(Loosh Rote Records - 2014)

The brainchild of Brit guitarist Jude One Eight, Zen Juddhism is a side project alongside his day act Hybrid 6.0.

A hybrid here indeed, Jude dances across many stones and smoothly converges the best into this collection of interesting compositions. Sex Pistols, Led Zeppelin and Nirvana all shoot up from the heap at different times, along with his own distinctive alt-blues fused sound and an array of vocalists, both male and female.

Listening to it first time, it feels he could have done with more than thirty eight minutes to play about in but he puts his intention across enough for us to anticipate more next time. Motivating work with a very few weak rocks to walk round, Jude One Eight's new venture appears more than just worth it.


By Dave Attrill

NET: www.zenjuddhism.com

March 2015

ZOLIBORZ - Poincare Conjecture (E.P.)
(S/R - 2014)

Zoliborz are a Russian industrial crossover combo making a very complicated as well as sometime, barely -palatable hullabaloo.

Wiring together alternative, grunge, metal and psychedelic to sound as if a song seems to start halfway into each track causes only more confusion. Despite the inventiveness of their efforts, Zoliborz might need telling that with structuring their is only so far you can take experimentation and not also liberties at the same time.

Moments of subtle soloing, both on guitar and piano plus a couple of passable power metal workouts save some of this mini-album it's grace but only scarcely so.


By Dave Attrill

July 2014

Zephrus – Liquid Sun
(Shiretown Records – 2014)

A folk-rock kinda trio from Burlington, Vermont, USA that go into wacky prog stuff as well.

It’s like a mix of Dream Theatre, Chic Corea and wallpaper sounding weirdness that the likes of John Peel would have no doubt loved since they have that early 70’s beardy vibe about them. Standouts include ‘…Arrive’ with it’s kickin’ guitar solo; the opening acoustic title track ‘Liquid Sun’ or the build-up like Floydy ‘Waiting For Nothing and then some…



By Glenn Milligan


Zarbo – S/T
(Tune Records – 2011/2013)

A quirky duo from Brighton, UK who mix Americana with Vaudevillian sounds of old – imagine Curtis Eller meets Bob Dylan and Ronnie Lane and your something like there with the style of these two guys who are Andy Heath & Paul Bishop.

Plenty of nice banjo filled flavouring to be found on here with highlights including the opening bluesy ‘Man Monkey’ the crazy chorused ‘Moany Monay’; the sad and happy ballad that is ‘Walking Back To Happiness’ – no it isn’t a cover of that awful sixties song; the banjo quirk of ‘Slaughterhouse Rag’ and the closing ‘Healed By The Hoands Of Elvis’ about dying and ending up hanging with the King.

I can dig it!


By Glenn Milligan

January 2013

Zodiac N Black – The Aftermyth
(STM Records - 2012)

Zodiac N Black are a London based hard rock/alternative metal band consisting of Jad (Vocals), Jim (Guitars), Hank (Bass) and Luca (Drums). The album was produced by Tom Aitkenhead and Zodiac N Black and mixed by Alex Newport (of Sepultura, The Melvins and Fudge Tunnel fame).It's very easy to see what an excellent CD this is going to be from the off as soon as the first track 'Bastinado' kicks off to the final track 'Lights On Blues'.

'Bastinado' kicks off full throttle with some great guitar work and riffs, funky bass lines and some kick ass drumming with some very melodic vocals. This track sets the tone for the rest of the album. The second track 'A Necessary Evil' has a mellower vibe at the start of it before kicking in with an awesome but very catchy guitar riffs, very Temple Of The Dog-ish vocals, with nice fresh clean bass lines and powerful drumming, but really has a fresh sound and a very bluesy feel guitar solo in the middle complimented nicely by the bass and drums. The third track 'Only The Lonely' is a lot heavier right from the start but tends to slow down and mellow out sounding like a cross between Queens Of The Stone Age and Soundgarden. The track doesn't offer any respite fr0om the constant onslaught from this band. Track four 'The Joke Is On Us' is a slower, softer and more emotionally laden song, this is a serious highpoint on the album and a track which I would highly recommend everyone listens to.

