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Steven Adler, Jacob Bunton & Lonny Paul of 'Adler'

Steven Adler (Original Guns 'N' Roses Drummer)

Alligator Stew's Doug Richardson

Alligator Stew's Gary Jefferies (ex-Asphalt Ballet Vocalist)

Andre Andersen (Royal Hunt)

Wyatt C. Anderson (White Wizzard)

Sam Andrew (Big Brother & The Holding Company)

Ken Anthony (of Switchblade (dk)


Arch Enemy's Lead Guitarist, Michael Amott - 2002

Michael Amott (Spiritual Beggars / Arch Enemy) - 2003

Athena (Renowned LA Drummer)

Carmine Appice (The World's Greatest Rock Drummer)

Vinny Appice (Drummer of Last In Line and formerly of Dio & Black Sabbath)

Guy Bailey (Thirsty Frontman and Original Quireboy Member)

Bal-Sagoth's Chris Maudling

The Bakers (now called The Gist - Bryce Barnes & Joe Monroe)

Big Cock

Ira Black

Blaze Bayley

Ann Boleyn (Hellion Lead Vocalist) - 2014

Ann Boleyn (2013)

Tommy Paris of 'Britny Fox'

Black Acid Souls

Black 'n' Blue

Shari of 'Black Velvet Magazine'

Stacey Blades

Mark Boals

Graham Bonnet & Beth-Ami Heavenstone

Danny Bowes (Thunder)

Eric Brittingham (Cinderella)

Edgar Broughton

Todd T Burr (Drummer of Pretty Boy Floyd & Shameless)

Stan Bush

Bubble's Share 'n' Bam

The Burning Crows

James Byrd

Andy Cairns of Therapy?

Phil Campbell (Guitarist of Motorhead)

Maxxxwell Carlisle (Guitarist of 'Hellion')

Leon Cave (Drummer of Status Quo)

Todd Chaisson (Tuff Bassist)

John Coghlan (Original Drummer & Founder Member of Status Quo)

Cold Truth's Matt Green

Alan Cotton of The Cotton Soeterboeck Band

Fred Coury (Cinderella)

Jared of 'Classic Case'

Sean Kelly (Frontman of Crash Kelly)

Sean Kelly (2014)

Jean Beauvoir (Crown Of Thorns)

Joey Belladonna

Broadzilla's Rachel Zilla

Mick Cervino

David T. Chastain - Head of Leviathan Records (Chastain/Southern Gentlemen)

Kevin Chown (Ex-Bassist of Edwin Dare & Artension)

JC Cinel

Gilby Clarke

David Coverdale

Jim Crean (Lead Vocalist of Carmine & Vinny Appice's 'Drum Wars)

Criss 6 (True2Crue & Ex-Pretty Boy Floyd Bassist)

Danny Danzi

Derek Davis (Frontman of Babylon A.D.)

Dead City Ruins (Australian Rock Band)

Michael Devin (Bassist of Whitesnake)

Diamante (Female Hard Rocker from Los Angeles)

Jo Dog (of Jo Dog and Paul Black's 'Sonic Boom' & Original Dogs D'Amour Member)

Taime Down (Frontman of Faster Pussycat/Newlydeads)

Nadir Dpriest (Frontman of London)

Tchad Drats (Pretty Boy Floyd/Phophets Of Addiction)

Kevin Dubrow (Quiet Riot)

Jeff Duncan (DC4 /Odin Guitarist)

Matt Duncan (DC4 Bassist)

Shawn Duncan (DC4/Odin/BulletBoys Drummer)

Jesse James Dupree (Frontman of 'Jackyl')

Joey 'Jojo Durant (Trash Cowboys)

Nigel Durham (Drummer of Morpheus Rising and formerly of Oliver/Dawson Saxon & Saxon)

Toney Richards of LA Hard Rock band 'D-Zire'

John 'Rhino' Edwards (Bassist of 'Status Quo' and Frontman/Bassist of 'Rhino's Revenge')

Anders of 'El Caco'

Electric Shepherd

Curtis Eller

Stefan Elmgren (Full Strike/Hammerfall)

Bjorn Englen (Live Bassist of Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force)

Dave Evans

Thorbjorn Englund of 'Winterlong'

L.G. from 'Entombed'

Extreme Maggot Infestation

P.J. Farley, Bassist of 'Trixter'

Troy Patrick Farrell (Drummer of Pretty Boy Floyd & White Lion)

