never heard Queen belter 'Modern times rock 'n' roll' (that Roger Taylor took lead vocals on - in fact if Kevin's voice was slightly drier he'd sound just like old Rog). Hey let's not forget the fun-loving 'Drivin' Sister' by Mott the Hoople.

Can't stop playing this album. It's the 'Bees Knees' or should that be 'D's Knees'.


By Glenn Milligan

DEEP - Inferna EP
(Unsigned - 2004)

How often has Harrow come up as the place to dispense forth a promising future metal act such as these lads? Deep might not be the most exciting band name you'll hear all century, but the act beyond this particular use of the moniker have got something packed with potential in these four tunes.

Think of a more thinned-out Monster Magnet guitar sound with vocal melodies you might have expected on the early Danzig albums, topped with pure 70's groove and attitude and you wouldn't exactly going too wide of the mark. A deal for this lot soon, any chance? I hope so, this is quite…. Harrow-ing stuff.


By Dave Attrill

DEVIL TO PAY - 30 Pieces Of Silver
(Benchmark - 2004)

Possessing probably the most ridicule-inducing name used by a rock band since Thatcher stepped down as PM, US rockers Devil To Pay's music must be either that to match or a totally different kettle of fish, period. The outcome is, let's say a more sophisticated and sensible version of the former, the Monster Magnet-esque noise on offer in with it's share of chance on the appeal-ometer, and the typical aggression factor is worked with as usual.

It's just a pity that with a load of other bands out there doing this, in an almost exactly akin form, DTP's own material is hard to distinguish and quite frankly I've heard a superior effort from Divine Propaganda with last year's 'Hidden Hand' album. Still by no means a terrible record, though - give it a listen if you've got the time.


By Dave Attrill

The Delian League - Day of Question (E.P.)
(S/R - 2003)

A New Jersey band who sound musically like a (Iron) Maidenistic Megadeth with a James Hetfield like vocalist. The have a fresh feel especially on 'The Questioning'. 'Final Day' has a Sabbath influence jammed in with the two bands beginning with I and M with 'Days of Regret' being a mix of everything.

An excellent outfit that'll do well if they get enough media attention. For more info on them go to www.thedelianleque.com


By Glenn Milligan

DENATA - Art Of the Insane

Looking at that sleeve, it's got to be someone rather out of touch with sanity to put bloodied corpses wrapped in white bedsheets and parcel tape on display at the local gallery. What sickening sounds do DENATA, whoever they are, support this imagery with then, one thinks. Initially expected to plod through another collection of one-dimensional death metal drivel, they are suddenly noticed to be taking an unexpected direction, opting fro straight ahead verse-chorus-verse criteria with the bonus of most of their songs all having - even if only barely - distinguishing characteristics.

Some of the stalest lyrics on the face of the planet ruin one or two of the numbers and quite a bit of the riffage has about as much originality as Status Quo but at the same time, you can't help but liking the quite laid-back attack of this act, which has helped in making this one of those rare albums of this genre that you can relate to.

Go on, honest, it's worth hearing.


By Dave Attrill

Dirty Rig - Blood, Sweat and Beer… Make America Strong
(The Music Cartel - 2003)

Heavy, hoardy, hoggy Long Islanders who have a passion for the wailing guitar work of 'Black Label Society' that's combined with the attitude of Pantera.

A six tracker CD with a bonus DVD of the dirty f*ckers having a good old jam. This is rock 'n' roll with huge slabs of balls from the opening 'Hitch-hiker' which urps at you with a ton of wah-wah and a kickin' cowbell right through to 'Alcohog' which sports the title of the CD.

Do it large and crank it up.


By Glenn Milligan

DOGPOUND - The Hellbum
(Lion Music - 2004)

Scandi' quartet Dogpound first/last came to my notice on one of Z's 'Rock the Nations' samplers. Strangely enough, they don't seem to have impressed Mark Alger one way or another as they now show up on the burgeoning Lion label. Surprising, considering their brand of hard rock is much more suited to the Liverpool company's dealing than to Lion's progressive preferences.

For those still without the picture, it's modern day melodic rock of the kind Kick, Eclipse and most items on Artenzia's roster deal in, equipped with classy eighties melodies aplenty. Combining the styles as are done here has for long been considered an enter-at-own-risk affair, but again it's failed to stand in the way of decent songs, performed and written with though and attitude running in synchrony.

Whether Dogpound are going to send everyone barking mad is yet to be seen but at least they're doing so more or less up the right tree. And you'd be doing so too when you check this one out.


By Dave Attrill

Dopestars Inc. - 10,000 Watts of Artificial Pleasures
(S/R - 2003)

An Intalian quartet who specialise in Cyber Gothic Industrial Dance Metal - if there is such a thing. Try mixing together Ministry with Hawkwind on a collision course with Marilyn Manson, The Mission who've just been on a scary encounter with Rob Zombie and The Sister of Mercy.

They comprise of Victor Love (Vocals, Guitars, Programming Synths, Drum Machine); Grace Khold (Synths, Samples Programming); Darin Yevonde (Bass) and Brian Wolfram (Guitar).

Not letting down or slowing up for second they crank out the beats and speed their way through the dark to the next morning and beyond. They'll mash your brain up with their 100mph+ sounds from their self-titled opener to Generation Plastic.


By Glenn Milligan

DECAPITATED - The Negation
(Earache - 2004)

The latest album from present day Swedish deathsters Decapitated is a souvenir of a band leaning a little over that side of the fence that welcomes an ounce or two of subtlety and diversity into their product while at the same time staying true to their native genre.

With some quite interesting, pretty often melodic, but rarely less than brutal, and noticeably old-school directed riffing embodying the sound throughout led by not un-Gary Meskill-like vocals, this band seem to know how to spread their wings. It's just a pity it's the album that flies - past and gone in about 28-30 minutes just as it was becoming quite good fun. '3 Dimensional Effect', 'Lying And Weak', 'Calling' and 'Long Desired Dementia' plus the bonus Deicide cover are among the tracks I rate, fuelled in parts by some convincing Robb Flynn-oriented guitar movements as a further treat.

Fans are undoubtedly going to be racing for it goes without saying, and while I myself am not sure about losing my head over them yet, Decapitated look like succeeding in helping me do that, if they keep it going like this.



By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Deicide, Morbid Angel, Machine Head (circa 'Burn my Eyes'/'More Things Change' ), Pro-Pain, Testament

DEICIDE - Scars Of The Crucifix
(Earache - 2004)

In their 15-year existence, he has caused more worldwide outrage than any, bar a couple or so other acts in the metal genre put together. And yet Glen Benton continues to lead legendary death metal quartet Deicide from strength to strength at the top of the scene's roster. 'S.O.T.C' also sets -well the promo copy does anyway - the record for the most tracks in the shortest amount of time, 99 flying by in just under 27 minutes - stuffing Napalm Death's achievements well and truly, in the process.

Deicide's line in lung-ripping, blood-curdling, hate-belching brutality has for long taken its time for me to get into, often being warned against by others as a bland one-speed noise vehicle but over recent times, I've taken to get to know their music, they turn out to be a little more multi-directional than initially suspected. 'Scars' and 'Mad At God' offer more of the mid-tempo grindin' that prompts synchronised headbanging from those down the front five rows. 'Conquered by Sodom' boosts up the motor a bit more but without omitting standard stomping rhythms of the kind that makes this form of metal more commercially approachable. 'F*** Your God' is full speed all the way through, ol' Glen trying to narrow the border between singing and spewing as much as possible.

'When Heaven Burns' maintains the style but calmer in parts with the three other lads venting their vocal fustrations to effect in the background. 'Enchanted Nightmare' is decorated by some pretty sounding little bursts of lead guitar and the odd deviation to chugging riffage but otherwise is the same ol' thing as the last two numbers. 'From Darkness Comes' is where my interest begins to take leave, just a bland conglomeration of the previous six numbers though the solos again cheered things up, a titch. 'Go Now Your Lord Is Dead' does nothing to excite - you can probably guess how that one goes then - so ninth and final number 'The Pentecostal' is relied upon to try and end the disc on an interesting note. Well, it tries with more collaborations between two main different rhythms and I felt my head beginning to move back and forth in time with the guitars here, in a familiar manner.