As 'The Joke Is On Us' reaches its end, the fifth track 'Better Off Dead' kicks in immediately in true classic rock style, with its catchy guitar hooks combined with more of those gravelly and soaring vocals. This track shows the versatility of the band and shows how diverse their roots and influences are. Track six 'Seems Like Better Times' continues the very fresh sounding approach to things, opening as it means to go on with fast drums, heavy guitar riffs and fast paced vocals. Track seven 'Who's The Fool (Part One)' slows everything down, opening with a soft acoustic guitar and matching soft vocals, full of emotion, this track stands out as a very commercial track that will get some airplay on radio stations.

Almost immediately after this track finishes, the eighth track 'Bad Pills' kicks in (and the track that they have chosen to release their debut video for), opening with a hammering guitar riffs underpinned by equally heavy powerful drums, all complimented by a funky bass line and more of those gravelly soaring vocals. I think this could be the highlight track of this CD and also of their live set. Track nine 'Making An Enemy' is another slower song, opening with a very dark but soft guitar riff, then its thrown down into a heavier riff to kick things off yet again, with great lead guitar work, hammering drums and yet again a very catchy and funky bass line and powerful soaring vocals.

The tenth track and closing track 'Lights On Blues' kicks off with a drum intro before the guitar joins in with a slower heavier riff, soaring slower emotional vocals, very Chris Cornell-ish and slow dark bass lines. It is obvious that Zodiac N Black have put a lot of hard work and time into perfecting their sound and craft and a band with this much talent will do well. If you’re a fan of Soundgarden, Temple Of The Dog, Queens Of The Stone Age and Pearl Jam, then 'The Aftermyth' is a must for your CD collection. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

The futures dark (bright) and the futures Zodiac N Black.


By Andy Turner

Net: http://zodiacnblack.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ZodiacNBlack
http://www.myspace.com/zodiacnblack http://www.last.fm/music/Zodiac+N+Black


Zeroking - Kings Of Self-Destruction
(Vanity Music - 2011)

Sounds like these know the west coast debauchery well and some of Vegas too judging bytheir Steve Riley, Drummer of LA Guns produced album.

It's all very big sounding crunchy guitar and sometimes has generic rock rawpy vocals with all-band band backing. There are a few notables that grabbed my attention such as 'Southern Lady, Ex-Godiva' though that is pure 80's decadence big hair bluesy rock; 'Dead Rock Star' that mentions having sex in the champagne room; the honesty of 'Girls Of California' who wanna f*ck you; 'The Party's Over' and the closing power ballad 'Leaving Los Angeles'.

For all folks intrigued about LA, Las Vegas and beyond - the truth couldn't be sunf any truer than what you'll find here.


By Glenn Milligan

Zodiac - A Bit Of Devil
(Honest Hound Records - 2012)

A band that come from Germany that pack in plenty of punches for the deal are worth a listen or two that at times come across Texan with a bit of Lynott meets Gibbons like vocals thrown in.

There are only 8 numbers on here but they are epics at times though. I guess they wanted only the finest liquor equivalent in songs with even ZZ Top's 'Blue Jean Blues' getting a work over too. Some quality moments in the sliding and beautiful 'Assembly Line'; the stonerish opener 'A Bit Of Devil'; the pacey 'Diamond Shoes' and epic guitar solo and bass runnig closer 'Coming Home'.

Like it!


By Glenn Milligan

March 2012

ZEBARGES - Stay Barges or Die
(S/R - 2011)

A unusual photo of a long haired chap with cigar and also sporting a blue plastic funnel on his bonce often foretells of unusual sound inside, does it not.

Unusually for a European act it is sadly not a good one. French five-piece Zebarges are original and that’s the only reason they keep the thumbfull of points that I muster. Everything else seems to go tits- up promptly on entry, with punk, thrash and metal colliding in a well-meant but disastrous melee without one single rhythmical segment in bounce and a singer to whom the word itself treads precariously.

Each track of the twelve-plus seems to start promisingly for the early seconds but soon after its almost code - ”Christ- switch -to-the-next-right-away.” alert. That everything else lyrics included is in French is not that much of a problem for me, only the near-unlistenable mess this effort gets close to being Metallica’s ‘St Anger’ occasionally coming to mind.