Fiesty Piranhas

Wayne Findlay (MSG/Temple Of Rock/No Sky Today)

Hannah Fira (Former Carrera Vocalist)

Dicki Fliszar (Drummer of Jack Russell's Great White & former of Skin)

Four Star Mary

Rik Fox (Original Bassist of 'WASP' & 'Steeler')

Dean Foxx (Frontman of 'Knock Out Kaine')

Tony Franklin (Bassist of Kenny Wayne Shepherd/VHF and Formerly of Blue Murder & The Firm)

Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth)

Ian Gillan

Jim Gillette (ex-Nitro Frontman)


Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh)

Ben Graves (Original Drummer of 'Murderdolls')

The Great Kat

Ryche Green (Former Bullet Boys Drummer)

Grizzly (ex-Randy Piper's Anmal)

Alex Grossi (Guitarist of Quiet Riot/Hotel Diablo)

Tracii Guns (of LA Guns)

Tracii Guns (now of Gunzo / Devil City Angels)

Gunslinger's Alan Davey, Louis Davey & Cat Bothwell

Robin Guy (Drummer of GMT)

Rob Halford

Michael Hannon (American Dog)

Kelly Hansen

Mike Hansen (Drummer of Hurricane)

Simon Hanson (Drummer of Spike 'n' Tyla's 'Hot Knives'; Thirsty & Squeeze)

Johnny Gioeli (Lead Vocalist of Hardline)

Johnny Haro (Drummer of The Dreaming, Ex-Freak Of Nature)


Hear Kitty Kitty (LA Rockers)

Heaven's Basement

Heaven's Basement - 2011

Ken Hensley (ex-Uriah Heep)

Iain Ashley Hersey

Hereticide (L.A. Death Metal Band)

Harry Hess (Vocalist of Harem Scarem)

Joel Hoekstra (Guitarist of Whitesnake & formerly of Night Ranger

Scott Holiday (Guitarist of 'Rival Sons')

Chris Holmes & Randy Piper (Former W.A.S.P Members) - 2010

Chris Holmes '2011' (of 'Where Angels Suffer' & ex-W.A.S.P.)

Johnny Housley (of A200 & formerly of Blackfoot)

Tod Howarth (Guitar/Keyboardist of Four By Fate & formerly of Frehley's Comet)

Brian Howe (ex-Bad Company Vocalist)

Stet Howland

Iced Earth's Jon Schaffer

Terry Ilous (Lead Vocalist of XYZ)

Steevi Jaimz (Original Tigertailz Frontman)

Richard James

Toby Jepson (Frontman of The Little Angels)

Patrick Johansson

Ace Van Johnson (Faster Pussycat Guitarist)

Damon Johnson (Co-Lead Guitarist of Black Star Riders and formerly of Brother Cane & Alice Cooper)

Alice Jorgen (of Le Reverie)

Judas Priest

Junkyard's David Roach (Lead Vocalist), Todd Muscat (Bassist), Tim Mosher (Rhythm Guitarist) & Pat Muzingo (Drummer)

Johnny K

Karma To Burn

Keri Kelli (Slash's Snakepit and many more)

Keri Kelli - 2007

Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative)

Sean Kelly (Guitarist of Four By Fate, Nelly Furtado and Lee Aaron)

Patrick Kennison (Frontman of Heaven Below & Lead Guitarist of Lita Ford)

Kickhunter's JC Wesenburg & Stefan Aurel


Bobby Kimball (Original Vocalist of TOTO)

Kiss The Steel

Erik Kluiber (Ex-White Wizzard/Overloaded Guitarist, now of Gypsyhawk)

Jeff Kollman

James Kottak (Scorpions Drummer)

Matt Kramer (Original Saigon Kick Vocalist)

Bruce Kulick (Guitarist of Grand Funk Railroad and formerly of Kiss)

Kenny Kweens

Justin Lack (Drummer of Enrot & formerly Bonnet)

Phil Lewis of LA Guns

Lana Lane

Lazy Bonez

Dennis Leeflang (Current Live Drummer of Lita Ford)

Bill Leverty (Guitarist of Firehouse)

Deb Levine (Frontess of Metal Band 'Lady Beast')

Lorraine Lewis

Rich Lewis (of 'Where Angels Suffer' and ex-Animal)

Ryan Lilly ('Screaming Eagles' Bassist)