Another fine chapter to the Deicide legacy, 'S.O.T.C' should guarantee lashings of live chaos and although my preference for this sort of stuff in shorter quantities makes me in ways grateful for its rather diddly duration, it wins my respects amongst the masses. One to convert the in-Deici-sive, definitely.


By Dave Attrill

THE DARKNESS - Permission To Land

I like this, but it's not because it's worthy on either a serious or an alternative rock critic critical level. It's 'cos I've got a weakness for novelty rock, not a good thing for a band to be called, not a great reason to write a good review. But The Darkness is just that. Vocalist Justin Hawkins isn't the saviour of showman-boyish swan rock, he ain't the new Freddie Mercury, and this isn't a cross between AC/DC and Thin Lizzy, or any creamy cream Creem crème de '70s.

It's the second coming of Urge Overkill, and later up the corporate rock chain, early Collective Soul (the soundtrack era): fooled-ya fun rock for the masses, laden with enough geometric, debatable, illusory irony to cause all those column inches by those who normally hate riff rock, or at least the kind not accompanied by wink and nudge. If you really wanna talk metal comparisons, this Justin Hawkins guy is Diamond Head's Sean Harris (Notorious-era Sean, with Robin George), doing King Diamond, cheap falsetto, charming in his lack of shame (I hear Robert Smith too).

Beneath him (literally, given the David Lee leaps), his band performs quite the engaging mish mash of quick-witted hard-ish hooks, the type those shiftless, savings-less bedheaded critics in their draft-swilling low 20s like to think they can locate within Black Oak Arkansas or Grand Funk, lacking the vinyl pudding proof that neither ever rocked. No, this package came wence before, congregating at the wildside end of Urge Overkill or Collective Soul, vaguely, in and about the face, chest and neck of Smashing Pumpkins, not all that inspiringly, at the snowy crosshairs of Sloan and the helmet-headed end of The Tragically Hip's early hockey schtick.

But like I say, I dig it, and play it a bunch, because it ain't hard on the (old) ears, and it is funny. Plus I too fell for Urge Overkill and Collective Soul.


By Martin Popoff

Dead Cell - S/T (E.P)
(Rockworks Productions - 2003)

A 4-piece quartet from Birmingham, UK who kind of sound like Staind and Therapy and kind of early Manic Street Preachers mixed into one, the opener 'Downside Up' and second song 'Closer' being great example.

These three tracks are instantly likeable and have the staying power to entice radio listeners especially the last number, 'Take the low' that's a sure hit if released as a single in its own right with its catchy down-best throbbing guitar rhythm and singalong title-chorus.


By Glenn Milligan

DOGPOUND - The Hellbum
(Lion Music)

Unfortunately, the awful cover art, band name and album name might hobble this one. But man oh man The Hellbum is an incredible surprise, a blinding hair metal-type album at the heavy, headbanging, down-tuned end of the genre sorta like Freak Of Nature or Lillian Axe or Jorn Lande and that sonorous man's axis.

The title refers to the crap the band went through dealing with Shark and an uncommunicative Z Records. But all the better for Lion, who have a band dripping with star quality here, one that posseses the magic of Wildhearts with the sublime melodics of (very hard) Styx (Hea's vocals have a bit of Tommy in 'em; harmonies go there too) and just generally a kick ass collection of songs that still manage to go down easy, despite vicious riffs everywhere.

Killer production tops the package. Congrats on a minor masterpiece. Suggestion: re-do this cover art quick, and relaunch. This could be the biggest seller of the Lion catalogue if approached properly - there are potential hits everywhere.


By Martin Popoff

DREAMTIDE - Dreams For the Daring
(Frontiers/Now & Then - 2003)

A name from the (Metalliville) past, indeed, Dreamtide's first album 'Here Comes The Flood' was one of the first entries on the site's review page, two years back. Time now to get those sandbags out again because that flood's back and as bad as ever.

The German quintet impressed many with their first display of beefed up contemporary melodic rock and obviously it has been welcomed back with opened arms. Some of the members have popped up in various other acts so there's been little excuse for total musical inactivity in between releases. All back together for a second round and again the tide turn it on - hook-loaded ha\rd rock with modern-day technique added on alongside hints of the styles of certain other German or Scandinavian acts I might mention.

Robust guitar work by Helge Engelke again strengthening the supports and although vocalist Olaf Senkbeil's tones don't exactly differ an infinity from those of many fellow European acts, his part in the machine runs on fully oil. 'I'll be Moving On', 'I'm Not With You', 'Man on A Mission', 'Eden', 'Land Without Justice' and 'Dreams Are Free' replicate these reasons that their previous disc got its much-deserved credit and D.F.T.D. will do as the like, if not more so. Super.


By Dave Attrill

November 2003
The Darkness - I believe in a thing called love
(Atlantic - 2003)

Well no doubt you've all heard this a thousand times - unless you've been living in the depths of a cave in outer Mongolia.

This has-been number one single that's been performed live around the UK in October '03 is one of the catchiest commercial tracks in years that I've took an immense liking to and crosses the ballsiness of Foreigner mashed in with the instrumentations of Queen and the OTT falsetto vocal styles of Uriah Heep.

Hope they release 'Get your hands off' as the next single or that opener on the 'Permission to Land' debut album that bands on about a black shirk - whatever the hell that may be - these should hit the top as well.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

DEADLINE - Is Anyone Paying Attention?
(Self-Relesed - 2003)

I've been wanting to grab hold of some recorded material by these Rotherham rockers for some time now and when I pick up a free three-track e.p. that has their two best songs on it, plus another equally impressive cut, Christmas must be here early. I've seen Deadline live several times over the years, with Mitch Malloy and with Sheffield's leading luminaries such as Tikaboo Peak and Psi Phi, and they've recently opened for Enuff z'nuff too..

If you're looking for a clue as to what they sound like, think a mix of Tyketto and Norwegian hotshots On The Rise (whose debut CD has a 10/10 review on this site) combined with Van Halen, and also vague elements of The Police. 'Love's A Battle' and 'Losing Myself' have been staples of their live set from the start and I hope that 'Just One Night' becomes a regular inclusion too as it is a classic slab of melodic rock itself, and singer Steve and guitarist Andy throw in a strong combination of performances together. Not bad at all, lads.


By Dave Attrill

DEAD SOUL TRIBE - A Murder Of Crows
(SPV/Inside Out - 2003)

Er… yeah…. Lovely. And that's just the title but the front sleeve picture is as
to the point with it as one can get. So is the music any more cheerful? Very
much so, quality-wise, in substance and content, whilst the theme stays
typically dark and depressing. Dead Soul Tribe are an outfit who seem to sound
half nu-breed, half somewhat-slightly-older-breed but completely brilliant-at-

Fronted by a chap whose name sounds like a burial ground in south western England, the deep driving voice of Devon Graves, former frontman with the band Psychotic Waltz, is virtually worth the album's recommendation itself. His angst-laden harmonies dominate this strongly progressive-meets-nu-breed -edged material along with an admirable blend of riffs and each track has its own tale to tell somewhere in there.

A much talked-about - and almost always in high terms - album of summer '03, 'Murder Of Crows' is a recommended chunk of semi-experimental modern-day metal.


By Dave Attrill

DEFORGE - Freedom Release
(Self-released - 2003)

Mention Italy and death metal in the same line and you're guaranteed a few funny looks. If you're one of those lucky - and sensible - enough to own a copy of this hot new European act's six-tracker you could do worse than wave it in the face of such cynical tossers.