At a choice between staying barges, or dying, I’d be fairly prompted to add “ ..or Listen To This CD” on the end of the title.


By Dave Attrill


Zombie Shaker Box – Encrypted
(S/R – 2010)

This band sound like a cross between Ozzy, Black Label Society, Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie and the sounds of Seattle all rolled into one.

Highlights from the 4 guys from Washington DC and Las Vegas include the opening ‘Welcome To My Rave’ that sets the standard of what’s to come; the Alice In Chains like ballad that is ‘Tigerlilly’ the blues of ‘Answer To No One’; the exquisite ballad in ‘In Loving Memory’ and the closing and haunting ‘Ashen’.

Good band but they do get too much like a wanna-be Alice in Chains as it goes on.


By Glenn Milligan


ZIPPO - Maktub
(Subsound Records - 2011)

Not a relative of the puppet from Rainbow, Italy’s Zippo, greet me with an interestingly artistic cover design.

Anticipating interestingly artistic music inside, is justified but comes somewhat out the wrong way, very horrendously at first. Slinging together alternative, punk, metal, garage, industrial and a sprinkle of eastern flavour as the album front probably indicates, the seven tunes mostly disappear under it in to indecipherable heaps of noise and no significant hooks or lines.

Later numbers are a vague improvement but most of the time continue to come in too fast and carelessly with it all, wrecking what could have been a great record just as the front man’s pleasantly Pepper Keenan-like roar begins to come through.

Sadly Zippo may remain zipped up for a while longer.


By Dave Attrill

May 2011

(S/R - 2010)

These metallers perform very authentically tailored old-school melodic thrash that looks like they read from a hand book had keeping the page open at what pleases many a leather-clad Bay Area believer.

Excuse me a minute but did I actually say anything about that being a bad thing because it is absolutely nothing short of succulent ear candy for the metalhead past thirty. ZI specialise - proudly so - in tasty high speed trad riffs mix with melodic parts in proportionate abundance giving you a bit of everything to listen to and love the unashamedly old fashioned defiance they show and the solos do their stuff to match the authenticity every time round.

Sadly stuck without a tracklisting for this one, (a word in your ear, promo people) I’d have to stipulate that at last ten of these eleven numbers are instant live metal classics with hooks that take them just as much in the direction of a mainstream crowd as those wanting something fast angry and ‘eavy’.

Excellent disc lads, more to follow we hope - zero originality but illusions certainly performed here in keeping this music still truly alive.


By Dave Attrill

RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: Anthrax, Megadeth, Overkill, Iron Maiden

NET: myspace.com/zeroilliusions


ZZG – Trapped In The Mirror
(S/R – 2009)

A hard rock outfit from Canberra, Australia that sound like an up-to-date Edgar Broughton mixed with Atomic Rooster with real quirky sounding vocals and musical elements mixed around with classic rock overtones from the 70’s and beyond.

Highlights on the 7 tracker include the wackily lyriced and titled ‘Tom Go To Bed’; ‘For The Sky’ (where I hear a bit of Doors’ness coming through); the sinister riffed and minor keyed ‘Point’.

Pretty f*ck*n’ weird to say the least.


By Glenn Milligan


EZRIN ZYZYX - Nobody Cares
(Zyzyx Music - 2010)

Ezrin Zyzyx, whoever and whatever he is, is interesting.

Starting off with a very sixties feel , he goes on to travel through a retro-edged alrernative style and climax in a progresssive sound within the space of 42 minutes . Not to mention trying about every other form of rock music old and noew in between , this chap seems to be good with every type of guitar going, semi-acoustic being his biggest stength.

While hooks aren’t Ezrin’s strength, experimentalism certainly is and he often forces more than two diffent things into one tune. While less often than not making a mess of his pleasantly ELO- meets-Beatles like produce, he still fails to make a few of the tunes as instant as they could be but the disc has substance and should be fun for plenty expecting to find inspiration when they turn the woofers on.

You know something… I think I do care actually.


By Dave Atttrill

ZEBRAHEAD - Juggernauts (Single)
(S/R – 2010)

Cali’ Pop punk giants Zebrahead make their latest return to the fray in leaps and bounds with this cheery rocker from their latest disc ‘Phoenix’.