Johnny Lima

Rob Liotti (Actor of Bon Scott in future film)

Wojtek Lisicki of 'Lost Horizon'

Little Caesar's 'Joey Brasler' (Guitarist since 2009)

Little Caesar's 'Ron Young' (Frontman & Founder Member)

Little Caesar's 'Loren Molinaire' (Guitarist & Founder Member)


Jon E. Love (Original Love/Hate Guitarist)

The Love Injections

Kristy Majors (ex- Pretty Boy Floyd)

Yngwie Malmsteen - 2002

Yngwie Malmsteen - 2003

Yngwie Malmsteen - 2009

John McCoy & Bernie Torme of GMT (ex-Gillan)

Rodney McGlothlin (Frontman & Bassist of Voice Of Dissent)

Jason McMaster (Frontman of Broken Teeth & Dangerous Toys)

Eric Martin (Frontman of 'Mr. Big')

Marty Mayhem (Guitarist of 'Hollywood Trash')

Rickey Medlocke (of Lynyrd Skynyrd & founder member of Blackfoot)

Bill Metoyer (Legendary Heavy Metal Album Producer)

Alexx 'Skunk' Michael of 'Shameless'

Jason Charles Miller (Frontman of GodHead & Solo Artist)

Million's B. J. Laneby


Mladen of 'Von Groove' and '24K'

Gary Moat (Frontman/Guitarist of Mother's Ruin & formerly Drummer of Heavy Pettin)

Jason Hook of 'Monkeyhead/Bullet Boys'

Carlos Martinez (The Man Behind 'The Rock 'n' Roll Wrestling Bash')

Mitch Molloy

Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks)

Jerry Montano (Bassist of Death Division - ex-Hell Yeah/Danzig)

Vinnie Moore (Lead Guitarist of UFO, Red Zone Rider & Solo Artist)

Mordred's Scott Holderby (Frontman) & James J. Sanguinetti (Guitarist)

Motorhead's Lemmy 'n' Phil (now with Photographs)

Teddy Mueller

Keith Nelson (Buckcherry)

Tyler Nelson (Wyldsky)


Erik Norlander of The Rocket Scientists

Nasty Ron from Nasty Savage

Ronny North

Ted Nugent

Peter Lindgren (Opeth Guitarist)

Michael Olivieri (of Soul Sign, Leatherwolf & also Solo Artist)

Richie Onori (of The Sweet & also solo Artist)

Carmelo Orlando of 'Novembre'

Over The Rainbow's Jurgen Blackmore (Guitar)

Over The Rainbow's Tony Carey (Keyboards)

Over The Rainbow's Bobby Rondinelli (Drums)

Over The Rainbow's Greg Smith (Bass)

Over The Rainbow's Joe Lynn Turner (Lead Vocalist)

Tim 'Ripper' Owens

Jizzy Pearl (of 'Love/Hate')

Jizzy Pearl - 2007

The Peckham Cowboys (Guitarists, Darrell Bath & Dale Hodgkinson)

Claudio Pesavento

Claudio Pesavento (2015)

Conrado Pesinato (Guitarist of The Graham Bonnet Band)

Doro Pesch

Jim Peterik (ex-Survivor)

Joe Petro (Bassist of Spelled Moon / Sculptor and Restoration Artist)

Andy Pyke (of Marshall Law)

Bob Hofmann - Lead Vocalist of 'Playground'

Pleasure Addiction

Ted Poley (Melodica/ex-Danger Danger)


Spike (The Quireboys)

Sin Quirin (Guitarist of Ministry & Society 1)

John Regan (Bassist of Four By Fate and formerly of Frehley's Comet)

Revilution's Dan Seitz & Marie Burgess

Jeff Rich (Former Drummer of Status Quo)

Rockbitch's 'Kali and Babe'

The Rocket Scientists 'Erik Norlander'

Johnny Rod (Bassist of King Kobra and formerly of WASP)

Johnny Rod & Stet Howland (Former WASP Memebers)

Roxx Gang's/Mojo Guru's 'Kevin Steele'

Rhinobucket's Georg Dolivo

Mickey Ripley (Red Dogs/Gally's Folly)

James Rivera (Frontman of Helstar & Sabbath Judas Sabbath)

Kane Roberts (Guitarist of Alice Cooper '86 - '89 & Solo Artist)

Michael T. Ross

Marya Roxx

Ryan Roxie (Casablanca & Alice Cooper's Guitarist, formerly of Slash's Snakepit)