That and their brand of guitar-friendly gargle-fest should shut them up. Imagine John Tardy and Chuck Billy vomiting down the same loo pan whilst half of the Bay Area's biggest figures keep guard outside the door, distracting anyone wanting to look, with some at times surprisingly commercial speed metal licks. Not a bad start, boys.


By Dave Attrill


They say it is always best coming from its native land. So we're all off to death metal's long-known spiritual home of Florida, many years after the scene's legends emerged to see who rules the roost in Deicide-land today.

Diabolic's fourth full-lengther, this is actually their fifth release on as many different labels. One listen may provide the clues as to why their previous contracts were a smidgen short lived. It took until part way through the third track before any form of diversion away from this trouser-poopingly predictable endless high-speed chugging, to come about, and even this only lasted a couple of numbers. Frontman Ed Webb may have the perfect voice for the job, but it is another wasted through the motions.

Not a Diabolic-al release but nothing I'd take time off work for.


By Dave Attrill

Dog Fashion Disco - 'Committed to a bright...'
(Spitfire Records - 2003)

Musical cacophony that's like Mike Patten's 'Mr. Bungle' gone headfirst into a brawl with Sack Trip. It's as mad as f*ck with Jazz filled Metal and all sorts of shenanigans goin' down and that's for real matey - take a listen to 'Love song for a witch' the opening slice of nuttiness. The highlights here are in large proportions like the Death Metal zaniness of 'Rapist Eyes'; the easy-listening to Jazzed up 'Castaway'; that suddenly goes into thrash 'n' death metal.

Is there any logic behind this? The answer no - but it's damn good musicianship. You can't get bored because the music styles change so often. Sample 'The Acid Memoirs' that goes from disco to eclectic madness and even a spot of Saxophone on the brightly shining 'Déjà vu'.

They even chuck in a hidden track - a cover of Frankie Valli's 'Grease' from that cheesy late 70's film with Olivia Newton John and John Travolta in it - ironically enough, this has been done just like the original - weird or what.

This is the best disco I'm ever likely to be treated to.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

July 2003
DARK VISION - Full Moon Shines
(NMC -2003)

I hate to add another country to this list but Greece's switch hasn't frequently flicked by metal's finger when it comes to bands on said nationality's worldwide profile belt. Rotting Christ have a healthy following in the extreme metal scene as we all know but us outside the country get little else to choose from. Thank god that someone was kind enough to ship a copy of Dark Vision's debut full-lengther over to these shores then.

However, with their native origins in regard, they still seem to prefer the sounds of Scandinavia, belting out a frighteningly well-recognised black metal sound, but being from a land further afield, they've recognised their entitlement to scribble on the rule books on quite a few pages.

While the vocals cackle away - a la Lord Of The Rings's Gollum - the guitar has some texture to be felt, woven with a little Type o' Negative-coloured cotton and some female-sounding back voices also make the album at similar occasions quite absorbent. In their younger days, Dark Vision still have some way to go but now with previous education in this subject, they aren't too likely to face a slow journey.


By Dave Attrill

DEFIANCE - Transitional Forces

Defiances's 'Transitional Forces' is the first material I've heard of theirs, and I have to keep reminding myself that this is not a new Queensryche album, as they do sound THAT similar, even down to the high pitch vocal style of Lance King. The interesting combination of power and progressive metal reflects that as a band these guys are expanding in ideas and style.

Powerful guitar work and a heavy solid rhythm section make this band make this a great album and the diversity of the production keeps it fresh. Unlike some bands, they don't seem to play fast fro the sake of speed, which gives this CD a great likelihood of impact and Defiance their own style.


By Steve Windle

Drive She Said - Real Life
(Frontiers/Now and Then - 2003)

They are back - Mark Mangold, Al Fritch and drummer Johnathon Mover and they are full of as much romance as ever. Their songs are that are definitely ones to please up to the Missis with in a dark, candlelit room - well as long as she likes soppy 'n' syrupy 80's ballady AOR .

This is tear jerking stuff that we can all relate to 'cause this is real life' as the album title says. It's an immense release that got me involved from the start (and I usually hate this fetch-me-a-bucket slush stuff) due to the exceptional musical and vocal harmonies, not to mention the highly enjoyable well-structured melody lines. It's all good and notable high points include the Journey-like 'What's it gonna take'; trhe instantly grabbin' funkiness of 'All my heart' and the closer 'Believe'.

These songs'll work on all girls the world over - a collection of love anthems who's lives will remain timeless and last forever.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Pre-July 2003
Dream Evil - Evilised
(Century Media)

Back with their second album 'Evilised' and it just doesn't seem 5 minutes since the debut 'Dragonslayer' came out. Ballsy double-bass drum somersaulting Power Metal from Sweden who spent 2002 promoting the last said album as well as supporting Blind Guardian and doing a headline tour of Japan.

They are one of the best bands of the musical genre and they've delivered well again with ferocious instrumentation and soaring vocals. On this album they offer up supreme cuts such as 'Break the Chains'; title track 'Evilised' with its almost orchestral Maiden meets Queensryche intro before the track sets on fire, spilling out like a volcanic eruption. Then there's the exquisite balladeering piano led 'Forever More' and the sey 'Made of Metal' -which will no doubt become a festival favourite for these spectacular Swedes.

Metal Up Your Ass !!!


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons

D-Zire - The Awakening
(Kik O' Rama Records -2002)

Hailing from Studio City, Los Angeles, D-Zire are a classy Glam band with all the clothing attire to go with it who kinda sound like as a sophisticated Motley Crue mashed in with Tigertailz and Pretty Boy Floyd.

This 15 tracker includes songs that were written between 1995 and 2001 - some of which politically relates to George W. Bush like 'Omega 9-11' and the spoken word number called 'Change'. There's lighter material as well throughout the cd like the kickin' 'Daydream' with its glam choral harmonies and crunchy riffing; the very likable 'Hollywood Attitude' about LA bands; the slutty 'She's no angel' or Toney's dedication to his beautiful daughter 'Amanda Mae'.

Makes me wanna get to LA right now this instant !!


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Danko Jones - Lovercall (Single)
(Bad Taste Records - 2002)

Probably one of the best moments on their 'Born a Lion' album there Danko explains how to call the girls from his elders - so 'If you wanna do it right, up n' down and side to side', then follow the gospel, of Danko.

Worth buying for the 2 other tracks - 'Big bad' from their debut E.P. and 'Starlicker' - bother recorded in Toronto in '97.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

DARKANE - Expanding Senses
(Nuclear Blast - 2002)

Well, well, well, they don't come much more diverse than this, I must say. These lads have tried everything possible in the extreme metal arena here. Thrash, Death, Industrial, Goth, Hardcore, you name it. Uniformly, guttural thrash metal, Darkane's material is capable of going melodic in the vocal department (a la Fear Factory) at the flick of a button during the course of each song.

The tracks are like a set of fireworks that are missing their labels - you don't know exactly what you're going to get with of each one, but light the fuse and stand well back all the same because you get sparks coming up in colours of at least three of the above-mentioned genres. And look how the other natural elements blend into and round it all.

The chemicals can have come from any number of the following sources, Megadeth, Sepultura, Machine Head, Slayer, Strapping Young Lad, and as I said earlier, Fear Factory. Providing more loud bangs as always is the twin guitar talent of the band's two axemen, with excellent work in both lead and rhythm lines, and the drumming is the usual fully charged high-speed motor required. Quite how these labels manage to keep getting their mits on upper-rung metal acts like Darkane, I can never figure.


By Dave Attrill


From The last two pathetic CD releases of Danzig 5: Blackacidevil and Danzig 6: Satan's Child you would have expected from the poor sales that he would of done something about it. Luciferi is what has been left from 'Satan's Child'. What happened to the mouth-watering writing's that were produced with Danzig 1 through to 4? Danzig needs to sit down and think what the hell he is writing for his avid fans like myself who have followed him through his Misfits years.