Not that they’ve actually yet had the ashes to rise from, this quick and quirky little track will get new and old fans singing all the way to the stores. The vocal structure boasts a brilliant rhythmical bounce especially in the verse part and sets everyone jumping like beans.

Definitely a treat for their live sets, this juggernaut looks ready to roll far in 2010.


By Dave Attrill

January 2010
Mike Zito – Pearl River
(Eclecto Groove Records – 2009)

Impressive Bluesman from New Orleans who reminds me of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy and other legendary artists of that calibre.

There’s plenty of stomping numbers songs on here with some being real gems such as the acoustic country-like track ‘One Step At A Time’; the title track ‘Pearl River’; the humorous male and female duet ‘Shoes Blues’; the slow and dirty, slide guitarin’ ‘Natural Born Lover’ and closing nice ballad ‘C’mon Baby’.

Expect to hear more about this guy in and around 2010.


By Glenn Milligan

February 2009
Zonaria - Infamy And The Breed
(Pivotal Recordings – 2009)

Swedish extreme metal band formed in 2002 have been influenced by Arch Enemy and Dimmu Borgir as school kids and have created a band of extreme aggression.

‘Infamy And The Breed’ released in 2007 is the groundwork for a young and up and coming band in the extreme metal scene. This 12-track assault batters the speakers and the surrounding buildings with more force and power than a tornado.

Zonaria have developed a very close nit type of sound with a basic principle that reduces the risk of the music being complicated. The violent growls, pounding drums and aggressive guitar work, keeps the whole thing together in a nice package

‘Infamy And The Breed’ releases so much aggression and passion from the band, I think their next conquest will give them total European claim.


By Tony Watson

November 2007


Another month, another guitar-sensation-in-the-making’s debut release hits our deck.Greek newcomer Theodore Ziras, while a total unknown to these shores, brings a couple of distinctively less unfamiliar names along with him.

Dream Theater legend Derek Sherinian just about steals the rest of the show behind his back - yes, it happens to be an instrumental album, by the way - with ex-Pride And Glory man Brian Tischy being the engine but it is Mr Ziras of course whom we are supposed to be lending our ears to here with his name being on the cover.

Not interested drastically in constant high-speed widdling along the lines of so many other six-string luminaries that went before, names Vai and Malmsteen being two, T.Z. slows the pace quite often in a strongly AOR-ish direction and creates a good verse-chorus-verse vibe - ergo, one can actually hum along once knowing what’s coming up. If you enjoyed Andy Timmons and David Gregorisch’s discs from last year, this gentleman is very much worth your time.

Hopefully, Theodore has time to do make another one.


By Dave Attrill

Zan Clan – We are Zan Clan, who the f*ck are you?
(Perris Records – 2005)

Original vocalist of Shotgun Messiah ‘Zim Zan’ with his own band. As you’d expect, well those of you in the know of his previous band, this is Cheesy OTT sex related rock n roll a la LA – ha ha ha – get’s our vote.

They even show the bad side of hard drugs as opposed to talking about partying it up all the time which is a good thing.


By Glenn Milligan

(Frontiers/Now & Then)

It's one of the least commonly used letters in the alphabet, Z only being used to profile, so far in terms of rock n' roll outfits by three gentlemen from Texas and Freddy 'Alias' Curci's new act, Zion, not to mention being the name of Frontiers' chief rival in the melodic rock label stakes. Now, I'm sure Randy Jackson once fronted a band beginning with said consonant, as well... wasn't it named after some zoo animal, or something..er.Zebra. By jove that was it! The former China Rain/Sign guitarist/singer's primal outfit has been laid to rest, on the recording side, for all of 17 years, matching the duration that fellow Frontiers/N&T signee Robert Fleischmann has spent off the job. Except that unlike the former Journey/Vinnie Vincent frontman, Randy kept busy, musically speaking throughout the hiatus.

So after nearly two decades without putting pen to manuscript together, have Jackson, plus fellow original sidekicks Guy Gelso (bass) and Felix Hannemann (drums) still got what it takes to cut the mustard in 2003? I wouldn't worry myself too much. Whilst not being the most experienced Zebra listener about, I have heard a few from their heyday duration - enough to assure me that their fans should welcome this return offering from these lost sons.