Ryan Roxie (2014)

Jack Russell (2014)

Jack Russell (Great White)

Andy Sarcone Rooney (Lead Vocalist & Guitarist of 'Spelled Moon')

Lesli Sanders (Frontman/Bassist of 'Prophets Of Addiction')

Ben Sargent (Frontman of Hells Addiction)

Rudy Sarzo (Bassist od Devil City Angels & Gunzo)

Peter Scheithauer (Guitarist of Temple of Brutality/Killing Machine)

Scar Culture's Lead Vocalist, 'Pheroze'

Seasons of the Wolf

Silent Force's Guitarist, 'Alex Beyrodt'


Six Days Til Sunday's Guitarist, 'Eric Griffin' (Originally of Murderdolls) & Lead Vocalist, Starlin Cross

Sixty Watt Shaman (2001)

Dan K of 'Sixty Watt Shaman' (2002)

Billy Sheehan (ex-Talas/Mr. Big, now Solo)

Shrine of the Monkey

Acey Slade (of Murderdolls/Trash Light Vision)

Snake of 'Skinlab'

Spill Sixteen's Guitarist, Andy Mewse

Twisted Sister's Jay Jay French

Shawnee Smith (Actress/Lead Vocalist of 'Fydolla Ho')

Neal Schon (of Journey/Soul Sirkus)

The Skirts 'Haydee Pomar'

Snew's 'Curtis, Mark & Cat'

Jeff Scott Soto

Skew Siskin's 'Nina C. Alice'

Acey Slade (Murderdolls/Trash Light Vision)

Acey Slade (2010)

Society 1

Soul Sign's Bjorn Englen & Rob Math

Skin and Bone's Frontman, Johnny Trowbridge

Neal Smith (Orig. Alice Cooper Drummer)

Stala (Frontman/Guitarist of Stala & So & Orig. Lordi Drummer)

Muddy Stardust

Matt Starr (Drummer of Ace Frehley/Hookers & Blow, formerly of 'Run21')

Chris Steberl of Project 'Alcazar'

Steel Panther (2009)

Steel Panther's Lexxxi & Stixx

Firebird's Frontman, Bill Steer (ex-Carcass)

Stone Gods


Steve Summers of 'Pretty Boy Floyd'

Snowy Shaw of Swedish Glam Band 'XXX'

T-Bone of Funkbone (The Funk Myers Legend)

Ken Tamplin

Phil Taylor (Former Motorhead Drummer)

Tesla's Dave Rude

Testify (German Aggro Metallers)

Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal (Guns 'n' Roses Guitarist)

Brian Tichy (Drummer of Whitesnake/SUN)

Tomcat (Bassist Of Gun Barrel)

Marq Torein (BulletBoys Frontman)

Bernie Torme (ex-Guitarist of Ozzy & Gillan)

Tracy Gang Pussy's '8-Balled'

Stevie Rachelle of 'Tuff'

Erik Turner (Warrant)

Joe Lynn Turner

Nik Turner (of Space Ritual - ex-Hawkwind)

Tigertailz (Bezerk line-up Jay, Pepsi & Kim)

Bryce Barnes & Tag of Tribal Tongue

Joe Monroe of Tribal Tongue

Steve Unger (of Where Angels Suffer & ex-Metal Church)

Charly Urso

David Vaccaro - Creator and Master of The-V Project

Danny Vaughn

Ven (Frontman of 'Venrez')

The Vice's Bassist, Charlie Tiger

Todd 'Vinny' Vinciguerra (Drummer of 'VHF' with Joel Hoekstra & Tony Franklin)

Virginia Creeper (Glam/Nu-Metal/Goth)

Bill Ward (Original Drummer of Black Sabbath)

Ricky Warwick

Wednesday 13

Chas West (Frontman of Ressurection Kings & The Moby Dicks)

Leslie West (Mountain)

Tony West (Frontman of 'Blacklist Union')

John Wetherilt (Fast Train Union)

Kip Winger

Wrathchild's Frontman Rocky Shades

Simon Wright (Drummer of Hellion/Dio Disciples/Operation: Mindcrime & formerly of DIO & AC/DC)

Chris Wyse (Frontman/Bassist of Owl & Also Bassist of The Cult & Ace Frehley)

John Fred Young (Black Stone Cherry's Drummer)

Chip Znuff (Enuff Znuff)