From the eerie intro of 'Unendlich' you are enticed into a self-sense of security that builds your expectations as you also go through the gates of hell of ' Black Mass' and 'Wicked Pussycat' to be dropped at the next hurdle and then trampled on as you lay on the floor in pain of disappointment.

Apart from the wonderful start to this CD and the ballad 'Dead Inside', it makes you wonder, why can't he release material like this all the way through? Is it because he gets tired? Or does he get bored in the studio? What ever it is, he needs to do something about it, and do it now, as I can see Danzig 8 being a total waist of time and money.
Take note when you read it Danzig.

A very disappointed 6/10

By Tony Watson

(INSIDE OUT SPV087-41862 CD - 2002)

The only trouble with receiving CD's of bands and the musicians you have never heard of, is that you don't know what to expect, usually the record label gives it away but in this instance they have clearly shocked me.

Ok Dead Soul Tribe is a hard rock band who opens the CD with a tremendous track 'Power Trip' with the heaviness of Monster Magnet but the speed of Megadeth that makes you think WOW this is bloody good, which then turns into what I can only describe as 'A Perfect Circle' minus Maynard James Keenan, although Devon Grave (a.k.a. Buddy Lackey, Psychotic Waltz) tries to come across in the same way, he does quite a good job of it.

Dead Soul Tribe from the second track 'Comin' Down' onwards hits you in the same way 'A Perfect Circle' affects your emotions. If you were in a pub or at friends and you hadn't heard it before, you would say have 'A Perfect Circle' released a new CD.

Although I may be flogging 'A Perfect Circle', Dead Soul Tribe are in the same dimension with their style and emotion but at the same time there seems to be a touch of 'The Fields Of Nephilin', which in itself is not such a bad thing, you have 13 tracks and 45 minutes of melodic, temperamental, gothical and original rock that will relax even the hardest of metal fans especially 'You' and 'Once' that definitely play on those heart strings.


By Tony Watson

DECEMBER WOLVES - Blasterpiece Theatre
(Earache Records - 2002)

I must admit that I walk in through the door from the dunces department when it comes to talks on the subject of Death and Black metal as not a great deal of the stuff gives me that much to write home about.

This album, whilst full of high-octane extreme metal, is far too by numbers for my taste, I mean even most H.C./metal acts can be told apart easier than acts of this ilk. OK, so it features the usual Olympic speed guitar work, and vocals with more hate than you'd find between Bush and Bin Laden, and whilst and whilst I might not go so far as to say I hate this record, it 's nothing I'd desperately slap on the decks after a hard day at work, except a bad one perhaps.

Ad-libbing horror movie clips and effects throughout the songs may also be nice for decoration but it hardly makes the music itself any more exciting. If this stuff happens to be among your preferred flavours, do not be deterred by this rather disheartening review but I'd warn you rookie followers to the scene, you're better off checking some of Nile's material first, preferably live.


By Dave Attrill

(Mercury Records - 2002)

Yes, astoundingly, Def Leppard are back again already with another album, three years having flown past at speeds matching that of the Concord, since 1999's rather excellent 'Euphoria' disc. They've just been viciously bashed for this newie via that one-K rating in a famous UK Metal Magazine that starts in K and ends in G and I dived in as soon as possible to save them any sales that the aforementioned slating of the Steel City lad's latest long player may be at risk of costing them.

So is it actually any good? I'd say that's a yes, old chappie. Very, in fact. Recent hit single 'Now' says it all from the start as it is as apt a description of the Leps current musical direction as you're likely to encounter - a fresh sound structure that maintains the melody of more recent material but with more lightweight instrumentation, in particular the percussion.

As stated last year, it's a bit of a cross between 'Euphoria' and 'Slang'. 'Unbelieveable', is one of the first songs to be premiered that's been written by outside writers is still stands up as well as any penned by the Leps. I'd still prefer to lean on the repeater button for 'You're So Beatiful', 'Everyday' and 'Four Letter Word', all prime time Leppard rockers for the new millennium. 'Long Way To Go' is another one from outside writers but this has a rather ropey chorus melody - I'm hoping it isn't originally the work of a b*y b*nd.

'Torn To Shreds' is purely new-age Leppard - melodic mid-temp verse leading to grungy chorus line but great song all the same. 'Love Don't Lie' is one of the highlights of the tour and virtually draws level with the Stan Bush classic of the same title. 'Gravity' does not exactly see the Lepsters staying on Earth, the fivesome opting for a pseudo-electro rhythm backing but come chorus, it appears that they've produced some sort of sequel to the 'Slang' title track here, though unintentionally. Something also arcing back over the last two albums but culminating in a crushingly heavy blend forms the basis for 'Cry' and turn's D.L's diversity cogs even further.

'Girl Like You' tries out more electro-grunge experiments and with a decent chorus to boot, gets the job done, and 'Let Me Be The One' is that most compulsory of things for any Def Leppard album - a ballad and not at all a bad one either - shut it, 'Ke**ang' . Now there would have to be at least one song that journeyed back to the good ol' days and 'Scar' should satisfy even the most cynical Leps fan on the planet today. Just enjoy a totally Leppard-brand hard rocker in the 'Hysteria'/'Adrenalize'/'Pyromania' mould, (but don't you dare call it mouldy) and even reunites with their classic, heavier drum sound too. Once seems definitely not enough as 'Kiss The Day' carries on as likewise. A cunningly arranged cut, pace of this slow brooding number suddenly ups the gears at the end for some classic Collen/Campbell riffing. This is sadly a bonus track on the limited edition version of the album as is the subsequent unplugged run of 'Long Way….' so hurry to your nearest store if you want your copy to contain these two cuts on the end of the other thirteen, permanently available, numbers. Def Leppard 2002 AD, a band who've moved on, though not without peeping at the rearview mirror a few times (and why not ) and whose talents and inspirations seem to travel an endless spectrum. As I strongly advised earlier, take absolutely NO notice whatsoever of 'Ker-you-know-who's opinions 'cos this is one of the Sheffield legends' very finest hours.



By Dave Attrill

Dio - Magica
(Spitfire Records - 2000)

This is Ronnie James Dio in a conceptual album mode which tells the story about a book of spells called 'Magica' which has to be reclaimed from the evil ones. It's all classic heavy metal Dio material which sees him deeply obsessed with the night as usual. 'Fever Dreams' has that well-worn Dio style (i.e. Holy Diver) just the way you like it.

'Eriel' the super-hero of the story is a great slow-sped ballsy number allowing Ronnie to exercise those incredible vocal dynamics that produces plenty of atmosphere like no-one else can create. There's only Ronnie who has that high soaring tenor sound and it comes into life especially during 'As long as it's not about love' - a ballad I add.

It's a real magical album - scuse the pun - Ronnie even tells you the story 'Magica' - which unfolds just how imaginative this guy can be. It went down well live as witnessed when he last graced the UK in 2001 with Alice Cooper.

So how does the story end? Find out when you've bought the album.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS


This is the first album to come from this influential 80's British hardcore punk band in 10 years. Discharge have returned with an astonishing CD along side the original band line up, with of course Cal Morris with his political ideas on vocals.

This 13 track CD will have every hardcore punk coming out of their graves to reform their identity in society and create destruction and devastation everywhere they go, and who would blame them! This aggressive structure of music starts with 'You Deserve Me' and just doesn't stop with its aggressive attitude throughout its entirety as Discharge rip their way through 'Corpse Of Decadence', 'Trust 'em', 'Into Darkness', 'What Do I Get' and 'Hell Is War' to finish off this 31 minute piece of pure brilliance with two remixes 'Accessories By Molotov' and 'Corpse Of Decadence'.

Although Discharge have been amiss for 10 years, they haven't been forgotten and starting where they finished off gives me great pleasure in saying ''Punk Lives. Buy it''.


By Tony Watson

Dokken - Long Way Home
(Sanctuary Records - 2002)

Dokken sound like a completely different band - gone is the previous sound (double-bass drumming, OTT wailing guitars and piercing vocals). In its place are the vibes and atmospherics of a outfit who've matured well for they have now taken a more melodic, mellow route and greeting us with gorgious vocal harmonies - which I have to say is a lot more of a delightful listen than in-your-face and then some more in-your-face - they've been there and done it and it's time to move on.