Acoustic-oriented rockers like 'So I Dance' and 'Who Am I', eastern-drenched opening cruncher 'Arabian Nights', the drivin' blues of 'Free', 'Light Of My Love' and 'KK is Hiding' (which is not about the Judas Priest guitarist doing a runner) and the sax-laced ballad 'Waiting to Die' which suddenly kicks into out 'n'out hard rock with about half a minute of its playing time left, are examples of another melodic rock success story surviving through the dark ages without surrendering to the barbarians.

The trio have undoubtedly remembered that strong hooks and huge harmonies are the strict rules that still apply today (more than ever) to succeed in the AOR trade. With very few faults, Zebra's first album after a generation's worth of years in which the three still kept busy whilst their own separate ways, shows so, especially in Jackson's case. You see, things do still look better in black n' white..striped.


By Dave Attrill


(GEFFEN RECORDS 493 147-2 - 2002)

With 'The Sinister Urge' don't expect anything new from Rob Zombie, he has started where he left off, so if you are familiar with 'Hellbilly Deluxe' you have heard 'The Sinister Urge'.

I'm not saying that this is not a wonderful CD, it is, and it has its wicked tracks that will give Rob Zombie an even bigger name. 'Never Gonna Stop (the red, red kroovy)', 'Iron head' featuring Ozzy Osbourne, 'Feel so Numb' and 'Dead Girl Superstar' to name but a few will have you're bones shaking in there boots.

Throughout the CD there are guest appearances to name the better-known persons Tommy Lee, Ozzy Osbourne, Kerry King and DJ Leathal all of which have added their own little trademark.

If you think that 'Dead Girl Superstar' sounds familiar, it's because it's 'Living Dead Girl' with different lyrics. Personally I don't see the point, but 'Living Dead Girl' is still one of those tracks that you don't get bored of.

'The Sinister Urge' is a CD that you may not like to start off with because it isn't anything new, but it is one of those CD's that grow and grow on you until he releases the remix version.


By Tony Watson

Pre - 2002

Dweezil Zappa - Automatic
(Favoured Nations, 2001)

Dweezil Zappa, the son of the legendary Frank, has unleashed a scorcher of a new album, the very impressive 'Automatic', (his first in ten years), on Steve Vai's 'Favoured Nations' label. Be prepared to be impressed and totally smitten with this digital jewel.

Listening to the track 'Fwakstension', you'd be forgiven if you thought that you were witnessing Steve Vai himself - because it's wacky, fusionistic instrumental rock containing off-the-wall atmospheric effects that you'll find on The Who's 'Who's Next' or on John Entwistle's momentous '905' (from The Who's 'Who are You' album).

For full-on cheesy humour value, you won't get nothing better than Dweezil's cover of the famous 'Hawaii Five-O' theme - and the fun doesn't stop there - he's even chucked in a version of 'You're a mean one Mister Grinch' which is like 'Jesus Christ Superstar' on jazzy acid and features Ahmet Zappa on vocals - you gotta love it!!!

Elsewhere, the album is in the strange Rock-Jazz fusion mode. 'Therapy', is quite simply puzzling, where you'll find a whole variation of musical tempos throughout, not to mention all the strange noises coming out the speakers as well. Mr. Zappa has even had a strike at the two famous tunes from 'Carmen', these being 'Habanera' and 'Les Toreanders' that's been used in a number of Television advertisements.

If you've ever tried to get hold of somebody in an office using the good old telephone and got no luck whatsoever then you're bound to appreciate the realism of 'Dick Cinnamon's Office', complete with irritating phone music, telephonist and a rather frustrated caller - a totally titillating listen is guaranteed. It's immediately followed by 'Purple Guitar' - a blasting instrumental rocker that has all the qualities of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai merged into one - pure class, if I say so myself.

'Automatic' is one of the most rivetingly entertaining albums I have ever heard. Dweezil Zappa has that gift to keep you interested throughout the entire album because he mixes in so many musical styles. This guy is the Einstein of the electric guitar, who like father Frank, does not cease to amaze.


Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS

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