The power is still there though such as in the opening 'Sunless Days' (you guys been listening to Zakk Wylde lately) and others like 'Under the Gun' (the amount of Rock/Metal songs with this title !!!) or the fresh-faced cover version of The Yardbird's 'Heartful of Soul'.

The album was produced by Don Dokken and mixed by Michael Wagener who's outstanding previous outings iclude Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica. On guitar is John Norum of Europe fame as well as a new bassist, Barry Sparks who's worked with rocks icons like Yngwie Malmsteen and Michael Schenker.

Vocally harmonies are in high abundence especially on the catchy 'Everybody needs (to be with someone)' and the Everly Brothers flavoured acoustic beauty, 'Ive found' about fining the woman of your dreams that you never knew existed and then there's 'Goodbye Old Friend'.

This album is proof that Dokken have a lot of milage left in 'em yet.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Doro - Fight
(SPV - 2002)

Dusseldorf's Rock Princess has got a fight on her hands here - but those fists ain't involved. This is her latest pledge to the world of rock. Something tells me that the drummer is the same Johnny Dee who fills the seat for Britny Fox - since their singer, Tommy Paris says he is her plaything - plus they did tour together not too long ago.

Mountains of Metal hammer at you and it ain't boring either or tongue in cheek like many I could mention. Doom Laden brilliance marks a return of the Giant presence that is Pete Steele of Type O Negative who duets with Doro on 'Descent' that'd make an exceptional single - they'd look so right together on stage as well. Elswhere, there's plenty to get excited about such as the ballad 'Undying' (that's about love and not vampires or anything else connected with the undead you care to name). 'Legends Never Die' with its slowed down 'All along the watchtower' riffage and beautifully grafted guitar solo from Joe Taylor well worth frothing over.

The sinister, 'Sister Darkness' is worth mentioning as well that has an addictive jogging bassline played by Nick Douglas and the enigmatic 'Hoffnung' (give me hope) is essential listening.

Come back to the UK Soon.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Danko Jones - Born A Lion
(Bad Taste Records - 2002)

This is Rock 'n' Roll at its most honest, rawest level - sleazy, loud, straight-up, no bullsh*t - the standard that you'd associate with AC/DC - but Danko Jones (the three piece - going by the name of the frontman) aren't from Australia - they descend from Canada and are far more uplifting than many firmly establihed, well-known artists like Bryan Adams or Nickelback.

Setting the scene immediately is 'Play The Blues' that tricks you with its opening authentic slide guitar blues before slamming some hard kickin' rock - "If you wanna know how to play the blues, get yourself a woman", Danko rants - you've just got to believe the man as well because it's delivered so honestly - and is the first single from the album as well. 'Lovercall' speeds up the adrenalin furthermore - where the melody arrangement style is introduced with, "I like it when it goes like that and like that". This is awesome power with blistering emotion - it's a great goer about learning the tips on how to pick up women, that he learned by watching his peers.

Danko has a cool swagger that firmly places him in the same category as David Lee Roth, Bon Scott and Ted Nugent - in fact he even places me in mind of Alvin Lee (Ten Years After) and George Thorogood, especially during 'Word is Bond' and 'Love is Unkind'. You could even joke and say that he sounds not too unlike the carnivorous plant, 'Audrey 2' from 'The Little Shop of Horrors' - no seriously.

It's little wonder that the incredible three-piece, 'Danko Jones' found their onto the second stage at Ozzfest - they will command it with a doubt and prove to be a hard act to follow - in fact, next time I think they will be playing the main stage.

This album will entertain and educate males (and even females) the globe over - explaining all you need to know about the so-called 'Fairer Sex' that is the Woman. These are songs from the heart, performed by three Candian Lions - who'll prove to be kings of the rock 'n' roll jungle.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

DFA - Work in Progress Live
(Moon June Records - 2000)

Coming across as a progressive, wacky 70's vibed Genesis with touches of Yes and Pink Floyd, Italian outfit, DFA have been caught live at 'Kehigh University's Zoellner Arts Centre on June 12th 2000. This was their first ever US performance which is mainly instrumental - with the shortest piece being 6.5 minutes long.

Keyboard effects are amass plus plenty of improvisational drumming, bass, lead and rhythm guitar work throughout. Highlights include the moderately fast-paced instrumental 'Escher' and the avante guarde weirdness of 'Pantera' (no relation to the band of the same name).

It's impressive stuff that's constantly seen on those Live In Concert German satellite TV shows like 'Ohne Filter'.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Dio - Killing the Dragon
(Spitfire Records - 2002)

The Great Little Dungeon Master who owns the big vacal chords has struck his sword again with new release, 'Killing the Dragon'. Musically and lyrically it harks back to Holy Diver/Dream Evil period, encompassing a warm production that vinyl used to do in the days of old.

Mr. Dio has brought in ex-House of Lords guitarist, Doug Aldrich (so does that mean he has left 'Burning Rain' ?) who sounds like he's been Ronnie's right hand man from the very beginning. Scott Warren creeps in a few Jon Lord organ riffs, especially during the rocker 'Before the Fall' and the line-up is made complete with long-stayers, Simon Wright (Drums) and Jimmy Bain (Bass).

The album opens up with the title track that is both powerful and bombastic - in that chilling, harsh style that only Ronnie can pull off best - there's many copyists who try, but this is the master of the ceremony at work and he cannot be bettered. 'Better in the Dark' sees Dio shake hands with the 70's territory of Rainbow - think 'Kill the King' brought slightly more up to date. 'Rock and Roll' carries over into the plains of Led Zeppelin due to its dark Page-like riffery and Kashmir'ish overtones and melts into an avalanche of metal as well, not to mention it's Spinal Tap styled title chorus.

What a stompin' closer 'Cod Feet' is. It features a riff that'll rock you head-down style wherever you happen to hear it - although the obvious place would be a forthcoming Dio concert somewhere hopefully soon.

Overall, 'Killing the Dragon' is a very impressionable album with vibrant spirit that makes that the power of Dio will never die, no matter how many large winged, fire-breathing reptiles have to be killed in the process. Ronnies back - be warned.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Jo Dog and Paul Black's Sonic Boom - Sundown Yellow Moon
(Black City Records - 2000)


This album has everything that I love to hear in an album - power, passion, acoustic bliss and simplistic heart-driven songs. Jo Dog (who you should know as being the guitarist from 'The Dogs D' Amour') has hooked up with Vocalist/Drummer, Paul Black and drafted in some guests including ex-Gunners Gilby Clarke and Teddy Andreadas, Bam Ross (Bubble) and Kyle Kyle (Bang Tango).

It's a magical experience ecompassing styles that are largely associated with Ry Cooder, Ronnie Lane, Bob Dylan and of course, The Dogs D'Amour' - Awesome is a word that comes straight to mind. It's all a highlight take the album title track 'Sundown Yellow Moon'; the Doggish 'Destination Nowhere'; 'Out of the blues' (with mindblowing harmonica played by Billy Ferrick and Banjo from Joe); the acoustic banjo-esque blues of 'It's Hot'; 'I see daylight' (with thumping slide guitar work) or the scary surf rock of 'That's what I like'.

This album is a must for all self-respecting blues and American folk fans everywhere.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Dream Evil - Dragon Slayer
(Century Media - 2002)

Powerful Melodic Metal hailing from Sweden that sees the musical idealogies of Frederik Nordstrom (Hammerfall, In-Flames etc) and guitarist, Gus G (of 'Mystic' and Prophecy') rub shoulders in the studio.

Dream Evil sock you with Metal of all natures - be it heavy or power metal. It's as tight as hell -as it should be. A definite stand-out track to be found here is most definitely 'Kingdom of the Damned' that's very reminiscent of Helloween without the need for high piercing vocals - this is more of a baritone nature - making for an ideally pleasant change.

These guys aren't even afraid to go all ballady on us either - which sees the 'Evil throw themselves head-first into Journey territory with the track, 'Losing You' and then rock out with the Ozzy 'n' Saxonesque squealings of 'Heavy Metal in the Night'.
Think mid 80's - classic Dio styled band - no wonder they go by the 'Dream Evil'.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Steve Dawson - Pandemonium Circus
(Angel Air - 2002)

A collection of un-used ditties from Dobby's Archives that have been recorded between 87 and 89 (with liner notes stating exactly where e.g. Sheffield and Louth) after being sacked from Saxon for no apparent reason. Steve reckons it could have been because Biff Byford wanted to be the spokesman for the band, so he was ousted as a result due to Dawson being the other main mouth.

The Production is rather cheap 'n' nasty for the drums sound boxy and the sound is scratchy 'n' weak - but let this be known, the performances aren't. The songs reflect the period and there's one or two songs that start with that killer guitar intro and the 'Yeah' vocal cry like the moderate tempo rocker, 'Answer to my Prayers'. Believe it or not, the one that really stands out is the cover of Lennon/McCartney penned 'Step Inside Love' that was a major hit for Cilla Black - it's amazing what can be done to an otherwise crap song - this is a Metal Masterpiece with powerful sustained wailing vocal perfection from Adrian Davidson. If only Cilla had released an arrangement as uplifting as this - it would have raised her credibility no end. 'All I want' is melodic rock heaven - an energetic happy song about girls.

The bonus live section recorded at Ranmour College in Sheffield in 1987 is ok but suffer in the vocal department - too many drop-outs and strains for my liking which is a pity because musically it's knockout - featuring inclusions of the Saxon stellars 'Motorcycle Man' and 'Dallas 1PM' that are pulled off due to Nigel Durham seeing to drum duties.

Basically, this is a CD to keep the Saxon fans happy until the Oliver/Dawson
version release their studio album.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

(RELAPSE RECORDS - 2002 Cat. no. RR6427-2)

Well! What can I say about a band who describes themselves as metal and new-school hardcore? What is that supposed to mean? If new-school means that they are one fucked up band who express themselves through the weirdness of Primus, with the full on thrash of Slayer, the jazziness of Red Hot Chilli Peppers with the cheekiness of Faith No More and the underground touch of Napalm Death, do we have what is called metal and new-school hardcore, probably!

The Dillinger Escape Plan are a bunch of talented guys with no rhythm, and I well say this in the kindest of respect, you could be enjoying the intro to any of their tracks when all of a sudden it goes straight over your head with out any warning and there it is, lost for good.

'Calculating Infinity' is a 37 and a half minute CD, from the start of 'Sugar Coated Sour' to '*#..' through 'Destro's Secret' to finally finish off with 'Variations on a Cocktail Dress' will in one sense gives you a full outlook on the bands talents and achievements over a short period of time, and in the next sense, has you screaming in pain as your ears bleed with the full on focused nuclear assault of extreme noise and aggression.

To fully appreciate The Dillinger Escape Plan, the band would have to been seen live, only if it is to see if what they do as musicians with their complicated out of sink rhythms can be produced in the live gig atmosphere.


By Tony Watson

Dominoe - In No Silence... No Lambs
(MTM Music - 2002)

Previous to hearing this, I thought that Dominoe (Domino) was just a song by Kiss or Genesis as well as being a game played by old flat cap codgers in the local pub, but this Dominoe break out of this mode entirely. Blending the 80's and the 90's in the same bag, they put some freshness back into the overdone melodic rock sound-byte.

Vocalist Joerg Sieberg has a warm voice that blends in the contrasting qualities of Brian May and Bryan Adams. Musically they do at times slip down the Roxette Radio Route in an It Bites kinda way, but there's enough bite here to prevent you from hitting the eject button.

'Here I Am (2002) - I guess it's been out before is very much a power ballad that you'd be let off for if you thought it had come right out of the head of John Lennon or George Harrison that even has a tasty dash beautiful blues harmonica. There's an unplugged version as well towards the end of the CD which matches up just as good.

Elsewhere there are plenty of up-beat numbers that aught to be heard on FM radio, especially, 'We Stand Together' (with gorgeous female backing vocals) that'd sit there snugly on one of those Bible-bashing compilations especially since it's so tranquil and concerned with having faith. It's rather cheesy but I can dig it as the melody is really something quite spectacular.

Other major highlights include the tribal drumfest and bottleneckin' poppish rocker 'Silence' which'd make for a tremendous single. A real knock-out of a number has got to be Dominoe's cover of the Bachman-Turner Overdrive classic 'You ain't seen nothing yet' where the band have placed their own mark on it by using echoey radio effects on the vocals as well as making their rendition both electric and acoustic simultaneously. This fantastic arrangement for the overplayed 70's rock staple makes the album worth buying for this track alone, except that the majority of the material found on this CD stands up well against it all the same.

There's 'No Silence... No Lambs' and most definitely No Hannibal Lector - but instead an exceptional album of classy melodic material that I hope won't sink without trace.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

(WIND-UP Records 2002 Cat. No. WUJC 20007-2)

The second single to be taken of the platinum album 'Sinner', 'Tear Away' is a slower and darker side to Drowning Pool, which has the chorus 'I don't care about anyone else but me' that will stay with you forever.

From such a brilliant album, 'Tear away' shows a different side to Drowning Pool that will give you the sense that they are not a one minute wonder.


By Tony Watson

February 2002

DECEMBER - The Lament Configuration

The Lament Configuration is December's debut CD for Earache and as you may expect December will give you no surprise to their extremities. This quartet from Nevada have probably produced the worlds most brutal and heaviest CD this century with it's nerve wrecking, neck breaking, frantic fast beats, pounding riffs and deafening vocal attack on the eardrums.

December have written this CD with no remorse, from the start of 'Icenine' to the end of 'Quiet Cold', their aggressive sonic violence has you screaming with mercy as their vitriolic onslaught within their arsenal violently thrashes away at your life.

The Lament Configuration isn't just a ten track mainstream angry attitude CD it's full of surprises as well as talent, which gives it that little bit of an edge over other brutal aggressive thrash CD's that have been around in the past.

With their aggressive grind metal assault December offer an astonishing musical backbone that has been painstakingly crafted and structured to the extent of it being enjoyable to the eardrums.

It's a CD for the die-hard death and grind fan and not for the faint hearted, December have hit Europe with the biggest winter freeze for centuries.


By Tony Watson

Demon - Spaced Out Monkey
(Record Heaven Music - 2001)

Demon are a band from the early 80's that haven't so far made much of an impact in the U.K. - in fact I'd not heard of them before Classic Rock featured a few reviews of their re-released back catalogue.

They are real sophisticated players who these days are sort of Pink Floyd meets Fish-era Marillion and their vocalist Dave Hill fits somewhere between those two bands - he possesses a high, dry, hoarse voice that has a lot in common with the offerings of Dave Gilmour, Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel and of course, Fish.

Highlights include the title track, 'Spaced Out Monkey' with its Hendrixy 'Voodoo Chile' riff and the moderate rocker 'Where are you coming from' that is extremely atmospheric' and has an echoey sound (the drums especially), giving the impression it could have been recorded at a large concert hall in front of a packed crowd. 'Cry on the street' sees Demon go into Genesis territory as well as that of Marillion with its 'Hey Dude' chorus. 'Alone' is a killer of a number with its swirly and spacey ambience that puts me in mind of contemporary 70's rockers like 'Smokie' or 'Joe Fagen'.

If you dig this - seek out their earlier releases available on the same label - Record Heaven Music.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Doro - Calling the Wild
(Koch Records)

The voice of Warlock bites with 'Calling the wild' - her most recent studio album. It's heavy and almost nu-metal in parts - but no, she hasn't sold out to the young kids - in fact, she's as dark as ever and 'I give my blood (dedication)' is a clear indication of this with its scorching sinister chorus in a song concerned with being sick of how one's life is.

Pesch puts the much-needed sparkle into a Gothed up doomy up-tempo cover of Billy Idol's 'White Wedding'. She makes the original sound quite insignificant in comparison. This version has more in common with Type O Negative with Doro on lead vocals as opposed to Pete Steele.

The album features Slash playing a solo on 'Now or Never' that has a G'n'R meets Biohazard feel about it. The song is about a woman who wants a specific man to take her love. Lemmy has writing credits to two of the numbers like the Motorhead song, 'Love me forever' and the beautiful 'Alone Again', which is a real rare gem because the Lem plays acoustic guitar as opposed to his guttural bass. On guitar is famed producer Bob Kulick (brother of 'Bruce' ex-Kiss Guitarist) and coincidentally ex-Kiss member, Eric Singer on drums of course.

'Scarred' sees Doro hit on a David Bowie meets The Sisters Of Mercy musical level - there are atmospheric piano notes and 80's electronic drums present here and lyrically is all about feeling pain when someone has gone.

Throughout the album magnificent musicians are to be found - buy the CD to find out who they all are. Get your hands on this 'Metal Masterpiece' now.


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

DREAMTIDE - Here Comes The Flood
(Frontiers/Now & Then - 2001)

Not the most comforting titles I'd rather be looking at this evening having just been bombarded by typically British near-torrential downpours on the way back home from work. Never mind, there's a nice, powerful, searing melodic rock CD to look forward to at the end of the journey, and this was it. Another band from out of absolutely nowhere - a bit like that half-hour burst of sunshine I had earlier this morning. Also it's bit like the style combinations of this album as I am for some reason reminded of Danny Danzi singing with some great German metal band from the eighties. No disrespect in the slightest to this Deutschland based act, who do their country proud here.

High pitched tonsular tactics just where needed the most, along with lashings of juicy guitar and keyboard harmonies obey the trademark regulations to the hilt and the concoction of influences is on clearly labelled exhibition throughout. Most important of all they still come through with their own distinctive sound, despite the vaguely gospel-toned backing vocals being a known tradition in European metal circles for quite some years now. There's one moment at the end of 'Dreams' where I'm reminded of some song called 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. You may be sick of hearing this line by now but this really 'IS one of those albums you may have to give a couple of plays before you fully appreciate their sound', if you are not used to too many different styles of melodic metal or rock. Nonetheless, Dreamtide are worthy tutors in this class.



By Dave Attrill

Pre - 2002

D.A.D. - Everything Glows

(E.M.I/Medley - 2000)

The band who brought us the gothic big hair pop sound of the single 'Sleeping my day away' are back with a slightly different vibe than I remember when I first heard them over a decade ago. Gone is the arena big hair rock vibe and here in its place is a more down-to-earth modern pop groove which sort of mixes in the shades of The Cornells, R.E.M. and The Offspring with good examples being the title tracks 'Everything Glows' and 'Nineteenhundredandyesterday'.

If I'd heard this material on the radio I wouldn't have thought it was the same band. Is this the true sound of D.A.D. or are they simply experimenting more than previous - it's hard to tell!!! To be honest it doesn't really matter - since it's a strong album that illuminates a nice chunk of power-pop - a good example, being the song, 'The Road below me'. Another number, 'Evil Twin' has a Hendrixy intro, that's closely followed up by a chanting Red Indian tribe - it's awesome stuff which has got a full-on Aerosmith flavour to it. At times, lead vocalist and guitarist Jesper Ginzer is even a deadringer for Steven Tyler, especially during the chorus of 'Candy Bar' - a delicious up-tempo rocker.

The production on this CD is crystal clear and the quality vocals and dynamics in the overall mix are outstanding. Jesper's voice is extremely friendly, unbelievably smooth and classy - he could be the modern Marc Bolan!!! The rest of the band sound so incredibly fresh (which consists of Stig Pederson - Bass/Backing Vocals, new drummer Laust Somme, who also plays the vibraphone, keyboards plus performs backing vocals and the other Binzer boy, Jacob who takes charge of guitar, keyboards and backing vocals.

The album is full of tasty surprises like the ballsy 'Summer me soon' about for the warm hot dry season - and mark my words, it'll be a definite live crowd pleaser with its brilliant Black Crowes tinged blues harmonica break. Although the standout track by far is 'A kiss between the legs' - a ditty of pure humour directed at the women. It's very much a moderate, cheesy rocker containing the funny chorus lines,

'Whenever you find what you seek,
It's be kind to clitoris week"

I'd simply love to hear Disk Jockies take a chance with this the world over - and see what sort of press they receive. It's actually a great song that's got the term 'hit single' branded all over it - but I suppose the chorus might have to be changed to keep the upper hand happy. There's also some spectacular musicianship on offer here and even reminds me of the legendary 'Santana'. Buy the album for this track alone.

All in all, 'Everything Glows' ain't a bad album, that'll put some light into the lives of many a rock fan worldwide.

It's worth a good 7 out of 10.

By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Danger Danger - Cockroach
(Low Dice Records/Sony - 2001)

Brilliant- the waiting is over. After nearly ten years the Cockroach album
has been unleashed (a two CD set that includes the original Ted Poley album
and the re-recorded Paul Laine version as well).

I ain't swaying one way or the other - I'm leaving it up to you to make your
preference. Ted Poley and Paul Laine's voices are so different - with Ted
having that high pitched, loving and angelic warmth to his and Paul's being
very gruffish and shouty (a la Glenn Hughes).

If you already own the D2 back catalogue then you'll recognise a few of the
numbers such as 'When she's good, she's good (but when she's bad she's
better)' that appears on 'The Return of the Great Guildersleeves' and 'Sick
little twisted mind' re-recorded for 'Four the hard way'. It's excellent to
hear the original versions.

The Ted Poley version is very early D2 styled (although it's bound to be
since it was recorded around 1992) and has strong hints of Def Leppard in
there too - like 'Afraid of Love'. Expect to hear plenty of cock-rock
throughout - the track 'Tip of My Tongue' coming to mind immediately. The
Paul Laine version is heavier and has a more bombastic almost Metallica
texture about it.

Although both versions feature the same tracks in a slightly different order
the Paul Laine version comes with a bonus track - the blasting rocker 'Don't
Pull the Plug'.

It's a thoroughly enjoyable set and you can purchase it via the bands
website www.dangerdanger.com


By Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

(MTM-MUSIC - 2001)

Reviewing two corking Celtic-styled hard rock albums in one month is quite a stick situation as biased comparisons can develop quite easily, making the latter album's write-up sound like part 2 of the other one. Believe it or not, though, we at Metalliville do believe in carrying out a fair test.

It's been almost a case of 'Long time, no hear' for Darren Wharton and gang, the thick end of four years having flown since previous elpee 'Calm Before The Storm' (can't imagine where Tikaboo Peak picked that song title up from.), but not worry, because he's bad. And he is Ba-a-a-aD! Not that the album is, of course. Opener, and recent MTM comp' cut 'Silent Thunder' is a beautifully crafted number that shows all those years in Thin Lizzy paid off for Dazza. Practically identical in style, sophomore cut 'Dreams on Fire' sees a very welcome - and appropriate - addition of Irish pipes to the blend. 'White Horse' gallops by in acoustic colours, but you can put your bets on it being a rocker, and sounds more like Vaughn and Richard Marx are racing one another round the course on this lap.

Title track 'Belief' and 'Run Wild Run Free' are more ballad-oriented treks, not that much to look at in the originality department but still Mr Wharton at his musical best. 'We Were Friends' is belie-e-e-e-eve it or not, another ballad-oriented trek but a bit of extra length allows for some stunning Gaelic guitaring at the offset. This song would have been on the 'BraveHeart' movie had it been written SIX BLOODY YEARS EARLIER! Back up with the tempo, finally, this one actually has quite a Bryan Adams-y harmony to it. Grrrrr-eat!Afterwards, 'Where Will You Run To' has us actually running back to the acoustic guitar cupboard again, but still with balls! Then it's back to walking again for another ballad in 'Take Me Away', taking thankfully a point away as this and one or two of the other ballads earlier on didn't quite cause me the greatest fireworks. Rockin' out again - as we do - now though, it's got to be lies that Dez and Mick ain't had any involvement in the writing of this Celtic cracker.

We end, boys and girls, with…. dum dum dum, dum-dum, dum, duuuum… a ballad. As if we haven't had enough of those today already. Still, all things in the world being as they are, further complaints are fully withheld as this album sees Darren return to deliver a truly Wharts n' all performance. Remember; Dare will be headlining this year's Gods festival. Don't you DARE miss 'em!


By Dave Attrill

Diesel Park West - Thought for Food
(Hypertension/Thunderbird - 2001)

I remember hearing this band in the late 80's when artists like 'It Bites' were doing the rounds. I didn't realise these guys were still going - but pleased to say they are as strong as ever. This album is the proof - their latest release, 'Thought for Food'.

Diesel Park West strike me as owning a sound and style that blends the musical offerings of artists like INXS, U2, Simple Minds and Big Country while mixing in the flavour of 'It Bites'. The opening track, 'Satellite Day' is an excellent example of this.

Lead Vocalist, John Butler who recently performed a solo acoustic British Tour with Al Stewart is in fine form. This album contains some great songs including 'Marionette', which is guaranteed to have you singing along during its chorus. The Byrdsy vibed 'Fabulous Child' will definitely have you bopping away in your bedroom; whereas the 'The Big Surprise', reminds me of the great Kula Shaker crossed with the early style of Status Quo featuring some tremendous drum-work throughout. If you like spacey echo effects on vocals then check out 'Picture of You' which in a rather scary 'Hurdy Gurdy Man' (the Donovan classic) sort of way.

'Thought for Food' is an interesting album for the more mature form of listener.


Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

Double Trouble - Been A Long Time
(Tone Cool Records - 2001)

Yes, before you ask, this is the same 'Double Trouble' who backed the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughn (a man who was taken away from us in his prime).

Now, over a decade later, Double Trouble's Chris Layton (drums) and Tommy Shannon (bass), have culled together a wide range of talent from all over the place. These guests sing lead vocals and a whole range of instruments on a variety of different songs. Take for example, the one-octave crackling, New Orleans Piano Legend that is Dr. John on the jazz number, 'Baby, there's no-one like you or Susan Tedeschi who delivers a superb blistering version of Led Zeppelin's 'Rock 'n' Roll (if only the majority of women could sing like this - what a powerful voice). Blues-man, Malford Milligan offers great vocals to what is a fitting lyrical tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughn, in the flashy slow blues of 'Cry Sky'.

'Been A Long Time' is an album that should go down as one of the best blues releases of 2001. There are a number of top class numbers of offer and the musicianship is something to be in awe of. I especially like the track, 'Turn towards the mirror' where Charlie Sexton and Doyle Bramhall II (who's only just recently done a tour with Eric Clapton!!!) and the trading of vocals during, 'In the middle of the night' from Lou Ann Barton and Jimmie Vaughn, (Stevie's Brother), who also plays some electrifying solo's throughout. Another tasty beast is the Muddy Water's classic 'She's all right', with it's dirty repetitive bass line (which reminds me of Jimi Hendrix's 'Band of Gypsies') and soulful, honest lyrics. Then there's the fabulous blues of 'Groundhog Day' by Gordie Johnson (who happens to be on lead guitar) or the beautiful 'In the Garden', which is easily the 24-carot effort on the entire album - just check out the warm vocals of 'Susan Tedeschi', the organ playing of Reese Wynans and the gripping Wurlitzer offerings of 'Riley Osbourn' and you're bound to agree.

It's a top-notch mix of rock, blues and funk featuring some exceptional singers and musicians throughout.

'Been a long time' is one of those releases that speaks for itself, so enough of my rabbiting - simply buy it for the line-up alone - you won't be disappointed. I am really looking forward to Double Trouble's next release - it'll be mind-blowing - if this is anything to go by.

It's an easy 10/10.

Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS


DREAM THEATRE - Images And Words

(Atco -1992)

When I first heard 1992's legendary 'Images And Words' album by this New York based fivesome, it took me a few listens to get used to the incredible Dream Theater's diverse style and appreciate how good this album is.

With their second album, James Labrie and the lads have come up with a noticeably fresh sound without going alternative or trying to sound different, whilst still clinging on to the finer feels of the 'When Dream And Day Unite' debut platter. A quality I personally admire the Theatre boys for. Labrie's soaring vocals are on fine form, and combined with John Petrucci's stunning fretwork makes for wonderful listening.

Opening track 'Pull Me Under'- criminally missed from the set at last October's UK tour - has a classic opening with a soft haunting guitar lick before kicking in to heavy in the extreme. Fast riffing, John Myung's thumping bass and thundering drumming from Mr Portnoy there, all lead up to a soaring chorus followed by that rarest and underrated of things, a keyboard solo, making this into one of their very best tracks ever.

'Another Day' follows this on, with the soft flo-o-o-wing sound of Kevin Moore's keyboards, and the saxophone parts are used to great effect too, making this another stunner to add to their long list.

'Take The Time' once again moves in a slightly different direction. More up tempo sound with a slight echo of jazz mixed in, it's clear that Dream Theater's talents don't just lies with their ability to play music extremely well but to also come up with songs of this quality, just like this. 'Metropolis PT 1.' however is a whole lot different. It's heavier with a futuristic feel running throughout. Thumping bass and a guitar lick chuggy enough to belong on a Metallica album makes it one of my personal faves.

In all honesty I can't say anything more, or say anything bad for that matter about this album because it's FANTA-A-A-ASTIC!!!! Prog rock at its absolute best and if these 58 minutes of musical magic doesn't already grace your collection then you my friend are missing out.


By Steve Windle

Drowning Pool - Sinner

(Wind-Up Entertainment, Inc. Cat. no. 60150-13065-2 (2001))

I you are looking for a CD with attitude, then this one's for you, there are four members of this band who work together perfectly, there are slight variations to each track with interesting guitar solos, melodies and an angry vocalist who seems as though he hates everyone and everything, with so much power and aggression within the CD, Drowning Pool have produced an eleven track CD that is interesting and at the same time becomes more enjoyable with every listen.

With the bands like 'Limpbizkit', 'Linkin Park', 'Deftones', 'Static X', 'Disturbed' and 'Papa Roach' who are all going round the circuit and getting massive media attention, Drowning Pool have released a CD that people at the moment want to hear.

The CD starts off with the title track 'Sinner', that consists of power cords and hard hitting drum beats with a melodic chorus, which then quietly disappears, then out of the blue we get a sentence repeated four times "Let the bodies hit the floor", which then rips into your ears with so much aggression it leaves you breathless, 'Bodies', what a track, if this song doesn't do anything to you then you must be dead. This is the track that will probably get all the attention, but at the same time it's a track that will never be over played.

With every track you get a mixture of the above-mentioned bands, with a touch of 'Stabbing Westwood' thrown in for good measure. As well as 'Bodies', there are also wonderful tracks like 'Tear Away', 'All Over Me', 'Reminded', 'Mute' and 'Sermon' that fills you with so much excitement that you find it hard to control yourself. Wonderful.


By Tony Watson

Dynamite Boy - Somewhere in America
(Fearless Records 2001)

Well, what can I say - Blink 182 and Greenday, you have met your match.

Dynamite Boy are your typical American nu-age Punk, with a little bit extra. Their opening song alone, 'Catching On', would definitely get all the kids on the dance floor thrashing about. Following up are songs like the mighty 'Strive'.

All in all this is a very enjoyable album. Get it bought!!!!


by Tony Watson

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